Equal And Opposite – Anal – Free Sex Story

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It’s Tuesday evening, and my Wife and I are home alone. Midterms are coming up, which means two things for our household. One is that Cat’s schedule is light and easy… for the moment. On Friday night, her inbox will be flooded with a deluge of essays. Her weekend is already scheduled to be ruined.

Another is that Shayleigh, our beautiful, twenty-year-old Sex pet, actually needs some time away from the house to study up with her classmates. Unusual as it is for a humanities major, she has two courses this semester where the professors are giving exams instead of assigning papers.

Cat has opinions about this, by the way, that she readily shares with me and Shayleigh — opinions like “those lazy fucks just don’t want to do the work and grade a million essays; how the fuck do they expect their students to get any better at writing?”

As tempting as it is to ‘lawyer’ her a little bit when she goes on a tear, I was in full agreement with her on that one. Shayleigh was too. Also, as Hot as it can be to see your lover genuinely pissed off, I strongly prefer it when Cat is pissed off about something else, or at someone else, and not at me. Her eyes and voice can get… dangerous.

Anyway: that leaves the two of us alone on a Tuesday night, with dinner made, eaten, and the leftovers put away; with all the dishes done; with no pressing responsibilities; and with no Sex pet.

My Wife has been down to loose, silky pajama shorts, a light cami top, and some knee-highs since she got home. Her messy red bun is the cherry on top of a vanilla and strawberry Wife sundae. The hair’s almost due for a color change by my best reckoning, but red is my favorite, and I’m glad it’s stuck around through the end of the winter.

It’s no surprise that my Wife looks sexy in this casual, tossed-off getup. She looks so good in so many different types of clothes — and also without clothes — that her mere presence is enough to count as light teasing. Worse – or better? – she knows it.

I’m in pajama bottoms and an old T-shirt, and, well, I hope she feels at least a little bit of the same. The tee shows off my broad chest and developed biceps, at least. It’s snug enough that she knows I didn’t suddenly develop a pot belly.

I’ve actually never heard her talk much about men’s clothing. Heck, the only time I can remember it coming up is when we discussed how good women look in some of it. I made sure to tell her that she, especially, looks really good in it. She enjoyed that. I recall being rewarded, a few nights later, with the sight of her wearing one of my white button-down shirts — unbuttoned, of course — her glasses, some thigh-highs, and nothing else. When she struck a coy little pose for me and asked me how she looked, I pinned her against a wall, hoisted her legs up in my hands, and fucked her like an animal.

It’s still over an hour before we usually go to bed, and yet another hour or more before we actually go to sleep. There’s always a book to read, or a streaming service to listlessly search, or even an impromptu Free-weight or yoga session for me or her to squeeze in, respectively. The now-unusual absence of our pet has sparked something in me, though. I can’t quite call it horniness — not yet. It’ll get there, for sure, if Cat decides to play along. Right now, though, it’s something a little bit darker.

As we pass each other in the open-plan living room, I reach out and hook my arm around her waist. She adapts quickly; I mostly move towards her, but her socks let her slide a bit on the exposed hardwood. We come together, and I squeeze a little tighter than I normally would. I make sure she can feel the outline of my still-flaccid cock pressing into her mound. I get my other arm around her, under hers, and then I move both hands to some of their favorite positions.

My left hand takes one of her firm, toned Ass cheeks and begins exploring it. My right hand drifts up her spine, all the way up past her neck and into her messy red bun. It finds the secret devices holding it together and strips them away.

I stare deeply into Cat’s eyes as I finish undoing her hair, leaving the long, wavy locks hanging plumb behind her. I run my fingers through it, lightly massaging her scalp. I push forward, just a little bit, and coax her into a full-blown kiss. I take my time with it. I let our lips rub together, and send my tongue out to invade her mouth.

When we finally separate, I lock eyes with her again.

“Hi,” I say.

She smiles, and says it back to me. Her brilliant emerald eyes are happy, but also searching.

It’s code, short and sweet: sex? Now? Sure! But what specifically did you have in mind?

I let my cock enjoy the growing heat of my Wife‘s covered Pussy. I lightly kiss her cheek, nuzzle into her neck, and send all the usual signals that I’m in the mood for Romance.

It’s a trick.

I lift up from a kiss to her collarbone and move my mouth close to her ear.

“I think we need to have a little chat, young lady,” I say in a low voice.

I feel Cat’s body react. It’s subtle, but I sense it. We’ve been together for a little over seven years now, married for just over five. We know each other.

