X-Men CYOA – Tell-All Ch. 02 – Celebrities & Fan Fiction – Sex Story

Raven had a room nearby where they could have some privacy. She felt the flickering of mental probes from the three women, each making sure there was nothing more to her dealings than what she’d said.

Her mind was well-honed, but she knew any subterfuge wouldn’t get past all three telepaths. Not without one of them getting an inkling of her double-dealing. Fortunately, she didn’t have any ulterior motive. Sometimes, a little shit-stirring was its own reward.

Alone with them in the hotel room, she shifted out of the facsimile of clothes so that she merely wore blue skin, and the gigantic erection that she’d endowed herself with. She’d chosen Betsy and Jean to be the ones servicing her. Emma so loved to think of herself as a slattern that it’d be delicious to deny her.

And yet, Raven still couldn’t believe what was happening as Jean and Betsy knelt down in front of her. Her yellow eyes stared avidly at the tops of their heads while feeling two tongues on her cock. They licked both sides of it, their lips now and then brushing against each other in phantom kisses that turned Raven on even more.

Emma watched, keeping a poker face, pretending to be above it all, but feeling a tingling in her sex. She would’ve massaged herself there, only it struck her as unbefitting the White Queen. Then it struck her that none of the three were paying much attention to her anyway.

That further incensed her; she needed to do something to cut her inner tension before she waded into the threesome and did something she regretted.

“It’s okay if you want to play with each other,” Raven breathed, touching herself with stroking caresses along her scaly blue skin. It didn’t just feel good—it further incensed Emma. She was as angry to ‘stand watch’ as she would be if she hadn’t been allowed to see. “I know it’s nothing new to you.” She shifted her eyes to be red instead of yellow. “Is this the view he enjoys?”

Jean exerted her power and Raven felt literally light on her feet—telekinetic force lifting her up just enough for Mystique to feel how easily she could be handled. “No damn games,” Jean said. “No shifting into Scott or the Professor or anyone else to get a rise out of us. We get you off. That’s it.”

Then Betsy broke the tension by kissing Jean, her tongue going into the redhead’s mouth as violently as anything. She acted like she loved the taste of what she was tasting.

Sitting on the bed, Emma opened her legs wide and slipped a hand through the slit in her dress. Her fingers were immediately wet with her own juices. It was a core tenet of her philosophy that nothing you did was all that bad so long as you got an orgasm out of it.

Emma wasn’t the only one mingling arousal with dissatisfaction. Raven grew bored seeing Jean and Betsy focusing on each other instead of her. “Save it for Scott,” she said. “Take my cock into your mouth. Now.”

She didn’t spell out which of them she was talking to—it’d be interesting to see how they parsed that.

Jean found herself beaten to the tip of Raven’s prick; Betsy drew it into her mouth like a piece of candy. Irritated, though Jean wasn’t sure who with, she kissed around Betsy’s lips and face while Betsy sucked.

“Shit!” Raven cried. “Oh shit, that feels good! Use your tongue, Psylocke!”

“Yes, Betsy,” Emma trilled. “Show her why Scott spends time in your mouth instead of Jean’s.”

Jean shot her a look as Betsy licked away at Raven’s cock.

“What?” Emma asked the redhead. “We said Mystique couldn’t play games. No one said I couldn’t.”

“We’re the ones playing,” Jean retorted. “You just get to watch.”

She grabbed Betsy by the purple streak in her hair and pulled the ninja back. As soon as Raven’s cock popped out of her mouth, it was in Jean’s. She drew the prick deep into her throat, feeling Betsy’s hands on her body. Just as with Scott, they simply had too much lust to focus it all on one man, one manhood.

Ahhh!” Raven cooed. “Good!”

She was even more gratified when she felt Emma press up behind her, hardened nipples brushing against her back, hip touching her plush ass. Emma’s hands breezed down her flanks, petting from scales to smooth blue ocean surface like she was enthralled by the difference.

“I’m going to give that ass a nice wet kiss,” Emma blew in her ear, groping her thick buttocks out of the way.

