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First Time Anal Sex Felt Good

“Oh no. No, no, no. Anal? Are you talking about Anal?”

He stared at me and stammered. Then he said, “Well, I have had a great Sex life. If you don’t want to, we won’t do it.”

“Damn right we won’t.” I replied. I ran my fingers through my hair. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. He just asked me to consider trying Anal Sex. This relationship was the best one I have had. I mean I ended a very long-term relationship to be with him because he was like no one I had ever met. We were such a good match, emotionally, our Sex life was out of this world.

Up to now, we’d been exploring each other’s bodies. We started discussing our fantasies and the things we want to try sexually. Because he had so much more experience, having had multiple long-term relationships, compared to my two, he had explored more things with different partners.

When we discussed things, we wanted to try, he hesitated, “What about trying, um…” I jumped in and started guessing.

“What, a three-way? A golden Shower?” he shook his head. “Anal? Want to try Anal?” He just looked at me. I almost wanted to die. Anal Sex isn’t something I am against. But I had tried it once, a long time ago with a partner that was hung like a horse and my tight hole did not take it. He couldn’t even get his head in all the way before I shoved him away and refused any further attempts.

“If you don’t want to, we won’t do it” He put his arms around me and I just sat there. “Relax, let’s just talk about something else.”

Every day after that discussion I went online to search information about Anal Sex. I read about how to prep, what to fear, what not to fear, how to do it, what to avoid, what lubes to use, what lubes to avoid. I read about other activities related to Anal Sex too.

“What’s ATM? OH GOD!”

Two months later we had a romantic evening in my apartment. I wore a sheer black blouse, with a lace bra; and black leather leggings. After a few drinks and direct flirting, I got off the couch, stood in front of him and said, “I think its time to fuck.” and walked into the bedroom.

We took turns washing up. I went first. While he was in the bathroom, I put on my red, silk robe and sat on the side of the bed. He came out of the bathroom wearing sweat pants. The pants were tenting as the head of his cock pushed them out. As he approached, I reached out putting my hands on his hips and told him to stop.

I slowly pulled the sweats down, watching his cock pop out. Once I removed his pants, I held his hips. Looking up at him I said, “I need your cock in my mouth.” His smiled and I licked the small drop of pre-cum that had formed on his tip. I swirled my tongue around the head of his dick and then took him in my mouth. I heard him sigh as he placed his hands on my shoulders.

Slowly, I bobbed my head taking his shaft into my mouth. Each time I took him a little deeper until I felt my gag reflex start to kick in. To give myself a break from gagging, I pulled away, got on my knees and started to lick his balls. That caused him to say, “Oh yeah, that feels good. Fuck!”

I took that as a sign to continue licking his sac. I used my left hand to stroke his cock as I licked under his balls and give his taint a lick. I felt his legs buckle as he said, “Your tongue is amazing. Keep doing that.” I heard what sounded like a brush against the wall I shared with my neighbor.

As I tongued his balls, I looked up and he was looking down at me. I licked his taint, his balls almost in my left eye and pre-cum dripping off his cock onto my hair by my left ear. I stroked his cock faster. His pre-cum was almost more lubricating than my mouth. He lifted his right leg and rested his foot on the bed, giving me more space to lick his taint. His left hand reached the back of my head and he gently pulled my head in. I moved further under him, licking the entirety of his taint and up his balls. “Yes, fuck, yes! Feels so good!” I kept jacking his cock and then he pulled away. I was confused.

“Sorry, I was about to come and its not time. Get on the bed. I’m going to eat you out.”

I stood up, face glistening from my own saliva mixed with his pre-cum. The robe dropped to my feet and he said, “’re body is amazing.” Now I definitely heard a noise from my neighbor’s apartment and a muffled, “Shhhhh!”

I turned and got in bed laying on my stomach. He followed and spread my legs. He rubbed my Ass with his hands and slapped my right cheek. I let out a laugh and asked, “You like how that sounds?”

“You know it. That is an Ass for smacking, kissing, licking and……biting.” he replied.

“What about fucking? Isn’t it an Ass for fucking?” I asked.

“I….I thought that was off the table for now?” he replied.

“If you’re going to kiss, lick and bite it, what are you waiting for?” I asked. And that’s when I heard my neighbor’s husband, through the wall, say, “Oh girl!.

His Wife replied with a, “Shhhhh!”

I felt my back getting scratched from my shoulders to my Ass. I moaned. The feeling of nails scratching my back is divine. And the deeper the better. He spread my cheeks apart and I was slightly embarrassed but he loves to see my body. I felt him lie down between my legs and I felt his lips on my right cheek. He lightly kissed and then licked. He did this all over the right globe of my Ass, slowly switching to my left. As he would switch sides, he’d linger on my crack with his tongue. He swirled his tongue around my brown eye but didn’t rim me. Not this time.