“Of course, baby,” she says sweetly. She consciously relaxes into me, and begins returning my affection in earnest. Her hands lightly caress my back, and she plants tiny kisses on my clavicles and shoulders, where there’s some bare skin showing around the neck of my tee.

‘Little chat’ and ‘young lady’ do heavy lifting tonight. With just a few words, I’ve told Cat that I want to take charge, and that I want to get aggressive.

With words and actions alike, she’s already signaled her assent. For the next hour or so, I’m allowed to interrupt her when she tries to talk. Her hair is mine to pull a little more violently than usual. Her Ass is mine to properly swat, not just grope and knead.

Most importantly, both of us are allowed to say things we don’t really mean. There’s only one rule left: it has to be dirty. It has to be Hot. It can be nasty, mean, condescending or cruel, but it has to add to the heat of the moment. It has to push us closer and closer to some kind of a crescendo.

That crescendo might be the sound of my hand bearing down on Cat’s feminine runner’s Ass with terrible abandon, punishing her for being such a naughty, disrespectful young lady. It might be the desperate, choking, gurgling noises of that same naughty girl getting her smart little mouth fucked. It might be the tortured moans of one or both of us Cumming our brains out.

“I’ve noticed a change in you these past few months, Cat,” I begin.

“Oh?” she says, barely feigning surprise. I think she already knows where this is going.

“Mmmm, ever since we got our new pet,” I continue.

Things have been going so well with Shayleigh that we’ve barely spent a full day or night without her. Our lives and routines have changed significantly – though all for the better, in my opinion. Still, it was a disruption, and in the grand scheme of things it all happened rather fast.

Things fizzled out with Jessie after only a month, but once Cat met Shayleigh, everything just seemed to click. It was only a month from their first meeting to the formal collaring. Shayleigh was so completely seduced — mostly by my Wife, at that point — that she even made up some lame excuse to stay in town over winter break. We went from a regular married couple to bona fide pet-parents practically overnight, and that was the beginning of a three-month blur: amazing Sex and lots of kink, but also lots of new responsibilities, and far fewer empty spaces on the calendar.

In those three months, Cat really got into being Shayleigh’s owner. She got really, really into it. ‘Dominant’ was her new normal, and it spilled over into our marriage too.

Was it Hot? Of course it was Hot — but for every action, there’s an equal and opposite reaction. A ‘little chat’ like this one was long overdue.

I begin walking Cat backwards towards a wall. She complies; it’s about as awkward as it sounds, but it’s a very short trip. I keep my hands behind her head and on her butt, and that lets me pretend to slam her into the unadorned white surface without any real worry. I make it count by pushing my swelling cock into her Hot mound again, and letting the three soft fabrics — my pajamas, her shorts, and her panties — rub against each other and our bodies. I move my left hand towards her cleft, and my fingers quickly find the outline of the plug. In between teasing touches and full-on gropes of her delicious Ass — especially that sensitive line where the butt curves back up to the leg – I make sure to tap and push the round, faux-gemstone base. It sends the right message, all the way up her spine.

“But you Love Shay-shay!” my Wife says. Her eyes have gotten wide. Her voice is high and breathy in that cloying, faux-submissive way — the sound of a spoiled little girl guilt-tripping her lover, or her daddy, to soften him up for the kill.

I don’t fall for it.

“I do Love Shay-shay,” I say confidently, “and I know you do too. And I know that pets need a very special kind of Love. They need routine and discipline. They need to know who’s in charge.”

Cat relaxes and starts nuzzling me again. She thinks she’s scored points — or at least she’s acting that way. It all gets very confusing in the retelling. In the moment, it works. It’s Hot. It’s building towards the crescendo.

“That’s right,” she coos. “That’s all it is, baby. Shay-shay needs discipline.”

“Mmmm,” I reply skeptically. “That’s all it is. That’s why only your name is on her special tag. That’s why you take the lead during her weekly evaluations.”

“Well, someone has to,” Cat retorts. She lets the little girl act slip. “You’re not the firmest hand with her, Jack.”

I push on the plug hard, and tighten my grip on her hair.

“Oh?” I say. It’s not a question. “Well maybe I need to get some practice in — you know, in being ‘firm.'”

Cat’s breath catches in her throat for a brief moment. She contemplates whether she’s just made a mistake.

I begin thrusting my groin into hers, and I plant a kiss on her neck before I continue making my case. The kiss isn’t forceful, but I do let my teeth graze her pale delicate, skin.

