23 [M] My GF cheated on me with her EX shortly after our relationship – Short Sex Story

To give you a brief of the story, my gf cheated on me one week into our relationship with the guy she was previously having an affair with.

Before we started talking, she was having physical affair with this guy. They used to visit each other place on and off and get physical. The dude’s parents were close to her family so that’s how they know each other. The thing between them started about a year before our relationship, he was in town and wanted a place to stay so he crashed into her place, it was meant to be a 1 night stay. That night she confessed that she used to have feelings for him and they get physical after that.

He sucked her nipples and made her humped on his dick with pants on, think of it as cowgirl. That one night stay turned into 4 day stay. She used to stay with her uncle and aunt infact it’s the other side of the wall. Once she was rubbing her pussy on him while her uncle sleeping on the adjacent room. The guy was also into foot fetish as he once sucked her toes lol. Even though she doesn’t at all times used to like doing it at all times but kept doing it cause she used to have this urge. She told me once he kind of forced her head into sucking his dick but she couldn’t do it after she got the smell of it( though i don’t believe the not sucking part).

So anyways by the time we started talking things between them died down. Before we got together she told me about the affair (not all the details just the jist) and I was okay with it. Right after things got serious between us he texted him, he wasn’t aware of our relationship so he asked her to meet her once to end things on good talking terms. I was against that and we had a fight as she was complaining about me not trusting her. So few days went by and I forget about it.

I had to leave town for couple of days for some work. Since it was a new relationship I used to be on the phone quite a lot sexting and face time at night masterbating to each other and all the stuff. Coincidentally while I was away he text her again asking if she’s free to meet, she ignored his text. Later the same day she had a fight with her uncle and aunt, she was pretty upset after that so she decided to meet him. She shaved her pussy before gonna his place. The way she described she was in two minds at that time, whether to do it or not. She went to his place and after talking for a while they started getting on. She told him about our relationship before they begin kissing but things started anyways.

They did all they used to do, suck her tits, rubbed her pussy on his dick , she is quite good at it now that i think of i know why. She was dripping wet and asked him to lick her pussy but he no sold her and kept her on his lap rubbing her pussy with his dick. After he’s done with her, he asked her to leave stating he had some other work. She told me the reason for him to not lick her pussy that day was probably because she didn’t sucked her dick that one time.

I may not be able to give details of physical stuff as there’s only so much you can put in a post. Before this guy she used to getting together with her ex, they did in park, motel and her home. But that’s the story for some other day.

Hmu if you like talking and sharing about cuckold stuff.

NSFW: yes

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