Company Cuckold – Part 3

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Story Content: MM+/F, MM, MF, Inter, FemDom, MDom


Part 3 (Chapters 7 to 10)

Continued from Part 2



I worked so hard cleaning the office that evening. My
anger over my paycheck was no longer raging, but more like
cool lukewarm.
I had become pretty efficient at performing my
janitorial duties and working the office cleaning schedule.
Tonight however, Joe wanted a new coat of wax on all the
tile floors as well as his office carpet shampooed.
I hated big Joe for what he and my wife were doing and
had done to me. However, it was odd, but I couldn’t help
but admire his confidence, good looks, the masterful
dynamic way he carried himself, and of course the way he
pleased my wife and seem to have her under his control.
I understood why I was so intimidated by him, but yet
couldn’t understand why I continued to be a total fool for
him. I knew my wife’s feeling for him was partly the
reason. However, whenever he would speak or order me
around, it just seems that it was the right thing to obey


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