Daddy and Me – Father & Daughter Sex

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Story Table of Contents

  1. Chapter 1
  2. Chapter 2
  3. Chapter 3
  4. Chapter 4
  5. Chapter 5

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Chapter 1

When I was growing up, we lived in a very small three bedroom, two-story house. My parents occupied the
bedroom downstairs, my two brothers shared the one bedroom upstairs, and I, being the only girl, had the
other bedroom to myself. We heated with fuel oil. Winters in the mid-west bitterly cold. During these times,
my parents shut off the upstairs and moved a set of bunk beds down into their bedrooms. My oldest brother
had the bottom bunk to himself and my youngest brother and I had to share the top bunk.

I was about ten when I started through puberty. My periods had started, and I already had very large
breasts. One particular evening my parents had thought we were fast asleep, but I wasn’t. I was laying on the
outside of the top bunk that sat at the foot end of my parents bed. I started hearing this creaking sound and
then this clicking gushy noise. I had no idea what it was, so I peeked through slitted eyelids. My dad was on
top of my mother, her legs were raised high in the air. His movement grew faster and faster until he moaned,
and soon rolled off her. I got this strange feeling in my stomach. I didn’t know what it was for sure, but I
knew it kinda felt good. My private parts were throbbing. I’d felt that quivery feeling before when we’d been
driving and my dad went fast over hills. I finally went to sleep and forgot about it.

A few weeks passed and mom had to go away for the day. My brother’s were at friends. Dad worked nights
and wasn’t up yet, and I had been watching television in my pajamas. I heard the stirring of my dad. I barely
ever got to see him so I ran into the bedroom and jumped on the bed. “Are you gonna get up now daddy,”
I’d asked.

“Pretty soon baby doll.” he said as he peered at me through tired eyes. He suddenly realized I didn’t have my
slippers or housecoat on. I’d been prone to terrible bouts of bronchitis so he said, “Why don’t you slide in
here and get warm.” I happily slid under the covers. It was really warm from his body heat. I snuggled up to
daddy. He was trying to drift back to sleep.

“Just give daddy 15 more minutes, okay baby doll?” he’d asked.

“OK daddy. “I said as I snuggled with my back to him and he went back to sleep.

I guess I’d drifted off too, because the next thing I remember is being stirred awake when his hand lightly
began squeezing my breasts. My leg slid against the lower part of his body and I felt something hard. I felt his
hot breath on my neck as he slid his hand down to my warm, wet slit. His finger just barely went inside. A
funny butterfly feeling was coming in my stomach, and he slowly rolled me onto my back. He kissed my nose
lightly and winked his wink at me and said, “How’s daddy’s baby doll?”

“I’m good daddy.” I replied.

“Oh, baby doll you sure are. Do you love daddy?”

I giggled, “Yes, daddy you know I love you!”

“Then, baby doll let’s not ever tell anyone how much we love each other or the fun we have together, because
if we do, they’ll want to take it away from us.”

“Oh, daddy, I’ll never tell, ever.” I stated firmly.

He took my hand and placed it around his erect shaft. It was warm and really hard. It kind of scared me at
first, and I wanted to pull away when he said. “Stroke it like this baby doll.” and he took my hand and
stroked it in his up and down. Nice and slow. It felt good. I could feel little ridges. Daddy sighed, “Oh, yeah
baby doll, just like that.”

“Do you like this daddy?” I’d asked seeking approval.

“Oh, god yes.” he said.

“Daddy, can I look at it?” I asked in a curious voice.

“Yes, come here.” He threw the covers back and turned on his back. His hard shaft stood erect in the air.

“Wow,” I said in amazement, “it’s so hard.”

“Mmmm…yes…that’s what happens when daddy feels good and loves his baby doll”

My hands stroked him for quite some time when he pulled me onto his chest and sat me on his tummy. Both
of his hands were kneading my breasts. My nipples were hard and aching. He pulled me down to his mouth
and began sucking my left nipple, while pinching my right I began getting really wet between my legs. Daddy
felt it on his stomach.

He laid me gently on the bed and got on his knees between my legs. He opened my pink pussy and ran the
head of his cock up and down my slit, going back and forth over my clit. It tickled and I quivered. “Oh,
daddy,” I moaned.

“You like this don’t you baby doll.” he said. “You want daddy to put his cock in you?” I nodded yes. I was
scared cause he was so big. I thought it would hurt.

He slowly put the head of his cock at the entrance to my pussy hole, pushing just the head in a little ways until
just the helmet was inside of me. He rocked back and forth taking it in and out for quite some time. I heard
that clicking sound I’d heard that night when he was on top of mom. Suddenly he grabbed my hips and pulled
me into him. His hard cock opening my tiny pussy hole wide. I felt a sharp, burning pain, but it felt good.
Daddy said “Oh, baby, daddy just made you a woman.” as my hymen popped. His thrusting became more
urgent as he leaned down and kissed me on my lips. His tongue parted my lips and our tongues danced
together. My legs wrapped as far around him as they could. His mouth left mine as his hands began
massaging my breasts and rolling my nipples. He began thrusting faster and faster. Suddenly he said, “Oh, god
baby doll, daddy’s cumming.” I felt this warm wet liquid spurt deep inside of me, then another thrust, again
and again. Each thrust deposited more thick, hot liquid in my cunt. Daddy rolled off of me and laid on the bed
beside me. He pulled me into his arms. We laid there together for a few minutes when daddy ran his hand
again down between my legs and stuck his finger inside me. He showed his finger to me and there was blood
on it, It scared me.

He said, “Don’t be scared baby doll. There’s only blood because you and daddy have only loved once. It
won’t happen the next time.” It excited me when he said the next time.

