Mrs. Claus’s Predicament – Free Sex Story

It was Christmas time again, and everyone was very joyful at the North Pole. Toys were being made on every table, Hot chocolate was brewing and smiles abound. It was a beautiful holiday scene, with the exception of Dear old St. Nick being mysteriously absent. Which made one person very unhappy. Mrs. Claus…

Mrs. Claus stomped through the warehouse watching the Christmas elves toil over completing the toy orders for Santa’s ride this year. She had been completely on edge the last couple of months. The season had come upon them and was moving very quickly since the Halloween holiday was over. *Her husband, Santa Claus, went into panic mode and started sexually neglecting his loving Wife.

Mrs. Claus, normally a very happy lady, her mood turned dark when Santa wasn’t performing his spousal duties. *She loved her holiday orgasms. A beautiful lady, Mrs. Claus was a full-figured woman, Rubenesque. *Her cinched midsection, large breasts and wide derriere’, a woman with lots of curves. The kind men Love to curl up with on a cold North Pole night, drinking Hot chocolate and sharing oral Sex.

The elves knew she was as angry as a hornet’s nest as of late and the female elves all knew why. That cheating bastard Santa Claus hadn’t been attending to his Wife’s sexual needs because he had turned to one of the elfin ladies for some BDSM play. *That, and they were so behind on preparations for the holiday. **Mrs. Claus loved playing with her toys and usually did from time to time. This year she had burned through numerous sets of batteries and she knew the real thing was always better.

The last few days before Christmas, Santa went missing because he knew how his loving Wife could get when he didn’t have time to make her cum. *This year was much worse because he had met Sasha Elf out on the toy building floor. She was interested in a DDLG lifestyle. Santa had been learning about BDSM since that movie Fifty Shades of Grey came out and wanted to be Sasha’s Daddy. So Santa had went M.I.A. to explore Sasha and his kinky side. He was trying things on Sasha that he had learned on the internet over his vacation, things that he hadn’t attempted with Mrs. Claus.

The female elves had a meeting after work because they were tired of being verbally assaulted by the boss’s Wife. Everyone knew that Mrs. Claus needed to get laid, the problem was they couldn’t find Santa himself. Clara Elf the senior representative of the lady elves, after calling the meeting to order, explained that Sasha Elf was being Santa’s subby and attempting to sate’ his Dom/Sub curiosity. *She would sexually soothe his overactive libido. She even had an idea of how to calm down Mrs. Claus.

Clara talked to the girl elves about sending Mrs. Claus one of the male elves nightly to fill in for Santa. Maybe if Mrs. Claus was satisfied sexually, she would be in better spirits. The ladies were all taken aback by the idea, but being screamed at and treated like crap by the boss’s Wife was much worse than having to share their husbands. The lady elves had been involved in some of North Pole swing parties during the offseason anyway and elfin people are very welcoming to open relationships.

After a few drinks and some very heated conversation, Clara and the lady elves decided to move forward with the idea. The next step was to decide which male to send and they still had to get him ready. Back in the corner of the meeting room sat Harriette Elf, who after many years with her hubby had grown tired of having a stretched out and sore Pussy after fucking him nightly. *Harriette decided to nominate her husband, Claude. If nothing else she would get a one-night break.

The girl elves all shrieked and stood aside for Harriette. They all knew Claude from the swing parties and knew his cock could fix whatever was ailing Mrs. Claus. Because inside the pants of the three-foot five-inch elf, was an extra-large cock that hung down his pant leg. Thirteen inches of magnificent man meat and about as wide around as a forearm. Some of the younger lady elves were scared of him, and Claude liked them to be afraid. He would get them alone at their Sex parties and make them change their mind. *It was decided and the meeting was adjourned.

Harriette was left with the job of letting her husband know the arrangements they had made and he had inadvertently agreed to in absentia. She also knew Mrs. Claus was very picky about her sexual partners, so she had to get him prepared. Claude on the other hand was excited but he realized that he couldn’t show it because Harriette could be a very jealous Wife at times, but as soon as he heard the news his monster cock became semi-erect with thoughts of himself ravishing Santa’s sainted Wife. His oversize cock stretching her tiny Pussy to the limit.

Harriette escorted Claude to the bathroom and commenced to preparing him for his sexual adventure. After stripping her hubby down, she started into pulling, plucking and shaving Claude’s more extreme hairy areas. She then pushed him into the tub for a thorough scrubbing. She even prepared an enema so he would be cleaned inside and out. Claude loved the extra special rim jobs, Harriette gave him on his birthdays so he thought nothing of the enema cleaning his insides out.

When Harriette finished Claude’s cleaning she soaped up her hands and massaged a load out of his cock so he wouldn’t have a hair trigger when he went to the Claus’s house. As she stroked his massive cock she thought to herself, damn it’s going to be nice waking up tomorrow with my Pussy and asshole intact and not sore and abused. His cock is almost too big, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. After Claude had cum he walked out of the bathroom and into his bedroom, where Harriette had laid out all the clothes she wanted him to wear.

