Coming home from work to a nice surprise [mmf 30s]

I came home from work to discover you on the bed with your legs in the air spread wide open. The man holding your legs up had his cock deep in your ass. You saw me and smiled. I sat down to watch from the couch.

He fucked you slowly and rhythmically and it made your breasts glide forwards and backwards. I could see from here how completely soaked your pussy was. I don’t know if it was from him fucking you before I got home or from the anticipation of me seeing your ass full of cock. Either way, no extra lube was needed.

I walked over to the bed. Your head was hanging slightly over the edge. I knelt down to whisper in your ear.

“My wife is an insatiable whore.” You moaned. “Good girl. Thank you for waiting to show me how your ass can take it.” You moaned again and squeezed your rock hard nipples. “I’m going to give you a little treat for being so thoughtful. Open wide.”

I stood up and slide my fully erect penis in your mouth. The muffled noises you make with cock in your mouth are satisfying. I run my hands over your breasts down your body. I spread your pussy open for both of us to see how completely swollen and dripping it is.

“You’re doing such a good job taking care of our cocks.” You respond with a muffled moan, mouth still full.

“I want to see both of you orgasm at the same time. When you feel her squeeze your cock hard, then you can come.”

I slide my hand further down and trace your stretched asshole with my finger. I feel you getting close.

“I’m going to help fill your ass with come” as I wrap my fingers around the base of his cock. As good as your mouth feels, I pull out and help you sit up on your elbows. “Watch me jerk him off inside your ass.” That was enough for you. Your whole body tenses as you come. I can feel his cock pulse as he fills you up.

“Both of you did a fantastic job.” I motion to the chair. “You can watch while I fuck my wife.”

I roll you over and pull you up on your hands and knees. “What a sloppy cunt and asshole, good girl.” I slide my cock inside your pussy. No matter how used you are, you still grip me tight. As I fuck you, cum spills out onto my cock.

I grab your hair and pull your head back to make eye contact. “My whore wife has earned a full pussy, too. You did such a good job being patient until I came home.” My cock pulses as I fill your pussy.

I walk over to the couch and sit down with our friend. “Please keep your ass in the air so we can watch us drip out of you. Good girl.”

NSFW: yes

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