He got up and drew a nice hot bath for me. That night when laid in my bed at the end of theirs, I felt the
quivering inside of me and wished that daddy and I could love again.


Chapter 2

A couple weeks had passed since Daddy loved me in his special way. Every night when I went to bed I
would feel the wanting need burning inside. We hadn’t laid together and actually had sex since that special
day, but every chance he got he would massage my breasts or run his hand up my leg to feel the warmth of
my wet love spot.

The holiday season was approaching, and Mom had some shopping she wanted to get done. Dad was going
to watch us for the day. We always enjoyed time with dad. He worked so hard. Times were rough. Mom
had to go to work to help make ends meet. We were poor, but we didn’t know it. We were just happy being
together. I couldn’t help but hope that today maybe we would get an opportunity to love again.

My oldest brother was going to be away for the afternoon at an away school basketball game. He was the
team’s assistant manager. My younger brother wanted to go to Grandma’s, so Mom said she would drop him
off on her way to shop. “Well,” she said “I guess that just leaves you and Dad,” as she finished getting ready
to leave. She was about to walk out the door, when Dad walked over to her and pulled her into his arms.
Mom protested loudly, “John, I don’t have time for this today. I’ve got lots to do.” Finally, she allowed Daddy
to give her one kiss goodbye. I watched as disappointment replaced the wanting look that had been on
Daddy’s face. Things seemed different between them lately. They fought a lot more. While all this was going
on, I couldn’t help but wish I could hold Daddy in my arms and make him feel better. I wanted to love him,
and I wanted to feel his warm love pour out inside of me.

Dad fixed lunch for my oldest brother and me. He was a good cook, well, at least he could cook eggs
without breaking the yolks. After lunch Chuck gathered up his basketball gear and took off for the school.

Dad started dishes, and I pulled a chair up beside him to help.. Although I was ten, I still was pretty short for
my age, or maybe the counter was overly high. “I’ll help, Daddy,” I said as I stepped up on the chair and sat
on the edge of the sink. He was awful quiet. I think he was still upset with Mom

“Okay baby doll.” he said in a voice that sounded like he had lost his best friend.

I dried as he washed, stopping every once in awhile to play with a glass in the rinse water. I’d fill it up and
dump it out, over and over. All of a sudden the glass slipped from my hand and splashed into the sink full of
water drenching the front of my blouse. “What a messy Bessie,” Daddy said as he grabbed a dry towel and
tossed it at me. The water made my pale, pink cotton blouse transparent as it clung to my breasts revealing
the light brown of my nipples. Daddy grabbed a clean towel and began to help me dry myself off. I felt his
fingers as he brushed against my nipples, and it sent a quivering surge of wanting through me..

“Daddy, will you kiss me like you wanted to kiss Mom earlier?” I’d asked. He was standing in front of me.

“You love daddy don’t you?” he asked sadly.

“You know I do. I haven’t told anyone about our special love that day.” I said to reassure him.

He leaned down and kissed my lips, softly at first. His tongue coaxed my lips apart, and our tongues danced
together. He ran his hands up under my blouse to massage my breasts. It made me throb inside. I put my
arms around his neck like I use to see Mom do. He picked me up in his arms and carried me to the bedroom.
Sitting me on the bed he said, “Take your clothes off baby doll.” I willingly did as he asked. I watched with
eager eyes as he undid his belt, unzipped his jeans, and let them fall to the floor. I could see the bulge in his
underwear formed by his erection. His cock pointed straight up as he slid his briefs off. He pulled his shirt off
over his head. I loved Daddy’s chest. He had lots of hair on it. He sat on the edge of the bed and pulled me
into his arms. As I stood in front of him, he sucked hungrily on my hard nipples.

“Ohhh…” I moaned. “That feels so good.” He reached down and pushed one of his fingers inside of me,
moving it in and out like he had his cock that day. I ran my fingers through his hair and wrapped his arms
around his neck as he continued to savor my nipples.

After awhile he said, “Do you wanna suck on Daddy’s cock?” I must have given him a peculiar look because
he said, “It’s OK.” I got down on my knees and started stroking his shaft like he had shown me the first time.
His cock was right at eye level. I wasn’t self-conscious or afraid this time. I watched as my hand glided up
and down, making mental notes to reflect on when I was in bed alone. The excess skin came up over the
head concealing his helmet. My downward strokes retracted the skin to reveal his thick mushroom shaped
head. After a stroking for a while, a droplet of clear liquid oozed out of the slit of his cock. I wasn’t sure what
it was. It wasn’t thick like the first time, but it intrigued me. Daddy said, “Oh, look at the precum.” I took my
index finger and spread it over his shiny, smooth purple helmet. Finally, I leaned down and took the underside
of my tongue and flicked it over the tip. I liked the way it felt, and Daddy must have too because he made
wonderful moaning sounds. The clear liquid didn’t seem to have any taste. I put my mouth over just the helmet
at first and began sucking while my tongue danced and teased the tip. Daddy put his hands in my hair and
started encouraging me to move my head up and down more. “That’s it baby doll. That feels really good.
Daddy likes that,” and he moaned some more. I kept taking more into my mouth until I had as much as I
could take. The head of his cock pushed the back of my throat. He started pinching my nipples, then he said,
“You’re going to make a good cock sucker for your husband someday honey.”

He pulled me up onto the bed and laid beside me. We began kissing. I decided I really liked kissing. It was
yucky like my friends said it was. Daddy’s kisses were warm and wet. His hand trailed down my flat stomach
and began playing in the fine sprouts of hair on my pussy. “Oh baby your getting wet already.” he whispered
as he took his middle finger and ran it down the full length of my slit.

