Paradise Isle – Faun Pt. 09 – Fetish

(fetish, cosplay, faun, chastity, non-consent, femdom) Release

Author’s Note: This is a work of fiction. It is a story of sexual fantasies and fetishes. These sexual practices are not for everyone, but those of us who delve into them find out the allure. The characters in the story certainly do. If you enjoy this story and the fetishes involved, great. If not, please forget the whole thing.

This tale is a stand-alone story of an adventure at Paradise Isle. Please read at least the first section of the ‘Island Paradise, The Beginning’ for background on the wonderful island and its sexual vacation orientation. It sets the stage for this and other stories of sexual pleasures encountered on the island.

Read the previous chapters of Faun, first.

It had been five months since they first met the witches, and Willow was again at Alexandrea’s home for the weekend. She’d arrived on Friday evening and enjoyed another wonderfully erotic night in Alex’s bed.

After breakfast, Alexandrea loaded Willow into her car and drove them to another popular suburb.

There she pulled into the parking lot of a tattoo parlor. The building itself looked clean and modern, very much like a doctor’s clinic. Willow was relieved that it wasn’t some seedy dump downtown. But she was petrified nonetheless. What the hell did Alex have in store for her today? A tattoo? Where? And what? She immediately made up her mind to refuse any permanent markings to her body.

Reading her mind, Alexandrea said, “don’t ask, just come. A surprise. I’m sure you’ll love it.”

Yah, right, Willow wondered.

The place’s waiting room was just as clean and nice as the exterior. And the woman behind the receptionist’s counter was well dressed, and not covered in ink.

Alexandrea informed her that they had an appointment with Gabriella, and after checking her log, the woman escorted them to a treatment room, with an examination chair as its centerpiece.

Gabriella came right in and greeted Alexandrea, like they knew each other.

Then she turned to Willow. “Hi, Willow, you are indeed gorgeous. Just like Alexandrea described. Please have a seat in the chair and let me get a look at you.”

Still uncertain about what was going on, Willow hesitated, but Alex nudged her toward the big chair and resignedly, she sat and tried to get comfortable.

Gabriella then stepped over and pushed her head back to rest against the built-in rest. “So, tell me about your lovely ears. How sensitive are they?” and as she was asking, she began fondling her long, pointy elf ears.

Willow took a deep breath, “Well, they’re a permanent part of me. I’m not sure what they used, or how they did it, but I do have some feeling in them, at the base. I can feel your touch, but only a little.”

“Okay, I’m going to do a little test. This might hurt.”

Willow couldn’t see what the woman was doing, but she was starting to get an inkling about what was to come. The place also did piercings, according to the sign out front.

While she waited for Gabriella, Alex came up to stand next to her, and hold her hand.

“Okay. I’m going to prick you. Tell me if you feel this.” The piercer said as she took hold of Willow’s ear.

After a moment, Willow said, “I could feel you holding my ear, but I didn’t feel any prick.”

“Excellent. Feel this?”




“Okay. Alexandrea, I think we have our answer, now what do you have in mind?” Gabriella asked.

What? I don’t get a say in this? Willow wondered. Then she answered herself. Of course not.

As she laid there, Willow listened to Alex and Gabriella discuss how her ears would be pierced and decorated.

Apparently, Alex had it all planned out, including a drawing that she’d brought along to sow the tech.

She had also brought along some jewelry.

When she heard Gabriella say ‘soldered,’ Willow realized that whatever Alexandrea had in mind, it would be permanent. Although she knew that, she’d be able to have the things removed, if she wanted, someday. That wouldn’t happen until Alexandrea released her, if she ever did.

Finally, the two women seemed to be satisfied with their plan and Gabriella stepped out to gather the jewelry she’d need to complete the decorations.

Alone with Alex, she asked, “can I see? What do you have in mind?” she asked.

“It’s a surprise. You’ll see when she’s done. It will be beautiful.”

Willow had seen cosplayers decorate their elf-ear extensions with bangles and assorted jewelry, and it did often look cute, but she wasn’t pleased with the idea of having permanent rings and things in her ears. Weren’t they enough, large as they were? Wasn’t she unique enough as a faun?

“But why, Alex?”

“You’ll look even prettier, more charming. You’ll see.”

Before she could ask anything further, Gabriella came bustling back in with a tray full of stuff.

