Peregrinus Flammae Ch. 05 – Erotic Horror

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Matt deplaned and made his way to baggage claim, equal parts exhausted and excited. The triumvirate of Julia, Jacob, and Dean McCullugh “convinced” him to transfer to Everspring for the rest of his undergraduate degree. It wouldn’t change his graduation plans; he just needed the sheet of paper that said he was “smart” to take over his dad’s insurance brokerage in a few years.

As an undergrad, he wouldn’t be dealing with Dean McCullugh directly, but she offered him some landscaping work to function as a “work-study” program. Not that he needed it, but he was never gonna turn down beer money. The only problem in the plan was that he would be living with Julia. He heard his sister with former boyfriends before and didn’t particularly want to hear it again.

He stopped and did a double-take to focus on what was happening around him. His mind settled and returned to the idea of living with Julia. This time, when he wondered of Julia having sex, he couldn’t get enough of it. He imagined her riding an anonymous cock screaming in pleasure while her gigantic tits bounced around. His cock began to stir, the outline clear to anyone passing by. He didn’t care, though. He loved the idea of hearing, and potentially watching, Julia get fucked every weekend.

His daydreaming was interrupted when he saw the trio that brought him. Julia stood in the middle, her hair pulled back, like Dean McCullugh’s, but opted for a much more casual cut-off shorts and t-shirt versus Dean McCullugh’s standard jacket and skirt. Jacob also sported his usual attire–khaki shorts and a floral button-down.

The excitement of her younger brother finally being here bubbled through Julia,, and she ran up to hug him. This brought Matt back to reality, and he could suddenly feel his hard cock pressed against his sister. Embarrassed, he tried to adjust the hug, but she held him tight and rubbed her leg against it.

Finally breaking free from her hold, he laughed, “It’s good to see you too, Julia. Thanks for picking me up.”

“Of course. I…well…we dragged you out here. We could at least come to get you,” she replied, looking at her cohorts.

Dean McCullugh stood off to the side, looking reticent while the others waited for Matt’s bag to come down the conveyor belt. She focused on Matt, taking in every interaction he had with his sister and Jacob. His visit during the banquet went better than expected. She knew Julia’s words would take hold, but stumbling across his parents could not have been more perfect. Depending on how aggressive her queen wanted to be, Matt would be in the fold before everyone else moved back to campus. She thought if Julia knew how close her brother was to complete domination.

Her plotting was interrupted when the three walked up with Matt and Jacob toting a gigantic suitcase behind each of them. The two men were laughing about something, and Julia led the way, clearly annoyed. Whatever was said that got under Julia’s skin wasn’t damning, as the three of them were back to their ordinary selves by the time they reached the parking garage.

“Hey, I wanna thank you again for letting me move in. Mom and Dad weren’t crazy about the transfer, so the fact I’m living with you put them at ease,” Matt quietly told Julia as he hugged her once his bags were loaded in Dean McCullugh’s black SUV.

She returned the hug, “Absolutely. They weren’t crazy about it, so when I said you can live with me, Mom jumped over it. I didn’t think she would have been as onboard as she was.”

Jacob and Dean McCullugh sat in the front seats while the siblings had their moment. Dean McCullugh looked at Jacob, who in turn watched the two in the mirror, “He’s going to be like a twig to break. Our efforts at the banquet were more fruitful than anticipated. I think he’ll be ready by Friday night.”

Jacob looked at her, surprised, “Really? Two days? That’s amazing.”

Samuel walked through the garage entryway and immediately sat at the kitchen bar. Taylor looked over from where she prepared dinner and could see the exhaustion on her husband–the past four years had been both a blessing and a curse for the Flaykol family.

A peer presented Samuel with an opportunity to absorb a smaller brokerage on the condition he move out of sales altogether and focus on management. At the time, he and Taylor couldn’t be more excited. He spent 20 years building his brokerage and knew a few bad agents could tank any firm. And, unfortunately, that’s exactly what he’s been dealing with for the past six months. The never-ending compliance issues had him at his wit’s end, and it showed.

Taylor sat beside her husband at the bar and placed a hand on his leg, “Honey, I think it’s time to move on. You need to sell controlling interest and effectively retire.”

