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Vanessa had just finished combing her hair in the business’s bathroom when Amanda walked in. For a brief moment, their gaze met in the mirror, until Julia walked back outside without saying a single word.

Clever girl,’ Vanessa wondered, applying a new layer of lipstick. ‘Didn’t want me catching you smoking in the restroom”. She got closer to the mirror, smacking her red lips. Enough to make her look sexy, but not to make her look vulgar. It matched pretty well with her black hair tied in a bun, a killer combination that gave her skinny figure presence enough to attract the right gazes, but not enough to award her the “slut of the office”. Not that she cared, though; Vanessa endured seven years in this business being called much worse stuff right on her face.

Snitch, arse licker, boss’ bitch, even rag! Ok, maybe her attitude made her look slightly older than her actual 30’s, but wasn’t rag a little too much? Nonetheless, Vanessa knew popularity doesn’t matter, as long as you deliver results. And to call Vanessa an overachiever would be an understatement, everyone knew she was excellent. But that’s not the only thing that led her to the Sales Department Supervisor position she was in.

As she walked to the elevator, she could hear faint whispers around.

Three people,‘ she wondered. ‘From the IT department? The new hires. Better keep an eye on them.

As the elevator stopped for her to enter, all passengers quietly exited. No new faces this time, no gossip to hear, no new info for her boss. As the elevator moved, she checked her reflection once more.

“Mr. Wang?,” Vanessa politely asked as she opened the door. On the other side of a beautifully decorated room, Mr. Wang, the Branch Manager, gestured for her to come in and sit across the dark wood desk he worked at.

“What do you have for me?,” the gray-haired man asked without looking away from his laptop.

“I know it hasn’t been long since my last report, but this is worth your time,” Vanessa smiled, unlocking her phone and opening its gallery. In it, various pictures of the new employee, a middle-aged woman called Rosa, smoking in the bathroom. Considering the angle, it was clear the pictures were taken without her noticing it. Wang waved his hand, a signal for Vanessa to exit his room, and reached out for a phone on his desk. Her job was done.

Vanessa knew her raise would be coming soon; it had been six months since Wang promised her it for her continuous efforts in keeping him informed of everything that happened on the lower floors. Rosa had just joined the business at the right time, and in less than a week did what no one dared doing in front of “the boss’ bitch”: she messed up.

The supervisor took her sweet time walking back to her desk, stopping by to drink coffee and reflect on what would be the next step after her promotion. Maybe Wang himself would become insufficient for the role at some point; maybe even he could have a secret his own boss would like to know about.

But Vanessa’s long coffee break was soon interrupted when a furious Rosa walked in the kitchen followed by two security guards.

You bitch!,” Rosa screamed, being stopped by one of the guards right before a slap could hit Vanessa. “You told him! You took the pictures, didn’t you?!,” the older woman kept screaming, resisting the guards’ attempts to carry her away. Vanessa kept a cold facade, but could feel her heart beating faster. Rosa was bigger, older, and definitely much tougher than her. “I should have listened when they told me you were an ass. You know what? Heed my words: even if now I’m the one being let out, from now on may the egocentrism in your every step drag you to the bottom; so come and see me once you understand the weight your words can carry!

For some reason she couldn’t explain, those nonsensical words shook Vanessa to her very core. A few minutes may have passed until she went back to her senses, walking out of the cafeteria with Rosa’s wicked laughter still echoing in her head. She sat down at her desk, unable to properly process what just happened.

“A crazy woman knows your name and where you work, Vanessa,” she whispered to herself, considering if her raise would be enough to pay for a few months worth of private security. Even if it wasn’t, Mr. Wang owed her that much at this point, since he must have been the one who told Rosa about the pictures. Still, she knew worrying about it further would do her no immediate good.

Better focus on work and get my ass a ride home afterwards,’ she wondered to herself, scrolling through the piled up sales reports that awaited in her mailbox. Over an hour went by until she came across one of the new salesperson’s reports, with a miscalculation on page 8. It described stock being sold at 1.3% less than it should. The salesperson’s name seemed to be Allan. A fitting new target.