Willow almost refused, seriously considering just getting up and walking out. She didn’t because she was interested in how she would look, and she knew that the jewelry would only be permanent in that she wouldn’t be able to easily remove them. She was sure that she could have them cut if she decided she hated the things.

And, of course, she was afraid to cross Alexandrea, so she just laid back and allowed Gabriella to do her thing.

Over the next hour, she worked on Willow’s ears. She didn’t feel the pokes and piercings, her ears didn’t have the nerves for that, but she did feel the pulling and holding and the added weight, slight as it was.

She also heard the rattling and jingling of the jewelry, loudly and distractingly. Is that gonna be a constant from now on? She thought, sadly.

Finally, Gabriella took a step back, and Alexandrea joined in to stare down at her.

“What do you think?” she asked.

“Perfect. Beautiful.” Alexandrea said, smiling broadly. “I love it.”

“Can I see,” Willow asked, impatiently.

“Certainly, my dear,” Alex replied. She held out her hand and helped her to her feet and then led her over to a mirror mounted on the wall.

As she moved, Willow heard the delicate jangle of her new decorations. It was annoying.

She sighed sadly as she saw her head and ears in the mirror’s reflection.

“Don’t be that way. Gabriella did a wonderful job. You look marvelous.” Alex scolded.

What Willow saw was a collection of golden rings, delicate chains and sparkling rubies, piercing and dangling from her long, pointy ears.

It seemed like a lot, but they apparently weren’t all that heavy; hear ears seemed to carry the weight without drooping. That was good, anyway.

As she turned her head from side to side to get a better look, she counted five piercings through each ear, starting near her head and working their way up the lower edge. The first four piercings mounted rings about a half-inch in diameter. And from each a small bell dangled down. Also from each ring, a length of chain hung in an arc that ran to the next ring along the way.

At the very tip of her ear, and the chain continued to end at that that point, a bright red ruby stud pierced her ear, and flashed in the light.

As she moved, everything glinted gold and red, and drew attention to her ears, and her head. And also, as she moved, the two bells closest to her skull tapped against her horns, clicking and clacking.

Alex, standing happily beside her, reached up and grabbed hold of her horn with one hand and then used a finger of the other to brush up and down her ear’s jewelry making it jingle and jangle.

She giggled delightedly with the sounds.

It was sort of musical, but Willow knew it would be a constant annoyance.

“It won’t come out?” Willow asked softly, still staring at herself.

“Of course not.” Alexandrea replied. “It’s another gift for you, my love. One I don’t ever expect to come off.”

She then pulled Willow’s head around, using her grip on her horn, and gave her an affectionate kiss.

Finally releasing her hold, she turned to Gabriella, “Thank you so much. You did a wonderful job.”

“My pleasure, your Willow is truly unique. And as her ears aren’t flesh and blood, there’s no concern for aftercare. You’re free to go, and enjoy the decorations.”

Gabriella then escorted them out of the room. “Willow, I hope you have fun with those.”

“Thank you,” she said, quietly and unenthusiastically.

Alexandrea then led her by the hand back down the hall to the receptionist out front to pay the bill.

As they walked, Willow listened to her ordinary clip-clop, now accompanied to the jangle of her new jewelry, right in her ears. it was loud and obnoxious.

And the racket continued as they walked across the parking lot to the car, and as Alex drove them away.

“I absolutely adore the soft music your jewelry is making.” Alex said at one point.

“It sounds loud to me. Right next to my head.” Willow replied dryly.

“Oh, you’ll get used to it. It’s lovely.”

“Even when I’m sleeping? Won’t it keep us awake?”

“Hmm,” was all Alexandrea could say to that.

Hah, she hadn’t wondered about that, Willow concluded. And it seemed like a little victory to her. Alex would have to get used to that.

Instead of going back to the house, Alex drove to one of the area’s largest outdoor malls, and the two of them wandered among the shops, showing off. It was clear to Willow that was Alex’s intent. She delighted in observing the other shopper’s reactions to her faun princess, and in running a finger along Willow’s ear jewelry, making it flash and jingle, delightedly.

Alexandrea giggled like a little girl, and Willow was astounded. She’d never seen her girlfriend acting so childish.

“What’s gotten into you?” she asked.

Alex laughed. “I’m just enjoying myself, and you.

“Come on, let’s go home and make love. I want to watch your ears jingle while you eat me.”

“Wow.” Was all Willow could think to say.

