Best of Last Man Standing Pt. 12 – Celebrities & Fan Fiction – Free Sex Story

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Last Man Standing: Season 5

Everyone in this story is at least eighteen years of age when having sexual relations

Since last visiting the Baxter household, a lot has occurred. The biggest problem was that Eve failed to get into West Point. She moped around, missed college and never got out of her pajamas.

Vanessa was getting upset that she wouldn’t snap out of it and she brought up the problem to Mike. Mike who at all times confronted problems head on went into the living room to speak to her, “Eve, Eve, get your fucking Ass off the couch. You’re going to work with me.”

She had a sad look on her face and stared up at him, “What?”

“Yeah, your mom’s tired of you moping; so am I. Either get ready right now or I’m taking you in your pajamas.” He clapped his hands together several times, “Let’s go, come on.”

She cried out, “I’m not going to work with you, Dad.”

“Okay, fine. That’s a good choice.” He turned to Vanessa, “Get some duct tape, I’ll get a hand truck. Let’s go!”

Eve didn’t budge, “All right, all right, all right! Fine, fine, fine. Can I at least finish the Cheerios in my robe pocket?”

Mike just stood there glaring down at her. She hopped up, “Okay, fine! I’ll go, but I’m not gonna do anything or talk to anybody.”

He blurted out, “That’s my job. You got to work up to that.” He nearly chased her up the stairs, Go on, come on, come on, come on! Let’s go! I got to get going here!”

Vanessa stared at him as he moved towards the kitchen, “That was gentle?”

“Honey, you knew what you were getting into when you asked me to marry you.”

She placed her hand over her heart and let out a silent gasp.

He took Eve to work and introduced her to Joe in the repair shop. They hit it off and by the end of the day, she was slowly slipping out of her funk.

She got home and confronted Mike and Vanessa, “Working at Outdoor Man was great. On lunch break, I won eight bucks shooting dice with Felipe.”

Mike looked at her, “You won eight bucks?”

“Joe was actually really helpful. He gave me a ton of advice on school.”

Vanessa wasn’t sure where this was going, “Oh, that’s nice. Where did Joe go to school?”

Eve finally had a smile on her face, “He didn’t. Yeah, and I’m not gonna, either. I’m gonna be a mechanic.” She grabbed a drink out of the fridge and left the kitchen.

Vanessa stared at Mike, “She is not gonna be a mechanic. She is gonna school.”

Mike tried to calm her down, “She’s a little lost right now. She’s jumping at the first thing that came along. Lucky I didn’t take her to a men’s club.”

Vanessa didn’t see the humor in that, “We need to go talk to her!”

He shook his head, “No, no, no, no, wait. It took her two weeks to get off the couch. Let’s not do anything to put her back on the couch, honey”

“Oh, so we cannot talk to Eve, but Joe’s going to have her ear for eight hours tomorrow? I’m sure that’s going to work out well.”

“All right, tonight, when I go over there, I’ll talk to Joe and tell him to keep his opinions to himself, and I’ll do that while I’ve got the engine on a hoist over his head.”

Mike went over and fought with Joe and he finally agreed to stay clear of Eve. Mike went to work the next day and while in his office, Eve came in from home. She knocked on his door, “Hi Dad.”

He looked up at her, “It’s Mr. Baxter.”

“I’m going to go down to the garage. Joe says he’s going to teach me how to heat a can of beans on a engine block.”

Mike was pissed, especially after Joe said he’d back off, “Oh great—a mechanic and a hobo. No wonder you like spending time with him. Actually, I don’t want you going down there today. I want you to spend some time up here in accounting.”

“Why, I already know what I want to do. I’m gonna be a mechanic.”

“I want you to experience a lot of different things, honey.”

She came closer, crossing her arms, “Yeah, but accounting?”

“Yeah, accountants are like the mechanics of numbers.”

“Yeah, but the nerds of everything else. I bet none of them know how to tune an engine.”

“You don’t know how to tune an engine.”

“Well, so I’ll learn”

“You’ve been down in my service center for one day. What’s your sudden fascination becoming a mechanic?”

“Well, because it just makes sense, okay? It’s simple–something’s broken, and you fix it. You don’t figure out, Dad”. She turned and left the office.

He mumbled to himself, “Oh, I think I do.”

Later that day he went down to the service center and found Eve there, “Hey, Eve.”

She rolled her eyes, “Don’t worry, I’ll go up to accounting in a second. Unless you’ve decided to send me someplace even more boring.”

He came over to her, “I don’t think such a place exists. What are you doing?”

“I’m replacing an alternator from the ATV. Joe said it’s shot. He went to go get another one.”

“Yeah? Why don’t you just use the one out of the snowmobile?”