“Why?” Raven asked.

Emma kissed the back of her neck. “Because those two are never going to get you off if I don’t.” She kissed her way down Raven’s spine until she was kneeling, then she was licking between Raven’s buttocks, tonguing her way to her puckered asshole.

Raven grunted when she felt it penetrate her, mirroring the intrusion of her cock into Jean’s mouth. “Yes, Emma, that’s it. Lick me back there. Get it good and wet and suck it!”

Emma rolled her tongue around the outside of Raven’s sphincter. Raven looked over her shoulder to watch Emma doing it, blue lips and pink tongue working away at the little blueberry of her anus.

Then Raven looked the other way, seeing Jean’s crimson tresses bobbing up and down on her prick. Betsy was behind her, arms around her sides and hands fondling her breasts, lips at the pulse point of her neck, fucking Jean while Jean fucked Raven.

“I’m surprised you three even need Scott!” Raven chortled. “It must be like owning a vibrator for you!”

A vibrator you’ll never have, Emma teeped into her head, before pushing her tongue so far into Raven’s ass that she thought if the blonde was a shapeshifter too.

Betsy grabbed for Raven’s cock, pulling it away from Jean’s mouth and aiming it in her direction. It erupted, letting out a creamy shower of hot cum, the ejaculation going off point-blank in Betsy’s smiling face.

Then Jean grabbed for it: while Raven’s prick kept spurting, Jean guided it over her breasts, drenching them in the same whiteness that covered Betsy’s features.

Oooohh,” Betsy swooned, rubbing Raven’s jism all over herself while Jean took over pumping the drags of Mystique’s load out of her. “Interesting stuff. Like the real thing, but… not.”

“Like Beyond Meat?” Emma asked, withdrawing from Raven’s ass, wiping her mouth with the back of her fist.

“Similar vibe,” Betsy nodded.

Jean was more business-like. “You’ve got what you wanted,” she said to Raven. “Something most people would kill for. Now, the manuscript?”

“It’s under the bed,” Raven said with a grin, shifting ‘clothes’ back over her naked body and withdrawing her phallus back within womanly hips. “Enjoy. The room’s paid for until tomorrow morning.”


With Raven assuredly gone and some washing up done, the women pored over the document, dividing it into separate chapters that each pored over individually before inevitably bringing something to the attention of the group.

“Betts, Betts, Betts,” Emma admonished. “It looks as if you can’t blame all your wicked ways on Kwannon.”

“You’re one to talk.” Betsy waved her own sheaf of papers in the air. “You really got off on this? In a hospital bed?”

Emma shrugged. “What was I supposed to eat? Hospital food? What’ve you got there, Jean?”

“Nothing,” Jean said, trying to disappear a stack of pages back underneath the bed.

Betsy’s ninjitsu left Jean’s reflexes in the dust. In a moment, she had the papers for herself. “Jean! I had no idea that’s how you celebrated getting pregnant…”

“Alright, enough!” Jean declared, her red hair flicking up over her shoulders like a flame growing higher. “The way I see it, we can either pick over all of these while throwing them in each other’s faces like we’re having a schoolyard shuffle… or we can take them one at a time, like adults, and see if we can all find out if the leak is real and where it’s coming from.”

“How mature of you,” Emma praised with a disingenuous smile. “Shall we go over your peccadillo first, then?”

“You’re the sex therapist,” Jean retorted. “Shouldn’t you take some professional pride in going first?”

“I think I should go first,” Betsy said. “I’m the X-Men’s sex symbol, after all. I’ve made peace with it.”

“Please!” Jean cried. “Do you know how many times I catch people dreaming about me as the Black Queen?”

“And who do you have to thank for that look?” Emma asked. “I think they’re really just responding to the thought of us…” She crossed her fingers suggestively.

“Oh, you would be egotistical enough to think that!” Jean snapped.

Betsy sighed. “Maybe we should just flip a coin?”

A. Betsy goes first.

B. Emma goes first.

C. Jean goes first.

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