Problems with My Little Sister (Incest/Family)

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There are problems attached to having little sisters, as many of you guys out there know. There are a lot BIGGER problems involved, if either of them is as sexy as mine are. While Laura is a everyone’s wet-dream, it’s her sexy big sister that got me in trouble. At 4′ 5″ tall, saucy lips, sparkling eyes, and a “fuck-me” wriggle to her body, the cute little brunette had been giving me wet-dreams for years, until she and I finally did something about it, when Uncle Marvin left. That was not quite two years ago, and things had been going just fine between me and Karen until right now… which is what this story is all about.

This morning I got up horny (as usual) and as I usually did when I was in that condition at that time of day, I padded down the hall, and climbed into bed with my sister.


Karen was asleep of course, (everybody else at all times is that early) but slid over to make room for me almost automatically. It was only when I started spreading my sister’s legs, that she realized her big brother was in bed and molesting her.

“Brian!” she hissed at me, while spreading her legs to allow me to get between them, “What are you DOING here?! You KNOW you’re not supposed to be in my bed!” Always she was objecting, Karen was shifting to get more comfortable; lifting her short little nightie; (My 12-year-old sister knows better than to wear panties to bed) spreading her legs; and fitting my cum-dribbling prick up against her sloppy-wet hole.

Fucking you,” I laconically answered her first question; while ignoring the rest of her objections. We both gave a satisfied “Oooohhh!” of delight, when the head of my prick snapped through her tight cunny-lips. Even after fucking for almost two years, my little sister is STILL incredibly tight… which makes for a good screw for both of us.

“But you’re not supposed to fuck your own sister!” she said fiercely; hissing in my ear as she wrapped her legs around my body and tried to impale herself on my swollen member. Only being only 12, and not even a teenager yet, Karen is too small to take my prick that fast, even after all our practice. It still took three or four minutes of “ooh”s, “ouch”s, and muffled squeals from my little sister, before we both felt my prick bottom out inside her, and my balls come to rest against her asshole.

“Do you want me to take it out?” I responded; almost with a giggle.

Karen worked herself onto my prick as far as she could before answering. I knew she was enjoying the feel of my prick stretching her tight little hole almost as much as I was, and I was in Heaven.

“Yes… NO!… I mean we shouldn’t be doing this,” she answered; now starting the pelvic thrusts that would soon have me ejaculating my sperm inside her. I knew that Karen could no more stop screwing me, than I could. Only a bucket of ice-water tossed over the both of us would have stopped our frantic coupling now.

Once I had Karen sit on top of me, and dared her to pull off once she got me inside and we had started fucking properly. She had tried, but just couldn’t make herself do it. I’m not sure my little sister will ever forgive me for proving to her that she has that little self-control. Maybe that’s why we at all times go through this same argument, almost every other time I climb in bed with her.

“Why not?” I asked reasonably. “You like it, I like it… so what’s the big deal?” (I knew of course; I just liked my little sister to say it. It’s one of the biggest kicks I get out of fucking my own sister.)

“I might get *pregnant* you dummy,” she hissed at me. Karen didn’t DARE speak up loudly, for fear she would wake up our parents and spoil everything. “My period was over two weeks ago, and you might be getting me pregnant right *NOW*.”

For all her protestations, Karen’s vagina went into squeezing cramps around my prick at the very wondered she might end up pregnant by her own big brother. No matter WHAT her mind wondered, my little sister’s body knew what IT wanted; and that something probably included a big belly with her own brother’s baby kicking and squirming inside her.

I was just about to ask Karen if she wanted me to pull out, <Snicker… fat chance.> or squirt inside her like I knew I was gonna do whether she wanted to or not, when I got hit with that bucket of ice-water. (Well, the chills I got FELT like a bucket of ice-water, anyway.)

“Brian, what are you doing?” the calm voice right next to my elbow almost made me jump out of my skin. “Are you fucking your little sister?” asked Mother; looking down between our bodies to see if she could see my prick sliding in and out. Surprisingly my mother didn’t sound angry or even worried at what her two eldest offspring were doing in her daughter’s bed. She just sounded… interested, I guess. Like she would be interested in anything else we did, like what we learned at college, or some new game we were playing. Only THIS type of game, no boy is supposed to do with his own sister. Especially when he’s 15, and his little sister is only 12 years old.

