Our Dirty Nasty Secret (Daddy fucks daughter)

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“Are the kids asleep?” I asked my daughter.

“Yeah, finally,” she sighed as she flopped down on the sofa. “They were so
keyed up!”

“You look tired, Jess,” I said quietly as I gently massaged her neck. “Why
don’t you go get in the hot tub?”

“Mmmm, that feels wonderful, Daddy,” she murmured. “And I’ll take you up on
that hot tub offer in a few minutes.”

Jessica and my two grandchildren, Sarah and Ben, two-year-old twins, had
driven the 200 miles to my beach place in North Carolina to spend two weeks
with me. My son-in-law, Sam, would be joining us on Friday. The kids were
pretty good, but nearly six hours in a car is tough even for adults.

Jess had put on a few extra pounds when she was pregnant with the twins, and
had finally lost those last few stubborn ones. She was looking pretty damned
good! At twenty-six, she was more beautiful than ever. One of those women
who definitely improved with age. She had been a gangly teenager, all legs
and arms, with long straight hair. But having children filled out her body,
widened her hips, and she finally got some real tits! And her new hair cut
looked great!

Thanks, Daddy,” she murmured as she kissed me on the forehead. “That really
helped. I’m gonna go soak for a while, then I think I’ll hit the sack, too.”

“Okay, baby,” I smiled warmly. “See you in the morning.”

I watched her walk out onto the deck and close the door behind her. I didn’t
think she had a bathing suit on under her shorts and shirt, so I assumed she
would be naked soon. Somehow, that thought was very arousing. My daughter, a
beautiful and sensual woman, a wife and a mother, naked, just a few feet
away from me. Oh shit! My cock was actually getting hard!

Quickly, I got a terry robe from the closet and went out onto the deck. But
I was just a tad too late. She had already undressed and was in the swirling
water up to her shoulders.

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“Thanks, Daddy,” she smiled as I put the robe on the lounge next to the tub.
“It’s so beautiful out here,” she sighed as she looked down the beach onto
the ocean. The single light from the wooden walkway through the dunes lit
that area of the beach. And the nearly full moon, bright and almost white,
shone on the breakers. “So quiet and peaceful.”

“That’s why I decided to stay here after Mom died,” I answered, getting just
a hint of her breasts as the water swirled around her chest. I moved
slightly behind her so she wouldn’t see the growing bulge in my shorts, but
she stayed too far down in the water for me to see any more of her body.

I had this incredible need to touch her. But instead of slipping my hands
down the water and enveloping her swaying breasts, which is what I really
wanted to do, I just put my hands on her shoulders and rubbed them.

“Mmmmmm,” she murmured as she put her right hand on mine. A bit more of her
breast came up out of the water with that movement, and I found myself
bending over in the hopes that I could see the entire tit. She slowly leaned
her head back, and it rested lightly on my chest. Oh fuck, my cock was
getting harder! Just say good night to her and go to bed, you fool, I
chastised myself! But I couldn’t stop touching her. The fragrant oil from
the water made her skin feel like silk and smell like fresh flowers. The
total sensual atmosphere of the beach, the hot tub, and her naked body was
just too much for me to walk away from.

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“Daddy,” she said softly as she lifted her left arm and put that hand on
mine. Oh shit, her entire left breast was out of the water! Oh fuck, how
incredibly sexy she was! “Come in the water with me. It’s sooooo wonderful!”



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