Meeting with the State Senator – Fetish – Free Sex Story

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My hands were shaking as I took the elevator up to the fourth floor of the Capitol building. This guy was going to a piece of my mind. He was intimidating as all fuck but I didn’t care. I was done. I’d worked so hard to get that meeting for those kids. It was after hours but I knew he was still there. Frank in security had helped me with that one. It should just be him and a secretary. I was fairly certain I was going to walk in on them fucking. Wouldn’t that be perfect!

Much to my surprise I actually crossed paths with his secretary on my way down the hall. She was buried in her phone and didn’t notice me. Good. I was probably about to do something that would get me fired. It was just a legislative internship. I didn’t really care. Push comes to shove it would make for an interesting story.

He was behind his desk and didn’t bother looking up when I came in. “You ditched your meeting with those kids like a fucking coward!” Now he looked up. And the bastard fucking smiled at me.

“Do you know how hard it is to get young people interested in politics? Let alone involved?! I had to explain to them why it’s just part of it for you to pawn them off onto an administrative intern. It was twenty minutes out of your day. How dare you?!”

“It’s Angel, yes? From the public interest group?”

“Angela, you asshole. And yes, not that it fucking matters.” We were on opposite ends of the political spectrum, but we’d always been able to remain civil towards each other before.”

“Well Angel, I suggest you watch what your tone.”

“My fucking tone?! That’s what’s bothering you?”

He stood up and came around his executive desk. He had an expensive leather couch with matching chairs. He was one of the senior senators and had one of only a few of the much larger offices in the original Capitol building. This wing of the building, this time of night, we were likely the only ones here. I began second guessing my bravery as his 6’4″ stature began walking slowly up to me.

He was right in front of me now. Close enough I could smell whatever cologne his second Wife had bought him. Wood Slut is what came to mind as I inhaled several different notes of pine, birch, oak, etc. “That tone doesn’t suit you. And it doesn’t suit me. Again. I suggest you watch it.”

I was enraged. What an entitled dick. “Why the fuck–” His mouth was on mine, and he was pulling me into him. His arms around me felt…I pushed him away as I yelled at him. “What are you doing?” He smiled at me as I recovered from the surprise of it all. I went to leave. I couldn’t believe this! I just…I opened the door and looked back at him. What the fuck was I doing?!

I shut the door and turned around to face him. He was still standing there, between his pretentious oversized desk and his lavish leather furniture. There was a fireplace with a sword of justice recessed into the metal frame on the side. I didn’t know what I was doing, but I was feeling ballsy and let’s be honest, he had much farther to fall.

I walked back up to him. He kissed me and I pushed him away again. He looked at me confused as I gave him a blank expression. He came back up to me and I let him kiss me longer before pushing him away again. “Look, if you don’t want this…”

“Take it.” The expressions that flashed through his face made me wet as I waited for realization to dawn on him.

He straightened up, took off his jacket, undid his cuff links, and rolled up his sleeves. “Safe word.” He wasn’t asking. This was matter of course.

I thought for a moment. Looking over at his fireplace I smiled. “Justice.” He smirked as he took off his glasses and put them in a drawer.

He came over to me, grabbed my hair, pulled my head back, and forced another kiss. He pulled back slightly from the kiss and whispered into my mouth, “run.” I didn’t even think about it. I leapt out of his reach the second he let my hair go. It didn’t matter. He was right there, on top of me, before I even got to the door.

He slammed me into the door and held my hands above my head. I could easily get away. He wasn’t playing seriously. He tried to grope my chest and I slipped out of his grasp and backed away from him. He was biting his tongue and I couldn’t tell if he was angry at me or himself. I knew I wasn’t going to be able to pull that move again. I sidestepped out of his reach as he came for me again. I smiled at him and a second later he charged.

I was pinned on the floor in front of that fireplace. Of all the places, the comfortable couch, the oversized desk, but here we were on the cold granite in front of a dying fire. He’d pushed me down and came down right behind. From behind his hands nimbly ripped open my shirt, buttons flying, and he pulled down the sleeves, grabbing at the bra straps. He tore at my bra and pushed my bare breasts against the rough stone.

He hiked up my skirt to find I didn’t have any panties on. “Naughty Angel,” he mused to himself as he held me down. I heard his pants unzip, and I began to struggle. I could sense his hesitation and it pissed me off. I started to really struggle, and he finally got it.

He parted my legs and positioned himself behind me. He pulled my hips up to him as the rest of me struggled to Free myself. Despite myself, I moaned deeply as he pushed his cock into my dripping wet Pussy. This seemed to give him some necessary courage as he started to really fuck me in the primal way I’d been hungry for. My boyfriend wasn’t comfortable with this kind of play, and I was okay with that. But I needed to get it from somewhere. Thoughts of my boyfriend left me as I began to cum and his movements became frantic.

His fingers dug into my hips as he pulled me to him. His guttural noises enveloped me. “I’m gonna cum,” he groaned. I knew he wanted to ask if he could cum in me. But by now he knew better. He grabbed my hair and pulled out of me, jerking my face towards him. He pushed his cock, covered in my juices, into my mouth as he began to face fuck me. He pushed his cock as deep into my mouth as he could and groaned loudly, emptying his load down my throat.

He staggered backwards for a second as I swallowed what he gave me. His breathing was ragged, and the noises made my heart happy. He offered me a hand up and I coyly took it. He wanted to say something. But he didn’t. Instead, he showed me his private bathroom and found me a clean undershirt of his that would work. Out of place as hell, but this time of night it would work.

I didn’t say anything either besides a polite, if not timid, “thank you,” as he handed me the shirt. We kept smiling at one another like idiotic teenagers after their first time. It was my first time with someone that much older, and in any real position of power. I still didn’t know what had come over me. I motioned to the door and began to leave. He smirked and gave me a nod.

As I began to open the door he called to me, “for the record, Angel, I only missed that meeting because your fucking governor called me into a last-minute shitshow meeting with him.”

I guess the governor was next on my list…

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