Gothic Egg Ch. 03 – Erotic Horror

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*Author’s Note*

Finally a new chapter and all I can do is apologize for the long hiatus. I have had a ton of personal issues that have me tied up and unable to concentrate on writing. Unfortunately, this will not change in the foreseeable future. I will not give up writing and I am working on other projects to get published hopefully soon in the future.

This chapter, as well as other side stories to the Egg, will be vital to the story I am telling here. Special thanks as at all times to my hard working editor Pixel_Panda. Lastly, email with questions or suggestions as I thoroughly enjoy feedback.


Pleasure is the meaning of life.

That’s what Lea truly believed now. Her shape-shiftable nymphomaniacal body of writhing tentacles sought more stimulation. Her first partner was gone, now completely absorbed into her flesh. Every atom of his body was now a part of her forever. She shuddered in pleasure realizing it wasn’t enough.

The change brought upon many things. One was a heightened sense of smell. At the moment, she smelled blood, sex, and more potential mates. If she didn’t have any control, she would be storming through the area looking for any living males. That would be disastrous though. She now understood the reason for having the compound.

“That wasn’t enough punishment for someone like him,” she sighed, licking her lips with a sultry purr. Another shudder of pleasure and her stomach growled. “Cum tastes even better now.”

Her tentacles maneuvered gracefully through the air and undulated freely in the filth of the place. The kicked up dust brought her back to reality. With a mental pull and physical strain, her tentacular alien form shifted back into its human form. Not much time passed before she was sitting naked on the ground in her human form.

“This feels wrong,” she said to herself. After sitting naked for a few more moments, she transformed her body’s outer surface to mimic her work clothes. Standing up, she enjoyed a stretch before deciding that maybe she should head on back home.


She made it back to her old apartment and found herself growing horny all over again. Not that she didn’t like it, but she knew it wouldn’t be for long that she could put off the whims of her newly changed body. The demands of Worship now entrenched themselves firmly in her newly accepted role. Even as she opened the door to her place, a sniff of the air filtered out a multitude of smells and gave her a shudder as different scent trails illuminated in her field of view.

Visible only to her kind, those were paths leading to human men. Fertile as she was, she would need to pursue many human men to discover a eligible mate. Someone who would be able to keep up with and satisfy her body’s needs. Then, hopefully, a long-standing mate would provide her a way to become pregnant. To possibly be the one to birth forth a vessel of flesh for their Goddess to inhabit. She shuddered as her body ignited into a frenzied amount of need.

Her apartment door barely closed shut behind her when her new natural form burst forth. Hair morphed into tentacles as other tentacles sprouted out of different parts of her body in their twistingly long glory, a testament of her alien visage. She wanted to keep going for the day, but things twisted and she fell against the door in bliss.

Tentacles of every type, even the unimaginable, as they were, filled every open orifice in her body. They spread their reach everywhere, her own bodily appendages taking control of her. It needed relief and it intended to get it. Soon, she shook in orgasmic bliss as her own tendrils reached for every pleasure point in her body. The slimy rhythmic rubbing and pressure brought her to an extremely pleasured state. By the time she stopped screaming against her own writhing tentacles gagging her, she fell back to the door in a puddle of her own juices.

“I need a shower,” she said with a sigh. “A shower and a great cock.”

She got up and looked at the expanding wet spot on the floor. Her tentacles started wrapping around themselves absentmindedly, briefly forming many crude imitation cocks. The apartment, a sea of pheromones now, and she thought if a male would answer them. There probably was enough of it to permeate the air in the entire building for days. She wouldn’t mind and even made sure to close the door in a way so that the latch didn’t fully seat. Already, she could hear the effects of her personal perfume wafting through the complex.

There were increasingly more moans and groans. Men masturbated as well as women. Each of their carnal desires increased a thousand fold. The imagined sounds of things sliding in and out of other things. She wandered briefly about all of the possibilities.

“All an offering to you, my Goddess,” she said with a shudder. The thoughts about her neighbor’s carnal activities soon had her body reignited in its own need for stimulation. Sighing heavily, she moved effortlessly through her apartment to the shower.