“Um, because it’s from the ATV. That part wouldn’t work.”

“Works in the snowmobile.”

“Yeah, well, you cannot just pull a part off one machine and use it to fix a different machine.”

Mike was trying to make his point, “And you cannot just pull a part off of somebody’s else life to make your life work, either.”

She stopped and stared at him, “Smart” She got up and moved away.

He continued, “It’s a metaphor. I learned about that in school.”

She stopped and turned, “All right! Fine! I give up. I won’t be a mechanic. I’ll go to school. Whatever makes you guys happy”

He groaned, “It’s not about making us happy. You know what this is really about? Making you happy. Listen, it’s about making you happy.”

“Dad, what if I never discover something in my life that means as much as West Point did? Okay, so maybe I give the accounting department a day just to cross that off the list.”

Mike hugged her, “You might be surprised. They’re pretty cool up there. Sometimes, they round up to a zero.”

She went to accounting and later that evening she returned home to find Mike and Vanessa having dinner, “Look, I know you guys have been anxious for me to make a decision about school, so, uh, I’ve been thinking.”

Vanessa looked up in anticipation, “Yeah, Did you make a choice?”

She nodded, “I did. I’d like to take some time off to understand what I want to do with my life.”

Vanessa let out a long sigh, “Eve, I just— I just think that’s a waste of time.”

“No, it’s not! I want to try different jobs, some different things, see if there’s something good that finds me.”

Vanessa looked away, “Mike?”

He looked from Vanessa and then to Eve, “I think it’s a good idea.”

Vanessa was shocked, “You do?!”

Mike turned back to Eve, “I think if you search, you’re going to discover that you’re good at a lot of things.”

She gave him a weak smile, “I hope.” She turned and headed upstairs.

Mike looked to Vanessa, “Calm down, calm down. Honey, she’s in a weird place. Give her some time. She’ll come around.”

She really didn’t and she slowly fell deeper into a depressed state. Mike knew he had to do something to cheer her up.

While all of this was happening to Eve, Kristen invited Mandy and Kyle over to her apartment for a dinner engagement. Ryan wasn’t very keen about spending time with his rude Sister-in-law and her boyfriend. He came out of the bedroom with a blanket over his head and shoulders and let out a sigh, “Hey, babe. You know, I’m feeling really sick. I probably shouldn’t have dinner with Kyle and Mandy tonight. Stupid flu, you know?”

She looked amazing. Her long ash blonde hair hung down past her large breasts. Her make-up was done to perfection. Her lips were a dark red and her bangs made her look even sexier. She was wearing a olive green sleeveless dress that buttoned up the front and the two top buttons were open exposing the tops of her large, firm breasts.

She shook her head and chuckled, “Well, that’s how you’re going to fake being sick? Those acting classes at the community center are NOT paying off. Come on, Mandy is my Sister okay? I want the four of us to be close.”

He tore the blanket off and his shoulders slumped, “Can not you just do stuff with her? I mean, I like Kyle, but we have nothing in common. Well other than both dating you and fucking you. At least your dad gives me material for the message boards on Huffington Post.”

She let out a silent gasp, thinking back about the two nights Kyle and she spend doing just that while trying to catch a raccoon. She was distracted when there was a knock on the door. “Look, I think Kyle’s in this family to stay, so it would be great if you found some way to connect with him.”

He snickered, “I guess we could both bang you. Would you like that?”

She stared at him and yelled out, “Just answer the fucking door, will you, Ryan?”

He got up off the sofa and scoffed, “You know what? You’re right. This is crucial to you, so I will try hard.”

She felt a tingling in her loins, but suppressed them, “Thank you!”

He chuckled, “Those acting classes ARE paying off.” He opened the door, “Hey, come on in!”

Mandy stepped in, “Thanks, and as good guests, we brought you guys a gift.” She raised a bottle of wine to show them.

Kristen called out, “Ooh!”

Ryan looked down at Kyle’s hand, “Oh, my god. That’s “steel angel” volume 1. This is a classic.” He took it from Kyle’s hand and looked at it.

Kyle snickered as he took the book back from Ryan, “Uh, actually, the wine is the gift. Brought this to read in case I got bored.”

Mandy came in and removed her coat. She looked amazing. Her short black hair was crimped and hung just above her shoulders. She was wearing a multi-colored flowered dress. It had an A-line skirt and the waistline tucked inward, showing off her tiny waist and accenting her large tits. She had a pair of dark stocking on and a garter belt. It always made her feel sexy.

Kristen looked to Kyle. “I didn’t know you like comic books, Kyle.”

Both Kyle and Ryan scoffed, “Graphic novels.”

Ryan turned to Kyle, “You know, I Love how the characters grapple with the dilemma of vigilantism in a nonlinear format.”

