*Fictional* Two Good Friends

I’m gonna begin this out by saying all the people in this story are literally people in my life, these people being my close friends. i’m gonna simply call each friend by letters, this story is my first little story i’ve made. It is 100% based off of my fantasies about the person involved. so these are my friends, D M H K V and T. So im gonna preface the rest of this story with, i’m 24 years old and i do not consider myself gay, i’m a christian white 24 year old guy who just has thoughts about one of my closest friends now and then. I’m single and so is he, we are both done fucking around with random girls and are just sort of waiting for that one girl to come into each of our lives and marry us. I’m not so sure i could even go through with messing around with him as i’m not necessarily attracted to a male body, however, i am attracted to his personality. His designation in this story will be T, he is a fantastic human being and i want to see him succeed in this life. He deserves a girl in his life that will dedicated herself to him fully, he seriously is a fantastic human being and i love him like a brother…. but sometimes when i’m like gonna bed at night or watching porn thoughts about doing things to him, satisfying him like creep into my head. I don’t know why and at first i was weirded out with myself but i’ve accepted these thoughts and know i wont ever do anything about it. We as a group decided to rent out a cabin way out in the middle of Minnesota and then roadtrip our way out there together all 5 of us, it was about a 1000 mile trip but we notoriously love roadtripping together. So the date rolled around and we all had off 2 weeks from our jobs, we got together and off we went, i was designated alcohol guy, as none of us are particularly fond of other substances. I brought quite a lot of beer and even more whiskey/vodka for us all to get absolutely hammered. We took two vehicles, my SL55 mercedes and my best friend K’s ford truck. I and T rode up in my car while the rest of the boys were in k’s truck. it took a good 3 days of almost 24 hour driving and a lot of caffeine to get out to the cabin, on the way up T and myself swapped between using the aux cord and talking about girls and such, exchanging stories about our times messing around with different people. While he was talking about railing some girl for an hour straight i couldn’t help but let my mind drift thinking about myself being in that situation with him, that being said he finished telling me this and i snapped back. We arrived at the cabin unloaded and settled in for the evening, we flipped coins to see who was sharing 1 of the rooms as there was one less than there are people staying, i got the short end of the stick at first but T also ended up loosing so we had to distribute a room. That evening we ate dinner, i cooked steaks with asparagus and potatoes, we all ate and afterwards came the drinking. I brought my gaming laptop and the others brought there consoles so we drank till 1 a.m. playing games and slowly one by one we started dropping out heading to bed until there was only myself and T left, we stayed down in the main room. Now, our room was the master bedroom as part of the deal was whoever had to distribute a room atleast got the master as a trade off so there was a bathroom with a shower in our room that no one else could get to. We both were very very intoxicated and talking about sex and eventually T started telling me that he’s been dry for like 2 months and hasnt jerked off for a week. I couldnt help myself but be excited by that. I told him i hadnt done myself for a good 4 days and i was about up against my limit of how long i could without. That subject got us both sort of excited i jokingly said “you know, there is a bathroom with a shower in our room, we could take turns doing it in there” he took me seriously and said “if were going to take turns why not just join me?” my stomach dropped and felt empty, all the blood felt like it drained from my head and i knew my face was beat red. I was correct as well, he saw how red my face got and i started shaking a bit due to the nervousness. I simply said “i think we should go up to our room and look the door.” He smiled and nodded, the walk up the stairs was long for me as i knew what i was about to do was wrong in terms of my morales but the whiskey and cheap shit vodka swirling in my gut made me forget said morales. We got into the room and i brought what was left of the bottle we had started with us. I locked the door and we went into the bathroom awhile where i told him to come close to me for a second. I didnt wanna talk to loud incase the others had heard, in hindsight they were all passed out drunk i doubt they’d have heard, i whispered into his ear “I’ve had thoughts about you for quite awhile and if you promise me you’ll keep this between us i will do literally anything you want tonight.” He smiled and whispered back “Deal, so long as you can keep your mouth shut about this it’ll be our secret.” I answered with “I will do anything to you tonight, whatever you want it’s yours, im yours.” I, at this point, wondered i was gonna have a heart attack as my chest was pounding and i was so so hard. He started touching me first just putting his hands on my side my guess was to get a little more comfortable