“Is that good,” I asked.

“Yes, it tells me you really like Daddy’s loving, and you want more.”

“I do daddy,” I said as I pushed my hips up eager for his finger to go deeper. “I’ve wanted to love you every
night since the first time you loved me. I think about it when I go to bed.”

“I think about you too, baby. Get on your knees let’s play a new love game.” He came up behind me and ran
the head of his throbbing cock down the entire length of my crack. He took his left hand and spread my
pussy lips apart and with his right hand he rubbed his shaft back and forth against my swollen clit. It felt good
and made me shudder. He guided his cock to the wet entrance of my tight pussy hole. Allowing only the head
in up to the ridge, he rocked back and forth, in and out, over and over. I liked the way it made me feel, sort
of the same feeling you get when you ride a roller coaster. I could feel his ridge every time he withdrew. He
grabbed me by my hips and began inching more of his throbbing muscle in me. Each time he entered he went
deeper and harder until his entire cock was buried inside of me. I instinctively wanted to push my hips back to
meet his thrusts. It was like I couldn’t get him deep enough, I wanted more. The sound of our bodies slapping
together filled the room. He leaned over my back and started kissing my neck. It tickled and I giggled. It
seemed to turn him on more. He reached his hands around and pulled on my nipples. It only intensified the
effect his cock was having on me, and I liked it.

“Oh baby you are so tight.” he said. “Your pussy lips are tight around my rod.” He raised up and watched his
shaft going in and out. “Oh yeah, that’s nice.” “You make me feel good inside Daddy,” I moaned as a
thunderous convulsive wave began deep inside of me. “Oh, Daddy, I think I’m cumming.” I cried out.

“Not yet baby doll.” he said in a whisper. “Let’s make this last for a while.” I wanted to make it last too
because I didn’t know when we would be able to make love again. He withdrew his penis, and the feeling
subsided. We laid down together side by side on the bed. Dad began sucking and biting my nipples. “You
have great breasts already honey. I love tits.” he said. His fingers again explored my dark, wet, honey pot,
now saturated with both our juices. Before I realized it he took his tongue and ran it down my stomach to my
pussy. He spread my outer lips apart and began sucking my clit, still darting his finger in and out of me like a
cock. My hands clutched the sheet on each side of me. I felt like I was going to explode. It was a wonderful
feeling. He stiffened his tongue and ran it in and out of my hole. “Oh, Marybeth you taste so sweet.” he said,
and I couldn’t help but thrust my hips. He was driving me crazy.

“Daddy, oh god, I can’t stop.” I cried out.

“You’re cumming baby,” he said as he thrust harder and faster with his tongue. “Let your cum run down
Daddy’s tongue.”

“Oh . . .” I moaned, unable to stop the rapturous wave. My vaginal walls convulsed with each spasm of my

“It’s okay, you’ll come again.” he replied as he helped me ride the wonderful wave to ecstasy.

I felt weak when the pulsation of my vaginal walls subsided. Daddy laid back on the bed and pulled me on
top of him. I slid down until my pussy lips covered his cock like a hot dog bun. I began sliding up and down
his shaft. His cock not yet inside of me. Cum was leaking out of me and he glided easily between my lips. It
felt good as it stimulated my clit once again. I leaned forward so Daddy could suck my tits that he loved so
much. He devoured them, sucking harder as his need increased. As I slid back, once again down his shaft, he
reached down and held his cock up so it would slide into my cunt. I began riding him harder, bucking on him
like I was riding a bronco. “Jeezus,” he said as the tide of passion over took him. He lunged harder. Every
thrust depositing a stream of hot, thick cum in me. I kept moving and he moaned with each movement. I sat
straight up on top of him and watched the expression on his face when he came. My pussy ground against his
body. When I did that he said with a smile in his voice “You cunt, you know just what to do to turn Daddy
on.” I could feel his hardness soften, but he remained in me. Cum oozed out of my pussy as I rocked some

I leaned down and kissed him and said, “I wanted to make you feel good Daddy.”

Finally he pulled out. I sat back on my legs beside him on the bed. His cock glistened with cum. I wondered
as I sat there if all little girls were so lucky to have a Daddy to love them like I did.

He ran a nice bubble bath for me again, just like the first time. He told me that we had to be very careful. I
had to make sure that I didn’t have any signs of our love on me. “Make sure you wash your pussy good baby,
if you don’t people will be able to smell the scent from cum on you later.” he said. I thought that sounded
strange, but I did as he told me to. I didn’t want anything to prevent Daddy and me being together.

Chapter 3

“No!” mom said sternly, waking me from my sound sleep. “I’m too tired.”

“You’re always too tired to make love to me anymore.” Daddy responded with disgust.

“Well, we all have to make sacrifices now that I’ve gone back to work.” she replied.

I peered through slitted eye lids. Mom’s back was turned to me and daddy laid on his back, the covers
thrown off to the side. He was naked and his cock was hard and erect.

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I leaned up on one elbow and Dad looked up at me. He made the gesture for me to shhh. I laid there for a
little while then decided I really needed to go to the bathroom. I quietly climbed down from my bunk and tip
toed past Mom sleeping soundly.

Daddy was standing in the bathroom door as I turned to exit. He slipped quietly inside and shut the door
behind him. As he sat on the edge of the tub, he whispered, “Will you love Daddy tonight?” I smiled as I
stood between his legs and wrapped my arms around his neck. He held me tight as he nuzzled and kissed my
neck. “Please love me baby doll,” he cried.

“Oh Daddy.” I replied feeling sad because I knew he felt bad.