He sighed, knowing his wife was right. It was time to move on. He figured he could fetch a few million for his portion of the business. Couple that with the passive income from their real estate portfolio, and they would have plenty to retire early, still afford Matt’s degree, and begin early on their travel list. The only problem he could foresee was how Matt would react. Despite all this, he still protested, “I can’t do that, honey. Matt is depending on the firm when he graduates.”

Taylor scoffed at his defense, “He hasn’t even started sophomore year, Sam. Who knows if he even WANTS to do insurance.”

Samuel tried to rebut her, but Taylor cut him, “Hell, you’ve wanted out for years. Why hold onto something you don’t want and force it upon our son?”

That one cut deep. Samuel lowered his head, realizing how selfish his plan was. He never bothered asking Matt what he wanted to do, he just told him he was taking over, and Matt went with it. “You’re right. You’re absolutely right.”

She slid over to her husband and hugged him, “Plus, we could see this house and move out west to be closer to the kids. We can too since they both decided to bolt for the West Coast.”

“That does sound nice. We could get a plot of land and finally build that dream home,” the vigor returned to his eyes as he came around to Taylor’s plea.

She beamed at him, “So you’ll do it? You’ll start looking for a buyer?”

“Yes. I’ll start looking for a buyer, on one condition. You get that mark on your stomach checked out,” afraid he would convince himself out of it, he tried to change the subject.

“I have. The doctors say it’s nothing. Just a weird condition I seemed to have developed in my…” she squirmed, trying not to admit the next part, “advancing age.”

Samuel laughed at her reluctance, “Honey, you’re like a fine wine. You’ve gotten better with age.”

Taylor playfully slapped his shoulder, “That just means I’ll turn to vinegar sooner.”

Samuel brought the conversation back to a serious note, “I’m serious, Taylor. I want to know what that thing is. Has it gotten any bigger or anything?”

Taylor pulled her t-shirt up to expose her stomach. The mark had grown into the size of a fist and had started to take the same shape as Julia’s tattoo. Samuel looked closely at it and traced his fingers along the edges of the dark lines. He furrowed his brow as he tried to develop his own theory but came up empty.

“I told you the doctors said it’s fine. They’ve taken biopsies, had me overnight, blood samples–the works. It’s nothing. If anything, I think it’s kinda sexy,” Taylor ran her fingers over the same lines Samuel traced and then continued between her t-shirt-clad breasts. “It’s kinda like the trashy tattoos a lot of people get these days. Remember the tramp stamp in the early 2000s? It’s all about the underboob and sternum tattoos now.” Taylor swayed her hips as she flexed her pop culture knowledge.

Samuel rolled his eyes at his wife’s antics as she continued to roll her hips and seductively dance around the kitchen. “Oh, is that it? You wanna be like those…what’s it called…OnlyFans models? I think you’re a hit past your prime. That’s for the 20-year-old girls who realized an art degree was useless too late.”

“What? No, I just wanna be hot for you. Plus, you aren’t very good at closing tabs.” She purred as she slid her shirt above her head and tossed it to the side. Standing in just a black lace bra and yoga pants, she turned around and shook her ass in her husband’s face.

He turned red, knowing she had him dead to rights. Ever since they returned from visiting Julia, he had been on a gigantic binge of jacking off to tattooed goth women. He did not need his little blue pill either. A few minutes into each clip he was at all times rock hard and ready to blow. He didn’t care that his wife knew he watched porn. It was the fact she knew exactly what sort of porn he’d been watching.

She slowly backed up, her back still to him as she seductively shook her ass in his face. He could feel his cock start to swell without his medical aid, and he licked his lips at the prospect before him. He had had a stressful begin to the week, and was about to get all the relief he needed in a few moments.

He reached and pooped his thumbs into the waistband of her pants and rolled them down. She wriggled her legs back and forth to help him slide them off, and a thin black string disappeared between the two globes of her pale and aged ass. He gave it a light spank and watched it jiggle before sliding her g-string down. The pop culture garbage she consumed could be forgiven, considering how fit she stayed in her age.

With his hands still on her waist, he grabbed her hips and pulled her directly back to him. While she stumbled towards him, he leaned forward, buried his face in her ass, and wriggled his tongue against the outside of her rosebud. She let out a low moan and reached back to pull her ass aside and give him easier access. Samuel accepted her help and prodded his tongue into her ass a few times before swapping his tongue for a finger.