The walk to Allan’s desk felt uncomfortable, her hips somehow tight against the skirt’s fabric. She was sure that the new skirt was M size, so it should be more than enough space for her petite frame. Maybe she was eating too much sugar? Nonetheless, the discomfort wasn’t enough to make her think about it for more than the ten seconds it took her to get to Allan.

“Care to explain this?,” she asked out loud, releasing the recently-printed report on the young man’s desk.

“Sorry?,” Allan asked, staring at Vanessa with a confused look. Apparently, he wasn’t in the business for long enough to know that looking Vanessa directly in the eyes was a bad idea.

“I assked if you can explain what is going on in this sales report,” she repeated. Vanessa hated repeating herself, but apparently the boy was slow. Wang would probably like to know about that in their next sync. Without even noticing, Vanessa adjusted her posture, the discomfort slightly growing underneath her skirt.

“I-Is there something wrong with my report? Is that what you are trying to say?,” he asked, flipping through page after page, clearly not knowing what to search for.

“What? Are you the type of person who needs hand holding to do your tassks, Allan?,” she asked coldly, yet feeling her insides boiling up. Her day was bad enough as it was, and the increasingly distracting tight skirt wasn’t exactly improving her patience. She tried to straighten up, an act that both showed dominance and reduced the discomfort.

“I’m sorry, but can you show me what I did wrong? This is all very new to me,” the boy said, and Vanessa knew he was a lost case. Maybe she should actually pay Mr. Wang a second visit today.

What followed happened so abruptly that both sides of the conversation (and any on-lookers) didn’t manage to react in time. At the same time Vanessa started replying, her skirt gave up with a loud ripping sound, like elastane stretched to its limits. However, this was nothing compared to what came out of the woman’s mouth at the exact same time.

“Well Allan, why don’t you stop assking me questions and start kissing my fat bubble butt?,” Vanessa asked with her usual emotionless voice, only afterwards feeling what she said sinking in. For what felt like an endless second, the two stared at each other, in complete disbelief. Then, without uttering any further words, Vanessa turned her back, covering her posterior with her right hand, and quickly walked away.

“Kissing your… What?,” he asked, not even realizing his supervisor had just stolen his stapler.

Vanessa closed the restroom door behind her with a slam, confident no one would enter as long as she was inside.

What the fuck did I just say,‘ she wondered to herself, seeing her face crimson in embarrassment as she stared through the mirror. But that wasn’t the only thing to be concerned about: looking at her rear, she could see the few strings of fabric that kept her skirt somewhat in place. Right on the middle of her ass, a large rip revealed the tight yellow panties she was wearing. However, that didn’t seem right, as those panties were almost baggy that morning.

She checked her body in the mirror in horror. There was no mistaking it: her bottom had somehow expanded, outgrowing what should be fairly loose clothes on her petite constitution. Even covered by what remained of her skirt, her hips looked wider, and her thighs fatter. Not to mention her ass itself: its cheeks felt firm and heavy when she groped them, and Vanessa almost gasped in pleasure when her fingers sunk in its flesh.

She covered her mouth in shock: why the hell did groping her own ass suddenly feel so good? And just following her moan, she heard the flush from one of the cabins. Someone was in the bathroom with her. Before she could say anything, though, she heard a woman’s voice.

“Sammy, Julia, I told you to check if someone is here before having your fu-,” Amanda said as she opened the cabin’s door, before freezing at the sight of Vanessa. Even in that frail state, the supervisor didn’t flinch at the sound of Amanda’s words. Employee’s fucking in the bathroom was too good to ignore. Wang would love to hear about it.

“Oh my God Vanessa, I-I didn’t know it was you… Please, keep this between us,” Amanda begged with tears in her eyes, getting closer to Vanessa.

“Amanda, you know I can’t let this go… Relationships between employees are prohibited, and sex in the office would only be allowed if it involved someone rawing my round Brazilian rump!,” she exclaimed before suddenly groping her ass and moaning once more. Amanda took a step back, for the first time seeing Vanessa going truly livid. “Get out of here, dumbassss!,” the supervisor screamed, for some reason feeling a pinch of pleasure when saying that last word.

