Sweet and Strong Ch. 06 – Fetish – Free Sex Story

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With Kaeo draped across Liam’s shoulders, he turned his head toward hers and asked, ‘Where is your bedroom?’

‘Down the hall, first door on the left.’ She replied. Liam carried her through the door, careful to avoid crashing his date into any furniture or doorframes.

‘You’re so heavy!’ He remarked, there was a pause ‘… no offence, of course.’

Kaeo giggled. ‘None taken. Whenever I made gains, I would brag to my school friends how I’d “gained weight”.’ She flexed the arm in Liam’s grasp. ‘You’re so strong, I like a man strong enough to carry me.’ Upon reaching her bedroom, he threw her down onto the bed. She flopped down on the mattress face up, watching Liam intently. He shed his unbuttoned shirt. He removed a package of condoms from his back pocket and placed them on the bedside table, then unbuckled his belt, dropped his pants to reveal a pair of trunks barely containing his growing erection.

‘Take off your blouse and roll over, I want you face down.’ Liam instructed

‘Yes, sir!’ she said. Kaeo eagerly embraced the submissive role and obeyed.

Even face down on the bed, her body was spectacular. Her head rested on her arms, which showed off her round shoulders. The sides of her breasts swelled visibly from underneath her upper body. Every muscle in her back was large and defined. A deep channel ran beautifully down the length of her spine. The small of her back dropped in elevation from her upper body, only to rise again upon reaching her powerful glutes and thighs.

Liam climbed onto the bed and mounted Kaeo’s supine body. He placed his hands into her back and started rubbing her thick muscles. Kaeo moaned in pleasure, she hadn’t had a good massage in ages. ‘Dig deeper,’ I’m not fragile.’ She encouraged.

Liam unclipped Kaeo’s bra and slipped the straps around Kaeo’s broad shoulders. He worked his hands across her neck, traps, down her back, along her arms. Every part he touched was thick with muscle, and Kaeo loved every minute of it. Liam’s cock was fully erect and rubbing against her back every time he leaned forward. He turned around and continued massaging Kaeo’s giant legs, starting with her glutes, and working toward her hamstrings and calves.

Liam’s massage had released tension Kaeo didn’t realise she was carrying. She moaned with pleasure as his hands worked her dense flesh. The more Liam worked her body, the lighter she felt. She started giggling euphorically. Liam gently lifted her shoulder and she flipped her over on her back, finally revealing her bountiful breasts. Liam had seen the delineation between her thick pecs, and the top of her breasts previously, but now he could see them in all their unbound glory. They were big, bold and uncannily firm, with small areolas and large nipples.

Liam was denied directly touching them before tonight, but now they were laid bare and Kaeo was waiting for Liam in rapt anticipation. He was drawn to them. He descended onto her left breast, flicking his tongue across the nipple, Kaeo giggled and wrapped Liam’s head in her arms, pressing his face into her bosom.

‘Do you like that?’ She whispered. Liam mumbled in the affirmative. Liam gave in and indulged his desire to play with Kaeo’s breasts. He licked her nipples, causing them to harden. He gently stroked them with his thumbs while his fingers kneaded her heavy breast, he rubbed his face across them. Keao lapped up the attention. ‘You say you Love my muscles, but I can tell you’re still a tits man.’ She whispered.

‘Guilty as charged.’ Liam replied, between mouthfuls.

Once he had his fill, Liam continued to massage Kaeo’s chest. He started with her pecs and worked his way down her abs.

He unzipped her shorts, revealing lacy, white underwear concealing her crotch. The reveal was stunningly erotic and stirred further Liam’s excitement. Sliding her shorts past her powerful thighs was difficult but once he got them past her knees, she kicked them off into the corner of the bedroom. She lay there on the bed, the last scrap of clothing she wore was those lacy panties. Liam ran his hand down her abs and inside the pretty little undergarment. He felt a soft brush of pubic hair and slipped a finger between her legs. He gently stroked the outer lips of her Pussy, drawing her moisture the surface. Sliding his finger gently between her outer lips, he found her Pussy was Hot and wet. She inhaled sharply as his middle finger drove deep inside her.

‘Show me how you like to be touched.’ Said Liam. Kaeo took his wrist and mimicked her preferred rhythm. Liam took note and continued that cadence. Her wetness built rapidly.

‘Take them off!’ She panted. She lifted her hips as Liam peeled away her panties. Once again, her massive thighs interfered, and her panties twisted into a knot rolled as they rolled over her legs. They dropped to her ankle, and she kicked them off. Liam spread her legs wide and pressed his lips to her swollen Pussy, sliding his tongue between her lips and over her hard clit.

