Jan and us. Part 7.

Bobby finished fucking my sis Jan, for the second time during her visit. Bobby walked back to the bar naked, and Jan pulled her dress back on like at all times, but carrying her sandals and under garments this time. She left her bra off the first time. It included her panties this time also.

Blushing as at all times, when Jan sat down at the bar, and asked to have her whisky Old Fashion refreshed. Tina jumped up and did it.

Dee remarked at watching Tina’s firm titties jiggle as she jumped up, “You have very lovely tits, Tina. Wish mine were that firm again.”

“You have nice, great tits also, Dee. I like them a lot. I hope mine are like yours when I’m your age.” Tina said.

“Oh! My age? Am I an old broad now, or what?” Dee barked in response.

‘No, Dee. I didn’t mean it like that. Your gorgeous, sexy, and older than me, ok. I hope I’m in your shape when I’m your age, was what I meant. I don’t think you’re an old broad at all.”

“I know, Tina, giving you a hard time is all. Besides, you sleep with old lady, Dotty, every night practically, so I know you love older gals, like Bobby does.” Dee said with a hearty laugh.

NSFW: yes

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