I don’t bother changing my voice all that much, but I make it clear that my next words are a litany of quotes: her own words, more or less, used against her.

“‘Jack, fetch the thermometer; Jack, fetch the lube; Jack, stand up; Jack, sit down; Jack, now you’re allowed to take your pants off; Jack, take my panties off for me; Jack, get the toys; Jack, you’re a big softie; Jack, you’d spoil our pet rotten if I let you.'”

Cat makes a big show of working up to a protest. She gives me time – a chance to push the action one way or another. I seize it. I move my right hand so that it’s almost gripping her neck. My thumb rests against the front of her throat. I’m daring her to get smart with me again. Our eyes meet, and she telegraphs a hint of fear.

With my left hand, I finally begin to invade Cat’s clothing. Her Ass and the plug base are still my primary targets, but now my fingers are down past the waistband of her panties.. I’m touching her bare flesh, and then the plug base directly. I can feel intense heat and growing wetness just to the other side of it.

I move my mouth to her neck again, only breaking our eye contact at the last second. This time, I don’t begin with a kiss. I begin with the threat of a full-on bite. Both my upper and lower teeth graze her flesh. Even when I replace them with my mouth and tongue, I don’t really relent. I push, I press, and then I suck and lick. Tomorrow, she may have to decide whether or not to cover up a hickey with some extra makeup.

“Oh, honey, no,” she says. Her voice is breathy and submissive again. Her hands caress my front, not daring to show any defiance with a push. They drift lower and lower as she tries to cajole me.

“I just have to keep up appearances, baby,” she says. “I Love Shay-shay too, and you know how tempting it is to spoil her. She’s so good – so obedient. I really have to get into it, to make sure I send the right message.”

Her hands are at my cock. As mediocre of an actor as I am, my cock is flat-out terrible. It swells even more, and twitches in anticipation. It knows those hands. It loves those hands.

“Mmmm, and let’s talk about those messages,” I say. “You seem awfully keen on reminding Shayleigh that this -“

– I thrust my cock into her groin again –

“- is ‘your’ cock, and that I make ‘your’ cum, and that you’re in control of pretty much everything.”

Cat’s hands walk the dangerous tightrope. They caress and tease my cock and balls as best they can from outside my pajama bottoms, but they’re careful not to grab or push. They still do a very good job — too good, really. I know I need to move things along. With every new inch my cock grows, my credibility as a dominant partner shrinks.

“But baby,” she whines, “we’re married! Doesn’t that make your cock, my cock? Doesn’t that make your cum, my cum? Don’t you like that, baby?”

Cat doubles down on seduction. Her eyes get hazy and dreamy, practically on command. Her lips stay parted, even when she’s done speaking.

“Don’t I make this cock feel so good?” she asks. “Don’t you like how I help you make lots of cum? Don’t you like how I take it — every Hot spurt, every last drop? How I take it in my mouth, and savor it, and swallow it… how good it feels when you shoot it so deep inside of my Pussy, or my Ass?”

She gives me the doe eyes, and my heart flutters. Those ultra-innocent eyes are Shayleigh’s effortless specialty, incidentally, but Cat’s acting talent has both breadth and depth. My Wife deploys this disarming look almost as well, and Shayleigh can hardly match any of Cat’s fiercer, more dominant expressions.

“Can I do that for you tonight, baby?” Cat asks. She almost pleads, but not quite. She still thinks she wheedle back control. “Can I help you make lots of cum? Can I get on my knees, or bend over, or get on my back or my tummy, and take a big, Hot load of that delicious cum? I want to make you feel good, baby.”

I take my thumb off Cat’s throat, and let my hand drop. She visibly relaxes. I hold her gaze, and pretend to think it over.

“Well, that depends,” I say.

Her eyebrows furrow a bit, waiting for the rest.

I push my Free hand down the front of her panties, and my fingers find her Hot, wet Pussy immediately. I’m not subtle. I give it a quick, brusque massage before sliding a finger inside. Her eyes widen. She gasps at the penetration.

“Whose Pussy is this?” I demand. My voice is still low, but it’s clear and firm.

I don’t let up while waiting for her response. I probe inside of her, searching for weak spots, and make sure that some part of my palm gets close to her clit while I move my hand and finger around.

“Y-yours,” she says.

I don’t soften my expression yet, but I tilt my head and give a slight ‘hrm,’ signaling that maybe I’m almost convinced.

