Late night fantasy

It was past my bedtime but I couldn’t sleep. I missed his hard, throbbing cock. I called him and told him to meet me at the bench by the water in 20 minutes. I was already so wet, I couldn’t wait to ride his hard cock while he sucked on my perky tits.

It was the middle of the night, no one was outside. I loved the thrill of being in public and chill on my skin. When we met I sat him down on the bench while I shook my ass and stripped for him. I loved his eyes on me and how he loved my body. I made him stand up so I could whip his dick out and see how hard it was.

I started to suck his dick and get it ready for me. I loved teasing him and watching his face go crazy as I licked his tip slowly. I choked on his hard, throbbing cock until I was crying.

I used his shirt on the bench so he could sit while I rode his dick. I started slow and shook my ass for him, I wanted my pussy to really throb. Then I started riding him faster and faster anymore until he couldn’t take it. He made me stand up on the bench while he ate my dripping pussy. I told him I would fuck him slow while he sucked on my hard nipples.

I teased him for a little and slapped his tip against my fat ass. I lightly licked up his neck until he begged me to put it back in. I rode his dick so good while he sucked all over my nipples.

After I came the first time I told him it was his turn to fuck me. I told him I needed to be bent over the bench and fucked so good. One of his hands placed on my hip and the other around my throat, he hard throbbing cock slipped into my hot, sweet, & slippery pussy. I told him to go slow for a few strokes. I loved to go slow and fuck him back. He knew when I stopped I was ready for him. He licked up my spine while he went slow and I played with my nipples.

I was ready for him. I bent forward on the bench and arched my back so good my ass clapped perfectly against his thighs.
I felt my pussy dripping all over my thighs and his. I told him to tell me how my pussy taste. He told me it tasted so sweet and he licked me until I demanded the fuck the shit out of me again.

My pussy was throbbing so tightly I was ready to cum all over his big cock. I let him fuck me so hard with complete control until I squirted all over him and then he came all over my ass. He cleaned me up and then licked my pussy clean for me.

Now I could go to sleep.

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NSFW: yes

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