Flight from the Harbour – Erotic Horror

Author’s Notes (please read): I’ll be honest, I have never even considered writing erotic literature before now. First time for everything I guess, so let’s see how this goes! I was extremely inspired by worldender’s Earth: Tentacle Breeding Ground series here on Literotica, as the creativity and world-building encourages so many opportunities for different tentacle types, different characters, settings, dynamics and so on.

Some of these ideas were way too fun to stay in my head, so I had to get them onto paper and here we are. This is my own take on a spin-off, non-canon story set within worldender’s world (or Kriniverse, if you will), and is similar to their New York and Paris stories, with this one being set in Sydney. They did give me full permission to upload this, so cheers for that. If you liked their stories, you may possibly like this as I have tried to keep the tone and style consistent with those, although that is certainly a high benchmark. If you haven’t read them yet, I strongly encourage doing so beforehand (they’re super hot, very well written, and kinda necessary to find out this story).

Trigger warnings: A lot of the same triggers and fetishes from worldender’s stories are present here — alien invasion, promiscuous tentacle hordes, milking, mind control, forced partners, breeding, human livestock, etc. There is also a LOT of step-sibling stuff in this. Like, the whole story is built around it.


He had lost all bearing of time and space. All Chayse knew now was heat. The heat of warm orange liquid gushing between his lips and down his throat. The heat of sticky, slimy tentacles surrounding, caressing and penetrating him every which way. The heat of countless others like him and their wanton embrace. The heat burning inside him begging endlessly for more. The heat and humidity of a muggy thirty-four degrees Australian summer, which, despite all their apparent miracles and marvels, the Hive had very little way of alleviating. At least in their underground haven they were sheltered from the worst of it.

Still, it mattered little to Chayse. Nothing did anymore, except the next orgasm, which, as all the time, was right around the corner. The dozens of cilia engulfing and wonderfully torturing the lean twenty-six-year-old’s enlarged and highly sensitive cock made sure of it. Yet another fountain of cum burst forth, Chayse wriggling in ecstasy as his prostate was furiously worked over.

Something shifted in the wall of fleshy tentacles, slime and bodies he was bound to, as the Krinis tried to disgorge him from his place. A sense of intense arousal mingled with loss stirred within his navel as dozens of tentacles withdrew from his body, both inside and out. It was only for a moment however, as rather than falling face-first onto the spongy, wet floor, Chayse fell onto the back of a Transporter, whose many loving arms immediately set to work groping, stroking and sucking every little piece of him.

This kind of thing happened every now and then — the centipede-like Transporters would move him to different parts of the Hive for different reasons. Sometimes to help breed scores of needy pussies, sometimes to help feed the adolescent tentacles, sometimes for free time to simply roam around and enjoy the fruits of the Hive. But this time the Transporter took him down a section of fleshy corridor Chayse had never seen before.

It must have been a more isolated section of the Hive, as the echoes of lusty moans and constant squelching faded somewhat. Though various cocks hanging from the ceiling continued to rain thick, heavy ropes of semen upon him. Finally the Transporter stopped before, what seemed like any other stretch of tentacle-adorned wall, and seemingly unprompted, a section of tentacles retreated outwards, creating a gap in the wall like some kind of makeshift eldritch door.

Once inside, the Transporter relented its assault on Chayse’s cum-drenched body and laid him gently on the floor before departing once again. It took Chayse a couple minutes before coming to his senses and even longer to be able to stand up under his own power. He was in a large, open room, but it was unlike any other he’d seen in the Hive. For one thing, only about half the room was actually encased in tentacles; the rest was just smooth bare rock walls, lined with bookshelves, a desk, some chairs, all perfectly preserved like some sort of office.

But he was not alone. In one of the chairs sat a figure not quite man and not quite tentacles, but a glorious mix of the two. His whole body was the same shade of pink as the tentacles around them and seemed to ripple and shimmer in much the same way. His tendrils of ‘hair’ curled and weaved and tousled absentmindedly. His face resembled that of someone a few years younger than Chayse, with a real ‘boy-next-door’ vibe to him. Chayse couldn’t decide if he was really cute or drop-dead sexy. But the most incredible thing about him (much to Chayse’s delight) were the gigantic twin alien cocks between his legs that twitched and throbbed sporadically.

