I fucked my client during his chiropractic appointment – Free Sex Stories

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NSFW: yes

I saw his truck pull up at 12:15, right on time for his appointment. I could see his girlfriend in the passenger seat. She’s so gorgeous, I was sure I didn’t have a chance but I was still gonna make my move that day. I’d been thinking about how to do it for months. I watched her lean over and pull him back into the truck for a kiss. Uhuh, today was the day. That man looked so sexy with his hand on her neck kissing her ever so gently. I had to know what it was like on the receiving end of that.

He slammed his truck door and headed towards the office. He strutted in that way I found so sexy. Backwards hat with his perfect curls. Hands in his pockets while his arms flexed in such a subtle way. I was filled with nerves. Wet, butterflies, and legs and hands slightly trembling. I wait for the notification that he has arrived. I open the door as I take a deep breath. I step into the lobby and he’s standing there shamelessly flirting with my receptionist. This makes my blood boil, me and her had been at odds with each other lately, now my mission was to make it so he never gave her a second look again.

“Derek” I say “I’m ready for you.” I all the time say that, but this time it took on a whole new meaning.

He knew the drill. He laid down on the table. I started to rub his back to feel where he was tight. I love his muscles. He’s so solid. I just picture him picking me up by my waist and tossing me on the table. I close my eyes for a seconds and try to regain focus. “Right there” he says. I give him a good pop.

“I have a new technique I want to try but i may be more in your personal space than normal is that ok?” I ask as professionally as I can.

“Oh anything you think will feel good. You’re the expert.”

Ugh my mind goes south. “Oh sir, I’m definitely about to do something that feels good”, I think to myself.

He’s on his stomach on the table still. I climb up and stratal him sitting on his lower back. I wrap my arms under his shoulders pressing my tits firmly against his back, and pull up. He moans. “Yup that does feel good. Don’t worry about my personal space ever again either” he says.

I hope off and giggle. Time for his favorite. I tie his head up to stretch his neck. He loves this, and he’s totally immobile while in the contraption. As I walk away towards the window I “accidentally” brush the back of my hand across the front of his pants. He’s massive, and for sure has a semi.

I peak out the window just in time to see my two coworkers leave for their hour lunch break. Everything going according to plan. I can also see his gf, still sitting ever so patiently in his truck. Little does she know the shit that’s about to go down.

I turn to a mirror I have conveniently placed in my room, without him knowing I can see him undressing me with his eyes. I turn but he’s already looked away. “I saw that” I say as I giggle.

“Dammit I thought you did, I’m sorry”

“Don’t be.”

We lock eyes. He doesn’t look away from the “fuck me eyes” I’m giving him. Telepathically giving me the go ahead. I walk towards him and brush my hand across his pants again. He doesn’t flinch. I take that as signal number two.

I slowly drop to my knees as I whisper “you have no idea how long I’ve wanted to do this.”

And he replies, “you have no idea how long I’ve wanted you to.”

I unbutton his pants and let them fall to the floor. I begin mercilessly sucking his dick. He moans. I’m wearing a tight black skirt with no panties and I can feel myself dripping down my leg already. I stand up and free him. The second he is free this man took me by the waste and slammed me down on the table. I laid back as he lifted my skirt and began sucking all of my juices out of me and off of my thighs. My eyes just rolled back in my head as he slips his hands under my ass and squeezes. He ate me like I was his last meal. It was fucking incredible. I couldn’t hold back, I tried pushing him away to avoid cumming but he had his goal set. With every sign of resistance he pressed his tongue deeper. That was it, I was cumming on his face. I squirted all down his chin. He pulled away and licked his lips as he smiled so big.

“I’m sorry!”

“Don’t be. I’m not done with you yet.”

He ran his lips up my stomach and lifted my shirt to reveal my perky pierced nipples. He cupped my left tit as he began sucking my right nipple. I just wanted his dick inside of me.

He climbed up on the table. Lifted my hips and finally thrusted his dick into me so fucking fast. I squirted again.

“Ughh” he let out as his eyes rolled back.

Holy fuck this man knew what he was doing. “Right there, fuck me right there, don’t stop”

“I’m not stopping until I fill you like a Boston cream donut, so you just lay there like a good girl”

The assertiveness had me dripping. I was so close to cumming again. I screamed and moaned and begged for him to fuck me harder and deeper. I’d never had a dick so satisfying. No one had ever filled me up so well.

I hear a door slam in the lobby. I forgot I had a meeting with the property owner that day during our lunch hour! I turn white as a ghost. He sees the panic on my face but it clearly turns him on even more. He smirks at me and says “you’re not going anywhere yet, daddy isn’t done.”

“Yes sir”

“That’s a good girl.”

That right there made me squirt all over his dick. Uncontrollably. Gushing. I’d never been so fucking turned on in my life. Quiet, respectful, gentleman derek, on top of me, drilling me calling me a good girl. Fucking freak.

His eyes roll back into his head as he grunts and groans and sweats all over me. I feel his dick pulse inside of me. I feel the pressure of his cum shooting into me. He stops and lets out the sexiest sigh of pleasure. As he slides his dick out I feel what feels like gallons of cum gush out of me. I am thoroughly satisfied and he looks to be too.

“My back is still tight but I suppose my time is up huh”

We both giggle.

“Come back tomorrow same time and we’ll try and get that fixed for you then.”

We quickly get dressed. He wipes the sweat off his face and shakes his head before putting his hat back on. He winks at me as he walks out the door. I watch him climb into his truck. His gf looks at him and leans over and kisses him again. I can see her eyes open while her lips are still on his. She could taste me. He pulls away and smirks at her. She gives a look of disbelief as if she knows exactly what just happened, but instead of fury, she looks oddly excited.. I’m confused but head back to my desk to enter in his appointment for the following day.


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