Frank and Lois, Reconnecting Once More – A Tale of Love and Redemption

It was with a mix of awkwardness and anticipation that we next visited Uncle Frank and Aunt Lois for a weekend at their home.

Given the events of our previous visit such unease was natural. But a curiosity, I suppose even a hope on our part that we might pick up where we left off, occupied us as we made our way to Gulfport. It was a journey of some hours, and so we had opportunity to speculate about what might happen and to recall the events of our previous visit, which stood now two years distant. Marilyn was still taken by the revelation that her Uncle Frank had wanted to fuck her, her sister, Lori, and her mother, and that while she was the first of the trifecta he I’m hoped she would not be the last. She could not help but question if she was in fact the first, but some discreet enquiries of her sister elicited nothing but bland responses free of any knowledge, or even suspicion, of the surprisingly wild sexuality of their uncle and aunt. Of her mother, Victoria, Marilyn of course dared not make even oblique inquiries.

As we traveled the last mile to their house, along a commercial street lined with expensive stores and restaurants, my cock began to stiffen. Hardly surprising, I suppose, but I did wonder if it was noticeable as I climbed out of the car, pulled our luggage from the trunk, and shook Frank’s hand before giving Lois a short but firm hug. Lois was as elegant, as proper and appropriately welcoming as ever. Two years nearer sixty now, she looked to me little different. Still tall and pretty, still dreamy eyed and long legged, still the brown-eyed, auburn-haired beauty of the extended family. I patted the small of her back as we embraced, a fleeting gesture that I hoped sent a message.

Oh, the gentle fuss! Lois insisted that we treat the home as our very own, insisted that we lift not a finger during our stay, to which we of course responded that we would lift many fingers and would certainly not leave all the work to her. And so it went that first evening, which was the Friday, and through the following day, with us scheduled to depart Sunday morning. It was obvious, of course, that if the games were to resume it would have to be after returning from dinner that Saturday evening. It was a pleasant dinner, at Frank and Lois’s favorite lakeside restaurant. We all dressed casually. Marilyn wore a flowery skirt, a modest but pleasing inch above the knee. Aunt Lois wore a flowing, breezy, ankle-length summer dress with a flowery design and Roman laced sandals. Her toenails, reflecting her natural simplicity, were unpainted though pedicured. She chatted amiably through the meal, picking gracefully at her salad. She related some neighborhood controversy over kids trampling plants in the public flower beds and updated us on the marital woes of her son, Ken. Through it all, she kept brushing her hair from her eyes in a gesture I have all the time found deeply sexy. Three glasses of chardonnay vanished before she remarked how well Marilyn and I were looking, a fairly anodyne remark that nonetheless hinted that something was being contemplated behind those dreamy eyes beyond flower beds and family marital problems.

Uncle Frank asked politely after the extended family, made some comments about the NFL and bandied about several other comfortable topics of conversation before calling for the check and suggesting that we head home.

It was now about 8:30 p.m. and I was beginning to doubt that the delights of our previous visit would be repeated.

The women walked ahead of us to Frank’s car as we men walked appreciatively behind. I tried not to betray too much admiration for Aunt Lois’s slim, lithe figure, although slim and lithe it was as it sashayed before me, that sweet ass I remembered so well swaying back and forth. The girls chatted in the back seat as we made our way home, Frank murmuring every now and then about lunatic drivers or unnecessary road work.

It is perhaps remarkable that there emerged at no time during the whole dinner, or the trip home, even the slightest reference to the excitements of the last visit. This disappointment ended abruptly, and with normal bluntness from Uncle Frank, after we arrived home, slipped off our shoes, and nestled in comfortably around the living room.

“So” he said. “Ya’ll wanna fuck?”

I laughed, as did Marilyn.

“Nothing quite like getting to the point,” smiled Aunt Lois as her bony ankles made small circles below the hem of her lovely dress.

“Well,” I said, “who will melt the ice this time?”

“As it happens,” Frank said, “Lois has prepared a little surprise.”

“Yes, I have,” she said. “I hope you don’t mind, Keith, but I have taken a leaf from Marilyn’s book. You will remember how pleased I was to see that Marilyn shaved her vagina. Well, I have done the same with mine. Would you like to see?”

“I think you know the answer to that, Aunt Lois.”

Lois smiled, took the hem of her skirt, lifted it, and spread her legs just a little, revealing a freshly shaved cunt, still slightly red from the razor.

