Travis Gets Some Pt. 02 – Harriette – Anal – Free Sex Story

“Hey Trav. Fancy seeing you here.” Brooke found me at the bar ordering beers.

“Hey Brooke. How ya bin?” I’m please to see her.

“I’m good. Who you here with?”

“Just a few of the boys,” I was there with Alan and a few guys. Alan was holding centre stage going on and on about aussie rules (football). The eastern states get into two codes of footy, aussie rules and rugby. Rugby can also be split into league and union but here in western australia we don’t know the difference between league and union because it’s aussie rules all the way. I am one of those strange weirdos that don’t care for footy….or cricket…or anything really. I like to watch a bit of car racing occasionally but that’s about it.

“Well, you should come and sit with us for a bit.” That sounds like more fun than listening to Alan and the boys reliving the game. So after dropping off my shout of beers to the boys i’m happy to go sit with Brooke and her friends.

“Here. Plant your sexy bum here,” Brooke pats the seat next to herself. There’s a group of seven of them around the table. Introductions are made and I do my usual and instantly forget their names. Except Ambrose, the fella sitting just the other side of Brooke. She seemed to make a point of introducing us. He was a black dude, this guy fit my idea of ‘Leeroy’s got the moves’, smooth and composed, a well manicured and physiqued Mauri. Going by the patterns of hair on his face I bet there’s not an inch on his body that’s not been manscaped. Way to hip for me. I don’t look like a hobo but a lot less effort has gone into my appearance. It’s the middle of summer so I’m in shorts and a seamless shirt. My shirt is not bulging like a like a bag of walnuts since I’m not that muscled but the physical labour I do for work however keeps me relatively fit.

We got chatting and things were merry. Brooke mentioned a few things from school which made me laugh. We were in different friend groups back then so she was giving me a different perspective on some of the things that happened back then. Ambrose seemed like a nice guy and I enjoyed chatting with him as well. I couldn’t tell if they were a couple or they were just at the budding stages of a hook up or relationship. There were little touches and glances going on between them.

While Ambrose was talking with the others at the table, Brooke leaned in close to me and asked “Want some fun tonight?”

“Err sure,” I was a little hesitant and glanced over her shoulder at Ambrose.

“Do you want lotsa fun tonight?” she said starting to get giddy.

“What about Ambrose?” I asked.

“Well,” she shuffles in even closer, leans in like she’s about to tell me a secret and lightly licks my ear then whispers “How about a threesome?”

FUCK YEAH. I don’t say that. In fact I’m speechless for a second because that was not what I was expecting. Instead I raise my eyebrows and I glance between Brooke and Ambrose. Ambrose is still engrossed in the conversation with the others.

“Look at you. You’re imagining it already aren’t you?” I feel a bit stupid but I just nod in response. She leans over to Ambrose and whispers something in his ear. He gives me a subtle glance and a smirk appears on his face. They exchange a bit of a hushed conversation then Brooke stands and announces it’s her shout. I’ve still got plenty in my glass so pass on the offer.

When she leaves for the bar Ambrose slides over next to me, “So you’re up for some fun tonight. I’m really happy you’re joining us. When Brooke first pointed you out I didn’t think you’d be into it”

“Yeh, it should be fun. I’ll be honest though, I haven’t done this before.”

“Really!” he says with glee, “that turns me on even more.” Something about that comment seemed off kilter. “I’m gonna Love sucking your dick.”

WHAT THE FUCK. I managed to hold my tongue but I couldn’t stop my body from reacting. I went rigid (no not ‘that’ rigid), my back stiffened and my eyes flew open.

Of course, Ambrose didn’t miss my reaction. The smile on his face faded “She didn’t tell you everything did she.” It was more of a statement than a question.

My face reddened with embarrassment “She didn’t tell me about that bit” I wanted to get angry but I’d only just met this guy and he was being straight up with me. Brooke was the one who was leading me on.

“Maybe you should talk about it with Brooke again,” he suggested and went back to talking with his friends.

That fucking sneaky bitch. I wanted to spank her, like not just spank her so she feels it in her Pussy but really spank her. She returned with the drinks. Once she allocated the drinks she sat sideways across my lap. She looked rather happy, I wasn’t.

“So what’s the deal between you and Ambrose?” I asked deadpan. Her smile faltered for a split second. It wasn’t the question but the tone I used. She glanced at Ambrose and they had some kind of telepathic conversation.

“You don’t like the idea of a threesome now?” she asked.

“Not anymore. I had visions of spit roasting you but Ambrose seems more interested in me than you.”

