Hard Lesson Learnt Pt. 02 – Fetish – Free Sex Story

This is the second part of my story. It will probably help to understand our situation if you have read the previous chapter, but obviously that is up to you.

To remind, this is pretty much a true story. I have changed names and avoided locations to protect identities. Timescales are also adjusted to simplify.

I have previously detailed that I am happily married to a beautiful woman, who is way too Hot for me, also that I have some size and performance issues, which she seems to take little notice of. We have a very good business, with numerous employees, which affords us a very nice life. We have no children, but do not actively take precautions against it happening.

We had an active but vanilla Sex life, which I took for granted. I then allowed Porn, which I was using way too much, to affect my thinking. I developed kinks and eventually told my Wife, Rachel, which extra fetishes I wanted to introduce to our life. After some discussion she did take up some of my ideas, which meant, I was now a part-time submissive husband, regularly in short term chastity, with a bit of tease and denial thrown in.

It was as far as she wanted to go, but not really enough for me so had left me still seeking satisfaction from the internet. Another situation then developed, which prompted a major reaction from Rachel and changed our dynamic forever.

The catalyst of the change to our lives went by the name of Hayley!

Hayley was an assistant at our company. She was 24 and had been with us for around 6 months, having moved in to the area and applying for a vacant position. She had been interviewed for a Sales Administration role but had the bonus of several years experience in Website Creation, which had been working for her father. Our Website had never been a high priority, but in these times it was becoming more and a more essential part of a successful business. We had been quoted unrealistic fees for a web upgrade and maintenance contract, but Hayley had agreed to work on this as a secondary role, which could end saving us from some high fees.

I wasn’t party to Hayley’s interviews, this was all done by my Wife, Rachel, who is HR lead at the company as well as a director. Due to a historic business issue that I suffered, to protect the business Rachel also legally owned the total shareholding of our company. I had confidence in Rachel’s interview process so trusted Hayley’s qualities. If though, she had been interviewed by any male I might have had some small suspicion of ulterior motives for the employment. To say that she is stunning is an understatement. I literally lost the power of speech when I was first introduced to her.

Hayley stood at about 5 ft 9 in the expensive high heels that adorned all of her work footwear. She had a slim athletic figure with, I guess, a C or probably D cup breasts and a nicely rounded butt which sat at the top of some of the best legs I have ever seen. They were toned, smooth and tanned and looked unfeasibly long, a look which was exaggerated by skirts which were close cut, but never too tight, and struggled to come down to mid-thigh. Her face had soft features and was incredibly beautiful, framed by natural light blond hair which was always worn in ponytail. Everything else, for my money at least, was topped by her eyes, which were large and such a deep dark brown color that you just got totally lost in them when talking to her.

That is about the best description I can put down for her, but goes nowhere close to conjuring up how attractive this woman is. Everything is perfectly proportioned, her face and skin are flawless. How she is not a model or an actress I do not understand because, even if she lacked some ability in those areas, her appearance, I believe, would mean that she would be a household name and make a fortune along the way.

I do think that she must have family money. Her clothes, shoes, bags are all high end and expensive, she arrives to work in a new sporty Mercedes, one of those with the metal folding roof, which are not cheap. It’s a real treat, if you happen to be close by, when she arrives and gets out of her car. She has to swivel on the seat and swing both legs out at once. The skirt is so high it’s almost invisible, as she places her high heels on the floor and eases herself upwards. It is always done with complete class, though.

I don’t believe my rambling has done her the justice that she deserves, but despite the absolute beauty that she is, I had no desire to do anything more than be her boss. Don’t get me wrong, I am a straight male and therefore was very happy to be able to see her, in the flesh on a regular basis and would, now and again, find myself fantasizing about her, one way or another.

Those fantasies though, like the enjoyment of watching beautiful women in movies or in Porn, did not mean that I had any intention of touching any woman other than Rachel. She was my one and only and, as mentioned, was also stunningly beautiful and way too good for me. Fantasy is one thing, adultery is another, and it wasn’t on the cards.

The night that lit a slow burning fuse was a Friday night work dinner. I have always believed in staff harmony, a fun and enjoyable environment to work and rewarding staff efforts. In addition to company picnics or the Christmas Party, when deserved, I would arrange an all expenses dinner for different departments so that they could let their hair down while being rewarded for hard work.

