GF’s Fantasy

My girlfriend (25) is a beautiful, petite Latina with a tight fitness body and a very high sex drive. Early into our relationship, she expressed a very sexy kink of hers. She said to me:

“I want you to fuck me in the middle of the night while I’m sleeping.”

I was shocked to hear this, but also incredibly aroused by the idea of having my way with her body in this way. I was certain to make sure this was something she actually wanted, as consent is very essential to me. She reiterated her desire for me to take control of her body while she was sleeping. So I did just that.

That very night, I woke up at 2 AM to use the bathroom. After returning to the bedroom, I started stroking my cock and I grabbed my girlfriends big, toned ass. She began gently moaning, so I rubbed her clit ever so delicately with my middle finger. After a few minutes, her pussy was dripping. I slipped my throbbing cock inside of her (in a spooning position) and within 2 minutes of penetration, she had her first orgasm. Her legs trembled as she let out a passionate moan to let me know she was certainly awake by this point. After a solid 15-20 minutes of using her body for my pleasure, I exploded deep inside of her tight little pussy, smacking her ass repeatedly as my cock was squirting cum inside of her. The duration and intensity of the orgasm was unlike anything I’d experienced before.

My girlfriend and I talked about it the next morning, and we both agreed it was the hottest sex we’d ever had. Ever since that night a few months ago, we haven’t stopped.

NSFW: yes

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