“What do you think about that?” asked Frank, looking directly at me.

“Let me keep it simple, Uncle Frank. I want to fuck your wife.”

Lois stood up, looking me directly in the eye. With a deft motion she reached behind, untied her dress and lifted it over her head. Still looking at me intently she folded it neatly and laid it apart. There she stood, tall, lovely and completely naked except for a flower-themed bra, which she invited me to remove. Her tits tumbled loose as I reached behind and unhooked the package. Marilyn sighed with desire. She, too, wanted her aunt. “Keith,” she said. “Let me.” I stood apart as Marilyn took her pretty aunt’s right tit in her mouth, and then the left. She kissed and sucked them both before joining lips, kissing this pretty woman passionately while squeezing her ass. Lois moaned. So did Frank. The sight of his brother’s daughter French kissing his wife triggered profound lust. He began undressing his niece from behind. First the buttons on her blouse, then the bra. He squeezed her tits, begging her to keep kissing his wife. His hard cock stressed his pants as he removed Marilyn’s skirt, then her panties. Falling to his knees and spreading her cheeks, he licked her asshole. “Marilyn,” he kept mumbling. “Oh, Goddamn fucking Marilyn.”

“Get naked, Uncle Frank,'” Marilyn said. “Show me everything.”

Scant moments later, Uncle Frank was naked, back on his knees, still licking Marilyn’s asshole, his cock standing like a flagpole.

Lois, as had happened during our previous encounter, corralled her demure self and placed it firmly under lock and key. For the next little while, she told us, she wanted to be a slut, and that I, the only person in the room still clothed, should help make that happen. I gently moved Marilyn out of the way, along with Frank, who I told to watch. I turned Lois around and leaned her over a table. “Spread your ass cheeks,” I said. “Wide.” And there it was, Aunt Lois’s asshole, wrinkly but looking tighter than any 60-year-old asshole had a right to look. I stripped naked and inserted my right index finger into her hole, slowly but steadily. She did not object. A little further. It was hot in there. Now my whole finger was inserted, and I began massaging as Lois grunted in a most unladylike but satisfied way.

“I’ve got my finger far up your wife’s ass, Frank,” I said. “What do you think about that?”

“Ask her what she thinks,” Frank said.

“I’m fucking loving it, darling Keith,” Lois said. “But don’t think this is the first time I’ve had something up my ass.”

I pounded her asshole now with my middle finger, dreaming that soon I would replace that happy digit with my throbbing cock.

Frank was a step ahead of me and was already fucking his niece in her ass, calling out her name, her sister’s name or her mother’s name, as the fantasy proceeded in his head.

Lois and Marilyn encouraged one another in their anal perversions, praising each other’s spouses as they fucked their asses. Grunts and moans filled the air.

It was quite a decadent scene when the door to the living room opened. All four of us naked, the women with their asses penetrated by a finger or a cock, the men rock hard, lips glistening with cunt juice. Elegant, demure Lois, now far gone, was talking delicious filth about her “fucking shithole” and her “hungry cunt.” Standing there in the doorway, much to the stunned surprise of Marilyn and me, was Ken, the 30-something son of Lois and Frank, outrageously handsome as all the time, tousle-headed and blessed with a big, broad smile. Marilyn, panicked, screamed and lunged for a pillow, anything to hide her nakedness. I scrambled for my pants. Frank and Lois laughed.

“We invited him,” Lois smiled, brushing the hair from her eyes. “He’s part of the fun, aren’t you, Ken?”

“I sure am, mom,” he said. “How’s Marilyn’s ass, Dad?” He gently removed the cushion Marilyn was using to shield her nakedness.

“Lovely as ever,” he smiled. “I have the loveliest cousins. How’s your mom, Marilyn? I’ve always had the hots for my Aunt Victoria.”

“That seems to be a trend in your family,” Marilyn smiled. Now over the initial shock, she was warming to the idea of fucking not just her uncle but also his son.

Ken took two steps back and removed his shirt, then his pants and underwear, then everything else. His cock was worthy of his father.

“Let’s break some ice, mom,” he said to Lois.

“Dearest Ken, yes,” she answered.

“Gather around,” Ken said, as Marilyn, Uncle Frank and I surrounded Lois as she assumed the position by bending over the table.

“Watch me fuck my mother.”

Ken pulled his mother’s ass cheeks aside and pressed his cock against her anus. He pushed, and gained perhaps a half inch. Lois winced. Frank moaned.