Kyle nodded, “Yeah, and I Love how they can pick-up cars.”

“Hey, I’ve got Frank Miller’s “Dark Knight Returns” set bagged and boarded. Do you want to see it?”

Kyle turned to Mandy who was in the kitchen, opening the wine, “Can I?”

She blurted out, “Go!”

The two guys raced to the bedroom while Mandy poured out a couple glasses of wine for her and Kris, “I didn’t know Ryan was a comic book nerd, too.”

“Yeah, I didn’t, either, until after the wedding. Hey, I’m glad that they found something that they both enjoy. It’ll make it easier for us to hang out more.” She picked up her wine glass to toast with Mandy.

Mandy toasted her, “More? Oh, I wondered this was a one-and-done. Cheers!”

Kristen leaned on the counter, “What are you talking about? We’re sisters.”

Yeah! We’re lucky. We don’t have to hang out. Hey, um, let’s get this dinner rolling. Kyle and I have plans with friends later.”

Kristen was crushed.

They sat down to dinner and Kyle and Ryan went on and on about comics. and it was easy to see Kristen was upset about what Mandy had said about their get togethers.

Ryan got up, “You know what? They’re having an exhibition of early thirties graphic novels at the museum. Why don’t we all go check it out?”

Kristen was fuming, “NO!”

Ryan looked from a quiet Mandy and back to Kris, “Why not? I thought you wanted to spend more time with your Sister.”

She held her temper, “Mmm, yeah, then I found out that she doesn’t want to hang out with me, so enjoy your cartoon talk now, because this is a one-and-done!”

They all looked at Mandy, but said nothing. Finally Ryan spoke up, “Uh, hey, do you want to see my Captain America shield?”

“Uh, do you want to see the biggest smile you’ve ever seen in your life?”

In a flash Ryan and Kyle ran back to the bedroom

Mandy turned back to Kristen, “Okay, I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings.”

Kris scoffed, “You didn’t. I feel the same way. The only reason we had you over is because Ryan made me.” She got up and headed to the kitchen, ” I was gonna, like, fake the flu to try and get out of it, so……”

Mandy threw up her arms, “See? We’re on the same page”

Kristen stopped and turned back and scoffed again, “I was kidding! I was really looking forward to this. What is so terrible about spending time with me?”

Mandy stood and moved over to her, “Nothing! Although, all this yelling at me isn’t super-duper fun.”

“When you were little, we used to do a lot of things together.”

Mandy stepped closer, “I know, and then you had a kid and you thought it suddenly made you a mom.”

Kristen refilled her wine glass, “Yeah, it kind of did.”

“Yeah, but not MY mom! You were always all, “Be responsible. Be careful. Put your shirt back on!”

Kristen took a big sip of her wine, “Okay, fine, I’m sorry I tried so hard to keep you from making mistakes all of those years.”

Mandy drew her into her arms, “Hey, I forgive you.”

Kristen pushed her away, “You know what? Just–just go have fun with your friends.”

Mandy wouldn’t allow it and she pulled her back and hugged her for more than five Mississippi’s. She drew back slightly and swept Kristen’s hair from her cheek. She stared into her blue eyes and gave her a tiny smile, “You know I Love you Kristen. I’m sorry for making you feel that way.” She planted a soft kiss on her lips and pulled back, “Do you forgive me?”

Kristen slipped her arms around Mandy and nodded. She place her forehead on hers and they rubbed noses and then all of a sudden, their lips met again. This time it wasn’t a sisterly kiss. It was loaded with passion and it quickly grew more passionate.

Mandy’s lips parted as she accepted Kristen’s tongue into her mouth. She sucked on it as her hands ran down Kristen’s firm body and settled on her hips. She pulled her tighter to her as she went on the offense and her tongue slipped into Kristen’s mouth.

Kristen guided Mandy over to the sofa and they stood there as the kiss took on a whole new meaning. Both of them were exploring one another’s curves, setting off fires on each other’s bodies as they kissed even stronger.

Kristen’s hands ran down Mandy’s back and immediately found the zipper on the back of her dress. She pulled it down all the way to her tiny, firm Ass. She left the dress open as her hands moved up and down the slim, tapered back of her Sister.

Mandy was just as active. She managed to sweep most of Kristen’s ash blonde hair from her shoulders and neck. She tipped her head and began to nibble at Kris’ neck. She felt her shiver and she doubled her efforts. Her hands slid down the front her her body and with the dexterity of a surgeon, she managed to open each and every button on Kristen’s dress to her waist. She moved her mouth to the other side on Kristen’s neck and gave it the same attention, She moved upward and let her Hot breath bathe her sexy ear before drawing the lobe in-between her lips. She sucked lightly and nipped at the lobe.