Lea loved to shower. Even before her gifted transformation, showering was like a hobby to her. Not because of the relaxing hot water that she used, but because of all of the different soaps she collected.

Each aromatic scent brought her joy. Researched and tried, she often loved anything that was mixed with honey. A tentacle from her nether regions coiled itself in response to this wondered around one of the thicker body wash bottles. She paid no mind to it as she turned the water on.

The shower running, Lea moved to look at herself properly in the mirror. That being something she really wanted to do since emerging from the pod. Her initial look at herself was rushed and now was a perfect time for a longer look.

She looked absolutely alien in many methods. Looking humanoid with the right amount of limbs at the moment, she held fingers up. Her skin, while not an off color, was more pale and definitely not passable as human. Black freckles started on the top of her hand before they turned into bigger blotches. Her countless tentacles, which sprouted from the top of her head, back, nipples, belly button, limbs, anus and her pussy also sported the same spotted pattern.

Lea, who wondered she might be a bit chubby before, no longer wondered so. There didn’t seem to be even an ounce of fat on her except maybe in her newly sensually sized breasts. Enormous as they were now, something she discovered that they felt more right in a bigger cup size.

“You’re one hot creature, you know that?” she said to herself, licking her plump lips. “Oh what?”

An explanation of surprise as something hard and cylindrical inserted itself into her ass. She bent over the sink and moaned. Reaching back, she spread her ass aside as the thick circumference of the makeshift dildo slid into her wanting anus with no resistance. As her sphincter barely began closing around the top of the soap bottle when her body began to work in and out of herself. Before long, she was listening to the splashes of her squirting pussy while she shook in pleasure.

The soap bottle slid out of her and fell to the floor with a wet plop. She felt her tentacles sliding across her body and felt incredibly turned on. Looking over to the shower, she saw a few more thick soap bottles that would perfectly spread out some orifices of hers.

Lea couldn’t actively control what the tentacles did unless she specifically concentrated on them with all her mental power. That resulted in a few growing thicker in girth and sprouting bulbous specialized tips with fully formed cock milking pseudo-pussies. Dripping wet with pheromone laced lubricant, they snaked through the air, opening up their closed five-petaled flower bulb-like tips, and impaled their opened flower bulb-shaped tips on the numerous shampoo bottles. The tips of the tentacles wrapped their flesh petals around the soap bottles, pulling them almost entirely into their pussy-like interiors using their long slimy tongues, before partially pulling themselves off the bottles for a brief moment. The combined cyclical pleasure immediately snaked through her appendages like lightning racing through a conductive rod. It didn’t take long for her to once again crest the peaks of pleasure.

Knees buckled as she once again those sexual receptacles each broke out into their own orgasmic spasms. She gasped as the pleasure hit her and the pussy she had between her legs joined the symphony of pleasure. Leg shaking, her twisting tentacular appendages released their plastic prey before retracting back into her alien humanoid form.

Fuck,” she growled, steadying herself on the sink. “I still want more.”

Shaking in frustration, she decided the shower would be the only way to cool off. Looking at herself in the mirror, she willed her human form forth. Looking at her flush face in the mirror, she had the appearance that a good fucking just took place.

“I need an actual human male’s cock,” she groaned.

Seconds later, she was under the torrent of favorite hot water. The water felt especially nice and she stood for a few moments under the warm torrent. Showering quickly because it became apparent to her that it would do little to cool off her sexual appetite. She reached for a bottle of soap and heard a cough.

The shower curtain ripped away by her own hand in a flash. There, standing there like a deer in headlights, was a man. A man who looked like he was struggling with his intensifying sexual urges.

Lea should have been nothing short of terrified. Screaming at the man and telling him to go away. Instead, her bodily desires burned more intensely. With the alien pheromones still floating through the air of the surrounding area, she knew they had something to do with this moment. Hell, she could still hear the couplings of fucking couples in the building echoing through the air.

“You gonna just stand there?” She asked the man. “Get naked and get in. I’m hot and heavy.”

The man, who didn’t look half bad to her. His looks didn’t matter to her in the end anyways. All that mattered was the erect phalliclly-shaped appendage outlined in his shorts. In a blink, he was completely naked.

