Ghosts Get Physical – Celebrities & Fan Fiction

Ghosts Get Physical

Parody and Fan Fiction inspired by the TV show “Ghosts” (US version)

by Miss Pamela Lightener

(Of course I don’t own the show and the characters, and this story is just for fun. I’ve imagined the actors from the show as the characters here, and if you aren’t a fan, they are easy to discover online. Physically, Samantha and Jay are the ones best to visualize, and they are both quite attractive and sexy. Have fun!)


Samantha Slammed

“Ooohhh! Ahhhh!!” Jay Arondekar was really putting it to his cute young wife, Samantha. Standing, her back pressed up against the wall of their bedroom, She felt Jay deep inside her, thrusting wildly and well on the way to bringing them both to a thunderous climax.

Fuck, you’re so tight! You’re going to milk the cum right out of me!”

Sam was pinned, with her arms around Jay’s shoulders and her legs spread and wrapped tightly around his waist. “Harder, Jay! Fuck me harder, you fucking stud! Make me cum! I love your cock in me. Your big fat cock so deep inside!” They both loved it when she talked like that. And Jay’s cock was indeed quite fat and very deep inside Samantha.

Wild, primal grunts and groans could be heard all through the house, but not another living soul was on the estate. The decrepit old mansion and property was theirs, and they had fucked in almost every room since Samantha inherited it. The long-term objective was to convert it into a bed and breakfast and turn a profit, but for the immediate moment the short-term objective was Jay pounding Samantha’s wet and tight pussy mercilessly.

As they both steadily approached orgasm, the wall behind Sam started to crack and weaken. Plaster fell away, and Jay hurriedly pulled his wife from the wall and slammed her on her back on the bed, still inside her. He kept pumping and Sam kept cumming, and Jay finally shot a massive load inside her. Unable to move for several minutes, they remained pressed together, catching their breath.

“You OK?” asked Jay, spent and sweating, pulling out of Sam. “Yeah. Oh shit, Jay. You’re such a great lover. I didn’t know it could be this good until I met you.”

Jay beamed, still breathing hard. “You’re my inspiration, with your beautiful soul and that gorgeous body. And you’ve got skills too. I might even call you a master of sex.”

A pillow hit Jay in the face, as Samantha laughed at the reference from her past. I am pretty fucking hot, she admitted to herself. I’d do me.

Desperately in need of showers, they went off to clean up, too tired and weak for any more sexy times under the warm water. Soaping each other lovingly, they freshened up, dried off, and dressed. Now the focus was on lunch.

In the kitchen washing dishes from their meal, Jay had to ask, “How many of them were watching this time?” “Just Trevor and Flower”, replied Sam. “The usual reactions. Flower always smiles sweetly as if she’s watching two puppies playing on the lawn, and Trevor had that sad, obsessed expression, an intense longing. I don’t think he even realized he had his tongue out.”

“I don’t know how you do it, Sam. It’s weird enough knowing that they might be watching me, but you can see them too. And talk to them. Do they ever tell you how they feel about watching us, or offer any suggestions? Oh shit, what am I talking about? All I need to do is give them ideas.”

“It used to bother me a little, Jay, but I made up my mind I just had to get used to it. And then it started to get me hot, you know, having somebody watch. I didn’t know that about myself before, but now I kind of like it, especially when you do me like you did me today. I mean, I’ve got a sore back and I still haven’t completely come down, but damn, you are really something.”

Jay took her in his arms and they kissed. Releasing her, he remembered, “I better have a look at the wall in the bedroom. You know, where I almost put you through it.” Sam laughed. “I checked my ass for splinters in the shower, and I’m good. Let’s see the damage.”

A Blast from the Past

While Jay and Samantha were eating lunch, some more lath and plaster had come loose, and there were holes in the wall. Another repair, wondered Jay. What a wreck this place is. Next time I fuck her that hard I’ll pick something more solid. Then he noticed some old, yellowed papers on the floor, two sets, one folded up and sealed with wax and the other tied with a ribbon. One looked like it might crumble in his hands, so he carried it carefully to the bedroom table along with the other. “Hey, Sam, this looks interesting. Maybe there’s a treasure map so we can finally break even on this dump.”

The first document seemed to threaten to turn to powder, and Jay was exceedingly careful in breaking the seal and opening it. It was a message from a hand skilled in the quill and inkpot, written in verse:


To those who roam this house and grounds, so vital and alive,

I say you distribute this Earthly space with those who din’t survive.

You sense them not and yet they haunt your rooms at any hours,

They see and hear, observing near, and lust for living powers.