Kristen was shaking in Mandy’s arms and she slipped the dress off her younger Sister‘s shoulders and when it settled around her waist, she immediately unhooked her bra and tossed it to the floor.

Mandy took a step back and pushed her dress off her hips and she kicked it aside. She struck a pose, “So what do you think of my garters and hose, Kris? I wear them especially for Kyle., it drives him wild.”

Kristen shrugged out of her dress and sank to her knees before Mandy. She reached around and grabbed hold of Mandy’s tight Ass and pulled her roughly to her face.

Mandy spread her legs wider and grabbed hold of that mass of hair flowing around Kristen’s upper body. She threw back her head and pulled Kris to her body.

Kris pressed her lips to Mandy’s toned belly. Her tongue darted out and teased her belly button. She left a trail of saliva from her belly button to the top of her black, bikini panties. They were soon around her ankles as Kristen’s tongue darted out and encircled Mandy’s already stiff clit.

Mandy let out a squeal when she felt Kris’ lips draw it in and her tongue began to flick it from side to side, up and down. She reached up and grabbed hold of her own full, firm tits and she squeezed them hard. Her groans grew louder and she shivered when she felt Kristen’s fingers slip into her tight, juicy hole.

All of a sudden, Ryan and Kyle came rushing out of the bedroom, “What happen, why all the….. Oh fuck, that is so Hot!”

Kyle stood there frozen in place as he watched his old girlfriend, eating his new girlfriend’s Pussy.

Ryan looked to Kyle, “Forget the graphic novels, let’s join some graphic Porn. What do you say?”

Before Kyle could reply, Ryan moved around and stood beside his kneeling Wife. Kristen turned to Ryan and in a matter of seconds, she had his pants open and down around his ankles.

Ryan wasted no time on shucking his shirt, pants and shorts. He leaned forward and watched his stiff cock slide into his Wife‘s mouth. He quickly freed her tits and was already mauling those gorgeous tits of hers.

Kyle stood alongside Mandy and watched as Kristen sucked wildly at Ryan’s cock. Mandy too watched with a smile on her face as her big Sister handled Ryan’s cock with ease.

Ryan looked up and winked at Mandy as he examined the gorgeous body of his Sister-in-law. He licked his lips, he loved everything about Kristen, but seeing Mandy’s nearly naked body, she was gorgeous. Not a flaw on her body and he knew Kyle was a lucky man.

Kyle dropped his pants and shorts and kicked them aside. He caressed Mandy’s bare Ass and leaned in and whispered to her, “How about it Mandy, can you outdo your Sister?”

Mandy never backed down from a challenge, especially one as lewd as the one Kyle was throwing her. Mandy’s smoky eyes stared at Kyle, she bit her lip and tossed her short hair about. She placed her hands on his chest, “Get this shirt off and let me see all of your naked body.”

She slowly sank to her knees. With her left hand, she tucked her raven locks behind her ear. With her right hand, she gripped the base of Kyle’s cock. He felt the heat of her hand as she tightened her grip Her lips parted and she drew the large, mushroomed head into her Hot, wet mouth.

Kyle’s head fell back and his long hair blurred his vision. His eyes rolled back in his head and all of the air escaped his lungs. He drew in a deep breath and groaned as he felt the velvet feeling of her lips and tongue on his cock.

Mandy’s inner slut took over and she matched everything Kris was doing to Ryan and more. She started out slow, she began blowing him, trying her best to top Kristen. She sucked him eagerly and took him as deep as she could. She felt him enter her throat and she pressed onward. Her saliva gushed through the corners of her mouth and formed a couple thick streams of wetness.

Ryan looked from Kris to Mandy, “Oh God Kyle, she sure can suck a cock, cannot she?”

All Kyle could do was nod as he felt his cock throb in Mandy’s mouth. Watching Mandy and Kristen sucking cock nearly caused Kyle to cum, but he wasn’t about to do so. He saw such a potential kneeling before him. He looked away to avoid losing it. He held his breath and counted to ten before opening his eyes once again.

Mandy’s lips grew plumper as she bobbed up and down on Kyle’s cock. They shined and were coated in her saliva and his pre-cum.

Ryan couldn’t stop looking at Mandy and he placed his hands on Kristen’s forehead and he caressed her flesh there, pushing her sexy bangs aside, “Forgive me Kris, but I have to give your luscious Sister a try.”

He urged Mandy to turn slightly and she looked back with a grin on her lips. She released Kyle’s cock and crawled on her hands and knees and planted her upper body on the cushion of the sofa.

Kyle immediately moved over to Kristen and grabbing two fistfuls of silky hair, he guided her mouth to his cock.

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