Kaeo, moaned sweetly, the sensation of Liam’s tongue caressing her Pussy made her squirm with delight. She wasn’t going to allow her lover to stop. Her hands grasped the back of Liam’s head, her fingers grasping his hair. Her powerful back arched, pressing her Pussy into Liam’s face, ‘More!’ she cried. Liam eagerly obeyed.

They relished the activity for an intense minute until Liam’s jaw cramped. He pushed back and Kaeo released his head. Liam withdrew his head from between her legs.

Kaeo sat up and looked down at her crotch. The inside of her legs glistened in the soft light. She touched the moisture, amazed at the slick juices that had run down the inside of her thighs, and the size of the wet patch she had left on the sheets. ‘Oh, wow! You’ve made me so wet.’ She exclaimed.

Liam hooked his thumbs into his trunks and was about to remove them. Kaeo leapt up and took his wrists. ‘No!’ She said sweetly. ‘I want to take your cock out.’ Liam stood up beside the bed and moved his hands to his hips, inviting Kaeo to act. She jumped off the bed and knelt in front of him and examined the bulge in his trunks. She slipped a finger in each side and drew them down his legs. Liam’s erection caught slightly in the fabric, but Kaeo, giving it one small allowed it to spring Free. Kaeo drew a hand to her mouth and gasped sharply, marvelling at what she saw. She ran a finger along its underside. She grasped it at the base. ‘it’s so big.’ She murmured as she brought her lips to the tip and gave his head a lick. She looked up at Liam. ‘I want to suck your dick.’

‘Go on.’ He whispered. Keao took his cock into her mouth and sucked deeply. She drew it into her mouth as far as she could, and then withdrew, using her hand to spread the moisture over his entire length. Liam admired the visual spectacle, along with the movement of her arm muscles at work. It all built to an incredible sensation. Kaeo tested how much of Liam’s cock she could swallow, gently testing her gag-reflex, a Free hand firmly attending to the rest of his length.

Liam guided Kaeo’s spare hand toward his crotch. ‘Stroke my balls.’ He said.

Kaeo gently teased Liam’s balls with her fingers. She pulled her head back, ‘like this?’ she asked.

‘That’s great!’ he softly replied. Liam rubbed his abs and thighs, allowing Kaeo to work his cock and balls as she pleased. She continued to work her mouth down his shaft but couldn’t get more than halfway before gagging.

‘You’re too big for my mouth.’ She teased.

Liam placed his hands under her arms and raised his lover to her feet, then let his hands drop to her wide hips. He kissed her once more and asked; ‘Do you want me inside you?’

‘Desperately.’ She moaned.

Liam pushed her, she flopped back onto the bed without resistance. He leapt onto the bed and took a kneeling position. He dragged her legs onto the bed and centred her crotch in line with his. he retrieved a condom from the bedside table, applied some saliva onto his dick and rolled it on. Kaeo watched the process hungrily. He looped his arms under her thighs an dragged them up over his own legs, elevating her hips above the rest of her body. Then he guided the tip of his cock between her labia.

He slowly rubbed the head between the folds of her Pussy. She was still dripping wet, which made lubing up his cock easy and very pleasurable. When she was ready, he slowly slid in up to his full length. It was fortunate she was so wet, because Kaeo was tight!

‘Fuuuck, Kaeo! You’re so tight!’ Liam exclaimed. He asked himself; Are all buff babes this tight? If they are, I’m never going back to normal girls.

‘Mmmm,’ Keao purred. ‘It’s a tight fit because your dick is so big.’ Liam didn’t believe that for a second but loved that she said it. Keao really knew how to stir him up.

He extended his upper legs, pushing his hips clear of his calves, and started to thrust gently. The angle amplified Kaeo’s stimulation, and she started breathing heavily. Liam maintained his hold over her legs, keeping her just where he needed to continue fucking his partner deep and strong.

Kaeo’s body shuddered. ‘Oh, Liam! That’s amazing.’ She shuddered again. ‘Don’t stop!’

Liam slowly thrust his cock inside Kaeo’s Pussy, he marvelled at her busty, muscular form laid out before him and drank in the gorgeous sounds she was making. The soft moans of pleasure and the sound of her wet Pussy as it was pounded by his dick. It didn’t matter anymore that Kaeo was stronger than him, the way she responded to his lovemaking made him feel like a god.

‘You’re so good at this.’ Kaeo murmured.