“Well you are a spunky hunk of guy,” she said as if that answered everything.

“I don’t swing that way.”

“Awe,” she whined like a child, “do it for me. Please?”

“Yeh Nah, not gonna happen,” I got a little distracted when I noticed Harry passing through the crowd over Brooke’s shoulder. I raised my hand behind Brooke’s back and tried to wave Harry over but all she did was wave back.

“C’mon, I know you’ll Love it,” she leaned in closer so she could keep quiet. “They reckon the best blowjobs are from guys.”

“Hang on. My phones buzzing,” while I’m pulling out my phone I ask “but what’s in it for you?” wondering why Brooke is pushing for this more than Ambrose. My question kind of backfires though. I’m quickly trying to text Harry GET ME OUTTA HERE.

“I really get off from watching two guys. When a guy is Cumming in another guys mouth, that is pure hedonistic pleasure. No making babies or worrying about the mother in law, just orgasming for the sake of orgasms,” she leans forward to get Ambrose’s attention. He’s engrossed in conversation so Brooke moves off my lap to sit between us again. I’m guessing she’s wants him to help argue her point and convince me to have Sex with both of them.

I’m Free to move now and am just about to stand and go back to Alan and the boys when I see Harry approaching. Yes, I think to myself, she’s come to save me…well that’s a bit tongue in cheek. Harry has helped me lose a girl before and it’s pretty entertaining to watch.

Harry is comfortable in her own skin so she doesn’t feel the need to show it off. Normally baggy hippy clothes. Today she’s dressed up…kind of. She’s still wearing hippy pants but these ones aren’t as loose as her usual fair. Matched with a halter top that hugs her rib cage and puts her ample bosom on display. She almost looks fashionable today.

I’m a little surprised to see Janelle behind her. She’s wearing denim shorts and loose top. Her best assets in my opinion are on display. Her strong legs. They’re not chunky and round, they’re not super skinny like a runway model, rather they’re straight and lightly muscled. She wouldn’t win in a sprint or doing power squats but she’s got the stamina to go all day long on her feet and still have energy for fun in bed at night. Err because that’s what all good aunties do…right?

“Hello darling,” Harry leans in to peck my lips. She then turns around to sit on my lap. Before sitting she pointedly separates my knees the slides her voluptuous bum into place on one leg. I’m mesmerised and can’t look away from the fabric that’s pulled tight over her fantabulous glutes. The material of her pants is light and thin, so the sight and especially the feel is…is…

“Hi sweetie,” Janelle lifts my chin with her finger and pecks my cheek. Then proceeds to turn around and slide her backside onto my other leg. I can feel the rough of the denim shorts in the middle of my leg and just to each side I can feel the bare skin inside her thighs.

The both of them pressing their crotches onto my legs. OH SHIT YEAH. Did I say that out loud? Unsurprisingly my cock grew from flaccid to bulging my shorts in about three seconds.


“Huh?” finally I look up. Broken out of my stupor… maybe. “Sorry what did you say?” It’s now I notice Harry and Janelle are the only ones smiling. Everyone else is just staring, some with their mouth open.

“Aren’t you going to introduce us?”

“Oh right, sorry,” I raised my hand gesturing to each person “Brooke, Ambrose, err…” I didn’t get far when I become stumped. Shitty memory for people’s names remember. It doesn’t help that I’m a little distracted with two sexy arses wiggling around on my thighs.

“Sean, Aidan, Julie, Rachel and Seb,” Ambrose filled in for me since I was struggling.

“… and this is Harry and Janelle,” I finish.

“I’m the one Travis makes really happy,” Harry said rocking forward a little in a coy kind of gesture as she spoke. This, of course, felt like she was rubbing her Pussy into my leg. Shit! I’ve had moments when I’ve wondered what it would be like to fuck Harry but they were fleeting thoughts. She’s Janelle’s bestie after all. This is definitely going in the spank bank. Tonight.

As if things couldn’t get any worse for my plight, Janelle also ‘leans forward’ to speak around Harry, “Travis makes me even happier.” She followed this up with a coy look over her shoulder at me. Fuck! Blood relative or not, I’m gonna spank it over that one too. I know they’re just putting on a show but that’s completely irrelevant as far as my cock is concerned and it’s straining in my pants.

“You two are going to be the death of me.”

