Malaika Arora Gets a Slave – Celebrities & Fan Fiction

My name is Ajay, and I am 21 years old. I am studying at Indraprastha school in Delhi, completing my course in Journalism. My father works in Import-Export Company, having built on the empire left by his grandfather and father. We live a very comfortable life in South Delhi. After the passing of my mother 13 years ago, he became very detached from everything and solely focused on his work. However, 8 months ago, he told me that he was seeing someone, and had been so for the past 1 year. He told me that he had planned on marrying this new woman. He formally introduced us a few weeks later.

Her name was Malaika Arora, and she was a former model and dancer in Bollywood, who had subsequently retired and now operated a chain of gym studios. The moment I met her, I was immediately attracted to her. She defied age. Somehow having maintained her figure, her big boobs and perfect ass almost gave me a boner, the very first time I saw her. Soon afterwards, they were engaged, and within the next three months they got married and she moved into our home. With her, she brought a lot of changes in the house. The decor slowly changed, the furniture, the paintings, the wall paint. Her imprint on the house slowly became very visible.

I had at all times been a bit of a slacker. The maids, house-help used to all of the chores, and the need for me to do any of the menial tasks had never been there. But within weeks of her moving in, she had changed all that. She told my dad that my attitude would lead to me becoming more lazy and would affect me later in life. Some of the staff was fired and I was given a portion of the chores. I was tasked with cleaning the utensils, and doing the laundry.

During this time, my infatuation for her had increased. I would see her come back from the gym in her sweaty clothes, and I would feel myself getting an erection. She would ask me to clean to her gym clothes, and I would do so. But after a point, I couldn’t control myself and started sniffing her clothes, before putting them in the wash. The smell of her sweat would turn me on and I would have to go jerk off in my shower. It didn’t help that whenever she left for one of her outings with her friends, she would hug me, and I could feel her hands graze my ass. She would kiss me on the cheek and I could feel her lips linger on just a bit too long, her breath hot on my ears. Her breasts pushing against my chest combined with the above would stir my cock. In the beginning I wondered she was doing it intentionally but I dismissed that wondered, because it was clear that she loved my father very much. However, in order to release the tension I had started jerking off to stepmom porn videos, especially ones, where the mom would dominate the son. My daily jerk off sessions slowly grew in number, to the point where I was fapping 3 times a day.

One day, I was finishing an assignment for my class, when I received a notification on my whatsapp, it was a message from Malaika, who I still couldn’t call Mom. I opened it to discover a picture of her. It was a selfie, where she was lying naked on the bed. My eyes nearly popped out of my socket. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Before she could delete it, I took a screenshot of the photo. A second later the photo was deleted. She sent a text profusely apologizing, saying that it was meant for my father, and she had sent it to me by mistake. She sent a voice note clarifying the same. I listened to the voice note. I accepted that it must have been a mistake on her part. But I couldn’t help myself from looking at the screenshot, and before I could stop myself, I was jerking off to her picture, moaning, calling out her name, asking her to use me in whatever way she wanted. It was the best orgasm of my life. Over the next few days, I kept masturbating to her picture in my room. While cleaning her clothes, I would sniff her smelly pants and tshirts, and jerk off. Once I came on her yoga pants before I properly cleaned them off.

Two weeks later, I was having breakfast at the table, the staff had been given a leave, as it was a festival, and my dad was away for some work like he usually was. I had made scrambled eggs and toast and was drinking orange juice, when she returned from her morning workout. She threw her bag on the sofa, and took off her shoes.

“Good morning Ajay. When did you get up?”

“Just about an hour ago,” I was trying not to ogle at her ass, as she checked her bag to make sure she hadn’t left anything back at the gym.

“And you made yourself some breakfast?”

“Yeah, I did.”

“Good boy.”

Something inside me stirred at hearing those words. I tried to control my body’s reactions, I got hard around her way too easily these days.

“I made some for you as well Malaika, if you want, I can get it for you,” I offered, trying my best to be polite.