He lifted me onto his legs. My arms still secure around his neck. He reached down and stroked his cock up
and down my slit. “Oh daddy, I love that. It feels so good,” I told him.

“I’m glad. I want you to feel good, because you make me feel wonderful.”

“Fuck me Daddy.” I said with an urgent need in my voice. He grabbed my hips and started pushing deeper. I
rode up and down. It was so tight I could feel the ridge of his cock as he just barely left my hole and plunged
back in. He sucked urgently on my tender nipples. I moaned from the pleasure of the pain. “Your titties are
getting really big baby,” he commented.

“I know. Mom said I’m probably going to be bigger than her. I hope not.

“Darling,” daddy said, “titties drive men crazy. Be happy you have them.”

I smiled and said, “okay,” as he kissed me hard and passionately.

He fucked me for a long time in and out. Pushing harder and deeper and I was enjoying every minute of
pleasing my daddy. I was so wet, and the sound that our juices made turned me on even more. “Oh, daddy, I
love that sound, do you.” He moaned and shuttered, and I knew the answer was yes.

We had been going at it for quite awhile when I said “daddy, I have to pee, my tummy hurts.” He slowly lifted
me down. I sat there looking at daddy’s cock, and I must have had a strange expression on my face cause
daddy asked me what was wrong. “There’s blood on your cock.” He looked down and saw that there was
indeed blood all over his cock. As I finished and stood up, the water in the stool was cherry red with blood

“What’s happening daddy. It doesn’t hurt when you love me anymore like it did the last time.”

“Marybeth, I think you have started your periods. Don’t be scared. Tell your mother about it in the morning,”
he said.

“Mom told me it was about time for me to start that.” I replied. “I don’t want to have periods. It’s gross.”

“Sure you do. You want to be a Mommy some day don’t you?” he asked. Then you have to have periods if
you ever want to give the man you love a baby.”

“I know all that daddy. Mom explained it to me.”

He pulled me back into his arms and kissed my forehead. “My little girls growing up.”

“Love me some more daddy,” I begged.

“Maybe we should stop for tonight since you don’t feel well.” he responded.

“No, I feel fine.” I assured him.

I got down on my knees in front of him and started stroking his now limp cock. “Ooh, you do that so good,”
he moaned. It started getting harder again. He massaged my breasts, squeezing them and pushing them
together. He pulled my body up to his shaft and wrapped my breasts around his penis. After several thrusts
his thick, white cum sprayed out of the tip of his cock into my face, down my breasts. Each spasm produced
more and more cum until I felt his cock relaxing.

“Did you like that daddy?” I asked curiously. I didn’t see the point in it, but if it made daddy feel good I liked
it too.

“Yes I loved it,” he replied as he wet a wash cloth and wiped my face and chest.

I returned back to my lofty perch on the bunk and laid there until I saw daddy return to bed. Mom was sound
asleep and daddy walked over and gave me a peck on the cheek. “Sleep tight precious,” he said as he smiled
and winked at me before turning around and crawling back in bed.

The next morning when I woke up my stomach hurt really bad. My breasts hurt and felt hot. I told mom there
was blood in my underwear. She ran a hot bath for me and it helped the ache in my stomach. She laid out the
necessary feminine hygiene supplies, and told me again like she had done before, that this was going to
happen every month. I was a woman now.

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There was only two more days of school left before Christmas break so she said I could stay home. She
made a cozy bed for me on the couch and admonished me to rest. She had to go to work, but she said she
would check in on me several times through out the day.

My cousins from the city were going to be coming for the holidays. I always looked forward to it. I envied
them for all the advantages they had living in the city. There was nothing to do in a small country town.

My cousin Rick is the age of my oldest brother Chuck. I had a real crush on him. I think he liked me too
because he always wanted me to show him my boobs. I wondered what he was going to think of them now.

The days passed, my cousins arrived, and we all gathered out at grandma’s and grandpa’s in the country. The
five mile drive was dangerous. We had had an ice storm that night. All the trees were encased in a protective
layer of crystal clear ice. It was beautiful.

Grandma and grandpa always had a big, beautiful Christmas tree loaded with lots of ornaments, big, bright
lights, and tons of silver ice cycles.

My uncle was a truck driver, and he always had a beer in his hands. Whenever we got together he always
wanted to hold me on his lap. I never let him before because I was shy, but all the chairs were taken and
there was no where for me to sit down. He stuttered, “Come over here and sit on Uncle Bob’s lap
sweetheart.” I made my way over to him and he sat me on his leg, his right hand cupped under my breast. I
felt my face flush. He started bouncing me up and down on his leg. A tingling feeling started between my legs.
I began not to like what I was feeling and I looked at my dad who seemed to sense it. Dad finally spoke up
and said, “Why don’t you kids go play.” I thought it was a wonderful idea and welcomed the chance to

Chapter 4

My mom is a very domineering woman. She controls everything and everyone. All of our friends and
neighbors make comments about how well behaved the three little McGowan children are. I don’t know that
it is necessarily because we want to be, as much as it is from the fear of what will happen if we aren’t. We
are, after all, normal kids.

Whenever we go anywhere to visit Mom lectures the entire way. “I don’t want any of you to ask for
anything.” she says. “You are to sit and behave, and remember your manners.” she cautions us. When we
arrive, she tells us as she points to the spot each of us is to sit until she’s ready to leave, “Chuck, you sit here.
Marybeth, you sit here. Billy, you sit here.” If we are offered anything, we look to her for the nod that will
either tell us it’s OK to accept, or that we should politely decline. The way Moms’ treat’s Dad hurts the most.
She treats him like dirt. I feel sorry for him. He deserves better. Daddy works hard to keep a roof over our
heads. When Mom gets on one of her tirades, she yells and screams belittling remarks at him. Dad never yells
back or even raises a hand to her. Sometimes I wish he’d speak up and tell her to shut up, but he never does.
I guess I admire him for that. I bet any other man would have beat her or left her long ago.