A confused Amanda dashed out of the restroom without even washing her hands, and Vanessa found herself panting in a mix of arousal and panic. What the hell was she saying? It wasn’t only her body acting weird, she was acting weird. Her own reflection looked like a mess, and yet she was aroused for some reason. She swallowed air, before reaching for the stapler she stole from Allan to try and put her skirt back together.

“An allergic reaction, that’s it,” the woman whispered to herself as she stapled the fabric of her skirt. She supposed her posterior would now probably fit in a large M or small G skirt much better. “There is no way my big fat assss could get any bigger and rounderFuck, why am I talking like this?!,” she almost shouted, stapling a final part of the skirt. She was aware it looked weird, but should be enough to hide her panties until she got home.

Vanessa washed her face and combed her hair once more. Arching with such a tight skirt was hard, but nothing ripped this time around. As she walked out of the restroom, she couldn’t withstand a sudden urge to once again squeeze one of her ass cheeks with all her might. Letting out just a delicate squeal, she opened the door.

The woman did her best to walk back to her desk without dragging attention to her ass, but that was no easy task. Not only was she wearing a stapled undersized skirt, she also felt weirdly conscious of the movements she made. She wasn’t just walking, she could feel the flesh in her ass jiggling, her hips swaying much more than they used to, and the gazes her inflated bottom were attracting. But for some reason it didn’t feel bad in the slightest.

In fact, even the touch of her skin against the fabric of her panties could be felt in detail, as if it was an erogenous zone of her body being slightly caressed. Vanessa could actually feel her insides warming up, but she couldn’t afford to get wet on top of everything that was happening.

She sat back at her desk, refusing to look in Allan’s direction. Something felt off, so she tried to adjust the height of her chair, before realizing she was taller due to the cushion her ass had grown into.

A warm, voluptuous, round and bubbly cushion,‘ the words came to her head, and soon she was dozing off thinking about her own ass. It was big, but it could be so much bigger. ‘Oh,’ she wondered, ‘it must feel pretty good to massage something between them, to squeeze a warm meaty shaft until…‘.

It must have been for no more than two minutes, but when she shook the thoughts away, she felt her stomach sink: while lost in thoughts about her own posterior, she destroyed a printed document that rested on her table. Not by ripping it, but by drawing in it with a pencil. All around the first pages of the document several asses had been drawn. Some small, some enormous, some being penetrated. For some bizarre reason, she couldn’t stop thinking about ass. About her own ass, on top of that. She hid the papers in a drawer and shook her head. Vanessa needed a distraction and work needed to be done.

Once again, she tried to forget her issues by sinking into piles of emails and tasks. But this time it was harder, as even the pressure against the chair felt like too much to ignore. But finally, distraction came: a notification about a mandatory system update, right in the middle of working hours. Definitely a mess up by the new IT employees.

“Mr. Wang, I have the perfect gift for you,” she whispered to herself. “Just think about the repercussions of three IT new hires triggering a faulty update… They would definitely love to sink their faces on my elephant-sized donk!,” her voice went from a whisper to shouts, unable to hold back a sudden urge. As Vanessa got up in panic, her skirt finally gave up, ripping in more parts than she could fix with a staple.

This time she could feel in painfully pleasurable details as her ass grew even further, ripping her panties and exposing her generous butt crack. As flesh wobbled out, free from the fabric, she found herself moaning once again and, with a fluid movement, spanked her own cheeks loudly enough to get everyone’s attention.

“Don’t look at my jiggly ghetto booty, which I can’t stop exposing and spanking! Get back to work!,” she shouted, before slapping her ass once more. The scene was so surreal that no one could utter a word. But then, Allan let out a laugh. And so did Amanda. And soon, half of her team was giggling, trying not to look at her. Finally broken out from her stupor, Vanessa tried to run away, but found the impulse to just walk swaying her bottom like a pendulum too compelling to withstand.

She now knew what was happening: it was Rosa. ‘Whatever that witch did to give me a twerking full moon, it seems to be progressing more and more. I want to shake my booty in public and I want everyone to see it,‘ she wondered, feeling her head being more and more taken by a bizarre obsession with her posterior. Something was making it get worse, but she didn’t know what. She needed to discover Rosa, to undo what was happening.