Alexandrea dragged Willow through the crowds out to the car, and then sped away toward home.

In the house, Alex herded her straight to bed, stripping as they went. She used Willow’s chain to drag her into the bed and then her horns to position her head at her crotch.

Willow still surprised by Alex’s unexpected excitement, immediately went to work on her lover’s pussy.

As she kissed and licked and pushed her tongue into Alex’s sex, she shifted her grip from Willow’s horns and began playing with her new jewelry. “I just love your new jewelry.” She said giggling.

Willow, her head buried in Alex’s crotch, wasn’t nearly as pleased with her decorated ears. They might look cute, and exotic, but she saw the jangling metal as unnecessary and bothersome.

But she didn’t let it distract her from her duties, and Alex was soon in the throes of her orgasm.

As often happened, Alex held her head in place, after shifting her grip to her horns, until she’d enjoyed a second orgasm.

And after she’d recovered, she rearranged their positions and took Willow over the edge using her own mouth along with one of her magic vibrating dildos. That was the highlight of Willow’s day.

Eventually, Izzy joined them and they all settled down to sleep, and as Willow had predicted, her new jewelry did become a disturbance, whenever she moved.

And whenever Alex reacted to the noise, Willow smiled, until she and her lover finally drifted off.

In the morning, Willow became even more conscious of how annoying her new decorations were. The constant jangling right in her ears drove her nuts!

When she complained to Alexandrea, she only received compliments and unappreciated assurances that she’d get used to the noise.

She returned home Sunday afternoon with her newly decorated ears. “Are those real? Did you get your ears pierced?” Liam asked as he met her at the door.

“Alexandrea had it done,” she replied, crestfallen.

“They look pretty, and sexy.”

“Yes, so I’ve been told, but they’re annoying as hell. They jingle and jangle all of the time, and the clatter makes it hard for me to hear things around me – people talking. They rattle against my horns too.”

“I’m sorry. Come into the light so I can see better.” He asked, and led her into the brightly lit kitchen.

“It certainly looks intricate and pretty; eye catching.

“Yes, I can see that. I just wish I could take them out, so I could sleep. The rings are soldered closed, so I’m stuck with them.”

“Figures.” He mumbled in response.

“And the little bells; are they where the noise comes from?”

“Yes, and, like I said, when they tap on my horns, too. And they do that a lot.”

He reached up to gently hold an ear. “Are those ruby studs at the tip of your ear? They do catch the light prettily.”

“I know, but I don’t like any of it.” She said disgustedly.

“Willow, my love your new jewelry looks beautiful on you.” He told her.

Like Alexandrea, Isadora and the jeweler, he seemed to love the look, too. And, his siding with them made her even angrier.

“It all draws even more attention to how freakish I am.” She said and started to cry. She fell into his arms and he held her tightly as she cried.

Liam held her consolingly, stroking her body and head, kissing her and whispering about how much he loved her. At all times adding that she was not freakish, at all. That she was gorgeous and sexy and exotic.

“And you’re all mine. My lover and my wife.”

“But I’m not all yours, I’m also Alexandrea’s. And she’s doing these things to me.” she cried, still distraught.

“She’s not your husband, and not the love of your life. I am, and I will always be.”

That calmed her.

She quieted, and then squirmed out of his hug to look into his eyes. “You don’t mind the things she’s done to me? The nails, the corset, collar and the jewelry?”

He paused for a moment, thinking. Then, embarrassed he admitted, “no, I don’t, I think they make you even lovelier and sexier.”

“You’re not just saying that.”

“Absolutely not. As much as I dislike Alexandrea’s hold on you, I think you’re even sexier than ever.”

His confession surprised her, and made her feel better. “Alight, I guess. But you still don’t like sharing me, do you?”

“Not really. But if it makes you happy, then I’ll live with it.”

She leaned back into his chest. “But I’m not sure anymore. I do enjoy being with her, but some of the things she does to me, and the way she sometimes treats me, really pisses me off.”

“I understand. I just wish I could have sex with you.”

Again’ she pushed off of his chest to look at him. “I’m sorry my love. I know this is really hard on you. That’s probably the thing that upsets me the most. How she’s making you suffer.

“Izzy told me that she’s only doing it, keeping you caged, so that she can have me all to herself. And it’s working.”

He shook his head sadly, “she told me that too.”

“At least you still get to fuck her.”


