Topping the Muscle Stud – Fetish

This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially.

All work is fiction intended for fantasy only, regardless of content, and consent must at all times be acquired when engaging in any sex act with another adult.

Please note that all characters are clearly over eighteen and written as such in all stories.

Fahen should have realised that working at a rather sex-positive office was gonna have very interesting consequences. Not that his mind should have been going there, to be fair, but things were as they were, in that regard. He wouldn’t have taken it back for the world.

The Sergolf, a cross between a deer-wolf hybrid (his father) and a Sergal (his mother), was of a moderate height, lightly built with muscle that was defined and visible through his grey fur with more ordinary wolf-like markings. The shape of his muzzle still denoted more of his Sergal family history, in that regard, but his antlers often gave others pause, framing his brushed blue hair. Fahen, however, was usually quick to correct them if anyone got his species wrong, though it was not so much of a big deal to him.

Not when he had been approached by Charr, a higher up in his office, the leopard tall and thickly built, muscular, much more defined than Fahen was. It was impossible to see him as anything other than dominant and yet there was so much more to Charr, the leopard, than what Fahen had given him credit for.

It had happened quickly, that day, Fahen just sneaking an appreciative glance of Charr out the corner of his eye, not expecting anything more from passing through the cubicle farm and the offices. But the next thing he knew was that Charr had him pinned, stopping him dead in his tracks with his arm against the wall, the leopard’s other muscular arm blocking Fahen in on the other side.

Pinned. Trapped. Fahen’s heart leapt, need tightening in his pants, though his boxer briefs, what he had chosen to wear that day, at least kept things mostly under control there.

“S-sir,” he stammered, glancing back, not sure if anyone had seen. “What d-do you want?”

It wasn’t like the Sergolf to fumble with his words, not really, but who wouldn’t in such a situation? Even thinking back on what had happened that day had Fahen growling softly, the tightening in his loins rising all over again, the kind of thing that could not so easily be pinned down. Charr had leaned in over him, blocking the Sergolf’s escape, all towering muscle, which Fahen could very easily see even through the leopard’s shirt, tie hopelessly small on such a broad chest.

The leopard did not say anything for several, long moments, the sounds of the office in the background, though Fahen could not hold his breath forever. Gulping, Fahen tried his best not to squirm, but the subtle shift of his lips still brought the hint of a smirk to Charr’s face, whiskers twitching faintly. With the sounds of the office in the background, photocopiers beeping, a printer spilling out a ream of paper, chatter down the corridor around the coffee machine, it was a typical day for the rest of the office. But not for Fahen. Not for Charr.

Pressing in closer, his chest brushed Fahen’s, the Sergolf’s snout touching the centre of his chest. Fahen had not even realised that his legs had buckled.

“I have a proposition for you, Fahen,” Charr growled softly, though there was still a rough, coarse edge to his tone, as if there was something to his voice that could only come when placed there by age alone. “You are with my son, Tobias… Toby.”

Fahen gulped.

“Yes, sir, but…”

“There’s no need for you to speak.”

Damn, the leopard’s natural dominance was intoxicating and, so close to him with his arms raised, Fahen could smell him too. The natural musk of the leopard, how it seeped faintly from his underarms, the sort of intoxicating pull that made him hungrily want to step in even closer to the leopard, even to shove his face hungrily into Charr’s pit and lick and sniff, to take all of it in. It was very much a wondered that he should not have been having in the corridor at work, but, well, the ship had well and truly sailed on politeness and anything that HR in any other business would have been horrified by. As long as things were consenting there and didn’t impact their work, it was hardly an problem, however.

His heart pounded, a driving beat caught by his ears.

When Fahen was silent, obedient, Charr continued, tail flicking back and forth, the only outward sign of his need. In time, Fahen would come to learn those little signs.

“Now…” Charr growled, his voice dropping another octave. “I believe it is time you joined me in the bedroom also. Your relationship with Toby has not gone far… My son does not mind…sharing.”

That last word was said with a purr that sent a shiver down Fahen’s spine. What the hell was that supposed to mean? Ah, but all was to be revealed in time, of course…

“I want you to myself.”

