My Submissive Angel – Free Sex Story

This is the story of how I met the most amazing submissive little girl I’ve ever known. The true Love of my life.

I happened upon her by accident one day. While cutting my lawn, I saw her stomping angrily by my house, going towards her home from school. An eighteen-year-old sexy young girl hurrying past me as I cut the lawn. The most beautiful young lady I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.

That is how I got the chance to train Ada, into the proper little subby for me her new Daddy. Furthermore, she learned to Love every minute of it.

She was African/American beauty with the darkest skin, so dark it shined like onyx. She looked almost as if her skin was made of black satin. With her emerald green eyes and long dark hair, pulled into ponytails on either side of her head. Making her look so much younger than her eighteen years of life.

She was small in stature, maybe one hundred pounds, and very short. Her head came up to my chest. If I had to guess I’d say maybe about five foot two, or maybe three. Tiny is the word I would use to describe her.

Me, I’m totally the opposite of my angel. Older forty-something, Divorced Caucasian male. Slight Budweiser beer belly, long blonde hair with blue eyes. I’m six foot and two hundred and twenty pounds. I tower over her small frame.

My name is Tom and I was raised by my dad who swore by the words, “The races aren’t supposed to be mixed”.

Don’t get me wrong, Dad wasn’t racist in the least, he never preached hate. But he believed there were too many differences in our races to ever support a mixed relationship. I believed him to be a Separatist after I understood that word.

I eventually learned that Ada was different, she changed my whole thought process. She was so friendly and open to me, despite our differences. She taught me how we could be different and still want some of the same things. She truly opened my eyes to acceptance.

But that first day while I watched her walking along my fence line. Ada dropped her book bag, and her papers and books scattered about the sidewalk. She knelt just in front of my gate in front of my residency.

I walked up and I noticed her face showing signs of crying, the moisture making her mascara run. Quickly shutting the lawnmower down, I walked over and knelt down to help her.

Kneeling down next to her and helping to corral the blowing sheets of paper. She looked at me just as I noticed her legs spread and the crotch of her panties in full view. Embarrassed, I turned back to the ground, but I think I caught her smiling.

The sight of the white cotton gusset straining to contain her puffy dark chocolate Pussy lips immediately caused a reaction in my pants. I couldn’t contain myself from smiling as my tongue licked my lips.

As I stole glimpses of her modesty I realized she was using my thigh to steady herself. I also realized her fingers were massaging close to where my cock was straining down the leg of my jeans. It was electric, the chemistry between us.

As we finished picking up her school work, I grasped her arm and helped her to her feet. Ada continued staring at the bulge in my jeans. It was almost like an invitation to me, to get better acquainted with her.

So, I invited her in through the gate and up to sit on my porch swing to talk about what had upset her. Sitting down next to me, she leaned in dropping her face against my chest as the tears started flowing more freely.

Ada kept blubbering a male name but all I could feel was, how her hand had dropped onto my thigh and her pinkie and ring finger were resting on the head of my now hardening cock.

I kept whispering to myself under my breath, “Please, Keep yourself under control.”

I’m thinking that whoever had hurt her was a complete idiot. But the only thing I could actually pay attention to was, the incredible cock massage I was receiving. I don’t even know if she knew what she was doing but it was driving me crazy.

I could feel the precum dripping onto my leg and wondered if she would notice a wet spot in my jeans. There was no sign of her stopping so I pulled her tight to me and my hands grabbed her around the small of her back.

My Hot breath lingering against her neck, and her warm breath and lips against my chest. Then I felt her hand move slightly, encircling my cock, and I realized that she knew exactly what she was doing.

I reached down and grabbed her hand, not trying to hurt her but trying to gain control. Quickly tugging her up onto her feet and leading her into my house.

I didn’t give her time to think because as soon as I closed the door, I grabbed her shoulders and pushed her to her knees. She made a slight grunt and then looked up from her kneeling position. As she watched me unbuckle my belt and unzip my pants, there was a questioning look upon her face.

So I started to explain the consequences of her actions. Looking down upon my tiny guest as my cock came into her view, Ada’s eyes opened wide. I’m not huge in cock size but, my cock gets pretty thick as b***d flows through its veins.

I laid all six and a half, thick inches across her face while I freed my pants from my hips to fall down my legs. Then I grabbed the two ponytails on either side of her head yanking some, causing her mouth to drop open and I *guided the head into her mouth.

I heard her make a cute little growl, and that’s when I knew I could own her. Inch by inch I slowly started feeding her my cock. Till my crown touched the back of her throat, gagging her slightly.

“Open wide for me, Kitten”, are the first words I spoke since my cock slid past her lips.

I slowly added more and more pressure to the back of her throat.

I told her to “Swallow it for me”.

Reaching down and pinching her cute little nipple through her shirt, I felt her throat open and I slid in deeper. Her gurgling excited me as I used her mouth like a Pussy.

That’s when I really started thrusting deeper. Cinching up on her ponytails, like they were handlebars. My balls were slapping her chin as saliva dripped down onto her school uniform blouse. *

I continued fucking her mouth like she was a seasoned cocksucker, not allowing her any excuses because my next blow job would be even harder on her. I would use her body just as I wished too.