“Not bad,” she commented and did like its size. Hiking a leg up onto the ledge of the tub and sticking her ass out, she bid him. “Now come fuck me with it.”

No truly honest-to-self man would ever question being offered free pussy. Lea was certain of that. Even as he stripped, she had to withstand the urge to attack him. With her changes, she knew that her abilities would make that a possibility. With any physical exertion, she could have launched herself at him and tackled him to the ground. Instinct kept her from that. The time for such aggressiveness wasn’t upon her yet. A male had to prove his worth.

Willing was her guest. His clothes tossed apart, his cock led him to her like a heat-seeking missile. She pulled her ass aside, exposing the heat as a hot target for his cock. He stepped up behind her and tried to enter her. Thankfully, the angle would make it so Lea’s body reacted in a way that got him deep inside of her.

“What the actual fuck,” he groaned into her. She felt the tension in his body. Thrust after thrust felt amazing in her.

“You’re too tight,” he cried out, the only warning she got as his cock spurted into her.

“”You’re too quick,” she growled, feeling him soften inside of her. Her body broke the deposit of cum down quickly.

“Sorry, the whole situation is super hot you know?”

Lea growled as he pulled away.

“I don’t think we’re done,” she replied.

“That’s all I needed.”

Lea whipped around impossibly fast, her body helping on instinct to to twist her around. It may have looked straight out of a horror movie, but Lea’s need to breed was too great to worry about such trivial things. This weak man had the audacity to offend her succulent body and that of her goddess with his meager offering of pleasure.

She slammed him up against the back wall.

“What the hell?”

“We’re not done yet,” she whispered firmly into his ear. Her hand shot over to his flaccid dick and began rhythmically working up and down the soft length at an increasingly aggressive pace.

“It’s too soon,” he commented.

Annoyed, Lea did the one thing she could to shut him up. The kiss was sloppy in a way she liked. It felt to her like she was tasting a meal. He groaned and moaned as she worked his cock more and more. Unbeknownst to him, one of her new abilities began working itself into him.

Her pinky, the least needed and inconspicuous of her digits began to grow longer, becoming increasingly thinner as it grew. The tip of her ultra thin digit, lined up to the opening of his cock and snaked its way inside. The thin slithering tentacle started to ooze a lubricant from its tubular form.

He tensed in pain as her thin tentacle snaked in. Already though, the effects of her tentacle’s aphrodisiac began soaking directly into his sexual appendage, replacing the pain of the sounding with a ticklish tingle of pleasure. Two other tentacles soon approached his balls, opening up their tips before latching their warm and wet mouths onto opposite sides of his ball sack. The two ball-sucking tentacles began using their slimy mouths to aggressively suck and lick. A confused coo escaped him as he broke off the kiss.

“What on Earth are you doing down there?”

“Hush,” she replied, holding up a breast to his lips. “Suck.”

His lips felt amazing as they suckled like a baby on her exposed breast. She shuddered with pleasure and felt some of her human veil slip as her strands of hair combined and morphed into thicker tendrils. It was too bad that her lust could not be fully quenched by him. Already having failed in worship, his only use would be to provide another orgasm or two before being devoured by her. With his cock hard once more, Lea’s more perverse and dark side came out more and more with her growing need.

She pulled her breasts away. At the same time, she willed the slimy thin tentacle that had slithered deep inside his urethra to fork itself into two before suddenly injecting some sort of concoction into both of his balls. Everything guided by instinct, she knew that whatever went into him, would spell his eventual doom. Failing in worship was punishable by death and this man would do that. The change was fast to happen, even as she kissed him.

He spurted once into her hand, and then let out a final throaty pleasured groan. By the goddess’s mercy, he dissolved completely into the tub, to wash away with the steaming water. Every man that failed would succumb in some similar fashion. Letting out a disappointed sigh, she knew her pervers body ended even more. Thankfully, she heard heavy steps as the next male applicant walked down the hall of her apartment.

The man, looking much more muscular was completely caught off guard as Lea launched herself at him. He may even have said something, but her wild instincts for mating overpowered anything.

