Kitten’s Play Date Pt. 02 – Fetish – Free Sex Story

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PART 2 – by kitten

He had just dragged her through the dungeon door and tossed her into the couches in the corner of the room. Everything about her screamed that she was surprised and caught off guard by His assault, just what He wanted. He smiled internally, not wanting to reveal what was going on in His mind, He wanted her to see the tough exterior that He was showing her.

“Strip,” He commanded with the same harsh tone He had been using with her since He called her. He could almost see her flinch at His tone, but she stood and slowly began removing her clothes. He knew why she was going so slow, she liked to tease Him with tHis, removing each article so agonizingly slow that He normally wanted to pounce on her and rip the clothes from her body.

Today however He was not in the mood for slow teasing. “Faster,” He ordered her.

“Yes Sir,” she replied while removing her clothes as quickly as feasible. He looked at her really for the first time since she had come into the house. she was standing naked before Him, completely exposed and vulnerable to His every whim. He walked around her, examining every inch of her skin, letting her feel His eyes pounding into every inch of her supple 18 year old flesh, which He knew would make her feel even more exposed to Him.

He chuckled as He looked at her and her eyes darted to His face, confused at the sudden change. “What is funny Sir?” she managed to choke out and He could Hear in her voice how worried she was that He could be laughing at her or her body.

“You’re just so little kitten,” He says wrapping one of His big strong hands around her throat again. For Him she really was a rarity. He was generally attracted to larger women, but here He was admiring His gorgeous little kitten. she was not only short, but slender as well. He could probably break her in half if He wanted to, but He didn’t want to hurt His precious little kitten, not in a way she wouldn’t like anyway.

His hands left His throat and gently caressed her. His large hands cupped her breasts in and squeezed slightly which brought a gentle moan from her lips. then He suddenly stopped touching her, and that hard look came back into His eyes.

“Stay here kitten and don’t move,” He said before walking around to the side of the dungeon that her back was too. He purposefully picked up several items and shuffled around, trying to prevent her from guessing what He was bringing over.

When He returned to her He came up behind her and placed a blindfold over her eyes. then He strapped her white lambskin collar around her neck and locked it in place, something He didn’t do often, but He wanted her to remember her place today. He placed her cuffs around her wrists and ankles and He could tell from the change in her breathing and stature that she was quickly falling deeper and deeper into her submissive Headspace.

He looked around the dungeon, contemplating what He wanted to do to His kitten first. He decided to first bring her to the cross. Leading her to it, He guided her with a firm hand around the back of her neck. He Helped her place her feet into the foot holes in the cross and fastened her ankles to the cross by her cuffs. He then instructed her to raise her arms up and she placed her hands on the most comfortable handhold for her before He fastened her wrist cuffs to the cross as well.

He then pulled a pair of earplugs out of His pocket. He wHispered in her ear reminding her that her safe words still applied and to remember them, before placing the earplugs in her ears. He chuckled, enjoying the fact that she would now be clueless as to what He was planning on doing.

Walking over to the toy table, He picked up His floggers first since He knew how much she liked them. He started easy on her Ass, just warming her up before He began His harder strikes. He loved the sounds she made with each strike and honestly they just encouraged Him. Every time He hit her she moaned and the harder He hit the louder the moans of pleasure became.

As her Ass began to redden He stopped striking her and ran His hands along the warm skin of her Ass. He put the floggers down and picked up one of His favorite knives. As He took the blade to her skin she flincHed away a little at first, but quickly corrected herself. she knew she wasn’t supposed to flinch away from Him.

He smiled at her self correction, she really did have the makings of a fantastic submissive. He pressed the blade harder against her skin, but not hard enough to cut the skin, He knew she still wasn’t quite ready to take that step and He respected that. He slid the cool blade across the warm skin of her Ass and then moved it up and then back down her spine. He thoroughly worked over her skin with the blade, applying pressure but being sure not to cut her. she gradually became more comfortable with the feeling of the blade on her skin and before long she was moaning at the touch of His blade.

His hand ventured down between her legs and He could feel she was soaking wet. the wondered of sliding into His kitten’s warm wet Pussy caused Him to stiffen in His pants. He thrust one finger roughly inside her and she moaned in pleasure and thrust her hips towards Him, beckoning Him to continue with His finger, but He simply pulled the finger out and pushed it into her mouth, making her lick His finger clean of her juices.

He released her arms and legs from the cross and pulled her roughly away from it. He shoved her over to the medical exam table in the corner of the dungeon and laid her roughly down on it, keeping a hand on her body to hold her down, not that she was struggling against Him although He wouldn’t really mind if she was, He knew He could easily take her. He wondered about that for a second and the fun of watching her squirm and struggle against Him. He smiled at the wondered.

He then removed the blindfold and pulled her up from the table. He pulled her close to Him and whispered in her ear softly, but very menacingly, “I’m going to count to 10, kitten should run…”

she didn’t waste a second in taking off out of the dungeon and He was sure that her mind was in the same place as His.


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