“Naah,” she brushed me off, “It’s fine. I don’t feel hungry, anyway.” She fanned herself with her hand. “It is so hot today.”

“Well, we are in Delhi, in June, so you know.”

She laughed, “Yeah. Is the AC not working?”

I wasn’t feeling as hot as she did, but then again, she had just come back from a workout, so it made sense that she did.

She took off her tshirt, leaving just her sports bra on. I had to force myself to stare at my plate, and not look at her, because there was no way, I would have been able to control my reaction. I looked up for an instant and saw a trail of sweat going down on her back, and could feel myself get hard. But then she did something I truly did not expect her to, she took off her yoga pants as well.

“You don’t mind do you? It is really hot, and I want to cool off a bit before jumping into the shower.” She asked me casually and I said that I didn’t, because I didn’t want to make her feel weird,it was her house as well afterall.

She walked towards the dining table. She moved towards where I was sitting, and I adjusted awkwardly, as I was just wearing shorts, and my semi-boner would be easily visible. She walked behind my chair, and leaned in. The scent coming off her sweaty body was driving me insane.

“That looks delicious, mind if I take a bite?” Her breath on my ears almost made my eyes roll back into my head. I tilted my head to see that her eyes were not fixed on my plate but on my crotch.

I managed to say, “Yes, why not?”

That drove her out of her stupor, “Thanks, you are too kind.” She moved and pushed herself on the table, before fully sitting on the table with her legs crossed. She tore a piece of bread and filled some eggs onto it and took a bite. As she leaned in, I could see the curve of her breasts, the bra doing a poor job of keeping them in place. It was getting harder for me to control myself. She took a bite and moaned.

“Hmmmmm, amazing. You are very good at this. We should fire the cook and keep you as my personal chef,” she said with a smile.

“I uhmmm, don’t think I will find the time for it,” I stammered.

“I think you will manage to find the time for me,” she smirked. There was a certain dominance behind the smirk, as if she was challenging me to defy her. Or maybe I had just been watching too much porn. “You already do my laundry, it won’t be that much of a task.”

“I guess it won’t.”

She nodded sagely, before uncrossing her legs, her black panty looked so perfect on her dusky skin. I couldn’t help but stare at it. A hint of pubic hair was escaping and I had to use all my willpower to pull my eyes away, but she laughed when I did so. This time, there was no doubt, that it was a cruel laugh. As if she was mocking me. Mocking me for how easy it was for her to get me into this state.

I looked at her and she was smiling at me, cruelly. My mouth was open, and before I could say anything, she placed her index finger on my lips.

“Shush.” She slowly inserted her finger in my mouth, which was salivating on seeing her like this. Her finger was in my mouth and I could feel my now completely erect dick stretching against my shorts. She pulled out her finger, pulled her panties to the side, and started touching herself.

I couldn’t believe what was happening. My dad was not at home, and my incredibly hot stepmom was touching herself on the dining table in front of me. She started slowly before picking up pace. Her fingers rubbing over her pussy lips. I could hear the wetness and sounds the contact was making. I could feel myself getting drawn towards her. The scent of her pussy, mixed with her smell of her sweaty body had turned my brain to mush.

“Do you want a taste?” She asked me softly. I didn’t say anything. My brain was not able to comprehend anything.

“I asked you a question?” She asked again, this time sternly.

I nodded meekly.

“Look at me.” I looked into her eyes. She could clearly see how turned on and desperate I looked. “Only good boys get to taste my pussy. Do you understand?” I nodded again.

“Are you a good boy?”

“Yes.” I answered quickly.

She shook her head, and I felt my heart break. How could she think I was not a good boy. I would do anything for her.

“I don’t think so. Why should you get to eat my pussy? Have you proven your worth? What makes you a good boy?”

I couldn’t answer her. My mind was still in a haze. Before I could gather my thoughts,


She slapped me hard. Right across the cheek. It burned and I could feel tears springing in my eyes.


“I am a good boy, please. I am a very good boy. I will be a good boy. Please, I will prove myself, I will do anything you ask me to do. Anything. I promise you.”