“Oh, my poor boy. Would it help at all if I sucked you off? We haven’t tried that for a while.”

He sighed, “I’m afraid it would only make me hornier, more frustrated.”

“Well, if you change your mind, you know where to discover me.”

During the days and nights that followed, Willow did learn to ignore her distracting ear decorations. Liam also got used to the jingling, and continued to compliment his wife on their glittering beauty.

“And you cannot sneak up on me.” Liam comments, chuckling. “I can hear you coming from across the room.

Willow just moaned.

And of course, the decorations were just another aspect of her looks that drew the attention of everyone she encountered.

When the next weekend rolled around, Alexandrea was again traveling, so the pair were able to have the time to themselves.

Lately it hadn’t happened all that often, as Alexandrea was demanding more and more of Willow’s time. Usually from Friday afternoon through Sunday afternoon, Willow was at her house either lying about with Alex, helping Izzy with chores or in bed with her witch lover.

It was great to be able to spend the couple of days together – no work and no Alexandrea; and no Isadora either. Liam though was now so used to being caged, he found that long periods of enforced celibacy were becoming easier and easier to deal with.

They spent their time, walking along the boardwalk, drinking and eating at numerous restaurants and window-shopping in town and up the coast.

They enjoyed a happy time together, the first in a while, just two lovers.

The next weekend Willow was again back at Alexandrea’s. She was upset that Liam wasn’t invited for a session with Izzy, but she knew that any comments wouldn’t be of any use.

“I have another surprise for you, my love.” Alexandrea said as they were laying, cuddling after their Friday night session. Willows head was again resting on Alex’s corseted chest, below her breasts. Alexandrea’s hand was wrapped around her horn, stroking it, affectionately.

“Oh?” Willow said, nervously. She’d learned the hard way that Alex’s surprises weren’t exactly good ones.

“Tomorrow, we’ll drive up to see Elanor. She has your new set of corsets ready for us to pick up.”

“New sets?” Willow asked, even though she was terrified that she knew what was coming.

“Yes, of course. Now that you’re used to your current ones, we can take you even further.”

“Oh, Alex. I’m already down to twenty inches. I thought that was your goal for me.”

Alexandrea leaned over and gave her a kiss, resting her hand on her tiny waist.

“It was my goal, but we can always try to beat it. Your new corsets will allow us to take you down to sixteen inches.”

“Sixteen! I’ll die.”

“Oh, don’t be so melodramatic; silly faun. I’ll be overjoyed if you can get down to eighteen. That will be your gift to me. An eighteen-inch waist. Will you do that for me? To show me how much you love me?”

Willow wondered for a moment. How the hell can I refuse that? She knows I love her. And she knows I cannot not do whatever she asks of me. But eighteen? Shit!

“I’ll try.” She said, trying not to sound like she believed it to be impossible.

“That’s my girl.” Alex replied, happily.

Willow fell asleep, wondering how she could ever survive an even tighter constriction.

In the morning, after a lazy breakfast the three of them drove up to LA and the shop of their corsetier.

Elenore met them at the door, and took them into the fitting area where, with some fanfare, she showed them five pretty, suede leather corsets, laid out on a display table.

“As you requested Alexandrea, I have constructed these to your specifications and Willow’s measurements. Willow my dear you do look gorgeous. Do you really have that corset laced fully closed? Please turn around so I can see.”

Willow turned around, to show the woman that she was indeed, painfully laced closed.

“Magnificent. It has been many years since I’ve seen such a small waist on a girl, and you’re so very unique, you look unbelievably pretty.”

“Thank you.” Willow said a she turned back around. She didn’t really think it was such a good thing.

The woman then stepped over to show them the collection she had made. She picked up one of them to hold up for Willow to see, and admire.

“Now these new corsets will start at twenty inches, you must be aware that, is their maximum. Their minimum is sixteen, but to achieve a size like that I’d expect you to get your two lower ribs removed. That’s not a difficult surgery, but few have the courage to have it done.”

Willow shivered at the wondered of surgery to give her an even smaller waist. She’d already been through enough procedures to become a faun.

It was clear that Elenore was proud of her latest products, and even excited to see them worn. The corsets arrayed before them were all in shades of brown, from a tan to almost a black, with a couple or reddish ones in between. They were all made of suede leather like the ones she usually wore. And also like them, the things were heavily boned to keep her tightly compressed and stiffly immobile.

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