There wasn’t any doubt about what I was doing. Especially once the shock had made me half sit up; so Mother could see where my prick vanished into her eldest daughter’s body. “I guess,” I mumbled; not knowing what else to say. For all my fright, (and hers too, probably) Karen’s body kept up a continuous squeeze- clamp-SqEEEze on my prick that wouldn’t let it shrink inside her. In fact, even with my mother standing there next to me throwing metaphorical cold water on our coupling, I knew my sister’s clasping little hole would soon have me decorating the inside of her vagina with thick white gouts of incestuous sperm anyway. I couldn’t help it; Karen is THAT sexy!

“Are either of you using any protection?” she asked; looking closer at the join of her two offspring. I had pulled out about an inch, before Karen pulled me back into her body with her legs; so it was quite obvious that *I* wasn’t. Karen could barely shake her head “No” while she worked to get the last twinges of the orgasm that had only been slightly interrupted by our mother’s arrival.

“Well,” said Mother; shaking her head, “you two had better be careful then. If you cum in her right NOW,” she emphasized, talking to me, “There’s a good chance you’ll get your little sister pregnant, as her period was just a little over a week ago.”

Oh Shheeeiiitt! My prick bulged; and I shot a big healthy squirt in my sister’s belly at the very wondered. Knowing that Mother knew about my sister’s fertile condition just like she (and I) did was too much. Our mother’s quiet acceptance of the fact that I might be breeding my own sister even while she watched, was too erotic to believe. Millions of sperm rippled through the tube on the bottom of my prick and surged into my sister’s body, where her cervix dipped into the obscene pool and sucked it into her womb. A second later millions more joined the first batch, as my prostate emptied itself through the meat pipe connecting me with my 12-year-old little sister.

All the while I was spasming Karen’s tight little belly full of incestuous cum, my mother watched me breeding her little girl just like she would watch the two of us playing cards or something. She didn’t look angry or annoyed, or even aroused; just happy to see the two of us “playing together” at something nondestructive. Which, considering the fights we had in the past, before learning how much fun a big brother and little sister could have together in bed, wasn’t so surprising, when you think about it. While we at all times did love each other, sometimes we got on each other nerves in methods you wouldn’t believe, unless you have little sisters of your own. Only we hadn’t had even one of those arguments (except the perennial one about whether it was “proper” for me to sneak in her room like this) since that day almost two years ago, when we found Uncle Marvin’s “stash” of magazines, and started acting out what we saw in them.

I don’t know if that was what made Mother suspicious, or if she just got up early and wanted to check on the two of us for some motherly reason. Whatever. We were well and truly caught. And if my luck was running true to form, maybe my sister had ‘caught” as well.

I was just draining the last of my seed into my little sister’s sucking young womb; collapsing on top of her in our usual post-coital snuggle, when I became aware of something missing. I looked to the right, and Mother was gone.

Her voice came drifting back through the door though. “When you two are finished recovering,” she said, “I want both of you to take a shower before breakfast. This coming to eat in the morning, smelling like a whorehouse, with your little sister just reeking of sex and cum has got to stop. We’ve got plenty of hot water in the house, so there’s no excuse for it.”

My ears must have looked like they were on fire. They certainly felt like it. I looked down in my little sister’s face, while her tight little cunny gave my prick a last friendly squeeze, and she gave me a matching one with her arms. Karen looked as embarrassed as I felt. Weren’t WE the couple of idiots now? No wonder our parents weren’t surprised to discover me fucking my little sister in the mornings. They must have known for months… years even.

Since our parents already knew about the two of us having sex, Karen and I took our showers together for the first time in weeks (usually we only did it together, when nobody else was in the house). Then we dried each other off, and headed down for breakfast. After our mother’s reaction and her last opinion, I wasn’t as afraid as would have normally been to understand our father’s reaction to Mother finding the two of us in bed together. (In bed together? How about fucking each other’s brains out. For sure neither one of us felt as though we had a brain left in our bodies, after getting caught like that. Especially after Mother’s comments, and the fact that we both knew I had just left enough sperm wriggling it’s way up in my little sister’s fertile young womb to knock-up half the college; let alone one 12-year-old little girl.)