“You said that last time we were in bed together,” Harry states nonchalantly “is this your beer?” and then took a draw from my glass. I look over at Brooke and she’s giving me the hairy eyeball. Then it dawns on me that Harry just implied Janelle, Harry and myself were in a threesome. Before I can interject Harry is leaning forward conspiratorially “he fucking loves group Sex. You should try and convince him.” Oh for fuck sake, Harry isn’t helping at all. If anything she’s making it worse for me. I can see it in Brooke’s face, she’s resolved to get me in bed with her and Ambrose. I wrap my arm around Janelle and pull her back to my chest so I can whisper in her ear. She can probably feel my erection now but I need to stop this train wreck.

“We need to get outta here. She’s making things worse.” Janelle giggled like I just told her a sweet nothing. She turns her head so we’re face to face. At close range I can’t help but inhale the sweet scent that’s a mixture of her perfume and vodka lemon she’s been drinking. She’s got make up on today. She used to wear it all the time but since becoming a mum it’s only an occasional thing. Her lipstick makes her lips look fuller, and moist. Her dirty blonde hair is loosely tied up, exposing her neckline. FOCUS TRAVIS. One – she’s your aunt and two – you need to find a way out of this pub with a raging fucking hard on…caused by your aunt and her bestie….shit.

“You’re gonna owe me for this.”

“Why would I owe you when you guys are making things worse?”

“I think you like this situation,” she then wriggles her butt indicating she’s fully aware of my erection. Of course, the action causes my cock to strain even harder in my pants. I feel a bit trapped now. My aunt and her bestie are the curtain between my obvious erection and everyone seeing. I can’t get up and walk out of here with my bulging shorts leading the way. Fuck. Janelle takes my beer from Harry who I’m sure is telling more fibs to Brooke and Ambrose. The glass is maybe one quarter full now, mostly gone. “Let me feed you,” she says bringing the glass closer to my mouth.

It all happened right in front of me and it happened faster than my brain could keep up. Janelle brought the glass up but just before it reached my mouth with her other hand she jabbed at Harry’s butt hole through those light hippy pants. Harry squealed and jumped out of her skin. At the same time Janelle tipped the remaining beer down my front.


“Travis you pig! What was that for? Wait till we’re in the bedroom before you poke me in the arse, all right!” she’s steaming mad but still keeping up the pretence.

I’m flabbergasted and don’t know who to look at. Harry is glaring at me, Janelle is in mock surprise at having spilt the drink, Brooke is hard to read, she’s just observing but Ambrose and his friends are clearly enjoying the show. After what I admitted to Ambrose earlier I wonder if he can see through their charade. I think Harry is actually angry at being surprise poked in the bum though. The wetness seeps into my shirt. With the shock of what just happened, the embarrassment and the cold splash, my cock is receding.

“I’m so sorry,” Janelle exclaims, “let’s go get you cleaned up,” she takes my hand and pulls me to my feet. As we walk away I hear Harry awkwardly saying she’ll help us then trot to catch up. Once we’re out of range we all break down into fits of laughter.

As I catch my breathe “Fuck, there’s never a dull moment with you two is there.”

“The look on your face was priceless,” said Janelle.

“Did you have to poke me so hard? You got me right on the pucker.” Harry complained but still half giggling. The question was directed at me and i bust out another laugh.

“Besides trying to grope your Pussy with my thigh muscle I never touched you.” It then dawned on her that it was all Janelle’s doing.

“BIARTCH!” anyone else might think she was royally pissed but Janelle and I knew better. “You are soo gonna owe me for that!”

“Hey, we got him outta there. He owes us,” Janelle states with confidence. Harry gives pause and I can tell the wheels are turning in her mind but she doesn’t say anything. “Let’s go somewhere else. Our little show has got the attention of half the pub half and I can see every guy with a cock is gonna try hit on us.” That gave me a good chance to change my shirt for one I found in the car. In all honesty it was wrinkled and a bit dirty but at least it didn’t reek of sour beer.

We weren’t at the next pub for long when Janelle begged off referencing her useless partner cannot be trusted to feed, bath and put their son to bed at a reasonable hour. Harry and I hung about for a little longer.

“You fucking owe me,” Harry drunkenly states at one point in the evening.

I was getting drunk myself so it took a second to realise what she was talking about. “According to Janelle it was a team effort.”

“That too, you owe me for two things now.” She held up two fingers.

“How do you figure that?” I asked.

“Well Janelle and I saved you from the Wicked Witch of the East for one, and secondly you’ve been cock blocking me all night.”

“You’ve got a cock?” I say in mock surprise.

“No, doofus. I came out smut hunting but you’ve been chatting to me all night so any possible suitors think you’re my boyfriend or something.”

“Oh. You could’ve said something.”