To those so rare and sensitive, who know of what I speak,

You see the dead, the spirits dread, to others mute and weak.

I now reveal a power real, as you might care to use.

To lend your corporeal self for virtue or abuse.

Invite them now to dwell within, and occupy your form,

Manipulate your body as if it were their own.

Partaking of the carnal life, experiencing all,

They eat and drink and merry make, as if they didn’t fall.

If merriment is sin to you, then halt such acts and deeds,

And quick eject the spirit back into their life of needs.

Authority you shall retain, and never will surrender,

Declare “leave me!” and immediately, expulsion shall be rendered.

So now your choice will be rejoice, or never let it be.

To let the ones in ghostly form have life as one like thee.

Or refuse the vaporous beings their moments most desired,

Cursed with nonexistence, never joining Heav’nly Choir.


Then the other packet, in a different hand, and probably not as old and fragile. Neither were dated or signed:

“If you are of a sort who might realize comprehension and derive benefit from awareness of this strangest and most amazing ability, I invite you to try, and take from it what it may offer. If you are consumed with doubt and disbelief, then know that success will dispel that opinion if you dare. And with just one success you will either cry to the Heavens to rob you of this ability, or rejoice to those same Heavens in gratitude and praise. This is for you to discover. For what is life but to acquire knowledge and experiences?

“If you are of a sort who possesses the ability to see the unseen and hear the unheard, then here is your simple charge: Say their name aloud, and grant your leave for that spirit to enter you as if your material self were their own, and thereby command this body as if they were born to it. In this manner they will be able to take part in this world as they once knew it. This will be your gift to them if you grant it. And your gift to yourself will be to immerse your soul in their own desires, emotions, obsessions, and true experiences.

“Should you, and they, find this acceptable or even pleasing, the process may be repeated as you allow.

“Fearful? Timid? Be not so! You have not surrendered all authority over your person. With but a firm wondered the Other will be expelled and you discover yourself as you were before. You risk nothing, but have much to gain! More than you know. And you may come to gain so much more than you can imagine. To this I can attest, having been such a passenger, riding the mighty steed of another’s heart and soul into the heights of passion and extasy.

“But remain timid in your dark and dull hidey hole and live the life of a quivering mouse if that is your highest ambition. Or climb to the heights of sensation and wonder. I am dead now and I leave this legacy to you, those who live today.”


“Does this mean what I think it means?” said Jay, incredulous. “it’s sounds pretty crazy, but then again I am married to a woman who sees and speaks to the dead every day.

“I don’t know, Jay,” replied Sam, clearly intrigued. “After the last few months I’m ready to believe almost anything. It could be the ravings of delusion, or an instruction manual. Did these two people distribute the same absurd notion? What do you think we need to do?”

“Sounds weird, kinda creepy, maybe dangerous. Like when we fucked in that cemetery on Halloween? I wondered we might actually wake the dead the way we carried on. (laughing) But yeah, let’s think of something.”

Wieners, Chips, a Coke and a Twinkie

They decided to approach Pete, the dead scoutmaster with that arrow through his neck. Samantha had gotten kind of used to him like that, and Pete had as well. So it was just something that happened every day to chat with a dude in full scout regalia, skewered like a marshmallow.

“Possess Jay?!” Pete responded to Sam’s suggestion. “Like come inside him and…uh…no, I didn’t mean that the way it sounded.”

Samantha laughed, knowing Pete was never one to be crude. Jay cracked up when Sam explained it to him. “Oh no, I know what you meant, Pete. But the fact is that Samantha trusts you and you’re a good guy and won’t take benefit. Let’s just try it once and see how it goes, and maybe it’s something some of us want to do.

“OK, Sam. Since it’s OK with Jay.”

Jay said, “Pete, you have my permission to possess my body, but leave when I tell you to. Go ahead.”

Pete simply wondered of it, and then he was in control of Jay, and alive again. “Oh my goodness! I’m you! I have a body!” Pete ran around feeling furniture, turning on the TV, running into a wall he was so used to walking though. “Ow! That hurt! I can feel pain. Ow. This is great!”

Jay, along for the ride, had the strange sensation of being fully in his body, feeling everything as usual, including the wall thing, but with no control. And Sam could no longer see Jay as a ghost. He had vanished.

“Pete, that’s you?” said Samantha to her now possessed husband. Jay’s body, with Pete in command, nodded. “OK, now leave Jay’s body, OK?”