He simultaneously kissed and licked my cheeks; his thumbs were playing with my labia.

After a few minutes of this he stopped and began working his way up my back kissing and licking. Halfway up my back his tongue starting licking my spine up to the nape of my neck. He then bit the side of my neck, putting his full weight on me and his rock-hard cock between my cheeks. He was so wet. His pre-cum drenched my crack. He started gliding his rod up and down against my back door. The biting of my neck, along with the grinding against my Ass made me let out moan after moan. I was gripping the sheets and grinding back against his cock. He said, “Your Ass feels so good. Now turn over so I can lick that Pussy.”

I obliged and turned over. As I repositioned, my leg felt a wet spot on the bed where his rod had been resting earlier. He had drenched the sheets with his pre-cum. I felt my Pussy release more fluid.

He got between my legs and laid on tip of me, kissing me hard. We entwined our tongues and he pushed his cock down past my Pussy, sliding against my starfruit. It felt amazing. He licked my nipples briefly before heading down to my swollen labia.

I felt him suck each labia into his mouth causing me to moan loudly. I heard my neighbor say, “Someone’s getting laid tonight!!”

My man’s tongue split my labia apart and he licked my Pussy from the hole up to my clit. As his tongue started to go back down to my vaginal opening, I reached both hands to his head and pulled him back up to my clit. When I felt his tongue start circling my clit I said, “Yeah, like that, like that…of fuck, yeah, yeah.”

I heard my neighbor saying, “Oh fuck its getting good over there.”

I felt my right breast getting caressed and my nipple getting pinched as his tongue circled around and then over my nub. I was in ecstasy. Then I felt a finger enter my Pussy and start rubbing my g-spot. He increased the licking and I started grinding my Pussy against his face. I heard him moan and say, in a muffled voice, “Uh huh..that’s right, baby”

I pushed his face harder into my Pussy and he increased the licking while finger banging my soaking box.

Suddenly, I exploded. My legs shot out straight, I gripped his hair, smashing his face against my Pussy and let out a yell, “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!…OH FUCK!…AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!” he kept licking, and he grabbed my hips. I started bucking because it was starting to become over stimulating, “AAAAAAAA!…OOOOOOOO!…No, NO!..AAAAAAAAAAA!….STOP!” I punched his head and he pulled away laughing. I was spent.

“Oh my god, oh…oh…that was..oh…” I said as I was panting.

I could hear my neighbors clapping.

We laid in bed as I recovered. He stroked his cock slowly and would take pre-cum and rub it on my nipples. He started to get up, “Pussy pounding time.” he said.

“Wait” I said. “I have a surprise. Close your eyes, lie down.”

He looked at me. “Just do it.” He did. While his eyes were closed, I reached under a pillow and pulled out a bottle of lube. “Ok, open your eyes.” He looked at the bottle.

“What’s….” before he could ask more, I interrupted him.

Looking him straight in the eyes, I said, “I want you to fuck my Ass.” I heard my neighbor’s husband gasp. He must have looked at her because she said, “You ain’t ever getting that from me.”

My man stared at me and asked, “Are you sure? You don’t have to do this. I wouldn’t Love you any less. This isn’t something you like.”

“I want to make you happy” I said. “We can try it. If I can’t do it, we won’t but I want to do everything with you. Everything.” Through the extremely thin wall I shared with my neighbor, I heard someone say, “That’s Love, man, that’s Love.” And then another voice, “Shut up, they’ll hear you. Don’t ruin it.”

I reached out and took my man’s right hand, put a good helping of lube on his fingers, laid on my back and then guided his fingers to my previously forbidden hole. As he settled next to me and started to gently rub the lube around my pucker, I reached for his neck, pulled him in for a kiss and whispered, “Get me good and lubed up for your Hot cock.”

He used the lube to rub around my rosebud but he seemed to hesitate to actually probe into it with a finger. To get my point across I reached down with my left hand and pushed his fingers against and slightly into my Ass. I inadvertently tensed. He looked at me and asked, “Are you ok? Are you sure?”

“I want your dick in my asshole.” I replied and then closed my eyes, while rubbing my left breast.

He got more lube and began to take the task seriously. He lubed my hole up, while sucking my right nipple. I put some lube on my right hand and started stroking his cock. Slowly I felt a finger enter my back door passage. He did it in stages, waiting for my involuntary clenching to relax before going further. It felt good. The combination of his sucking my nipple, me stroking a hard cock and the lube felt right.