“Welcome to my chambers, friend,” he smiled warmly, his voice light and musical. “I must apologise for calling you here, away from all the festivities. It appears you’ve been appropriately enjoying yourself,” he grinned as his eyes basically devoured Chayse’s jizz-soaked extremities, lingering on his rock-solid shaft.

Chayse realised who he was now. All in the Hive had at least heard of the Queen somewhere in the Northern Hemisphere, even if they hadn’t yet felt that most intimate connection to Her. Her existence was far from secret. But Chayse had also occasionally heard hushed whispers of another being somewhere down in these tunnels. A more reserved and clandestine being, but just as fantastical.

“Are you… the Prince?” asked Chayse cautiously, through globs of nectar and slime still caught in his throat. He couldn’t help but notice a handful of tentacles in the wall tense up at his words.

“Oh please,” the stranger waved a hand dismissively, though not unkindly. “Let us not stand on ceremony, I’m not one for titles or names. We are all one and the same here.”

“I see…” The fog in his brain was making it really hard for Chayse to not stare at the Prince’s cocks. “How may I be of service?”

“My my, how eager!” chuckled the Prince. “I like that. I’m just waiting for one more to join us and then we can- Ah! Here she is now!”

The door opened once more and another Transporter slithered inside, depositing a woman that Chayse recognised all too well, even if she was caked in layers of numerous sexual fluids. If anything could tear his attention from the otherworldly virility of the Prince, it was her. Her olive skin tone had somewhat diminished and her long hair had lost most of its natural curls but she was still as gorgeous as ever. Her breasts had gone from once respectable C-cups to a colossal pair of firm, round F-cups, with those perfect dark nipples standing perpetually erect. And with those long slender legs that made up much of her two metre height meeting in the middle at her smooth, slick pussy, she was in Chayse’s comment no less than the hottest woman he’d ever seen. Perhaps even the equal of the Queen, if he ever got to see her.

Like Chayse, it took her a few minutes to regain her equilibrium. Her eyes lit up at the sight of the Prince, but not as much as they did at the sight of Chayse.

“There’s my little Chay-Chay! I’ve missed you! Although…” purred Tori mischievously, reaching out to stroke his plus-sized cock, “not so little anymore are we?”

Chayse poured his tongue in her mouth as he groped her tits. “You’re one to talk, these are crazy! And they’ve been driving me crazy for way too long.”

They made out furiously for a little while longer before a slight noise from the Prince clearing his throat made them remember he was still with them.

“Sorry, I do hate to break up something so wonderfully erotic, but I do need to speak with the pair of you for just a moment. I assure you, you are not in trouble. Here,” he said standing up, softly massaging his behemoth dicks, “why don’t you two work on these while we talk?”

The prospect of he and Tori worshipping the Prince like this was way too arousing for Chayse. They looked at each other devilishly and crawled toward him on all fours. The pair had both sucked more than their fair distribute of cocks since arriving in the Hive, but the Prince’s were unlike any they’d ever seen. They were soft and squishy, yet simultaneously firm and rigid. The contours and ridges formed elaborate swirls and textures all the way down the length of his extensive shaft. Adorable little clit-like nubs dotted just beneath the head were an open invitation for a good tongue-lashing.

As soon as it had touched Chayse’s lips it was like an electric current surged through him. Like a magician, he the made the head of the Prince’s cock disappear right down his ravenous gullet. His girth was too much to fit much more than that, but it didn’t stop Chayse trying. It rippled and flexed and thrummed with unimaginable energy, and steady drops of the most potent orange nectar fizzed from his tip.

Next to him, Tori was having the time of her life, showcasing the skill of her tongue up and down the length of the Prince’s shaft. Her fingers buried deep in her cunt pumped and spasmed in a blur, although she’d much rather any and all of the three cocks surrounding her to take their place.

“Mmm,” purred the Prince, stroking the backs of their heads. “Veryyy nice. You two would make quite good as my own personal toys, yes indeed. Perhaps something to consider later. Now as for why I’ve called you two here, firstly, a little background. Our beloved Queen, long may she lust, feels that the best way to make human life here in the Hive more pleasurable and effective is to perfectly understand you all chemically and biologically. And that is certainly most effective; we can stimulate your bodies in perfect precision, intensity and frequency. Sex, after all, is all anyone should want for in here.”

