The Submissive Husband and His Lustful Wife: A Tale of Forbidden Desires

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As I stand in front of my husband, watching him kneel before me with a look of complete submission in his eyes, I cannot help but feel a sense of power and satisfaction. My name is Sarah, and I am a woman who knows what she wants. I have at all times had a thirst for adventure and excitement, and I found it in a most unexpected place – my marriage.

My husband, Mark, is unlike any man I have ever met. He is kind, gentle, and so willing to please that it’s almost intoxicating. Mark loves nothing more than making me happy, and I have learned to use that to my benefit. You see, I am a very lustful woman, with desires and needs that go far beyond what most people would consider “normal”. I crave passion, dominance, and a little bit of danger – and Mark is more than happy to oblige.

It wasn’t at all times like this, of course. We started out like any other couple, with vanilla sex and a standard dynamic in place. But as time went on, I found myself drawn to the idea of exploring my darker side. I wanted to be in charge, to feel powerful and in control. And that’s when I discovered my dominant side.

At first, Mark was hesitant. He was used to being the one in charge, and the idea of submitting to me was intimidating. But I was persistent, and slowly but surely, he began to open up to me. Our sex life became more intense, with me taking on a dominant role when we were in the bedroom. And to my surprise – and delight – Mark loved it. He thrived on being my submissive, on doing whatever I told him to do and satisfying my every desire.

Now, our relationship is unlike anything I have ever experienced before. We live as equals outside of the bedroom, but in the privacy of our own home, Mark is my obedient servant. We have a system in place, with clear rules and boundaries that we both respect. He is not allowed to cum unless I give him permission, and he must ask for my approval before doing anything sexual. And in return for his obedience, I give him rewards – treats that are sure to please him.

Tonight is one such night. I have been feeling particularly lustful lately, and I know that Mark has been willing to please me. I can see it in his eyes as he kneels before me, his naked body on full display. I have instructed him not to look at me, to keep his head down unless I tell him otherwise. The power I feel from this is intoxicating.

“Stand up,” I command, and he obeys, rising to his feet with a grace that is impressive. Mark is a fit man, with a muscular body and broad shoulders that I love to wrap my arms around. But tonight, I want him to be on his knees again.

“Kneel,” I say, and he does so without hesitation. He looks up at me, his eyes wide with anticipation. I can tell he is excited about what comes next, but also nervous. I have told him that tonight, I want to push him to his limits – to test his obedience and see just how far he will go to please me.

I circle around him, running my fingertips along his shoulders and down his back. I can feel his muscles tense beneath my touch, as if he is bracing himself for what is to come.

“Are you ready for me, Mark?” I ask, and he nods. His eyes are fixed on the ground, but I can see the hunger in them.

“Good. I want you to repeat after me, understand?”

Again, he nods. I can feel the power coursing through me, knowing that he is completely under my control.

“I am nothing without my wife,” I say, and Mark echoes my words back to me.

“She is the center of my universe,” I continue, and he repeats the phrase.

“I will do anything to please her,” I say, and he says it back to me without hesitation.

“And what do you want, my dear wife?” he asks, his voice barely above a whisper. I know what he is asking – he wants me to give him permission to please me in any way he can.

“I want you to undress me,” I say, and he immediately starts to remove my clothes. His hands are gentle and confident, as if he has done this a hundred times before. He takes his time, savoring each moment as he reveals more of my naked skin. When he is done, I stand before him completely vulnerable, my body exposed to his gaze.

“Kneel,” I say again, and he lowers himself down. I can see his erection standing at attention, the tip glistening with pre-cum. I know he is desperate to touch me, to taste me, but he will have to wait for my permission.

“Tonight, Mark, you will worship my body. You will show me how much you love me, how willing you are to do anything and everything I ask. Do you understand?”

“Yes, my love,” he says, his voice thick with desire.

“Then let’s begin.”

I close my eyes as he starts to explore my body with his hands and mouth, his tongue exploring every inch of my skin. He is gentle at first, but as I grow more aroused, he becomes more aggressive – using his teeth to nibble at my nipples, pinching my thighs with his fingers. I feel myself grow wet with desire, my clit pulsing with need.

“Please,” I whisper, my voice barely above a whimper. “Touch me.”

Mark doesn’t need any more encouragement. He buries his face between my legs, his tongue working magic on my clit. I hold onto his hair tightly, writhing in pleasure as he brings me closer and closer to orgasm. He knows exactly how to please me, how to bring me to the edge and then hold me there.

“Come for me, Sarah,” he says, his voice vibrating against my skin. “Come for your submissive husband.”

And I do. I come hard, my body shaking with pleasure as Mark continues to lick me clean. It is the most intense orgasm I have ever experienced, and as I collapse onto the bed, gasping for air, I feel completely and utterly sated.

Mark looks up at me, a satisfied smile on his lips. “Thank you, my love,” he says. “I live to serve you.”

And in that moment, I know that I have found something truly special. Our forbidden desires may be unconventional, but they bring us both a level of pleasure and satisfaction that we could never discover elsewhere. I grin back at him, already thinking about what we will do next.

This may be our little secret, but it is one that I will keep forever. My submissive husband and I have found something truly amazing – something that we cannot help but lust after.

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