“Who will you be a good boy for?”

“You,” I answered quickly. “Only you.”

“Who am I?” She asked.

“You are my mom,” maybe it was all the porn I had watched, or maybe this was at all times buried deep in me, but it came so naturally to me. Calling her mommy, submitting to her, it all felt right. “You are my mommy. I will do anything for you mommy, anything you want. I will do your laundry, clean the dishes, cook you food. Anything you want mommy, please. Please mommy, I will be your goodboy, I promise.”

She smirked in satisfaction.

“Okay. But first you need to earn the right to eat my pussy. Understood?”

“Yes mommy, anything.”

“I just came from the gym, I feel really dirty,” She picked up my plate and glass, and put it apart. She lifted her feet near my face, the smell of her sweaty, dirty feet furthered my arousal. “Start by cleaning my feet.” With that she pressed her feet on my face. And I started licking her heel. She hissed in appreciation.

“Yes, good. Keep at it.” I kept licking her heel and the upper side of her foot earnestly. I had a few girlfriends before and I had engaged in sexual acts before but it had all been pretty vanilla, nothing close to this.

“Lick my toe.” I started licking her big toe. “Suck it you pig,” she ordered. The degradation not hurting me in the slightest. I wrapped my mouth around it and started sucking and licking in earnest and she moaned in satisfaction. I sucked her toe for a minute, before she asked me to move on to the other ones.

As I was sucking her toes, she laughed. “My god. From the moment I saw the way you looked at me, I knew I could get you to do this but it would be this easy, I would have never imagined. You are so pathetic.”

I wondered about her imagining me in this state from the moment she saw me, and then it made sense. All the lingering touches, the laundry chores, the nude. It made sense. She had done it on purpose.

“Now be a good boy, and swallow all my toes. If you fail, you don’t get my pussy.” She said in a stern voice.

“Yes mommy

I put three of her toes in my mouth, but was struggling to get the fourth one, when she lost patience.

“God, you are useless.” She grabbed a chunk of my hair. “Open wide. NOW.” I tried opening my mouth as wide as possible. She squeezed a fourth toe and then the fifth toe in. It was really uncomfortable, and my jaw hurt from being stretched that wide. But she looked extremely please. I made a sound in pain.

She laughed, “Oh, are you in pain?” she mocked. “You can not handle mommy’s feet?” She pushed her feet further in, effectively choking me, I could feel myself gagging.

“Is it uncomfortable?” She shook her foot, now completely in my mouth, causing me to shudder. She laughed at my reaction again. And then she pulled it out at once. I choked, and coughed, a line of spit trailing from her toes to my chin. She smiled at it, before pressing her foot on my face, and rubbing the spit all over it.

“Don’t you look nice? Now onto my other foot?” She ordered and laid back, only hoisting herself by her elbows. I serviced her other foot the same way for her some time, before she pulled back.

She pulled herself up, turned and pressed her ass in my face.

“It’s time for you to worship my ass, son. Don’t you love the way it looks?”

“Yes mommy. Your ass is perfect,” I answered.

“I know it is. Go ahead. Give it a kiss.”

I slowly kissed her ass cheeks. Taking in the smell of her perfect ass. She placed her hands on her cheeks and spread them wide. Giving me a clear view of her asshole. I had never been hornier in my life.

“Come on, take a sniff. I know you want to.” She said.

How could she possibly know that this was one of major fetishes. How could she know? As I was thinking this. She grabbed my hair and shoved my face against her asshole. I took a sniff of her sweaty asshole and was in heaven. The odour, combined with the smell of her wet pussy completely destroying whatever rational thought I had left in me.

“I know what sort of stuff you are into, you filthy boy. I installed cameras and microphones into your room. I have access to your computer and search histories.” She explained. But my brain couldn’t process anything, I just kept sniffing her ass. “I know you jerk off to that photo of mine, smell my dirty clothes and edge yourself to my image. I know the things you want me to do to you, and trust me baby, I am gonna do them. I am gonna do all of them and more.”

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