“Take it all, Lois,” Frank whispered. “Take the whole fucking thing.”

Having gained a further half inch, Ken’s cock now slid smoothly the rest of the way into his mother’s ass. Marilyn and I stood transfixed. Aunt Lois was getting ass fucked by her son. Incredible.

In and out, in and out, Ken fucked his mother’s ass. He squeezed a little oil on his cock for lubrication. Lois loved it, and let loose, begging her son to fuck her harder and to give her everything he had.

I moved in close, as did Marilyn, very close. We wanted to see every detail of Ken’s cock penetrating his mom’s asshole. We were on our knees, an inch from her hole. I licked it, as Ken’s cock brushed against my tongue. Marilyn licked it, and fondled Ken’s balls. Lois muttered something about how fucking glorious it was to have her handsome son’s cock filling her ass. “Fuck your slut mom,” she kept repeating. “Fuck your slut mom.”

She asked Ken to describe what he was seeing. He said he was seeing his mom, “who is a gorgeous fucking cunt,” getting her shithole pounded.

“Oh, yes,” she wept. “Fucking yes. Fuck my shit hole. Fuck me everywhere. Cunt, ass, mouth, fuck me goddammit!”

Ken pulled out and told me to take his place. Oh, how good it felt to slide my cock into Lois’s ass, so slippery, so tight and so taboo. In and out, in and out, grunting and groaning. I reached down and grabbed her swinging tits. I told her I loved everything about her, that I worshipped her tits and long legs and adored her cunt. Ken had moved to the front where he had thrust his cock, covered in her ass juice, into his mother’s mouth. She was sucking hard and so could not answer my lust-fueled declarations of love. I pulled out and invited Frank to take over, but he was too busy eating Marilyn’s bald cunt. Marilyn swore she would kill me if I distracted her Uncle Frank from eating her out. So I turned back and fucked Lois in the cunt, ready now to fill her with my cum. Marilyn suddenly yelled. Uncle Frank had ruthlessly penetrated her cunt and was thrusting with power, always calling the name of Marilyn’s mother, Victoria. Fucking hot.

Ken suddenly shuddered and gave a primeval roar. He was pumping cum into his mom’s mouth, too much for her to handle as the excess flowed down her chin and onto the floor. Marilyn yelled, too, as her uncle’s tongue pushed her into a bone-shaking orgasm. And then I let myself go, pouring my cum into Lois’s pussy. Aunt Lois was literally sobbing with joy. “I am such a fucking slut,” she wept. “I am such a goddamned whore! I am so fucked up.”

There remained only Uncle Frank, and Ken and I watched as Marilyn sucked him to orgasm. Aunt Lois could barely move, laying there in a paralysis of ecstasy, her glistening and newly fucked cunt smeared with cum, her ass red with injury.

“Fuck, fuck, fucking fuck,” she kept whispering to herself.

We all lay there for a few minutes, when Lois sat up, collected her clothes with a quiet dignity, and disappeared, her long legs shaking and her naked ass swaying as she escaped to an adjacent bedroom.

Frank and Ken smiled at each other. “Demure mom is back,” Ken said. “Yes,” Frank answered. “We had better all get dressed.”

Fifteen minutes later we were all sitting around as we had previously, this time clothed, when Lois emerged in her pyjamas and a robe.

Would anyone like some tea, she asked, in the most innocent tone, as if nothing that had just happened had happened. Unlike the lustful Lois we had all just fucked and sucked, this Lois was again a picture of propriety. I noticed that her fierce sex gaze had faded and that she now avoided meeting our eyes. This was twice now that Lois had veered between glorious slutdom and untouchable purity. It was intriguing, and I would like to have asked her why she alternated so dramatically between hot and cold. But I sensed that this was a topic not to be addressed, and so I drank her tea, expressed thanks for the lovely evening and went to bed with Marilyn. Ken said he should be heading home.

The next morning, as at our last visit, we loaded our car and said our goodbyes. I hugged Lois, and she gave a shy smile. At that moment I wanted nothing more than to rip her clothes off again, but instead I told her what a lovely host she had been and that I looked forward to our next visit, which I hoped would not be another two years. She smiled. I kissed her on the cheek. Frank kissed Marilyn and we hit the road.

A little more than a year later, Frank died of a sudden heart attack. We attended the funeral, of course. Lois was stoic, amiable and gorgeous.

I thought if there was another lucky man in her future.

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