The longer he fucked her, the more animated her body became. Before too long, Kaeo’s body was bucking so violently that Liam couldn’t restrain her. He set down her hips and lay on top of her. Keao eagerly drew Liam’s body close to her. He wasted no time and slid his cock back inside. ‘Wrap your legs around me.’ He instructed. Liam also wrapped his arms around her torso and held on tight. ‘Oooh, what are you about to do to me?’ She asked.

Liam started thrusting as vigorously as he could. Kaeo’s Pussy started queefing hard, every thrust caused her Pussy to get wetter and wetter, her juices started to splash from her Pussy as Liam’s hips slammed into her. Kaeo’s hips bucked wildly but Liam held on strong, refusing to be thrown. Kaeo screamed with delight. Her body spasmed hard with one Orgasm after another, but Liam’s ironclad grasp held kept her powerful body in position. The longer he fucked her, the higher the sexual intensity built. Finally, an intense Orgasm racked her body and she squealed with pleasure.

Liam pulled out, releasing a deluge of juices from Kaeo’s Pussy as he did. Kaeo’s head was swimming in daze. Liam ripped off the condom just in time and came, hard. Thick jets of Hot cum squirted from his cock, leaving streaks over Kaeo’s abs and tits. He grunted between each spurting torrent. The feel of Hot cum spraying across her body jolted Kaeo’s head back into the room. The lovers collapsed beside one another, gasping for air.

They both lay euphoric and exhausted, trying to catch their breath. After a minute, Kaeo traced her fingers through the cooling, creamy liquid glazing her body. She was the first to break their silence. ‘There’s so much!’ Kaeo squeaked. ‘Is this all for me?’

‘Do you like it?’

‘I Love it. It makes me feel so beautiful.’ She rolled onto her side and pressed her body against Liam’s. ‘Do you like how my body feels with your cum over it?’

Liam embraced the sensuality of being in bodily contact with his lover. The two of them were slick with sweat from the exertion, and the cum had already cooled. The Hot bodies and the cold fluids made for a gloriously messy mix, and the two of them picked up the scent of their partners bodies. It began to restoke their smouldering lust. Liam could feel his cock regaining its hardness. ‘Do you want to keep going?’ He asked.

‘Yes, but now I’m going to fuck you back.’ Keao flipped Liam over with ease. The sudden show of domination took Liam by surprise and was very exciting. He responded, ‘Yes, Ma’am.’ and surrendered to Kaeo as she lay him on his back. He reached to the bedside table and took another condom from the box. As he peeled the wrapper, Kaeo interrupted, ‘Hand that to me. I’m going to put it on you.’

She licked her palm, grabbed his cock overhand and began to stroke it, quickly returning it to its full erection. Kaeo rolled the condom down Liam’s lubricated shaft, he moaned as her firm grasp slid the rubber down to his balls. She straddled his pelvis her massive legs, then guided his cock back into her moist Pussy. She breathed heavily, ‘You’re so hard!’ she exclaimed. She learned forward and planted her hands on his chest, while Liam reached up and gripped her biceps. ‘Let me show you a cool buff chick trick.’

Liam started ‘Go on, I’m rea…’ but never finished his statement. Kaeo had flexed her pelvic floor muscles, causing her already tight Pussy to constrict around Liam’s cock. She held it for a moment before releasing. Liam released a fluctuating moan. ‘Oh god, Kaeo, that’s amazing!’

Kaeo’s powerful legs allowed her to ride Liam’s cock effortlessly. She alternated between sliding up and down Liam’s his full length and squeezing him tight. Liam had given her a fantastic experience a short time ago but now she was in control and loving how she could make her lover’s body shudder with pleasure.

Liam removed one hand and presented it to Kaeo’s lips. She took it in her mouth and moistened it with her tongue. He transferred this hand and cupped Kaeo’s right breast, moistened thumb gently rubbing her nipple. Kaeo’s jaw loosened as she squeezed his cock once again. Involuntarily, Liam’s hips bucked, but was restrained by Kaeo’s weight. He took his left hand and repeated the process. Her eyes rolled back and moaned deeply in response to having both breasts stimulated. She squeezed his cock again, the sensation of her Pussy clamping down on his cock combined with the stimulation of her nipples was caused her Pussy to start moistening heavily.

Keao rocked her hips harder. At the deepest point in the motion, Liam could feel his cock bottoming out inside Kaeo, just as the tip of his cock just touched her cervix. Kaeo inhaled sharply. ‘Oh, wow! That’s intense!’ She continued to rock but now the gentle touching resulting from deep penetration added to the experience. ‘I Love how deep you are,’ she groaned. ‘God, you’re big!’ Kaeo’s Pussy juices flowed copiously.