The heavy-bottomed girl knew the only person she could trust to give her Rosa’s address was Mr. Wang. He trusted Vanessa, she was sure he would help her solve that mess. The woman did her best to keep her fast pace, but the urge to walk in a swaying motion was just too much. It wasn’t as if an external force was causing her to do this, it was almost a compulsion, a desire. And as she dragged the gaze of every desk worker, male or female, she passed by, she could feel her interiors warmer. It wasn’t only her body, her mind was changing.

I won’t let this slide,‘ she wondered to herself, feeling her breathing heavier from arousal. ‘Once I get to Mr. Wang, while I shove my monster assss on his face, I will tell him all about these fuckers. You, you and…,‘ and that was when she had to stop walking.

Once again, her panties started stretching. The few strands left from her skirt fell on the ground, as even her panties gave way for the enormous posterior to grow. “Oh my God, I’m growing a massive, cock-loving arse, and I want everyone to know it!,” Vanessa shouted, as the wobbling mass of flesh expanded. She could feel each inch of it pushing forward, while still keeping an almost unnaturally round, wobbly shape. There was not a single stretch mark on it, just two monstrous cheeks that now outgrew her head by easily double its size.

She didn’t want anyone to see it, but at the same time she wanted everyone to look at her. The pleasure was growing to new heights, and before she knew it, her body had arched on its own, putting the already fat posterior even more on the spotlight. Unable to withstand most of her urges, she stopped in the middle of the corridor and spread her butt cheeks open, barely able to reach her own asshole, and clapped them together. She couldn’t withstand the desire to play with her butt, to show her butt, to think about how she could pleasure her butt.

For whatever reason, everyone around didn’t seem worried, or at least tried to help her. Was this part of Rosa’s spell? Or did everyone just cared so little for her all along? Whatever the reason was, she tried to sway her way towards Eric, the young assistant that ran errands in the office. He should be afraid enough of Vanessa to help her reach the elevator.

“Eric, please, this is so embarrassssing,” she said, the bare wondered of her donk sending shivers across her cheeks. “You need to help me get this jiggly sloppy messss of an asss,” she said, stopping only to loudly slap her own ass once more, “to the shaft of Mr. Wang, so that I can wobble and twerk on him assss much assss this assss needs to,” she kept trying to explain, groping her butt. Her mind was filled with thoughts of it, and the assistant could barely find out what she was trying to say. That was when she noticed the bulge in his pants, and she could feel another shiver across her ass.

Vanessa was horny, hornier than she had ever been, and yet she couldn’t think about pleasuring her pussy; she needed to use her ass. Not necessarily to have her anus penetrated, she needed to have someone rub against it, spank it, lick it, use it to masturbate, acknowledge it. She still wanted to get to Mr. Wang, to discover Rosa more than anything, but the impulses were too strong and, before she knew it, she was rubbing her enormous trunk against Eric’s clothed erection.

She once more woke from her trance when she felt the assistant’s hand carefully opening the zipper of his own pants, trusting his erect cock in her asscrack. It couldn’t even reach her asshole, deeply buried between her cheeks, but just the feeling of masturbating him with her butt was enough to give her more pleasure than she had ever felt.

Before Eric could cum, she managed to break free of it, although the mix of arousal and her new found obsession made it so her words could barely convey anything that didn’t relate to her ass. She left a confused Eric behind, and finally reached the elevator, swaying inside of it, panting.

Although her body and her thoughts were a mess, her will was intact, and Vanessa could still think of how fucked Eric was once this was all over with. ‘I will walk my wobble butt to Mr. Wang, spank and grope myself, and assssk him to fuck my colossal rack and fire this fucker‘. This was the last wondered she had before the door opened and a new expansion started.

As she exited the elevator and wobbled to her boss’ room, she tried her best to keep her thoughts organized amidst the torturous pleasure of having her ass growing even further. After all, the worst part was finally over: now all she needed to do was explain everything to Mr. Wang. They knew each other for years, he would definitely believe Vanessa and, together, they would discover Rosa and free her from the spell.

Contrary to her initial intentions however, instead of opening Mr. Wang’s door and calling his name, all Vanessa did was burst it open and, with her bottom fully exposed, turned her back to the manager and started groping herself. If it wasn’t for the sheer mass of her butt, her vagina would be on full display.

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