Their fights seem to be becoming a weekly ritual. Daddy needs me more now. I’m glad, because I love daddy
more than anyone I can think of. I know I love him more than I love Mom. If anything ever happens between
them and daddy leaves, I want to go with him.

Christmas is only a couple days away. My excitement is growing. It is difficult to get to sleep at night thinking
about it. Tonight it seemed like I had just drifted off when Mom’s voice woke me.

“Not tonight John. I’m too tired.” She said in a disgusted voice.

“You’re always too tired lately.” Dad said in a whispered, sad voice of disgust.

“Well, we all have to make sacrifices now that I’ve gone back to work. You’ll survive. If not, find someone
who can give you what you want. I really don’t care anymore.” she said in a spiteful tone.

I raised up, leaned on one elbow, and rubbed my eyes. Mom’s back was turned toward me, and Daddy was
laying on his back. He had the covers thrown off, and I could see he was naked. His cock was hard, and he
was stroking it slowly. He raised his finger to his lips as he saw me, and gestured for me to “Shhh.” I laid back
down and peered through the slit between the railing and the mattress. He kept stroking himself. I liked
watching. It made me want to be in his arms.

Mom was already asleep. Her light snoring filled the room. Mom didn’t want to make love to Daddy
anymore. I couldn’t figure out why, it felt so good. I wanted to embrace all the love he had to give.

I laid there watching for a while until I decided I really needed to use the bathroom. I quietly climbed down
from my loft and tiptoed carefully past my Mom.

Daddy was standing in the door as I turned to leave the bathroom. He slipped inside and quietly shut the door
behind him.

“Daddy.” I said in surprise.

“Baby doll,” he said in a sad, lonely voice. “Will you love Daddy tonight?” He sat on the edge of the tub and
pulled me into his arms. “Oh baby, I need you so much.” he said as tears came to his eyes.

“Don’t cry Daddy.” I said. He sat me on his lap. My legs wrapped around his waist, my arms around his
neck. He started kissing me. His kisses were hard and wanting. His breath was hot, and he was breathing
hard as he pulled one of my nipples into his mouth.

He sucked rougher on my nipples than he had ever done before. It hurt, my nipples seem to be more tender
than usual lately. I didn’t complain because it still gave me that wonderful throbbing feeling inside that I longed

Daddy reached down and slid his hard cock to the entrance of my pussy. He thrust himself up inside of me.
“Oh,” he moaned as he shuddered, “ride me baby doll. Make me feel good.”

I rode up and down on his cock. He guided me with his hands on my waist. His head bobbed up and down
as his mouth remained clamped to my left nipple. He didn’t seem interested in taking time to touch. He needs
me now, needs to feel love, and needs to give his love in return.

My clit rubbed his shaft with every downward stroke. I was swollen, and throbbing hard. “Oh Daddy,” I said,
“I love you. I don’t know if I can hold off this time, not making love like this. I’m so close.”

“That’s okay baby, Daddy’s gonna shoot his jism too.” he replied.

A few more thrusts up and down, and I felt his shaft swell just before he released the first shot of his creamy
load into me.

“Oh, oh, humph,” he moaned quietly. I closed my eyes as the quivery crest of my orgasm over took me. The
walls of my womanhood convulsed, taking my breath away.

Daddy kissed my forehead gently and ran his fingers through my long, blonde hair. He whispered, “You are
so good to Daddy. I don’t know what I’d do if I lost you.” He started crying softly.

“You’ll never lose me Daddy.” I assured him. “I’m going to live with you forever.”

His frown turned to a smile, and he chuckled quietly as he wet a wash cloth and handed it to me. He
instructed me to wash good.

“We can’t risk Mom hearing bath water running at this hour.” he said. “Make sure you bath in the morning.”

I returned to my lofty perch on the top bunk beside my sleeping brother. Daddy followed a short while
behind me.

I laid there reliving the feeling of his mouth on my breasts, the feel of his tongue flicking over my nipples. The
warm glow his love gave me made me feel like a real woman. I ran my fingers gently over my swollen breasts.
My nipples were hard and the brown around them was crinkled. A slight stream of cum began running down
my crack. It made me feel good to know that he loved me the way he’d love a woman, and not just like he
did as his daughter.

The next morning was Christmas Eve. A last, I thought. I got up early and took my bath as Daddy had
instructed. I was excited because we were going to get to open our Christmas presents tonight before we
went to Grandpa and Grandma’s in the morning.

Mom had arranged for Daddy to take the boys out for the day. She said he was taking them shopping.

I helped Mom clean house a little and get ready for present opening in the evening. We were making her bed
together when she said, “Sit down. I want to talk to you.” I did as she commanded, scared of what she
wanted to talk to me about. Had she found out about Daddy and me I wondered. If she had, she had no right
to be angry. She did tell him to find someone else, I heard her.

“Marybeth, you aren’t a little girl anymore. You’re becoming a woman, your body is changing.” she said.

‘Duuhh’ I thought, like I couldn’t tell I had these mammoth mounds hanging from my chest. They weren’t there
last year!

She handed me a sack as she continued, “One of these days soon you’re going to find blood in your under

“Yuck,” I said. “Why?”

“It’s all a part of the process of turning into a complete woman. And a necessary process if you ever want to
have a baby when you get married.” she continued.

I’m never getting married I thought. I’m staying with Daddy forever.

“You are too large breasted to be running around without a bra.” she scolded me.