On this particular Friday, it was the turn of the Admin team. We were all out at a nice central restaurant, which we knew served good food and had a well stocked bar.

Despite this, I would never drink at these events. I am very aware of my low tolerance to alcohol and did not want to get drunk in front of employees. I didn’t think that it set a good example. Rachel followed my lead. We would both drive to and from the restaurant, in our separate cars, dropping people off on the way home. Anyone else was offered a cab fare home, so there was no thought about driving and DUI’s.

The Friday in question had been a typical, enjoyable and boozy evening by the time cabs were called and our lifts allocated. Rachel took 4 people with her, who all lived pretty close together and almost directly towards our home. I was taking a bit more of a circuitous route with 3 passengers.

In the front was Sam, he is a quiet, shy, unassuming young man of about 19, who had not found himself feeling at home at College and just wanted to start work. He was related to one of our long timers, who had asked if he could join as a trainee, to see how things went. Behind him in the car was Barbara, a 50 something, who is the Admin Office Manager and self-appointed office mother, and behind me was the beautiful Hayley.

Based on location, Barbara would be first to be dropped off. Having dropped her before, I knew where she lived. As we set off, the women in the back started a none stop conversation. Both were slurring and clearly drunk, Hayley more so than Barbara. She hadn’t seemed this drunk in the restaurant, maybe the fresh air had and effect, but she was now seeming pretty hammered. A check of the mirror showed she was pretty boss-eyed as well. Sam was sat half turned in his seat, just looking back, not really joining in.

Arriving outside Barbara’s, she said her good nights and got out of the car. I asked Sam to tell me where he lived, to which he gave me his address, and I plugged in to the Navigation System. We headed off, and the car was quiet, another glance in the mirror told me that Hayley had closed her eyes and was quite possible asleep. I know Sam wouldn’t start a conversation, so I started to talk, about the company, his prospects and opportunities and some of the good reports that I had received about him. He said little apart from the occasional one or two word acknowledgment.

I was talking away and concentrating on the Guidance instructions. Checking the mirror a couple of times, Hayley still appeared to be asleep. I looked across at Sam who, I realized, had remained half turned in his seat and was still looking back at her. But, I now noticed that he was looking downwards, his eyes were almost popping out of his head. A glance over my shoulder revealed one of Hayley’s knees, a fair bit of thigh, but no sign of her other leg. I guessed that, while sleeping, her legs had spread apart, which probably meant Sam was getting a view straight up her skirt.

She was wearing a very short skirt, so I knew that, if I was right, he was getting a very good view. My first thought was how I was going to get a look with her sat behind me and me driving. It obviously wasn’t realistic, and I realized that it was not appropriate either. “I think you should maybe face forward,” I said to Sam. He didn’t react, “Sam!” I said, a little sharper. This time he realized I was talking to him and snapped his head up and looked at me. He was going a deep shade of red. I repeated, “maybe you should face forward.” “Err, yes.” was all he could muster and twisted to face forward.

The remaining few minutes drive to Sam’s place was quiet. I caught him glancing around several times. He would then snap his head back forward as if he knew he shouldn’t be looking, but he couldn’t stop himself. I turned in to his road and he pointed out which one was his parent’s house. I pulled up outside and with a mumbled thank you and another quick glance over his shoulder, Sam opened the door and started to get out.

“Oh, Sam, wait up,” Hayley suddenly said from the back seat, stopping the car had obviously woken her. She was still slurring. She opened her door and got out, tottering around the back of the car to Sam, who was now stood by the open car door. As she approached him, Hayley threw her arms around him and started whispering in his ear. She then pulled him in tight before pulling back, looking at him, smiling and going back to whispering in his ear. Sam’s whole body seemed to stiffen, as Hayley kissed him on the cheek and let go of him. He paused slightly before heading up his driveway, taking one look back as he went. There was a strange look on his face, I’m not sure if it was surprise, panic or what, but he disappeared quickly.