in the situation. He moved his hands all around me and eventually started unbuttoning my pants, we slowly started playing with one another, he pulled my stuff out and slowly started stroking it and i was fucking shaking. I did the same to him but slower, i ran my hand from his chest to his sides to his ass and eventually put my hands in his pants and played with him for a second and he was pretty big, a good 2 to 3 inches bigger than myself. I unbuttoned him and pulled it out to which he grabbed both my hands and pulled my in and the weirdest feeling out of the whole night was a kiss, not to sound stereotypical but it felt so wrong and even more right. he then left me hanging for a bit while he went to the shower and turned it on. neither of us had brought lube of any kind for any reason however i had brought lotion and in the heat of the moment i didnt care so i ran and got it, and brought the lotion back. The shower we had was a standing shower however it had a very well built convenient seat in it. he sat down and told me to come over and suck him for a bit to which i took a swig of whiskey and did exactly that, the taste was not what i imagined but the lust of just pleasuring him in this way was enough to make me keep going till he told me to stop and to sit down. I sat down and my cock was rock fucking hard, he went down and started sucking me hard and i could barely keep from cumming in his mouth. I told him to stop twice else i was gonna finish. Now came the part i had been most excited for. I’ve at all times loved playing with my prostate and seeing how hard i can make myself cum from playing in my butt so i was really excited for that. I told him to stop as i was going to finish the second time and he stopped and grabbed my hand and pulled me up to standing. he turned me around and pushed me up against the shower wall putting his right and left hand over mine after lubing up my butt with lotion, i’ll admit that lotion was not the best option but it was the only option at the time and i didn’t care he started off with two fingers in and out a few times and then slowly slide his dick in me and i almost fell down. He started off slow and i was shaking from nervousness and excitment to the point where i could barely stand. he slowly fucked me as deep as he could go for a few minutes and at one point he went deep in me and pushed his whole body up against me pinning me all the way up against the wall to which we whispered into my ear, “i want you down on all fours on the shower floor, you can use our shirts for kneepads” i said “sure so long as promise me you’ll cum in me as deep as you can go.” He replied with “oh you didnt even have to say it.” so i went grabbed our shirts and threw em on the shower floor and got down. He started going a little faster and a little faster until he was fucking me properly i was even throwing my ass backwards to give him that extra pleasure. For the next half hour he fucked my ass deep and a few times i wondered i was gonna cum just from taking it. His dick was like perfect for my ass and it was so so fucking good, eventually after what had to be half and hour to forty five mins i could feel him getting harder and eventaully he said outloud “I’m gonna do it” i couldnt help but reply louder with “Fucking do it please!” he shoved it deep and as soon as i felt that first spirt i couldn’t help but let out a moan and my cock started spirting and twitching. I came so hard and so did he, he filled me up to the point where it was dripping out of me…. I told him to stay in me for a little longer while i calmed myself down a bit. he had not only filled my ass up but got some on my cheeks as well. I could feel that warmth in there to, it was deep in me and it felt so fucking amazing. he helped me stand up and i kissed him again this time with tongue and pressing myself up against him. We then cleaned each other up in the shower and made our way to bed naked. We slept cuddled up together, him big spoon myself little all night, when we woke up more sober we got in the shower again together and that morning we very quickly sucked each other off. it was less loving and sensual but we were both very very satisfied. We didn’t do anything else that vacation however each night we did decide to sleep in the same bed together i was wrapped in his arms each night. Being wrapped in his warm very muscular arms felt amazing to. After this vacation we never mentioned it again however whenever he and i go out to eat or go to the bar with our other friends he will at all times make a note to discover a way to grab my butt just to remind me he still thinks about that night. I myself, still think about it, i’ve never felt this pull towards any other dude in my life but something special about T… i don’t know why or what but i love him like a brother and now a little more than that. I’ve wondered about asking him if he wanted to take a weekend and go to a beach somewhere but just haven’t yet. I’ve had pretty bad luck with finding a girl who wants an actual relationship since our vacation and sort of need a weekend with him just hanging out and maybe doing some other stuff. If anyone reads this all the way through tell me where i fucked up, Again this story WAS NOT true but in my head it is lol….

NSFW: yes

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