“I on the other hand, am more interested in humans psychologically when it comes to sex. You may notice I am very studious in that regard,” he said, waving a hand toward the bookshelf and desk. It wasn’t easy for Chayse, with his mouth bobbing up and down so hungrily on the Prince’s cock, but he could make out that virtually every book revolved around sex.

“Now down here, it is the nature of this new world we will make together, that everyone be treated fairly. It matters not whether once you were rich or poor, powerful or powerless, dumb or smart, loved or alone. Everyone shall lust and pleasure and serve equally, and no-one shall be denied as such, our special nectar ensures it.”

Normally Chayse and Tori would’ve been too deliriously horny to register much, if anything of such a speech, but the Prince’s words were as honeyed and penetrating as his dicks, and they were utterly enamoured by him.

“However as it turns out, this is not always true. There are cases — extraordinarily rare though they may be — where, despite our best efforts, a particular pair of humans for one reason or another end up being exceptionally compatible. It could be certain genetics, a long and complex history together, or something else entirely, but they mate far more exuberantly together than they would with anyone else. A perplexing mystery, but fascinating all the same.”

“Which brings me to you. Every time you two are put together, you copulate extremely… passionately.” Chayse and Tori locked eyes and a sheepish grin came over both of them. “Ahh yes, I see my suspicions are correct — a curious little spark between you, my eyes do not decieve. From what I understand, you were both retrieved from the same residence, I assume you had some sort of prior relationship? I would be interested to know more.”

“Well…not quite,” said Tori, relinquishing the Prince’s cock, although she still kept rubbing her clit slowly.

Memories of the day of the Krinis invasion washed over Chayse. He was staying at Tori’s apartment in the suburbs of Sydney for a few days; things had been rough at home and she all the time had a place for him. She was all the time looking for methods to spend more time together, particularly in the last few years. Growing up in different households, they never really spent enough time together to see each other as siblings, but rather more so as good friends. They were cuddled up on the lounge watching some cheap bogan reality show and with the sexual tension between them as high as it had ever been, Chayse thought if finally this was the time to make a move. But then suddenly, horrific shrieks and weird stomping and squelching echoed from the streets and apartments below, and the whole building began to shake violently.

The windows shattered and they both jumped like they’d been electrified. Barely a moment to scream came before a horde of thick pink tentacles swarmed in. They came through the doorways, the ventilation, the air conditioning; every which way you could think of. And then they did what they do best — Chayse and Tori were bound, stripped and lovingly, tortuously caressed right in front of each other.

A small prick in each of their necks sent the world into a dizzying heat haze in which Chayse’s cock and Tori’s nipples hardened and burned with unquenchable desire. They looked at each other and saw, not just a way to satisfy their sheer carnal urges, but a chance to finally indulge in what they’d both long known they’d all the time wanted. All fear abandoned, the tentacles pulled them in close together to start the first of their many frantic fuckfests.

“We’re actually step-siblings,” Chayse told the Prince.

“Siblings? How interesting.”

“Step-siblings,” stressed Tori.

“I don’t know what that is.”

“One of my parents married one of her parents, but we’re not… we don’t share blood,” said Chayse.

“I see. A curious human construct, if slightly confusing. I understand blood relations normally deter humans, but am I right to imagine then, without that relation, the two of you were having sex?”

“Even between step-siblings that’s generally seen as kinda weird. And we never had sex, but we’ve always been…” Chayse trailed off.

“Close,” finished Tori. “Closer than most. I think we always really flirted and teased the idea of it, but it never really happened.”

“Ahh, social human inhibitions! In my research I have seen time and time again how blurred and restrictive they can be. I don’t know how you handled it before. But now you’ve been freed from those inhibitions, it is clear that your raw hunger for each other has broken like a dam wall. This is no place for shame or excuses, my friends, your desires are palpable and thrilling. They should be nourished and embraced, especially if they can help serve our Hive. And for that, I have something special we’ve been working on. But first,” the Prince massaged his cocks expectantly, “perhaps we should finish up…?”