“Yeh, well we were having fun but now I really need to scratch that itch and I haven’t had Sex since Robert,” referring to the guy she broke up with a couple weeks ago.

“Shall I leave so a knight in shining armour can save you from a night of DIY?”

“I’ve been keeping an eye out but the guys here don’t appeal to me,” Harry sighed.

“Hang on. You can’t blame me for the lack of quality guys here,” I say. I don’t know if it was what I said but I could see something clicked behind her eyes and she narrowed her eyes at me. Or was she appraising me…?

With a smile that made me uncomfortable she repeated “You owe me.”

My eyes widened at her unspoken suggestion. “No,” I say with conviction. I’m glad I spit that out quickly because my mind takes a holiday…with Harry.


“Um, no,” how did I become so weak minded in two seconds flat.

She gives a cursory glance to our surroundings then leans in close so nobody else can hear “I know I don’t show it much but I’ve seen you looking at my arse.” Don’t imagine her arse, don’t imagine her arse, don’t imagine her arse… “If you let me cum on your dick, I’ll let you cum in my arse.”

POOF! I think my brain just orgasmed without my dick. Harry watched me while I processed that information, a hint of a smile playing at the corners of her mouth.

“Let’s go,” is all I manage to say.

We went to her place because it’s a little nicer than mine, likely cleaner as well. As we entered her bedroom we started to strip off. She then got on the bed and sat with her back leaning on the headboard. Her legs were apart, her knees were bent and she raised her arms in the universal gesture of ‘give me a big hug’ as a way of inviting me onto her bed.

She’s got painted toe nails which are often on display since she where’s sandals regularly. Her legs are big and muscled. Something I don’t see very often under her loose clothing. It makes sense that she’s got strong legs, it matches those glutes that I’m always trying to get a glimpse of. Her mons is au naturale with a wide tuft of hair. This sitting position is not flattering for her belly but from what I saw when she undressed and got on the bed her mid rift forms the quintessential hour glass shape. Her breasts must be D cup with smallish areola and extended nipples. In fact the small areola make her boobs seem even bigger. It’s my first time seeing her boobs and it sends a jolt to my cock. She’s got wavy brown hair that she usually wears loose so that’s a familiar sight in this picture. She has lightly pointed features with a widows peak giving her a heart shaped face. This girl is essentially beautiful, timeless beauty, gifted in a way that is far less common.

I crawled on the bed and right up to her for a smooch. I want to feel close to her so I lay my body down but because of her sitting position this really means I just pushed my pelvis to the bed while my arms push my shoulders up so that my head is level with hers. There’s not a lot of contact with her but I’m close. This must be some kind of yoga position I’m sure of it. Whilst kissing she lays her arms over my shoulders then thinks better of it and runs her hands over my shoulders and arms that are working to hold me up. She lingers on the back of my upper arms, the triceps. Then runs her hands up over my shoulders again, over my collar bones, over my pecks and down as far as she can reach between us on my stretched out abs.

I want to go down on her but she’s sitting a little too upright for my liking so I back up and sit on my haunches then grab her behind the knees and pull her down the bed so she’s laying flat. This give me greater access to her Pussy. As I go down I see her labia lips are glistening wet. I kiss the top of her mons, the hair tickles me around my nose, chin and cheeks. It’s a sensation I haven’t felt in some time. Lots of girls these days are clean shaven, at least in my experience. I rub my face all around in her pubic hair, I’m smiling as I do so.

“Are you having fun?” the question breaks my reverie and I freeze for a second. Then I continue down, licking and nipping her puffy lips as I go like I’ve been scolded into submission. “Hmm, that’s better,” she tries to get comfortable on the bed which means she’s rocking her hips up and down as she adjusts her position. I try to follow her Pussy with my mouth as it moves around but it makes me giggle when I can’t keep up. When she’s settled I go back to work tonguing all around her vulva. She’s soon moaning and starting to roll her hips. I keep going at it, working all around and only occasionally, fleetingly pass over her clit. Working around more sucking and licking. Then she grabs my head with both hands to direct me where she wants it. That’s when I learn I’ve been changing direction to much. She wants it on her clit, only her clit. She’s lightly rocking her hips trying to fuck my face. It doesn’t let up, she keeps going, until finally she lets out a shriek that puts her squeal at the pub to shame. Her body is tense and she’s bucking and holding my head to guide it as she bucks. I’m surprised how long it lasts then at the end she pulls her hips back and pushes my head lightly. I guess she’s too sensitive right after Orgasm so I stop my tongue movements and just hold it there. It also takes a while before she loosens her grip on my head then seems to fall in a puddly mess on the bed.

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