A bra? I didn’t want to wear a bra. Heck, I really didn’t want boobs at all except Daddy said men love tits.

“I don’t want to wear a bra.” I protested.

“I don’t really care if you want to or not” she snipped. “You have to, you have no choice.”

I opened the sack. It contained a bra. A real bra. Not a training bra like the other girls wore. This thing had
real cups. I looked at the size on the tag, and it said 32 C.

“This is too big.” I whined in protest.

“No, it’s not,” she said, “put it on.”

“Now?” I cried.

“Yes, now. If you don’t wear a bra, your breasts will get sore, and you will eventually sag.” she said as she
continued her lesson.

My breasts were already sore I thought as I picked the bra up to put it on. Much to my dislike the bra fit
perfect. I filled the cups snugly. I didn’t like it. It only accentuated the fact that I had breasts.

Mom said, “See, What did I tell you. You are going to have bigger breasts than I have at the rate you’re

There was no way I could ever picture myself as having as big, or bigger, breasts than her. There was
something else in the sack. I pulled it out. It was a package of under panties. These were special she’d said.
They had a plastic lining in the crotch, and a place in the front and back to secure a sanitary napkin.

“You are to wear these when you’re on your period. They’ll help keep your clothes from getting soiled. You
will have a period every month,” she said as she droned on with her lecture. “It can last anywhere from just a
few days to 7 or 10. Let me know when you see blood for the first time, and I’ll make a calendar up so you
will know exactly when you can expect each month’s cycle.” she said as though it were some sort of holiday
to celebrate.

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Yippee, I thought. What a wonderful Christmas gift, a “special friend lecture,” a bra, and panties to wear for
my monthly visitor.

Daddy returned with the boys early in the afternoon. My brother’s blabbed that they hadn’t gone shopping at
all, but had gone out to visit Grandma and Grandpa. I would much rather have gone with them then had the
lecture from Mom.

It’s always been sort of a tradition to have a nice pot of hot, yummy soup and sandwiches as a Christmas Eve
supper. Mom had fixed my favorite, potato. She made it thick with bacon, broccoli, and cheese.

We all were so excited we could hardly wait to open the gifts waiting for us under the small tree in the living
room. There weren’t many, but we were thankful for any at all. Mom knew we were excited, and I
sometimes think she got some perverse pleasure from prolonging our misery.

After cleaning up, we all gathered in our cramped living room. The three of us sat there in quiet anticipation.
We knew we had to wait for the traditional speech from Mom.

“Okay,” she finally said, “which gift would you like to open first?” She asked, not really caring which one we
really wanted to open. We were only going to get to open the one she chose first anyway.

“John, give Chuck that gift in the back, Billy, this is for you,” she said as she handed a wrapped box to him,
“and Marybeth, this is for you.”

We sat there waiting for the okay signal from Mom. She finally gave her nod of okay. All three of us tore into
the wrapped gifts. She watched with a smirk of a smile on her face as the excited smiles on our faces were
replaced with disappointed frowns. Each of us had just unwrapped a gift we had received the previous year
for Christmas.

“Remember how badly you wanted these things last year? How much have you actually played with these
things? She harangued us. There was no question as to whether we had taken good care of the things we had
received. There would have been hell to pay if we hadn’t. “You kids don’t know how lucky you have it. There
are kids in other countries that would love to have half the things you have.” she scolded all three of us.

There were times I didn’t know when to keep my mouth shut, and I guess this was one of them. I piped up
and said, “Send it to them then.”

Mom clenched her teeth together, and her face got fire red. I knew I was in trouble. I looked at Daddy, and
he had a smile on his face. I could tell he found humor in the statement.

Mom said, “Watch your mouth. I think puberty is turning you into quite a little bitch.”

We finished opening the few real gifts we had. Chuck got a really cool Mighty Moe Cannon that shot a hard
plastic cannon ball. The ball was about the size of a croquet ball. We had lots of fun the rest of the evening
despite my mother’s attempt to make us all feel down.

Bedtime was early because we had to get up and get around for our holiday at Grandma’s the next day. It
took forever for me to get to sleep.

The next morning we were getting around to leave. Chuck had been fooling around with his Mighty Moe, and
had hung a blanket over the opening to my parent’s bedroom door. Mom was just coming through the door
when he fired off the cannon. It struck Mom squarely in the eye. I will never forget the expression on her face
for the rest of my life. Her eye got black immediately, and I figured we’d all pay the price, but to my surprise
she took it well. I couldn’t help but think that maybe it was just a little pay back for the way she treated us the
evening before.

There had been a mini ice storm in the night. It made everything look so pristine. The trees were encased in
crystal covers. Daddy had to drive very slowly. I wasn’t scared. I knew I was always safe when he was in
charge. I leaned forward and rested my chin on the back of the front seat beside Daddy.

“Aren’t the trees beautiful?” I said in awe.

“Yes baby doll. It’s like a winter wonderland out there.” Daddy replied.

“Sit back.” Mom commanded, ruining the moment.

Christmas at Grandma and Grandpa’s was always special. They had a really big fresh-cut tree. Each branch
was weighted down with old-fashioned ornaments, big, bright lights, and lots and lots of sparkling silver tinsel.
There were gifts piled high beneath it. Real gifts, not fake ones. Something for all of us. But, the best part of
Christmas at Grandma and Grandpa’s was seeing my cousins.

My dad’s sister Barb and her husband Bob and their four kids, Rick, Sara, Tom, and Don, always came out
from the city. I envied them because they lived in a city. It seemed like they got to go more and see and
experience things that we couldn’t living in the boonies. Maybe it wasn’t that as much as it was they didn’t
have a mother that was so strict. Needless to say, Mom never has anything good to say about Aunt Barb.
But, I like her. I think she’s cool.