In a moment Jay was back in control, and Samantha was instantly looking at the scoutmaster ghost she was used to. Jay shook his head, “Whoa, that was a trip! Everything was the same but I couldn’t do anything or control anything. Pete was in control…and here’s the freaky part, Sam. I could feel what Pete was feeling, being so excited about having a body and being able to touch stuff. I don’t know how to describe it. It was like being two people at once. I gotta sit down. That wall is hard,” and Jay headed for the couch.

Samantha pressed on, “Pete, that was great. Good job. Now do it again, and this time don’t try to leave Jay. Try to stay.”

Pete was reluctant. “I don’t know, Sam. It’s Jay’s body. That wouldn’t be right.”

“No, just for a test, Pete. The Jay will try to throw you out. We need to know if that works.”

“OK, Sam.” Jay invited Pete back in, and Pete took over. Jay let him pick up a dining room chair just for fun, and then Sam said, “OK, Pete, now try to stay in control, and Jay, throw Pete out.” In a moment Jay was his old self and so was Pete. The experiment worked. Jay was in control. The authors of the old documents were right on the money. So the power was theirs.

“Pete, you deserve a reward for your help, said Jay. How about some food you’ve missed the most?

Pete told Sam that what he missed the most were the cookouts with the kids in his troop, and what he would love was a hot dog, chips, a Coke, and a Twinkie for dessert. A quick trip to the market and a little prep and Pete was back inside Jay, savoring and reveling in a junk food orgy. Jay thought hot dogs were disgusting, and in fact all of that food was repulsive, but hung in there so Pete could enjoy what he seemed to think was a 5-star gourmet presentation.

“Oh you guys thank you so much,” gushed Pete, near tears. “I never wondered I would have that ever again. You’re the best. And you, Jay, letting me in like this. What a pal. I just hope we can do it again sometime, but all the others should get a chance too. Taking turns, that’s what I taught my scouts. Fair play for everybody.”

Pete exited Jay, leaving him full and a bit bloated, but happy for Pete. He knew there might be an appointment on the toilet later, but that was all right.

So, Who Gets to Fuck Sam?

The idea excited Jay and Samantha both so much, they could hardly keep from fucking each other’s brains out immediately. Although very married, very committed, and very monogamous, they couldn’t stop thinking about it. After all, only Jay’s body would touch Samantha, and only Samantha’s would touch Jay. It would be like a two-and-a-half-some.

They decided to tell all the Ghosts at one time:

Pete already knew, of course. Then there was,

Flower, the hippie chick,

Trevor, the yuppie Wall Street guy

Sasappis, Native American from centuries ago

Hetty, the middle aged former owner of the mansion in the 19th century,

Isaac, the (until recently) closeted gay officer from the Revolutionary War

Alberta, the jazz singer from the Jazz Age,

Thorfinn, the Viking from many centuries ago,

Nigel, the gay British officer from Isaac’s time.

It was a very raucous meeting. Samantha could hardly think straight with everyone talking over each other, mostly about food and sex. This meeting could not be called to order for more than 15 minutes, and only when Samantha had to scream that unless everyone shut the fuck up none of this was ever going to happen.

Of course, Jay only heard what Sam was saying, since he couldn’t hear or see the ghosts, which made her sound like a complete lunatic. Sometimes Jay wondered if maybe she was, but on the other hand she had been able to prove to him she wasn’t batshit nuts, and that the ghosts were real. So he waited patiently for her to command the room, and lay things out.

The first rule was that none of the other ghosts could watch. If Sam caught anyone peeking they would be eliminated from participating for 6 months. That should keep them in line.

In the end it was decided that Sam and Jay would draw names out of a hat, and that ghost would be the first to possess Jay or Samantha. Jay was beside himself with anticipation and curiosity, and for the first time in her life Sam had no idea who was going to be fucking her next, only that it would be with Jay’s dick.

The first name came out and Sam announced: “It’s Thorfinn.”

The giant Norseman had died on the property centuries ago, on one of the long explorations of Scandinavians. He was a rough man from a violent time, and his world was that of simple needs and desires. He had gotten to know Sam over time, and liked her. She was small and weak for a woman in his experience, and had much less hair on her body than he was used to, and she looked far softer.

Jay had an idea before they began. “Sam, I don’t think Thorfinn is skilled in the arts of pleasuring a woman. Or even making sure she’s physically ready to accept his dick, if you know what I mean. He’s probably only gone in dry, and the woman just accepts that’s how it is. So why don’t I warm you up a little first? And if it starts to go bad then I’ll make sure he’s out of there. Out of both of us I mean.”