Then I felt a second finger enter my shoot. I could feel getting stretched. It would hurt but because he would pause, I could relax and then it was ok.

A new sense of fear began when he slowly removed his fingers. I felt like I might lose control of what comes out. But I had done a lot of preparation and I knew that feeling was expected. “Roll over” he said.

I heard the bottle of lube pop open and he squirted more on his fingers and cock. I felt the chilly lube on my asshole and his fingers slid in rather smoothly. I could hear him stroking his cock, covering it with lube.

Finally, I felt him spread my cheeks and the head of his cock pressing against my brown eye. As he pushed, I tensed. He stopped. I relaxed and he pushed forward. At one point I felt like his head would rip my sphincter. “Stop! Wait, just give me a second.” I said. He stopped.

When I relaxed, I said, “OK. Just go slow” I felt the pressure again and as he went forward his head was able to get completely in past my anus. He must have squeezed his Kegels because all of a sudden his helmet felt like it was exploding and expanding in my Ass. It hurt. I tensed and he stopped. He started to pull out and I said, “No, don’t. Just wait a minute.” After a moment, I said, “OK.”

This time he pushed through slowly and I had a moment of increasing pain that stopped after he passed the second sphincter. It was odd because now, I didn’t have pain. I only felt full. But it felt good. He continued forward and then pulled back a little. Then he moved forward and now it felt event better. Now I felt like this is what Anal Sex should feel like. After a few more soft thrusts, he pulled back and out. It felt awkward again but he needed more lube.

I suggested he lay on his back and I would ride his cock, reverse cowgirl. That way I can control how deep he went into my Ass. We switched it up and I lubed up his cock, getting it nice and hard. I straddled his hips and lowered myself. He said, “I wish I had a camera” The new lube and pre-existing lubed area made it easier to slide my brown hole over and around his shaft. I took him as far as I could and then went up. As I went back down his dick, I took it in deeper. And after a few minutes I felt his hands on my hips pulling my down as he thrust his dick further into my Ass. I was starting to pick up a faster rhythm of riding his dick, Ass fucking myself with his cock.

I got on my knees, letting him thrust faster into me. I groped my tits and squeezed them hard. My knees started to ache, I stretched my legs slowly, so he wouldn’t fall out of my Ass and then laid back against him.

He immediately reached his left arm under my left arm and wrapped his arm around my breasts. His right hand found my clit. His left hand pulled my body against his, his right hand flicked my clit and his cock was now balls deep and fucking me with a rhythm that felt amazing.

“Oh yeah, oh yeah, please, please fuck my Ass….yes, yes…FUCK MY Ass!” I yelled repeatedly. He picked up the pace and I could feel we had shifted to the left, as one. He had more leverage and he was pounding my Ass, when he had originally planned to pound my Pussy. But now my bonus Pussy was full of his cock.

“Give me that cock! Fuck that Ass!” I started demanding loudly.

“You like getting Ass fucked now? You like it?” he asked.

“I Love it, I Love it! Come on fuck it!” I replied.

He pumped harder and deeper with every thrust. His fingers applied more pressure as they quickly massaged my clit. He asked, “Who’s own your Ass?”

I replied, “My Ass is yours. It’s yours. Own it. Owwwnnn……AAAAAA..AAA..AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!” and I climaxed in a way I had never climaxed before. It was a new and shocking experience. I felt an Orgasm that spread from my clit through my Vagina and into my back passage. I squeezed and gripped his cock with my brown knot and every clench sent another wave of orgasms. Another scream escaped me, “NNNNGGGGHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA…..AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!” I started writhing and gripping the sheets. I dug my heels into the mattress and involuntarily started pumping my hips up and down, forcing his cock as deep as ever up my back door. It felt like his cock was going to go into my stomach but it felt amazing. When I’d slam my Ass back down into him, the lube made sure there was a slapping sound. It only made things feel better.

He stopped massaging my clint and now his right arm wrapped around my waist as his left held my chest. We rolled to our left and he started furiously pumping my Ass hard and deep. I kept screaming for what felt like and eternity when I heard him gasp and exclaim, “I’m gonna blowwwww………..AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! FUCK YEAH!”

I could feel his cock quiver and spasm as he unloaded a stream of Hot cum. I didn’t feel him shoot his load but I did feel a warmth starting to spread in my back passage. The thrusting slowed to a stop. He slowly pulled out and made me feel like I was going to lose everything in my Ass involuntarily. But it was fine. As he collapsed next to me, we both heard a soft knocking from my neighbor’s side of the wall. The knocking increased in speed and force. We realized it was their headboard. It stopped after we heard someone Orgasm loudly.

We looked at each other and started clapping.

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