In the months following the visit, their sex life had exploded. Samuel wasn’t sure what had come over his wife, but they had experimented more in that window than their 25 years of marriage. He discovered they both enjoyed anal play, both giving and receiving. Taylor already knew she enjoyed it; every time his cock breached that most intimate hole, she was taken back to the orgy at Everspring. It’s a shame Samuel had no recollection of it, but something also told her to keep him in the dark.

Samuel had moved on from probing with his fingers. Taylor had moved to her hands and knees to get in position for what they both wanted. He lined his cock up with her relaxed ass and pressed it in. Between the now regular anal escapades and his earlier work, Taylor offered little resistance. He grunted as he carefully pressed his length into her. Even though she was ready, he still needed to be careful without proper lube.

Sensing her husband’s reluctance, Taylor looked back at him while holding her cheeks aside. “Just fuck me. Don’t be a coward.”

That was all the encouragement he needed. Reaching forward, he grabbed a handful of her long, dark hair and yanked it back. Taylor yelped in pain and gave into her husband’s sudden shift in demeanor. He hammered away as hard as he could, the screams of pleasure and pain filling the house.

“Take my cock, you fucking slut,” he grunted, tightening his grip on her hair. He began to spank her with his other hand, quickly turning the pale flesh red from the repeated impact.

After a few more hard thrusts, Samuel used the leverage he had from his wife’s hair to shove her head down into the cold tile floor of the kitchen. He released the fistful of hair to grab onto her hips for better leverage to continue his assault on her ass.

Taylor could only moan in pleasure as her husband had his way with her ass. It’s just what she wanted, though. When he agreed to move to California to be closer to the kids, all Taylor could think about was getting her holes pummeled like her last trip. Matt and Samuel were a fantastic combination, but she wanted more. The Jacob guy in Julia’s program had a nice thick cock, not to mention how many other young virile men were on campus that could service her, or more accurately, she could service.

The idea of being a campus fuck toy started Taylor down the path to her first orgasm. She imagined Julia leading her around on a leash, wearing nothing but a collar and harness. She wriggled one hand from under her and vigorously rubbed her engorged clit, her breath shortening as she got closer to the release.

Samuel could feel her asshole beginning to spasm around his cock. He was close too, but focused all his attention on holding off until Taylor had that first orgasm.

Taylor could feel her husband’s cock pulsing in sync with her contractions, which finally delivered her release. She screamed as her whole body shook from her orgasm, and her ass tried to squeeze the life from Samuel’s cock, “Oh fuck! I’m cumming! I’m cumming!” She threw her head side to side and pressed her hips against him as the first orgasm ripped through her.

At the same time, her ass clenched down on his member, Samuel’s thrusting became increasingly erratic as he erupted into her bowels. He grunted and buried his cock as deep as he could muster as the last several spurts shot into his wife. Once spent, he slowly pulled his deflating tool from his wife’s now well-fucked ass. Her hole didn’t immediately tighten, letting him see the totality of his work and for some of his cum to spill onto the floor.

She could feel his cum working out as her asshole winked at him, “Don’t worry, honey. The maid can clean up whatever mess we make.”

Jacob knew of a sports bar that wasn’t too strict on IDs, so he and Matt decided to kill the afternoon with a quick lunch and the afternoon baseball games. Their afternoons consisted of the same routine: jog around campus or work out, followed by a couple of beers and then lunch. The friendship formed on Matt’s previous was steadfast and seemed to strengthen leading up to his moving in with Julia. Whether that friendship was born from being the group’s outsiders or genuine, the bond was natural now. Despite only knowing each other for a few months, the two were thick as thieves.

Unfortunately, none of the games were particularly close or had any postseason implications, so they didn’t spend too much extra time. Even the highlight shows hadn’t refreshed from last night and were still playing segments from last night and this morning. “Well, this blows. You got any other ideas of how to kill the afternoon?” Matt asked Jacob before finishing the last quarter of his beer.

“Not that I can think of. People still won’t be moving back for another couple of weeks,” Jacob replied. He stared at the bottom of his glass until his phone vibrated with a text from Dean McCullugh instructing him to bring Matt along for his visit with her this afternoon.

Jacob looked up at his phone, “Well, we just got plans for the afternoon. Dean McCullugh thinks you’ll be able to help me with a little botany project I’m working on. It’s like a ten-minute walk from here.”