Claude got dressed and kissed his wifey goodnight, then he started off down the street to the Winter Castle. A little whistle and a skip in his step as he thought about how much he had always wanted to plow Mrs. Claus’s Pussy. He was so excited his cock dribbled a little precum out in the frigid North Pole air. When he finally crossed the drawbridge and entered the entrance corridor to the castle he was too preoccupied to notice the guards, as they approached him and cuffed, collared and skirted him away to Mrs. Claus’s personal dungeon.

Claude Elf was uncuffed and stripped completely naked and strapped to the spanking horse. A ball gag was pushed in his mouth and then a fake fuzzy white beard was strapped around his face. To finish off the scene for Mrs. Claus a red cap with a white ball, like Santa himself wears, was placed on his head. Claude realized that struggling was out of the question because Mrs. Claus’s servants had strapped him extra tight, and he wasn’t going anywhere unless she wanted him too.

Just as Claude started to relax he felt someone massaging and tying up his balls very tightly. They were massaging them roughly, causing Claude to wince as they wrapped a rope around his swollen testicles. Just as he noticed the hands had released his balls, Mrs. Claus sauntered into the room with a look of superiority upon her face along with a very evil smile. Dressed in a bright red leather bustier and thong. Looking down Claude noticed a black strap-on attached to her, bigger than his own cock. With his eyes bulging, he made a loud moan of despair.

Mrs. Claus smirked at him and said, “I finally caught you, and now you will pay for your infidelity you cheating bastard.” Claude started squirming and trying to get away. But Mrs. Claus laughed and said, “Oh no, Sissy Santa can’t go anywhere. You are mine now.” Then she grabbed the paddle off the wall hanger and walked to his side. Her hand was rubbing circles on Claude’s Ass cheeks as she soaked in the fear and the sexual electricity in the air.
“Tonight, my pet, I will be known to you as Mistress Claus. Do you understand, my Sissy Santa?” That’s when she swung the paddle and marked his Ass cheek a bright red. All that Claude could do was try and stifle his groans and nod his head yes. Mistress Claus started spanking him unmercifully, listening to him wail through the ball gag. As he wiggled his elfin Ass trying to escape her onslaught. Mistress Claus leaned down and noticed her Santa substitute had a very large erection from her ministrations. Reaching down and stroking him a few times brought on a drop of precum on his cock crown.

When Mistress Claus saw the precum she knew that he was ready, so she grabbed her economy size jar of Anal Eaze. After she lubed up her giant strap-on dildo she spread his cheeks and aimed directly at his Anal star. Claude screamed into the ball gag as she applied pressure. Mistress Claus had grabbed her cat-o-nine-tails and commenced to whipping Claude’s back as she slid the fake cock into his rectum. Mistress Claus screamed the whole time that Santa was a lying, cheating bastard.

Claude could say and do nothing about the r**e he was enduring. But he knew even in extreme pain his cock was hard as a rock and leaking like a faucet. All this didn’t go unnoticed by his new Mistress for the night. Mistress Claus started fucking Claude more roughly, prison r**e style. Laughing and screaming names at him the whole time. “You dirty cheating man-whore, you Love my big cock, don’t you slut?” By this time, Mistress Claus’s Pussy was soaking wet, and she was penetrating Claude savagely and spanking his Ass at the same time.

Laughing and fucking, Mistress Claus was using Claude to alleviate all of her anger and frustration. She spared him no pain as she manipulated his body throughout their liaison. Tears streaked down Claude’s face, and he grunted and groaned his pain. Claude came to the realization that Mistress Claus was the master of this castle, and it became obvious to him that Santa was the recipient of this a***e daily. Through all the pain and a***e, Claude felt sorry for him. Santa deserved his visit to Sasha Elf after a year of this treatment.

Pulling her dildo out of Claude’s sphincter, Mistress Claus knelt down and scooped up a hand full of precum. Using it as lubrication, she commenced to stroking his cock rather harshly. This sent Claude into fits. His Ass had been stretched open and his balls restrained, and now she was going to milk his penis. He kept mumbling through the gag things like “Oh my god” and “Please, no more.”, but Mistress Claus wouldn’t relent. She acted like he was actually her husband and he was gonna pay for all of Santa’s indiscretions.

That evil laugh is all Claude could hear as she tormented him. The friction from her harsh strokes were causing Indian burn type pain to his extremely hard cock. As she continued stroking, Claude began to notice he was getting closer to Cumming. Then the spanking started again. *Mistress Claus wasn’t going to be nice to this Santa stand-in no matter what. Every time she felt his cock throb, she would spank his Ass cheeks or squeeze his balls. Claude started mumbling incoherently through his gag and Mistress Claus knew he was well beyond stopping his Orgasm. She laughed out loud and walked out of the room as Claude’s ruined Orgasm slid down the side of the spanking horse.

After Mistress Claus left the dungeon, the servants came and released Claude. His wounds were taken care of and he was washed and dressed. The maids brought him a stiff drink and some Tylenol for his aches and pains. Just as he hobbled towards the door, Santa burst in with a loud and boisterous, “Ho Ho Ho”. As he looked at Claude Elf he smiled and asked, “Did you have a nice time?”
Claude answered with a firm, “Yes” and with a quick fist bump, Claude shuffled out the door. Santa yelled at him, “Same time next year, Claude ok?”

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