Fahen could not help but moan, the dominant leopard pressing in closer, though the Sergolf could never have anticipated just how Charr wanted him. It was true — his relationship with Tobias was not all that deep, just them getting to know one another a little, mostly only Toby frotting Fahen while letting Fahen feel up his arms, the thick muscle of them, when it came to the bedroom. But how Charr knew that could only have come from Toby’s lips and, truthfully, that excited Fahen more than it should have.

He would talk to Toby first, yes, about it all, but there was only one answer he could give. Even when Charr revealed that it was topping, something different, that he wanted instead, Fahen nervously stammering that he had never topped anyone before, not like that. That, of course, was of no issue to the leopard.

He could train a top. And that was just as he wanted, Fahen following Charr’s knowing look to the side, to his son, who also worked in the same office. Toby grinned, nodding, a coffee cup in his paw, though it did not look like he had any intention of bringing it to his lips, the younger leopard’s tail swishing back and forth.

“Then I will have you top my son,” Charr growled. “And I will watch your performance… You will be a top who can please me.”

And Fahen wanted that too.

Yet, even Fahen had to come back to reality.

Fahen blinked, not realising that he had drifted. For he was not actually in the corridor when Charr had proposed the scenario that he was in, right at that very moment, but on the bed with Toby — on Toby’s father’s bed. On his knees, every part of his body that mattered to the leopards was on show, including his anal ring and, of course, his thick, round bubble butt, kneeling with his back to the headboard. He’d been praised for that butt on many occasions, yet never had Fahen felt as on show and exposed as he was right then, squirming in place while Toby sprawled beside him

What made that moment different, of course, from the times that he and Toby had experimented and explored one another’s bodies, lightly, of course, was that Charr was there, naked with them, the Sergolf surrounded by so much raw muscle that he hardly knew what to do with himself. Swallowing hard, he looked down the length of the bed to where Charr sat in his underwear, eyes fixed on him, an imposing, dominating presence without the leopard even actually saying anything at all.

Fahen groaned. It felt like his attention should have been on Toby, but he didn’t know where his hungry eyes should go, travelling over Charr, again and again, the lines of muscle, the thick round of it in his shoulders, how the power of him simply oozed through. To have the chance to top a leopard like that, well… He’d never even wondered that he could get lucky with Charr at all, despite his initial attraction!

“Keep your focus,” Charr reprimanded him, a leopard of few words, though Fahen shuddered even then, wanting to obey, wanting to please him. “You should not have your attention anywhere else, Fahen.”

He spoke sternly, though the Sergolf’s eyes were on his bulge, the thickness of his shaft showing through the front pouch of his underwear. It formed a delicious swell that Fahen ached to lick, to feel, though there was so much about the leopard — both, in fact — to adore, practically drooling with barely contained lust for them.

His body throbbed.

“A real man,” Charr went on, “should know how to properly rim a bottom partner. You shall be trained. On all fours.”

It came as a command and Fahen hastened to obey, scrambling up onto all fours, Toby slipping down to take his position on his back, legs spread, hooking up towards his chest. The leopard purred lazily as Fahen parted his legs, though Toby rocked up to meet him with a hard length as the Sergolf spread his cheeks.

It was crude, but the Sergolf did, at least, figure out some sex, even if it had been a little while since he had rimmed anyone. Following instinct, he spat crudely onto Toby’s tail hole, lubing it up a little with his saliva, his head lowering a moment later, even if there was a moment of hesitation there.

He wanted to do a good job, to please, to be a good top. There was a sense of serving in it too, but he wanted to sink his cock into a tight tail hole, leaning ravenously into that side of the play as if it was all he could think about. The leopard’s hole, of course, was clean and fresh and Fahen lavished attention on it, swirling his tongue around and around the tight ring of muscle, slickening it up, following what he wondered was the right thing to do. The light musk of Toby was enticing too, helping him on until the leopard’s tail hole gleamed with spit.

Charr rumbled.

“Use your tongue, more, deeper…”

His lips had been softly in play there too, as if he was kissing Toby’s hole, his leopard boyfriend — were they even that anymore? He didn’t know — but he worked his tongue in more. He had to do it, wanting to be trained, to be taught, though he languished in the moment too, letting every sensation sink into him as if he was trying, in a sense, to memorise the experience.