After zigzagging through campus in the scorching summer heat, Jacob led Matt down a cobblestone pathway, to a gigantic clearing. Filling the space were rows upon rows of greenhouses. They spotted Dean McCullugh standing before the nearest one, jotting notes down into a book. Jacob called out to her as he and Matt made their way over. On the way, Jacob gave him a brief overview of Dean McCullugh’s other passion of botany.

She extended a hand to Matt, who gave her a firm handshake, “Pleasure to meet you again, Matthew,” she greeted him, “Jacob and Julia both tell me you have a knack for business. I’d like you to help my flower business. These are the same flowers that adorn the gardens throughout campus. Wouldn’t it be so nice if everyone could have some of Everspring’s beauty with them?”

Unsure of what she was proposing, Matt nodded and continued to listen as she walked him and Jacob around the greenhouses. By his count, Matt saw 15 greenhouses, each with their own flower inside. He forgot the exact reasoning due to the wave of jargon Dean McCullugh constantly threw at him, but each flower needed its own space.

The tour ended at a storage container converted into a control from which hoses and cables fed into each greenhouse. She led them inside to show Matt the sophistication of her operation, “This is my control room. I also have a special fertilizer made here on campus and it’s fed into the water lines there. The university has a technician that handles the nuts and bolts of it, leaving Jacob and I to handle the balance and cultivation.”

“And you want me to help with…” Matt inquired, unsure how he would fit in.

“As I said, you’re the perfect man to help me launch Carnal Flowers. You’re a smart man; you surely know the old adage that sex sells. I want people to think our flowers unlock their passion.”

The walk through the greenhouses had Matt’s head spinning and cock throbbing. He thought if it had to do with whatever Dean McCullugh meant by a special fertilizer. The longer he was there, the stronger the urge to bend the woman over the desk and fuck her senseless in front of Jacob. He knew he couldn’t, but the idea sounded so wonderful. He did his best to adjust himself in his shorts, but the outline of his cock was plain as could be. He quickly gave up on hiding and instead decided to flaunt it for the older woman.

Dean McCullugh certainly noticed and decided to up the ante and tease him further. Jacob noticed both of their antics and played instigator as she gave Matt a general overview of the controls. The technician showed her enough to allow her to view the settings and apply a few tweaks, but nothing major. The worker described it as bowling with the bumpers on.

Satisfied she had held him long enough for the flowers to fully set it, she played her best card last. Her skirt had worked its way up her hips as she moved into increasingly more revealing positions. She intentionally knocked a group of pens off the desk and onto the floor, and instead of crouching, she bent over, pulling the remainder of her skirt up her hips. Underneath was nothing. Matt could see the fleshy globes of her ass and a completely unobstructed view of her glistening pussy.

She glanced over her shoulder as she collected the mess and saw him gently massaging his cock while he stared at her. She grinned as she finished collecting the things and finally stood up, smoothing her skirt. It worked perfectly; Matt would be welcomed into the Peregrinus Flammae tonight.

Matt cursed, muttering to himself, throwing his controller down on the couch. Julia poked her head from her bedroom and saw the frustration on his face. “I told you Hardcore isn’t a joke,” she teased, remembering the slog she went through. “Anyway, it’s getting late, and I’m hungry. Wanna grab a bite to eat? I think Jacob went to Mariano’s with Courtney.”

“Ehh, I’m not really in the mood for pizza. What about a burger or something? We could always meet up with those two later,” he replied, saving his game and powering down his computer, “Just lemme change real quick.” He walked over to his laundry basket and pulled out a shirt and shorts, giving them both a quick smell test.

“Really? Twenty years old and still not doing laundry,” grumbled Julia, “I’ll grab my bag and meet you outside.” She left his room and went straight to her closet to retrieve her robe for his initiation tonight. Francine and Jacob did amazing work to have him ready this quickly. It was back to Julia to carry it to the finish line, just a few hours to go. She just hoped the bouquet sitting in the apartment since yesterday had enough time to set in.

Knowing her brother, Julia made it clear to her co-conspirators that there would be no way he would ever read one of the books. They needed another way to set their hooks, and since he’s the jock to Julia’s geek, using the outdoors made the most sense. He and Jacob becoming best friends was icing on the cake.

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