I guess that was the thing that was bothering me the most… What would our father say when he found out I was screwing Karen, without either of us seeming to even think about taking precautions against her getting pregnant? Both of our parents knew full well that WE both knew all about how little girls get pregnant, and what you’re supposed to do, if you don’t want to have a baby. Only I hadn’t DARED to try getting condoms; and the wondered of what would happen if a 12-year-old girl showed up at the college nurse, or even the free-clinic, and asked for birth-control pills or something, gave both of us the shivers. We’d rather chance her having a baby. Asking our parents (we THOUGHT) would have been just as bad. And of course, we never even considered stopping having sex (though my little sister DID try). We could no more stop having sex together, than we could stop breathing. It was too damned good. Even now that they knew, our parents would have to chain us to our separate beds each night to keep us aside. And even that might not work. This and a thousand other thoughts like it ran through my head as we headed down for breakfast. Surprisingly, my little sister was as quiet as I was. I guess she was busy thinking too.

I stopped out in the hallway before entering the kitchen to give Karen one last kiss, “Just in case.” Karen gave as good as she got; almost swallowing my tongue.

“‘Love you Sis,” I said; licking the taste of my sister off my lips.

“‘Love you too, Brian,” she replied; as we walked through the door, arm in arm, prepared to face the whole family together, with a united front.

It was like stepping on a step that wasn’t there. Nobody seemed to notice either of us coming in, except Mother’s vague gesture to take our seats, where she slid what seemed like massive plates of scrambled-eggs and bacon in front of both of us, with a smiled-comment about, “You two need will probably need this.”

After that, there wasn’t much said outside of, “Pass the butter,” for almost 20 minutes. Mother was right. After a bout of sex like that, both Karen and I were ravenously hungry.

It was only after breakfast was winding down, and Laura was starting the dishes, (It was her turn, after being mine the day before) when Mother spoke up. “I found Brian in Karen’s bed this morning,” she said. “It looks like he’s been fucking her for quite a while.”

The racket of the dishes suddenly stopped, and Karen and I both knew our little sister was hanging on every word; even though she hadn’t been invited to listen. On the other hand, this was HER home too; and she hadn’t been told not-to, either.

“Did he cum in her?” Dad asked.

“From the look of it, I’d say he came in her quite a lot,” giggled Mother. “Your son looked quite the stud.” Well at least neither one of our parents seemed to be inclined to yell and scream at us, like we had expected.

“Well, were they using any protection?” asked Dad, with a slightly worried note to his voice.

“Oh shit,” I wondered to myself, “here it comes.” Karen looked just as worried as I was, and Dad sounded.

“Not from the look of things anyway,” responded Mother. “That boy of yours had his prick buried to the hilt in Karen’s body, and the couple of times he pulled it out a little, there wasn’t a sign he was wearing anything. Before I left, Brian probably had squirted enough sperm in his little sister’s body to keep her having his babies for the 10 years.” Mother giggled again; then added, “Or at least I hope so, anyway. It would be a crying shame if he fucked her that good, when she’s right between periods, without leaving a pretty good load of baby-juice in her cute little tummy.”

Dad sipped at his coffee for a moment, then sighed. “I guess you’re right,” he said. “If Karen has been letting her big brother fuck her without a condom, then it wouldn’t be FAIR if Brian didn’t at least TRY to knock her up. I don’t want my son cheating his own sister out of feeling what it’s like to make a baby, just because he might be worried about becoming a father. He should know I wouldn’t stand for that kind of nonsense.” Here Dad looked at me and Karen with the expression he usually reserved for when he was wondering if he could trust us to do the “right thing” while he and Mother were out for the evening.

I gulped and nodded, while at my elbow I felt more than saw my little sister nodding too. Boy, THIS sure wasn’t working out the way I wondered it would! Instead of screaming and yelling at us; ranting and raving about, “How could you DO this to your little sister!” and shouting about the chances we were taking by not using protection, it seems that my parents WANTED me to get my little sister pregnant.

I wondered about it. No… they hadn’t SAID that.

Was it that they didn’t CARE if I got Karen pregnant? No, that wasn’t right either. Both Dad and Mother obviously cared a lot. In fact, they seemed slightly pleased with the idea of me planting a baby in my little sister’s belly. How about, they didn’t MIND if my sister and I made a baby together? I knew that was closer, but still not quite right. I decided I’d figure it out later, as my father was asking me another question.

“How about Laura?” he asked. “Have you been fucking your little sister too?”