He wanted that, didn’t want to come back to reality in any way, not when he could delve deeper and deeper, his tongue wriggling wetly into the leopard’s anal ring, into his backside. The heat of it was incredible, though he still had quite a long tongue to play with, something that his mixed species heritage very easily brought into play.


Ah, Toby moaning. Yes, he liked that sound very much, but he had to keep working his wet tongue deeper, practically French kissing the leopard’s anal ring, getting more into it than he’d ever wondered he could.

“Ooff… Fuck…”

Mmm, he liked when he made his partners swear, when they lost control of themselves that the rougher, more masculine side came through too. The scent of male musk hung heavily in the air, though he wished he could get more of it, even though he yearned for more, so much more.

His wriggling, untrained tongue must have found Toby’s prostate, though he would have to learn that by feel, in time, and Toby grunted thickly, holding onto his spread legs as he rocked up from the bed.


Charr’s eyes gleamed.

“That’s right,” he said, as if he was a father really encouraging his son on a new job or task. “Use more tongue, work him up. There is to be no slacking. None.”

How Charr could be on the bottom of anything when he spoke like that, bending Fahen to his will and making him quiver as if he was gonna lose control of himself right there and then, was beyond Fahen. But the Sergolf was more than glad to just get a chance at things, in his element, surrounded by hot guys that he wanted to fuck, to be fucked by, though he was flexible and eager to do whatever it was that they wanted to do to please them. He could even discover a more dominant edge in himself too, bit by bit, he was sure, if he was careful, if he leaned as needily into it as he had attacked everything else.

“Use this, on your cock, on his hole. Plenty of it.”

Charr pressed a tube of lube into Fahen’s paw and the Sergolf took it eagerly. His cock ached and throbbed, though he knew quite clearly what he was to do from that point, even if he had less experience. Fahen simply couldn’t wipe the smile off his face and neither did he have to, getting into it more and more as he spread a slick pawful of lubricant over his hand, over his cock, even pouring it directly onto Toby’s hole. That seemed like a more feasible way, to him at least, of getting it onto Toby’s hole, though he was not the kind, personally, that very often needed lube. If one went slowly, as he had learned while bottoming to partners, there was no need for it. Still, lube helped things along, easing the slide of a thick member into a wanton, desperate hole.

If Charr wanted lube on Toby and himself, that was most certainly what the leopard was gonna get.

He worked a finger into the leopard, testing his readiness, though Charr shook his head, a frown on his lips.

“No, your cock. Hilt yourself.”

The short commands were really getting to Fahen and he could only obey, letting out a short, lustful growl as he got into position. On his knees, it was not quite right if he knelt up too high over the leopard, but it was better if he allowed himself to fold lightly over the leopard, his cock nudging wetly, slickly, up against Tobias’ lubricated tail hole.

He had not done that before — well, maybe once a long time ago but that had been more in the name of trying out new things in sex than anything else, not really topping — and yet he pushed in. All because Charr’s eyes were on him, the older leopard taking charge, even though he was the one that was to be on the bottom, in the end.

In the heat of the moment, all thoughts of how that was to pan out were swept from Fahen’s mind, no longer knowing, no longer caring, panting and grunting heavily as he pushed into the leopard’s backside. Charr had said, of course, that he was not to hold back — and, so, he did not do so. He hilted the full length of his cock into Toby’s tail hole as the leopard let out a very feline yowl, arching and bucking up against him, passion twisting. And yet that passion and desire were not just between them, but Charr too, something more there in the father-son relationship than even Fahen could yet grasp.

Maybe that would all come through in time, Charr rumbling a pleased growl.

“Harder. Rut him.”

He guided with his gaze and Fahen shivered at the raw heat of it burning into his back, trying to focus on Toby, trying to do all that Charr wanted, at the same time. It felt as if his attention was being pulled all over the place in contrasting and conflicting directions, and yet he knew what he was to do either way, where he had to be.