She pulled herself upright, smoothing her long hair back elevating her elbows above her head. Liam admired her glorious abs, her nipples stood erect on her firm breasts, her muscular back flared out from under her raised arms, which themselves displayed beautifully swollen biceps. The view bolstered his erection.

‘You’re a beautiful, powerful lioness.’ Liam said.

She squeezed him one more time. ‘… and you’re my big strong lion.’

Liam could feel his balls tightening, pushing another load of cum through his shaft. Kaeo tightened her Pussy one more time, pushing him over the edge.

Liam reached out and dragged Kaeo into his chest forcefully, he hugged her with all his might and came forcefully. It felt like the biggest ejaculation he’d ever experienced. Every jet was accompanied by ragged gasps, was it four, five, six, squirts? He lost count.

Kaeo lifted herself from her lover’s cock, they both watched as his member fell out of her Pussy and flopped over on its side, thoroughly spent. Liam peeled the condom from his flaccid cock and tied it off. They were both a sweaty mess, and strands of Kaeo’s hair stuck to her face. She looked at the condom. ‘It’s so full!’ She remarked, between breaths. ‘You certainly know how to show a lady a good time.’

They lay there in silence for some time, just looking at one another’s bodies, silently picking out points they admired. In their post-coital glow, they focussed on the more subtle feature’s. Kaeo followed the patterns of Liam’s body hair. Liam contemplated the contours of Kaeo’s face.

After their heads had settled down, Kaeo rubbed her brow. ‘What an amazing workout, I’m so sweaty.’ She stood up from the bed and took Liam’s hand. ‘Would you join me for a Shower?’

Liam agreed, ‘Yeah, sure but give me a minute I’ll follow in a minute.’ He had been thoroughly exhausted by their lovemaking and needed a moment to recuperate.

The water was Hot and steamy when Liam stepped into the Shower. Kaeo had already begun to soap up her body with a loofah, so Liam took it from her and continued to the job for her. Washing her muscular body was still very pleasing, though it was a soft pleasure compared with the muscle worship they had engaged in prior. Kaeo finished cleaning her hair and returned the favour, washing down Liam with the loofah. They turned off the water and exited shortly after. As they towelled each other off, they looked upon each other differently, it was like the first time they had looked on one another with relaxed admiration, as opposed to Hot-blooded lust.

Kaeo donned a nighty, and Liam replaced his briefs before they retired back to bed. Liam spooned Kaeo, one arm and wrapped under the crook of her neck, the other wrapped over her gently stroking her arm. Kaeo filled Liam’s empty hand with her own and stroked his palm.

‘Liam?’ Kaeo called softly. ‘I want to ask you a question.’

‘Anything.’ He responded.

‘I’m scared you won’t want to see me again after tonight.’

Liam considered the question for a moment, then responded, ‘I want to take you on another date.’

Kaeo smiled to herself and snuggled in closer. ‘Let’s go swimming at the beach, I have a new bikini.’ She replied.

A mental image of Kaeo’s muscular body wearing a tiny two-piece swimsuit caused Liam to exhale loudly and he pulled her in tighter once more. He continued, ‘I want to work out with you again.’

‘I’ll share my routines and coach you, if you like… and I want you to show me how to use your kettlebells.’ She said.

‘I want to see your body perform all sorts of physical activity.’ He said.

‘Let’s go cycling one weekend.’ She replied.

‘I want to see your body in all sorts of clothing.’ He said.

‘I’ve a work cocktail function next month want to wear a double-cut evening gown.’ She replied.

‘I want to eat more of your fabulous cooking.’ He said.

‘I’ll cook us lots of food for us to share. Good food for growing big muscles.’ She replied.

‘I want to have Sex with you many, many times over.’ He said.

‘I want one day, for you to make Love to me.’ She replied.

Liam paused for a moment, considering that response. He had one more question and wondered if he should voice it. ‘Liam?’ asked Kaeo.

He took the plunge. ‘I want to fall in Love with you.’ He said.

Kaeo was silent. Liam’s heart sank, he had overplayed his hand and frightened this sweet young creature. ‘Kaeo?’ he asked.

Kaeo rolled over and looked into his eyes. Her beautiful, deep green, eyes welled up, and tears ran down her face. ‘I want to fall in Love with you, too.’ She blubbered.

Liam’s felt a wave of relief wash over him. He smiled softly, drew her in and squeezed tight. She returned the embrace, wiping the tears from her face at the same time. ‘I’m so sorry,’ she sobbed, ‘I’m such a hopeless romantic.’ Liam brushed his lips against hers, and they shared kiss after kiss, interrupted by Kaeo’s emotional high, manifesting as a mix of sobs and laughter. They continued until the two of them drifted off into dreamless sleep.

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