Hayley slid her self in to the passenger seat of my car. I couldn’t help watch as her perfect Ass, stretching the fabric of her skirt, came towards me through the open door, before dropping on the seat. Her wonderful, long, uncovered legs then swung in to my car and I couldn’t take my eyes off of them. She slammed the door shut, which broke my trance. I looked up to see those deep dark eyes looking straight at me, although they were slightly hooded, due to the drink. She was smiling her dazzling smile. She knew I was staring at her legs, but just smiled. She tapped at the window, pointing towards Sam’s house, “That was fun!” she said.

“What was fun?” I asked, “What did you say to him?”

“I have to confess some things,” she said, clearly still pretty drunk, from the way she was talking. “I like Sam, he’s a nice kid, and the way he follows me round and stares, he’s practically dribbling half the time. But, my confession is that I am a horrible tease. I know how I look, I know what men think and I know how they look at me, and what they are thinking. I’m always catching men,…… staring!” She had paused and put emphasis on the last word, was she referring to catching me staring just a few seconds ago, or many times in the office?

I felt a little flustered and tried to change the subject, “What’s your address, then?” I asked, prodding at the navigation system. “I’m in the new apartment block, near Angel Mall. Do you know it?”

“Oh, yes, I do.”

“You won’t need that then.” she said, pointing at the screen.

“No, I suppose I don’t.” I set off.

Hayley returned to the previous conversation, “Anyway, Sam stares more than most, and I know what he is thinking, and as I am a horrible tease, and as I like him, I decided to give him a bit of a treat.”

“What do you mean, a treat?” I asked, intrigued.

“Well, he was staring at me in the back, so after Barbara got out, I pretended to fall asleep and let my legs open up to give him something to look at.”

“Oh,” was all I could say.

“So when I got out and hugged him, I just said thank you for being a friend and that he was really sweet. But then when I squeezed him, I pushed my hips against him and could feel that he was rock hard. I knew he would be. So, then I went back and whispered to him, ‘wow, you’re a big boy, did it excite you to see that I’m not wearing panties, did it turn you on seeing my Pussy?’ That’s when he bolted for the door.” She was giggling.

I couldn’t get my head around everything that she just told me. There were so many thoughts all at once. I was her boss and she was using sexual inuendo, sexually harassing a male colleague, even if he enjoyed it, and that she was a sexual tease. The main thing though, that kept bouncing back in to my mind, was that she was sitting next to me, in my car, wearing no underwear while in a very short skirt. I could not help noticing that she had slid further down the seat, just a small amount, so the skirt was even higher. Her Pussy was probably an inch from being in view.

“I’m not sure that you should be saying this to me.” I said, trying to act composed, trying to stop myself from looking at the top of her legs.

She didn’t understand what I was trying to say, or chose to ignore it. “I don’t mind telling you.” She said, “you’re a mature, good-looking, intelligent man. I feel I can open up to you, about anything.”

Good-looking! She said I was good-looking. This isn’t something that I have a lot of experience of, other than my Wife, who is biased, and I don’t know if it is the normal reaction for men, but, when a stunningly beautiful woman tells you that you are good-looking, you lose a bit of focus as that compliment sets your mind racing. It did for me at least, in a flash my brain was thinking about what this meant, where it might go, those thoughts led to a hardening of my cock. Once the blood flow was heading in that direction, my, ‘but I’m her boss’ attitude got pushed to the back.

“Important, powerful men always have an effect on me,” she then said, before she turned forward and faced the road. I was trying to keep eyes forward myself, and watch the road while thinking about what she had been saying. Powerful men, was she referring to me? I realized that she wasn’t sitting silently, but was making a faint moaning noise. A sort of sigh of satisfaction. It wasn’t loud, but I could hear her, with the mood she was creating it was very erotic. My cock throbbed harder.

We drove in near silence for a few minutes, we were getting close to her apartment block. I tried to change the subject, “Those are nice apartments, is it your parent’s place?” Out of the corner of my eye, I could see her look across at me, “No, it’s mine.” she said. She still had slurred speech.

I considered the fact that this was her apartment. I knew exactly how much she earned, and I knew approximately what these apartments cost. Pitch in the cost of the car that she ran and the high-end clothes, and the money didn’t quite add up. Maybe she could see the cogs turning because, before I could ask what was on my mind, she said “Wondering how I can afford such a nice place?”