I have a terrible crush on my cousin Rick. Rick and Chuck are the same age. He likes me too. He always
wants to see my tits. Even last year when I didn’t have any, wait till he sees them now!

Everyone sat around talking. Catching up on new news and reminiscing about old times. There wasn’t an
empty seat to be had, so us kids sat around on the floor.

Aunt Barb and Uncle Bob weren’t really married, but no one ever made an issue of it, except of course
Mom. He wasn’t Rick’s biological father either, but he treated him like he did the other three. Uncle Bob is a
character. He is your stereotypical truck driver. He brags too much, loves too many women, drinks too much
beer, and chews tobacco. Oh, yeah, I almost forgot, he has a terrible stuttering problem too. It intrigues me
to listen to him stammer. When he gets stuck on a word, sometimes I wonder if he’ll figure it out or just give
up. So far, I’ve never heard him give up no matter how long it’s taken him to spit the word out. He always
wants to hold me on his lap. “Why don’t you come over here and sit on your Uncle Bob’s lap, honey?” He
made me feel uncomfortable, but I knew Mom was watching, and I was expected to mind my elders. Daddy
sat on the other side of the room and, I could tell he didn’t like it. Uncle Bob said, “You’re getting to be quite
a young lady.” His hand was cupped under my breast, and he swayed his leg back and forth across my clit. I
think he knows exactly what he’s doing, but no one could make me feel as good as Daddy does. He kissed
my cheek.

Yuck, I hated it when he did that. His breath smelled like beer and tobacco.

Mom had to open her moth and say, “Yes, she is growing up fast. She’s got her first bra already.”

God, she always had to tell people all the embarrassing things.

“And,” she continued, “I think her monthly cycle is about to start soon.”

I could feel my face flush from the humiliation.

“You’re getting boobies?” Uncle Bob asked. As if he didn’t know. He’d been fondling them since I got on his

Finally Daddy said “I think you kids should go play.” I was never so glad or relieve to hear those words, and
I anxiously obeyed his command.

We all left the adults to their conversation and disappeared up stairs to play hid and seek. There was a big,
dark, walk-in closet, lit only by a singular bulb that hung from the center of the ceiling. There were lots of neat
treasures to be discovered. That’s where Rick, Chuck and I headed to hide. The door to the closet lacked a
door knob, leaving a nice hole to keep watch. We hadn’t been in the closet long when Rick said, “Marybeth,
show me your tits. They’ve really grown. Chuck,” he continued, “you keep watch.” Chuck turned and knelt to
watch for unwanted visitors. I slipped my sweater off, exposing my bra filled full with my breasts. Rick’s eyes
got huge. He walked over and started massaging them through the fabric of my bra. It felt good, and I wanted
more. He walked behind me and undid the hooks freeing my tender, swollen nipples. He rolled each between
his finger tips. Then he unsnapped his pants and exposes his cock. I was surprised. His cock was hard, and I
almost wanted to laugh. I guess I expected a cock the size of a man’s instead of that of a 13-year-old boy. I
reached down and started stroking him like I did Daddy. Then Rick said, “turn around and bend over.” I
leaned over some boxes and he took his cock and started humping my pussy doggie style. I could barely feel
it. It wasn’t long until I could feel the wetness from his ejaculation. Not nearly like that of Daddy’s. But, I liked
it because he liked me. All this times my brother kept his vigil. He never tried sneaking a peek or even acting
like it phased him. Chuck is different. I worry about him. We put our clothes back on and rejoined the family
as though nothing had happened.

The day was long and tiring. My cousins were leaving the next day, and wouldn’t be making a trip back until
school was out in the summer. Then they would bring Rick up to spend the summer with Grandpa and
Grandma. Mom was bitter. She accused Grandma of picking Rick and Chuck as her favorites. I never felt
she showed partiality.

We didn’t leave till late and I ended up falling asleep in the car on the way home. Daddy carried me in and
laid me on the top bunk. Dead to the world, I never woke up till the next morning.

When I awoke, I ached all over. I was grumpy and just wanted everyone to leave me alone. I went to take
my bath. As I undressed, I discovered it. Just as she had said would happen. There was bright red blood in
my panties. I debated whether I should tell Mom, but I knew she would see my soiled panties. I cracked the
bathroom door and called for her. She’d already bought the necessary supplies, and she brought me a pair of
my “special” under panties for my wonderful new friend. My stomach hurt, I just wanted it to go away.

Mom left the bathroom and finished getting ready for work. Dad didn’t have to work, and he would watch us.

The weather was too nasty outside so my brothers busied themselves with indoor activities. I sat on Dad’s lap
under a blanket and watched TV with him.

Daddy Kissed and cuddled with me. He was so loving. He told me we’d have to take more precautions with
our love making from now on. Now that I was a full woman. I could tell his cock was hard and he was horny
as he talked to me.

“Daddy, do you want to make love now?” I asked, not really feeling up to it, but wanting to please Daddy, I’d
do it for him.

“Yes, Daddy wants to make love to you very badly, but I know my pumpkin doesn’t feel good, and now
really isn’t a good time.” he said.

Chapter 5

I leaned my head back on his shoulder. Dad fondled my tender breasts gently. They felt feverish to touch. He
went and got me an aspirin for the aching, then continued to cuddle and caress me. I think my nipples are
harder than they’ve ever been. His finger tips lightly grazed across them. It sent shivers of wanting in me.

He unzipped his pants beneath the cover, and pulled his fully erect cock free. I began stroking him, and he
whispered, “Just jack me off baby.”