His hands firmly caught her, holding her naked ass as her legs wrapped around him, locking themselves firmly in place around him. Her momentum almost propelled them to her bed. Even as they landed with her straddling him, she was not deterred by the landing. Locking lips with her new potential suitor, they worked themselves up into a passionate frenzy. When Lea decided to break the kiss, it was only because she registered her crotch beginning to erupt into impatient and hungry semen-seeking tentacles.

Her fingers dug into the fabric of his shirt. Nails tearing into it, separating the threads as she ripped the man’s shirt open.

“Ooh a six pack,” she complimented with marveling eyes. She ran a hand over the ridges of his defined abs. “I haven’t had something so muscular before.”

“A lot of working out,” he replied with a laugh. She looked at him, not as a man worthy of her yet, but more as a potential meal. She smiled at him and moved back to kiss him more.

Their passion rose quickly and by now, she moved hands down to his crotch. Fingers though, did nothing to loosen up his pants or even get them off. No, she now understood intimately the wonderful new appendages she had and their helping ways. Plus, any man who did become mated to her, would know the alien sexual degeneracy that her body was capable of.

“How did you do that?” her partner asked, breaking the kiss with a gasp of air. She nuzzled his neck with a sensually hot breath as she answered.

“Magic,” she sighed as his hard length slipped into her wet depths. He tensed up and she worried that he was a quick shot. She kissed him once more, not moving as she really did not want them to be finished so soon. Though her stomach growled in anticipation if the sex didn’t go well.

The passionate kissing and playful intertwining of their tongues went on until she felt comfortable in letting him explore her body. Leaning up, she let his hands roam over her voluptuously big breasts.

“I didn’t know how sexy your body was,” he said as a compliment. “Your breasts are so full and firm.”

“Taste them,” she cooed with delight.

Lea leaned down like a breastfeeding mother and shuddered as his cock throbbed nicely in her.

His manly lips suckled nicely on one of her nipples. She resisted the urge to grow it out and really give him a meaty nipple. She didn’t know why, but all she wanted was to grow that pleasure receptacle to a max. There wouldn’t be a need for it though. Her cunt was gathering up that pleasure now. That is until her partner did something completely unexpected to her.

Her nipple plopped out of his mouth with a loudness that made her giggle. Then she slid off his shaft as his hands grasped her ass. When she thought he was going to force the sex, instead, she found herself lifted up to his face.

Lea wanted to protest the new position. Her body wanted some dick and she looked down to only see his forehead. Thankfully, she had enough moments to pull her pussy back together before his mouth latched onto the opening of her alien sex. However, she wasn’t able to return her clit to a proper and respectable size in time.

Lookis down, she saw what looked like a pseudo-penis with its thick girth. It throbbed too and she honestly would have been happy if he took it into his mouth and sucked on it. Though, his tongue slid wonderfully into her depths and she let out a moan as her depths dripped in slimy heat. She never knew how much being eaten out could feel so good.

“That’s right, lick it up. Make that pussy cum.”

She shuddered as he moaned into her.

“Enjoying the taste?”

A roll of his hips and she pressed herself down on him. Her thighs registered the heat of his cheeks on them and she shuddered. There was a creak, barely audible, but definitely a sign of somebody watching them through the doorway. She sniffed the air, and a smile broke out on her face as a third man had come to partake in offering himself up to worship. Though, as her pussy got french kissed, her throbbing clit reminded her that it needed some attention. With a sudden change of heart, she twisted her body around until they were in the sixty-nine position.

Before her change, Lea would never have had the gall to do such a thing. Hell, riding a man’s face never crossed her mind either. But here she was now, fishing his cock out of his pants and deep throating his pole like some slutty bitch. She moaned, sucking down his length deep into her throat. His tongue still lapped her up through the folds of her cunt.

Lea’s attention wasn’t on the sex. In fact, her eyes studied a skinny male, barely seen through the crack of the bedroom door. His cock was out, something she would smell as his precum dripped to the floor. That man, and she could tell by his scent, needed to get off. How backed up was he? She wouldn’t be able to tell, but she felt invigorated to give him a show while it lasted.

She didn’t think her current offering would last much longer. Even as she slurped down his rod, she could feel his balls churning with their offerings. Would it be enough to join them as they should? Lea did not think so.

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