Sam thought that was a first class idea, and stripped off her clothes. Laying on the edge of their bed, she pulled her legs up and invited her husband to feast on her sweet sex. Jay set right to work, gently, teasingly, and then more eagerly as she responded. He did his usual trick, teasing her clit and then withdrawing, making her ask him to return. She loved that game too, and he never made her wait long. Soon he was busy lapping up her moist pussy.

“OK, you’re more than ready for Thorfinn,” said Jay, licking his lips. “At least I’ll be fucking you too. Damn you taste good.”

Samantha’s face betrayed her desire to be fucked, and she got off the bed, naked, and summoned Thorfinn in ghost form. “He’s here, Jay.” “Thorfinn, come in and control my body, said Jay.” And then the Viking was alive as had not been for centuries.

“By Odin, by all the gods, I live!” It was Jay’s body, but obviously the Viking warrior speaking. He went through a similar routine as Pete had, feeling things, lifting furniture, and looking over his own physical form. “I am small man!” he cried, laughing. Sorry, Jay. Not mean to hurt feelings.”

He was already erect at the sight of the gorgeous naked blonde standing before him, and had a little trouble getting out of the unfamiliar garments Jay wore. Jay lost a couple of buttons on his shirt. Soon Thorfinn/Jay was naked, and he took Sam by the shoulders, turning her around, and gently put her palms on the bed, bent over. He moved closer, spread her legs aside, and went to enter her. “Sorry, Sam. Will try not to hurt too much.” But then the cock slid easily into Samantha, and Thorfinn felt the slippery warmth of woman’s moist and ready sex envelop him.

“You feel good, Thorfinn,” Sam assure him. “Go ahead.”

He thrust into Sam repeatedly, pounding her hard, slamming up against her thighs. In just a couple of minutes he released his sperm with a mighty roar. Slowing his motion, he eventually stopped and pulled out. Out of breath, he thanked both Sam and Jay. “Been so long. So long since had woman. Thorfinn forgot how good. Sam and Jay good friends. Go now.”

“No, Thorfinn,” urged Sam. “Stay with me awhile. Come to bed and hold me.” “Why? I have finished.” “I’ll show you why. Now be with me under the covers.”

They stayed like that for almost a half hour, each falling asleep for a short time. Jay enjoyed this time as well, although passively. Then Sam climbed on top of her husband’s body, occupied by a Norse ghost, and began to touch him and tease him with her fingertips and mouth. She moved all over his chest and cupped his balls. “What?” Thorfinn exclaimed. “New life?”

Samantha’s body was soft and smooth, and she rode Jay’s/Thorfinn’s thigh like a horse, sliding up and down, making her horny again. She sucked his nipples and licked his stomach. She was all over him, thinking about Jay now, and then Thorfinn a moment later. It was a very new experience for her. She wanted it all.

Samantha took his semi-erect cock into her mouth, and began to suck it in long strokes, licking the tip, grabbing the hardening member as she licked his balls enthusiastically. She tasted Jay’s cum and her own wetness. After a time she straddled the body of her husband, with the lustful Norseman in possession, and used his penis to stroke and excite her pussy and clit like a sex toy. Never having experienced that sensation, Thorfinn roared with glee, but with Jay’s voice. A very happy passenger on this journey, Jay had an idea what his wife had in mind.

Hovering above, her legs spread, her dripping pussy open, Sam lowered herself on to the biggest erection Jay had ever had. Slowly, teasingly, she took more of him in, causing Thorfinn to groan in pleasure and desire. He started to pump his hips, fucking the naked blonde wife, but Sam chided him: “No, Thorfinn. Be still. I’m in control.” And she continued her slow motion, up and down, Jay and Thorfinn enjoying the sight of her perfect breasts bobbing, and their cock disappearing into that sweet, hot cunt.

Sam kept it up for twenty minutes, stroking him slower and faster, teasing, keeping him from cumming. After his first quick orgasm it was easier to prolong the ride. Jay knew this game, but Thorfinn didn’t. But he soon learned to like it.

She started stroking her clit as she kept fucking, steadily building to climax. Thorfinn watched in fascination, not knowing what this part of a woman was and what it was for, but he soon caught on, and did his part with his fingertip. After a time, Sam leaned down and pressed her breasts into his chest, bobbing her pert ass up and down, approaching a crescendo. Faster she fucked her husband, and also her friend, and her mind was swimming with emotion and physical stimulation as he caressed her ass with both hands and slammed into her hard. They grunted and came until they couldn’t any more, and Sam lay on her husband’s body, holding him close to her, and Thorfinn felt the warmth and pleasure of her. For a long time they didn’t move.

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