My other hand, already flush on its target, grips the plug base and tugs it, trying for that perfect-but-unsustainable position, where its thickest part aligns with the outer Anal ring, stretching it as far as it possibly can.

“And whose Ass is this?” I demand again.

“Yours,” she groans, and I reward her by pulling the plug out further.

Then, I push it right back in. Cat grunts, and I revel in the surprise I see in her expression.

“Inside and out?” I press.

“Y-yeah,” she says, still recovering.

I withdraw my finger from her sopping Pussy, and then quickly from her panties altogether. I lift it to her face.

“Open,” I command, and she does.

The finger goes into her mouth.

“Suck,” I command, and she does.

“And this is my mouth,” I tell her.

With wide, submissive eyes fixed on mine, she nods, and hums her assent around my invading digit.


I can feel myself getting Hot — too Hot to keep the night at either role play or foreplay for very much longer. Luckily, there’s not much left to say.

“So when Shay-shay uses her tongue on my Pussy, or my Ass,” I begin –

– and I push the plug one more time, just to make sure the English professor doesn’t get any smart ideas about ambiguous sentence objects –

“- that’s because I let it happen,” I finish.

Cat nods and hums again.

“And nothing goes inside of those holes without my permission,” I say.

And again.

“And you can use this Hot, smart little mouth for literally anything else you want,” I say, “even sassing your husband, if you fucking dare, but not for Sex — not unless I let you.”

Cat agrees again, and redoubles her efforts on my finger. It sends a tingle all the way from my fingertip to my cockhead. Everything along the way shivers.

I reluctantly withdraw my digit, though, because I need both of my arms and hands to press Cat’s sleek, sexy body into mine. I alternate between light touches and authoritative squeezes, but I make sure she knows that I’m claiming her, surrounding her in my strength and warmth, welcoming her back now that she’s properly adjusted her attitude. I find her eyes again. I transmit that same combination of acceptance and authority.

“I’m glad we understand each other,” I say, “but there’s really no need to go through all of that again when Shay-shay’s here, right? Because that might send the wrong message.”

Cat’s expression shifts. She sees the light.

“Okay, you have a point, honey,” she admits.

I smile, then nod. I’m vindicated.

“Now I think it’s time to fill you up with some of that cum you Love so much, baby,” I tell her. “And I think, just to reinforce everything we’ve chatted about tonight, we should try to get all three of these Hot little holes filled up at the same time.”

“Okay, baby,” Cat says, nodding submissively. I kiss her forehead, and give her the telltale signal with my arms that I’m ready to lift her up and carry her somewhere else.

She loops her arms around my neck. Before she hops up and lets me hoist her by her legs and butt, though, she leans in close and whispers something in my ear:

“I think I can cum from my Ass tonight, baby.”

Technically, that’s a party foul. It’s dirty and Hot as all hell, but I’m supposed to be the one directing all the action tonight. Still, though, we have a rule, and if you’re smart, you’ll have the same one:

When your lover tells you they can cum from their Ass, you stop whatever else you’re doing and you help them do it.

My Wife is weightless in my arms as I move us both to the bedroom, and I don’t think I’ve ever gotten there so fast.

Once there, we’re a whirlwind of Sex-prep. The role play and the foreplay are both done, and we’re desperate to get to the newly-scheduled main event. I strip off my clothes so quickly that Cat’s bottom half is still clothed, and so I toss her on the bed and yank her shorts and panties towards me, all the way down her legs, in one aggressive motion. Completely naked and with hair splayed everywhere, she flips over immediately and scurries towards the nightstand, searching for the silky silicone lube and two toys: a firm, full-sized one for her Ass, and something to obediently hold in her mouth while I plow into her ravenous Pussy.

Once in a blue moon, Cat cums from Anal Sex, all on its own, while my cock is actually in her Ass. She calls it the ultimate bonus Orgasm; there’s simply no way to predict or prepare for it. She tells me that it’s a wonderful experience, and that the possibility of adding a clitoral Orgasm atop or after it just makes it all the better.

When Cat feels some kind of advance warning that her Ass is ready to cum, though, we don’t take any chances. My cock goes in her Pussy, and we use this long, firm, reasonably-thick toy to find that secret spot deep inside of her rectum, where a cluster of spongy tissue and nerve endings rests between the walls of her two Hot tunnels. When the time is right, what Cat needs there is a constant presence and a good amount of pressure. That’s more than the ultimate bonus Orgasm; it’s the ultimate Anal Orgasm.

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