Slept with ex fiancée’s mother, I am 31 and she is 61. Sex healed us but I feel like I might develop feelings. Pt-3 We are dating now.

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So yeah, Jade and I are dating, she told me that she is scared of the consequences, my ex fiancee Ruth will probably never forgive her, her older daughter Kim would be more understanding but Kim isn’t too fond of me since the break up. My dad and his girlfriend Wendy is would probably be cool but seeing Wendy and Jade are friends as well, it might be awkward. I don’t really care about my brother’s comment but I do see our relationship being the catalyst of our lives changing.

It’s been hard hiding our relationships, I went over to her shop the other day during my lunch break and we ended up having a quickie, her staff definitely know something is up because Jade was feeding me lunch while resting her legs over my lap. I like the routine, when she closes her shop and she seems me waiting to pick her up, she gets excited and skips to my car, watching her excited to see me fills me with this feeling of love.

I ended up spilling my heart to her that I really like her and I want to be her man, she kept asking me if I am sure because she doesn’t want to be hurt again, I told her I am eager to do anything to be with her even be cordial with Ruth and also Kim. She was quiet but holding my hand tightly, she then nodded yes she would like us to be official soon. She was leaning her head on my shoulder as we drove back. I was dropping her off when she asked me to stay the night even though I had to work, she gave a little cough and said she was unwell with a grin.

I think I am beginning to be able to match her love language during sex, she is still conservative with some acts but secretly likes the things I introduce to her, she does own a vibrator which I have started to use on her during our love making, the sight of her orgasming can. That night was me just vanilla, I joined her in the shower for the first time and she kinda liked soaping me, we slowly soaped each other and she was just grinning by rubbing her soapy body against me telling me she is my personal loofah, I am finding myself enjoying her humor more and more. I decided to call in sick and she told her staff she is having some tummy ache, she was making some leftover rice and meat with veggies but the thing I notice is that she loves cooking for me, whenever I eat her food she has that contented feeling on her face and when I say how good it is, she will just say I am lying but secretly smile after a bit.

We watched her favorite Vietnamese soap drama but this time she wants me to at all times lie down against me and wants me to hold her as she watches her show, her drama is not really my thing but I spent most the time closing my eyes against her head and just smelling her shampoo, I knew she was in the mood cos nearing the end, she would play with fingers and “innocently” grind her butt against my crotch. I pretended to not pick up her hints and just played dumb watching the show till she got cute and threw a cute fit before I just kissed her and took her to bed.

I wondered we were going at it as soon we were at her room but she decided to play some 90’s love hits and slipped into the bathroom with something in her bag. My woman apparently brought a lingerie a while back and was willing to use it. She was a bit shy coming out of the bathroom and told me not to laugh but that red black lingerie really suited her. I just told her I am so lucky to have her and started to kiss her, she pushed me to the bed and jumped at me before I regained control and stripped naked and let climb on me, she slowly kissed my legs and then slowly started to suck my cock, I wanted to please her but she moved my hand from touching her while winking at me and then just doing the gawk gawk 9000, I didn’t want to cum and had to practically beg her to hold her body, she wanted to leave to wash her mouth but I pulled her and kissed her deeply, she kissed me back and without realizing she pushed my cock inside her and slowly started to ride me, I told her to wrap her legs around me and sat her on my lap as we fucked cowgirl position but tonight after making it official I felt her opening herself more to me, she was focussed on her pleasure and I obeyed whenever she asked me to go faster or slower go at a single angle etc etc.

She wanted me to rub her clit but I got a better idea by getting her vibrator near her stand mid fucking and using it on her slit. I think she made noises that I never heard before from any woman even Ruth, she was biting my neck while practically smashing herself on my pelvis, she then stuck her tongue into my ear which I wondered I disliked at first but as I am realizing myself lifting her up and down while fucking , she whispered for me to cum in her, I did cum in her after a while and just laid back on bed with her on top of me, I was still hard and she told me to not pull myself out till I go soft, she was catching her breath heavily while kissing my chest over and over.

I could smell her sweat, cum and soap at this point and she just rested her chin on my chest and said “my man” in Vietnamese, I replied I am at all times her man from now on and she got shy again and buried her face on my chest, she asked me to stay over her place and use her car since she hardly used it, I told her I am not her boy toy with a grin intending it as a joke but she got serious and just told me to not use that word, I realized I am gonna subject her to people saying I am only with her for her money. I told her that I just want her to be with me, that’s all I ask for, immediately apologized and after consoling her with some light hearted quips, she smiled back and kiss me. I cupped her cheeks and told she matters to me and if no one likes us, it’s fine cos I rather have her only for the rest of my life.

She teared up but didn’t want to cry so I just hugged her so she can bury her face on my chest. I realized she is slowly breaking her wall in terms for relationships for me and I really need to be very careful with my words. I was still hard and she was still horny so I just initiated a slowly thrust in her, she wanted me to jack hammer her this time and after getting hard slowly and using my cum as lube, I decided to give her the best 3 minutes of her life just pounding away, I did try to pace myself cos I was scared if she was in pain but she just grabbed my butt and made sure my cock doesn’t slip out her. When I said I wanted to cum, she wrapped her hands tighter till I had no choice to to cum inside her again. She was panting and sweating before relaxing herself as I pull out of her, my cum was leaking out and she told me she would be pregnant with my baby 30 years ago.

After a while she said she will shower first and I decided to follow and just showering together cos mainly I was tired by that time, she told me I cannot sleep until she makes me some sandwiches mid showering, I proposed a bath this Sunday and she agreed. She wanted to take me shopping and I just said yes to make her happy. After our shower, she was making some sandwich from some leftover chicken and had my favourite brand of beer hand, she took a sip not liking the taster before passing it to me. While I was eating she just stared at me before I caught on. She said she is gonna tell her kids and family that I am officially dating her and I am gonna break out the news to my parents about Jade. I am hopeful our relationship will progress to marriage because I want to distribute my life with her. I have no put a picture of us cuddling as my wallpaper and she just got shy and squealed and kissed me.



NSFW: yes

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  1. Sensitive-Silver-146

    I wish you the best friend. Age doesn’t matter when you are with someone who makes you feel that way. I would love to hear more if your willing to share as time goes on.

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