“Not at all,” I lied, “what you do with your money is none of my business.”

I would assume that it was a family gifted or an inheritance, but then Hayley dropped a bomb. “I earn it, with the gifts I was given and the knowledge that men will do anything to see naked women and indulge their fantasies. Most importantly they will pay,” she slurred.

Again my mind was whirring, what did she just say, men pay to see her naked? My mouth was moving because I was trying to form the appropriate response, but she continued and answered my question, “I told you that I was a terrible tease, I’m also very sexual. I Love Sex, I Love showing off my body, I want to make men want me. I want to be fucked, and I want men to want to fuck me.”

She was not saying anything to calm my thinking, “I’ve been that way for years, since I realized that I was good-looking and when my body developed in to one that I could use to tease guys, so that I could get anything I wanted. That led to Sex, whenever and with who ever I wanted. Then I realized that, working at my fathers’ website company, I could make my own website to make me some money off of me and my body. I heard about girls doing that and thought why not!”

I tried to cut in, “Hayley, I’m not sure that you should be telling me this….” but she cut me off. I had just been driving, almost on autopilot, and hadn’t realized that we were opposite her apartment block, and almost as if the previous conversation hadn’t happened, she just said, “oh look, we’re her.” She pointed across, “there’s my car, pull in to the empty space next to it.” I looked and saw where she was pointing and did exactly as she had said.

There were 2 parking spaces bordered by a low wall and bushes. This set up was repeated with sets of 2 spaces and a wall and bush inbetween each set. This meant that, as I pulled in next to her car, we were pretty secluded, it was getting dark and the ambient light from around the block lit up the interior of the car with a low glow. I was torn, Hayley was clearly drunk and telling me things that she probably shouldn’t, it probably would be best if she got out of the car and left it there. At the same time I was intrigued by what she was saying, she was stunningly beautiful, wearing no panties (apparently) and I was Horny and turned on.

“Right then,” was all I said, leaving the decision of what she did next, down to her. She decided to keep talking, “Anyway, I made a website which started with some pictures and then some low-key videos. I’m sure Dad wouldn’t have expected me to use the search prioritizing skills he taught me to promote naked me, but it worked. When I started to get interest and positive responses, I started to charge a membership to get exclusive pictures and videos. There’s a VIP area for one to ones and special requests. All in all, I make a lot of money off of Horny men who want this.” she said as she brushed her hands down her breasts, across her stomach and down to her crotch.

“I’ve got different sites for different kinks, I joined Only Fans, which I earn off, and it promotes my own sites. It’s a lot of work,” she laughed, “I spend a lot of time in the apartment, completely naked or fucking some stud. You wouldn’t believe how much I can earn, which is great because I Love to fuck, and I’m good at it!”

I was feeling very Hot and flustered, and also Horny. This beautiful woman, this 11 out of 10 was siting there telling me her sexual secrets, aside from being drunk, I didn’t know why. It occurred to me to ask some questions. “If this pays so well, why work for me?”

“I moved here because I liked the area and I needed a bigger pool of studs,” she grinned, “I couldn’t stay working for Dad so looked for a job and found you. I need a day-to-day job as well, my web money buys a few luxuries but is being saved so that I can retire early, maybe abroad.” She’s making sense, but still slurring.

“Do your family know?”

“God, no!”

“Well, aren’t you worried that they will find out or that you will be recognized?”

“I wear a wig whenever online and more make up than normal. I haven’t been recognized yet. I’ve got a stage name as well.”


“Oh, yes. I’m still Hayley, but my last name is my hometown.”

“Oh, ok.” I made a mental not to check her personnel file for her hometown. “Hayley, why are you telling me all this?” That is when things took an unexpected turn.

“Oh, Dave,” she said, looking across at me and biting her bottom lip, which is part of female seduction 101, “I want to tell you everything, I want you to know all about me. I can’t help the way I feel about you, and I don’t want to start anything, and then you find out about my other life later on.” As she was saying this she started to turn her body in the seat, she lifted her left leg up so that her knee went towards the back of the seat. Her other leg stayed in place, so it stretched her short skirt and rode it right up to a band around her waist.

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