Laura dropped a dish, when she heard this. Our little sister was looking at the two of us, with as astounded a look on HER face, as Karen and I had on ours. It had never even occurred to either of us to include the little 10-year-old in our sex- play.

The plate made three rattles, then settled to the floor, sounding like a hub-cap in it’s final clatter. In the sudden silence left when it ceased, Dad looked at the three of us when nobody answered him.

“You haven’t?” he asked, with what seemed like genuine astonishment. “I’m ashamed of you Brian, for mistreating your little sister like that! Neglecting her, just because you’re fucking Karen. Here I thought better of you.” My father and mother looked at me with one of those “more in sorrow than in anger” looks, as he continued, “Now this afternoon, after your chores are done, I want you to take Laura into the bedroom and apologize properly to her for not fucking her like you do her big sister, understand?”

I just stared, gap-jawed, at my father; until his brow started to darken and I gulped, “Yes Father.” I almost at all times call Dad, “Dad,” unless I’m scared of getting punished, or the conversation is equally serious.

“See that you do,” he said; then added with a lighter note, “Who knows, since Laura’s period was last week, maybe you’ll get HER pregnant before Karen is.” At this, he tossed me a grin; echoed by an equally big smirk from Mother.

I looked at my two equally astonished little sisters, and suddenly turned red in embarrassment, as I had wasted about a quart of sperm down my pants-leg; cumming in my shorts at the very wondered. Wasting it.

I had to make a mad dash to my bedroom and then the bathroom to clean up; studiously avoiding the amused faces of my parents and both sisters. God, was that embarrassing! It would have been humiliating, if not for the very reason I had gotten so excited. I got back to the kitchen just in time to hear Mother finish up laying down some rules.

“Now just because we’ve given both of you permission to fuck your big brother whenever you want to, doesn’t mean you can neglect your chores or schoolwork either to do it!” Mother looked at me, and included me in the conversation. “That mean you too,” she added. “I don’t want ANY of you kids fucking around before your work is done. Understand?”

We all did.

“Good,” she said with satisfaction. “From now on Brian, I don’t want to see you neglecting EITHER of your two sisters sexually. I’ll expect you to take care or each of their needs, at least twice a day. I’m sure a healthy young boy like you can do that much. Who knows, with any luck at all, maybe all three of you kids can be parents yourselves by this time next year… OK?”

I almost wasted another load down my pants-leg at the very wondered; while my two sexy little sisters shed what little clothes they were wearing, and flowed up my body like a breaking wave of erotic little-girl flesh.

After that, I wasn’t thinking clearly enough to remember anything, except that I loved it. (Which if you think about it, is a shame.) I know I took my little sister’s virginity, somewhere in that erotic haze; and I must have left enough sperm in both little girls’ cute little tummies to knock-up a regiment. But except for vague recollections of tight little slits squeezing on my prick, snapshots in my mind of me sucking flat little chest mixed with similar ones of nicely rounded tittie, and one incredible sensation of almost pissing thick white sperm in Laura; while my prick kept spasming out of control and I pulsed wave after thick sticky wave of thick white cum into the 10-year-old’s welcoming young belly; at the same time as Karen cuddled up to me from behind, spoon-fashion, in a girl-boy-girl sandwich, I don’t really remember for sure WHAT happened in what order. I know I did fuck both girls; but which ones in which order, and how many times, I’ll probably never know. I do know I had fun; and so did both of my horny little sisters… especially Karen; as THIS time she didn’t have to worry about whether she got pregnant of not. If she did, she did; and neither of our parents would be disappointed. If not, then we all figure she’s a little young yet anyway. Not having to worry, made it a LOT more fun for the horny little slut (made it more fun for ME, too).

And THAT, was just yesterday, It’s now 2:00 AM, and I just sneaked out of Laura’s bedroom to take a pee, and then write this all down in my diary before I forget it… I just didn’t have enough time earlier. Of course, like all wonderful things, this new “arrangement” my parents have made between me and my two sexy little sisters has a downside…

When I DO go back to bed, I don’t know which of three beds to go back to. I probably should sleep in MINE, to get some rest for tomorrow (and what looks like is gonna be a VERY interesting day). On the other hand, (now that I’ve got our parents’ permission to actually sleep with either of my sisters whenever I want to)… Shit! I can not decide! I know, I know… you wish YOU had MY problems.


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