My (F18) Stepbrother (M18) fucks my ass with our parents in the other room


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For a while now, I’ve been wondering if it’s just me. I’ve been a bit worried about it, but for the most part it’s fun; a risky game. When it started, I could pass it off as something awkward, but inevitable- moving into a house with your stepbrother abandons the privacy of being an only child. And the worst part? He’s hot. Tall and striking and lean, and intrinsically charming. Hard to ignore. Easy to listen to. And very, very pleasant to look at.

It started with looking. Quick, scared glances slowly evolved into prolonged, intentional staring. It was palpable, tense. When the touching started, I knew it wasn’t just my imagination. When he passed his hand across my thigh, under my skirt at dinner, I knew it was his acknowledgement; he was saying, no, it’s not just you. From then on out, I would wait anxiously for these moments, wearing skirts that would fall past and between my knees, shirts that would hug tight across my chest. I gathered that he liked it, his hand present on my thigh more and more as the nights went on, my father and his mother sitting across from us, oblivious.

When he started visiting my room, he was shy about it. He would knock and ask where I’d put the keys, then leave impressively fast. He would begin short conversations, then make excuses for an exit. And it made me excited. It made me wet. It made me dream. I’d be coming out of the shower, drying off and getting ready to change when he’d come in without knocking. He would stop, stare, flushed from shock perhaps, maybe embarrassment. But then he would take a step towards me, then another, and he’d be on me. He’d push me into my bed, and spread me aside with his fingers, and I’d be thinking Is this wrong? Is this wrong? while he would fuck his fingers into me faster. I’d never dream far enough for him to actually fuck me, and so I grew impatient.

One night, after college, he came into my room and asked if I knew where the lighter was.
“I need it for tonight.” He explained and stepped into my room towards where I was sitting in my bed. I could hear my dad and his fiancee listening to a show just down past the stairs, in the living room. Every minute or so, my dad would laugh, it would ring out into the house, and then it would be quiet again, quiet enough to hear the rest of the house. I had had a long day and had grown frustrated with the dynamic we had going.

“Where are you going?” I asked, seemingly bored, maybe annoyed.


“Out? Out where?”

He laughed and sat next to me on the bed. He was smiling, but it wasn’t shy anymore; it was charming. Sexy.

“Why do you care so much, hm?” He leaned forward just slightly, almost unknowingly, and I knew then that I couldn’t wait any longer.

“Because I don’t want you fucking anyone tonight unless it’s me.”

The room is quiet. My dad laughs in the other room. My door is slightly open, but neither of us seem to notice enough to care. When he leans forward, I lean back, into the pillows behind me. Over top of me, he looks different, bigger, consuming my field of vision. And then, he laughs, but it’s almost cruel. His hand comes up, tracing between my legs, brushing just so against my pussy, my stomach, my chest, until his fingers discover my neck. He kisses slow at first, and then fast, controlling. He presses down harder as we grow more intense. When he finally finds my opening with his fingers, panties pushed to the side, he laughs again, quietly.

“I knew it, you fucking slut.” He whispers it, and I remember the open door. His words make me even wetter.

“I want you to fuck me please.” I answer, spreading my legs as far aside as I can. He leans into me, and says, “I’m not gonna touch your pussy, love.” His fingers fall over my clit, past my lips and towards my ass. My mouth falls open. When he starts to push his fingers into me, I wince, shake my head.

“We shouldn’t. We can’t! What if they come up here?”

He pauses, and his eyes darken. Quickly, he presses me down further into the mattress with one hand and pulls his cock out of his pants with the other, guiding it towards my hole. He’s hung, bigger than I expected, full and hard. When he lines his tip up with my ass, he spits, hard onto his dick and spreads it around with the pad of his thumb along his shaft.
“Can you stretch me a bit with your fingers first, please?”

He squeezes my neck harder, and whispers into my ear, “Keep your mouth shut.”
And then he’s inside me, pushing in further and further, and I’m gasping into the pillow, because he’s so big and it hurts to be stretched so fast, to be filled so relentlessly.

“Wait!” I say, too loudly, and his hand leaves my neck for my mouth. He begins to fuck into me, slow and hard, so I can feel all of him. The drag of his cock turns from a burning pull into an aching, pulsing feeling. He’s breathing fast above me, and my eyes are wide as I look at his cock going in and out of my ass, faster in faster, over and over again. He stops momentarily, turns me roughly onto my side and pushes my head into the pillow. He then fucks into me entirely, then completely pulls out, then fucks all the way into my ass again, and then all the way out again. He does this for a long time as I moan and whine into the pillows. He leans down next to my ear and says, “I knew you’d like it in your ass. You’re being a very good slut for me, taking it like this with your dad right downstairs. You’re being so quiet. Like my sweet little step sister was made to take my cock in your ass.”

I wanted to cum, badly at this point. I turned so I could keep watching him fuck into me, and went to go rub my clit. Before I could touch myself, his hand was around my wrist pinning it down, his other hold my ass cheek open so he could fuck into me easier.

“I’m going to use your holes how I want, and I don’t want your pussy. You don’t get to touch yourself. The only hole you’re meant to get fucked is your slutty ass, isn’t that right?”
His pace picks up, and I can’t speak from the force of his thrusts. He feels so good inside me, spearing me open on his big cock, fucking deep and hard into my ass over and over, never slowing. I lose track of how long he has me like this. I can feel the wetness from my aching pussy slowly dripping down my thighs. I want something inside both my holes so bad. “Please can you touch my pussy?”

He shakes his head and fucks me faster.

“Watch me come inside your ass. Watch yourself get fucked while your dad and my mom listen. Watch my cock fill you up just like I know you like it.”

When he comes, I feel him pulse inside me, a heartbeat, and then a wet warmth as he pulls from me quickly. Dazed, I watch as he redresses, and heads towards the door, seemingly unaffected.
“Maybe I’ll be back tonight, sis.”

Just like that, he’s gone, leaving me on my side, cum dripping down my legs, happy to have been used.

NSFW: yes

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