Finding the rhythm of his body was one thing, grunting, thrusting, grinding, powering in with stroke after stroke, feeling how Toby tightened around him. Fuck, the leopard had a nice backside! He couldn’t believe that they hadn’t fucked each other like that so far, yet maybe the moment that had come right then and there was the one that made it even more perfect. Fahen was not to say, but, frankly, he didn’t have it in himself to care, not as he took on the persona of the dom that he wanted to try out being and growled, his long, thin tail with a thick, fluffy tip of blue fur swiping back and forth.

“You can go harder than that,” Charr said, though the words came with a touch of encouragement too, Fahen’s heart pounding harder than he ever believed was efficient in sex. “Here…”

Although Charr remained with his underwear on for the moment, there was still Toby’s underwear and Fahen’s too within easy reach on the bed. Fahen caught Charr’s smirk as the leopard bundled them up in his paw, the thick smell of male musk, sweat and pre-cum lingering, though it was more potent when Charr grabbed the back of his head. Without being asked what he wanted, his nose was thrust into those dirty, fragrant pairs of underwear, the Sergolf letting out a long, needy moan.

“Your hips are too high,” Charr growled, criticising and helping Fahen to adjust the angle. “Here… Go lower. Lean forward more. Let him support you. You will never hit his prostate if you fuck him like that.”

Fahen tried to listen, he really did, but it was more and more difficult with musk and the aroma of Toby’s underwear especially in his system. He would have rather had his nose crushed up to Charr’s bulge, but with the leopard’s paw on the underwear and the back of his head, keeping him there whenever he was not adjusting Fahen’s position and prodding him to fuck harder, faster, he could not move. He could not even see the leopard’s bulge, sure that it was hard and swollen, probably leaking pre-cum through his underwear too and staining the front.

“Harder. Long, deep strokes, use the full length of your cock.”

It was as if, in a way, Toby wasn’t there at all, though the leopard surely reaped the spoils of the encounter. Fahen was simply so fixed on the older, more dominant leopard, even if that dominance, in a way, was something that Charr sought to give up. Even if he was on the bottom, however, it was sure that he was the one, ultimately, who would hold the cards.

“This is to be pleasurable for both,” Charr growled, putting special emphasis on the word. “Not only one. That’s for you to remember, when you’re topping. You’re in charge of the pleasure of both and that cannot be forgotten.”

Charr adjusted his position a little, his thickly muscled arm moving out of the way just enough so that Fahen could see his bulge, the obvious hardness of his cock showing through. He was needy, so needy, and yet he didn’t take what he wanted, not while he was so busy and engaged in training a top to please him.

Fahen focused on him, thrust after thrust, the shuddering impact of his hips against Toby’s thighs and buttocks rocking through him. Every thrust came with all the power he sought to give to the leopard, a hard smack of contact in two bodies coming together, though he was focused on Charr, at all times on Charr. His words rolled through him, helping him fuck Toby harder, faster, to hold himself back, though it was a wonder indeed that he was able to hold back and not spill his load.

Especially with all that musk in his nose, breathing in deeply, despite his body naturally wanting to snatch in breath in short, sharp gasps. It was that focus that did it for him, thrusting over Toby’s prostate with every stroke of his thick spire until the leopard howled and thrashed on the bed, his short claws digging into his own yellow and black fur as he held his legs up. Even then, Fahen’s attention had not been on the leopard’s cock, though he was still dimly proud of making him cum without even touching his dick, a enormous load of thick cream spurting messily over Toby’s stomach.

He slowed, drawn there by Charr as the leopard tossed the musky underwear apart. Holding back the urge to whine, the Sergolf tried not to tremble too badly.

“Hm…” Charr brushed off the fur of his arm with the precision of a feline. “Good, for the first time. But losing your focus is never something to do, not when you are topping.”

Fahen blushed, though he was unsure if any more heat could rise to his cheeks, late afternoon sunshine filtering into Charr’s bedroom while the sheets remained rumpled until them. Although the lines of the sheets pressed into his knees, he didn’t think anyone would be stopping to smooth them out, musk tickling at his nostrils, practically forcing him to take another deep, infatuated breath.


Charr eyed him up like a fresh piece of meat to be devoured. It was a look that Fahen did not mind one bit, slowly but surely growing in small drops of confidence. But that was exactly what Charr was there to impart to him.

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