“Oh Daddy’s you’re so hard. Tell me what it feels like when it throbs.” I asked, eager to learn how it felt to

“Yes, darling’, it’s really hard. My balls are full of cum that needs released. When I’m hard and throbbing like
this, sometimes it feels like I can’t fuck hard enough or long enough. I just want to be inside of you. I want to
feel your love hole tight around me.” he said. “You like that too, don’t you baby?”

“Mmm, yes,” I said as I continued to stroke him. I closed my eyes and made a mental recording of how
wonderful his strong, hard cock felt. It was huge compared to Rick’s. I could feel the hard ridges his muscle
made under his skin, and trailed my finger up the underside lightly over the big vein that popped out. He
flinched and moaned. “Daddy,” I asked with a question in my voice, “were you watching Uncle Bob
yesterday at Christmas?”

“You mean when he was playing with your tits? Yeah, I saw it.” he answered.

“I didn’t like it, Daddy. It wasn’t anything like I feel when you touch me.” assuring him.

“I know baby. It’s like I told you. Men love boobs, and you have a pair that knock them dead. Don’t let
Uncle Bob bother you. He’s a harmless ass hole.”

I’d rarely heard my dad curse, and even more rarely seen him drink.

His cock was seeping precum and it was really slippery. I started varying my rhythm. I’d speed up and slow
down. I’d pull his foreskin back all the way then pull it all the way over the head allowing more lubricant to
ooze out. I longed to feel him inside me.

Daddy ran his hand up my leg. I instinctively spread them, wanting his fingers inside of me.

“Please Daddy,” I whispered, “I want you so bad. I’ll never turn you away like Mom does.”

“Oh baby,” he moaned, “it’ll be messy.”

“So, messes can be cleaned dup. I’ve heard you say that hundreds of times.” I slipped my panties off.

“Oh. . .” he said breathlessly as I sat on his lap. “You’re Daddy’s cunt.”

My back was to him, and he held his juicy cock up and easily slid it in my slippery pussy. With the
combination of all his pre-cum and the blood from my period he glided smoothly and easily into my warm, wet
love canal.

I leaned back against his hairy chest. His hands cupped my breasts while he bucked his hips as he fucked me.

My brothers passed through the living room for various things a couple of times. Daddy would stop thrusting
and just pretend to be holding me. I could feel him make his cock move with his stomach muscles. It only
made me hotter and desire him more.

I don’t know what it is, but I want to be fucked like I’d never been fucked before, too. Maybe it has
something to do with being a real woman now and my new friend.

Daddy was close. I could feel his thickening. I was at the brink too.

“Don’t make too much noise.” Daddy admonished as he thrust a few more times and silently released his load
of cum. His breath was hot on my neck. He was good at sensing when I was close. Having to stifle our desire
only succeeded in increasing the effects of the rapture.

I collapsed in Daddy’s lap. His cock still in me.

“I wish I could keep my cock in you forever,” he whispered. “You like being my lover don’t you, huh?” he

I turned around, looked in his eyes and said, “Yes, I love you.” I leaned down and kissed him long and hard.

Daddy picked me up in the blanket and carried me into the bathroom. He started water for a nice refreshing
bath. His cock was streaked with blood, and blood diluted with his thick cum ran out of me.

The monthly calendar Mom made was hanging on the door. She had quickly scratched a big red X on the
date the following month when I should expect my next period.

“What’s this?” Dad asked.

I told him and he said, “Well, the bitch doesn’t do too much right, but this was a good idea. It will help us
know when we have to be more careful.”

“How?” I asked, “and what do we have to do to be careful.”

“Usually two weeks before you start your next period, you release an egg, and it’s at that time if one of
Daddy’s squiggle tad poles meets one of your eggs, that you can get pregnant. But,” he continued, “I have
something special to keep that from happening.”

Oh great I thought, not another special friend.

“They’re called rubbers.” he said. Then he reached up in the cupboard and got a package out. “This is a
rubber.” He opened the package. His cock had gotten hard just explaining it to me. He held the rubber on the
tip of his cock as he unrolled the sleeve down his shaft. I sat on the stool and he walked up to me. I started
stroking him while I watched the rubber get thinner at the tip as I stroked down. The precum kind of made
tiny bubbles beneath the rubber film over his mushroom head.

“Suck me Marybeth,” he coaxed. “Suck my rod.”

I opened my mouth over his rubber-covered cock. He thrust his hips back and forth forcing his cock in and
out of my mouth. I took my fingers and gently played with his balls. They were full and heavy again.

“Yeah, rub Daddy back there.” he said indicating the thick expanse between his balls and his rectum. Dad
bucked harder as he reached down for the nipples he loved so much. His hips moved faster and faster and I
could feel the hot liquid he shot as it hit the thin rubber barrier.

“Oh, you fucking cunt.” he said. “You are so good.”

I watched as he removed the rubber. It stretched from the weight of the cum he had just deposited in it. I
rolled the end of the bag between my fingers. It was slippery and I liked the way it felt.

“Darling’, those are all of Daddy’s unborn babies.” he said as he flushed it down the stool.

I got in the tub, and this time Daddy washed me very lovingly and gently. I think I shocked him when I said,
“Daddy, can I have your baby?”

“Baby, people don’t understand relationships like ours. They think it’s bad.” he said. “They would never
understand or accept a situation like that.”

“Our relationship isn’t bad Daddy. Having a relationship like you and Mom have is bad. I want it, and
someday I want to have your baby.”

He said, “We’ll see baby.”

I think he probably thought the topic was a little too much for me to understand. It was okay. I was content
to be Daddy’s lover and little girl.