Her grunts and moans were like a symphony to me as a thoroughly raped her face. By the time I was ready to fill her mouth with my cum, her tears had saturated her entire face. I never warned her, I just fucked her throat harder and deeper.

It was as if she knew her job because her tongue continued tickling the underside of my cockhead and her suction increased exponentially.

Ada was literally sucking my balls empty. It was like she needed my cum to survive, and I was going to let her have all she could stand and so much more.

I came hard, stream after stream of Hot cum emptying into her tight mouth. She gagged and coughed by tried her best to swallow all of my spooge. Pulling my cock Free I told her what a good girl she was for me.

After I emptied my balls into her mouth, I staggered back and sat down on my sofa. Looking directly at her and demanded that she crawl over and clean up her mess.

She looked at me puzzled until I pointed at my cock, and she slowly crawled over and went right to work licking the remnants of my cum and her saliva off my now flaccid cock.

Her mouth was warm against my skin and I enjoyed her ministrations. When I was clean and tucked back into my pants, she crawled into my lap and her tears started to flow again. Her sobbing touched my heart and all I wanted to do was comfort her.

I slowly rocked against the couch and comforted my new little playtoy. Putting her almost to sleep right there in my arms. Telling her that I would make it all better for her and care for her unconditionally.

Her sobbing had almost stopped and she began cooing and moaning. My hands were gently wrapped around her waist and massaging her bare thighs. Slowly awakening her sexual needs again.

When she was finally relaxed I lifted her to her feet and told her to take her cute little panties off. Her eyes widened and she immediately lowered her panties and I got a view of the tightest little teenie gash.

She was so shy as I stared at her Pussy and I loved watching her innocence disappear as she soon began to offer her little Pussy to me. Pushing her hips forward with a sexy little wiggle.

Then I reached into my credenza drawer and pulled out a set of pink bunny ears, that were laying around since Easter a few years ago.

She giggled and said, “What are these for, Sir?”

So I told her that she was my special little chocolate bunny, and I wanted to show her exactly what I do with my sweet chocolate bunnies.

So I picked up her panties and balled them up, and then I shoved them into her mouth. I grabbed her at the waist and tossed her on the couch on her hands and knees.

As she struggled slightly, I pushed her head down and positioned her arms between her legs as she started to tremble. Using a set of furry handcuffs I kept next to the bunny ears I bound her wrists together.

Pulling Ada’s hands by the small chain between the cuffs, brought her Ass up and her face down, causing her to open up more for me.

I leaned in and kissed each of her delicious asscheeks. Tight and separated by her position, exposing her moist Pussy and succulent asshole, which I wholeheartedly intended to take advantage of.

Holding her hands taut, I leaned in and swiped my tongue between her cheeks, licking the nether region of her back hole, causing her to squeal, wiggle and moan.

My saliva lubing her slowly but surely. I began to feel her shaking as her moans got louder and then I slid the tip of my tongue inside her Anal ring. Feeling her squeeze me as I moved deeper, listening to her little girl sounds get louder the more excited she became.

I started to slowly tongue fuck her virgin asshole. Pushing into her and feeling her backdoor slowly relax. As my tongue worked on opening her asshole, I used the flat of the palm of my hand to spank her Pussy.

I could hear and feel her moisture as it leaked onto my hand. She was beginning to lose herself and I had to grasp the handcuffs tighter to keep control.

Her Pussy lips started to swell and gain a redness, and I’m sure the way she was squirming the spanking on her Pussy was taking a toll on her. Slapping her wet Pussy and tongue fucking her Ass was exactly where I wanted to be.

Slowly making that little slut mine. Opening my new toy up like a present for my cock. As she began mumbling through her homemade panty gag I realized she was getting closer to Cumming.

That’s when I decided to slide two of my fingers into her now very wet Pussy. As I pushed into her she spits out her makeshift gag and went into what could only be described as a seizure. Her body started twitching uncontrollably and she was grabbing at herself, and an ungodly wail came from somewhere inside her.

It wasn’t in her normally sweet voice like before, it was like someone or something had possession of her body. I literally think she either pissed herself or she squirted for the first time because my arms were soaked and so was my couch.

After the shaking stopped my chocolate bunny curled into a fetal position and became very docile and sensitive to my touch as she dozed off to sleep. I just rubbed her legs and thighs trying to keep her calm, and soothed her down, telling her how wonderful she was for me, and how proud I was that she made it through her first test.

As I sat there treating my new kitten to her first little bit of aftercare, I kept thinking to myself how fucking proud she made me today.

That’s when she sat up and said, “Test?” So I explained how I had been looking for a new Paramore to train and Love, and as soon as I had seen her I knew I needed to try to get to know her better.

Looking at the clock I saw that it was getting late. So I helped her clean up and put on her still moist panties. As I walked her to the door I explained to her to be back early tomorrow and we would continue her training.

She just kissed me and smiled saying, “Yes, Daddy.”

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