Tori and Chayse blinked in confusion and then laughed. It had been a whole thirty seconds since they’d stuffed their mouths with the Prince’s cocks, and they were only too willing to get back to it. Chayse took up the task of fingering his twenty-eight-year-old stepsister’s wet slit, and she automatically reached out to stroke his impressive shaft as she moaned into the Prince’s. Here was a man who finally understood their love. Here was a man worthy of utmost pleasure and service. And they were determined to give it to him.

The Prince cooed sweetly as he rocked his hips back and forth against their faces. The relentless pounding of tentacles and cocks for months on end had largely eliminated their gag reflexes, but their throats were still being seriously tested here. Reduced to little more than a pair of human fleshlights, all they could do was wait. Wait for him to fill their stomachs and flood their minds.

“GURK-” choked Tori, as the prince tensed up and shuddered. A torrent of orange ambrosia blasted through her airways and nose. If that weren’t enough to leave her completely dazed, the effects were significantly more potent than any nectar she’d been fed before.

“GOOOOAAAAAAHHHH!! YESSSSssshhhh,” she slurred and coughed through what little of her voice still remained. Her vision swam in and out as her every pore burned and screamed in agonising ecstasy. All of Chayse’s hand and most of his arm was covered in the explosive orgasm she’d unleashed. Similarly, Tori’s hand resembled a white glove thanks to the deluge of spunk she’d been stroking him to.

The Prince panted and slowly retracted his cocks, leaving the two stepsiblings to slump to the ground like ragdolls, on the verge of slipping into sweet unconsciousness. “Mmmm…not bad at all, my loves. You still need some work, but that was very promising. I was hoping to fuck you both together, but I think it’s best if I just take you to your new home now.” The Transporter re-entered and curled it’s tendrils around Chayse and Tori’s limp, still spasming bodies, lifting them onto its back of wriggling cilia.

Eventually, they were deposited onto a spongy floor of tentacles once more. A viscous substance plastered their faces, gradually returning them to full strength and awareness.

“Wakey wakey, friends,” smiled the Prince, “It’s going to be hard to enjoy your love lying down.”

Slowly, shakily, Chayse gathered himself up. They were back in a much busier part of the Hive. Or were they? The fleshy stretch of bioluminescent hallway seemed abandoned of tentacles and people save themselves, but the guttural moans and shrieks of pleasure seemingly emanating from all around them were the loudest he’d ever heard. He noticed that, spaced out along the wall every few metres was a sort of bulbous knot.

“They all seem to be enjoying themselves don’t they?” said the Prince cheerfully.

“Never seen this place before,” whispered Tori, also getting to her feet, her gaze regularly falling on Chayse’s ass.

“Most won’t. This is a special zone designed to facilitate Outlier cases like yours. Observe.”

The Prince pressed a hand to one of the pulsating knots, unravelling it and opening to reveal a small Cell. It was like a damp, squishy jumping castle. Inside were five supremely-endowed men bound to the walls, and one voluptuous, pale-skinned redhead in the centre. She was unbound however her eyes were obscured by a mask of tentacles. At first, she was hesitant, and then immediately turned and flung herself at a heavily tattooed biker, thrusting his cock between her tits with incredible vigour.

“We’ve run this experiment about thirty times, and every time she goes for the same human male. Every time!” whispered the Prince to Chayse and Tori.

“Why, what’s their story?”

“We don’t know, honestly. I queried them, the same as you, but all I could gather was that he was the only person she saw for an extensive period of time; she seemingly became entirely dependent on him.”

Chayse and Tori exchanged a look, but said nothing. The Prince closed the room and strode over to the knot on the opposite side of the hall. “Well, as much as we do like to figure out what makes you tick with each other, you’ll largely be left to… do what you do best,” he winked, touching the knot to reveal a similar chamber, albeit completely empty. “Home sweet home.”

The pair of step-siblings stepped inside and in that moment Chayse realised how long he’d been in the business of his ungodly hot, naked stepsister without pumping his cock inside her. The usual pungent smell of sex lingered in the room as it did elsewhere in the Hive, but this time something extra sweet twisted in the air that only magnified his craving for her. As if anticipating his intent, tentacles lashed out from each corner, wrapping around their torsos and bending Tori over in front of him, positioning her quivering pussy perfectly for him.

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