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This was the day of our wedding, everything was planned and ready to go. There was one plan that my Wife never told me about. She had something to surprise me with. What she had planned for our honeymoon ill never forget.

It was time for the wedding, it was summer, so being in a tux wasn’t the best thing. I was at the alter waiting for my gorgeous, soon-to-be Wife to walk down the aisle escorted by her dad. I was so nervous, my knees felt like they were knocking together. Time felt like it was standing still. “There she is!” I heard someone shout out from the family members that have gathered for our wedding. My head quickly shot up in anticipation, there she was in her beautiful dress. She looked stunning in it, I felt like the happiest man alive right now. I felt so lucky to soon be able to call her my Wife, even though we were total opposites.

After the wedding, we went to the reception hall for the party. We did the usual dancing and toasts to the bride and groom. Everyone was getting a little bit tipsy as the party went on. My Wife was a party girl back in school, I don’t think I ever saw her throw up or pass out. She could handle her liquor, back in school she could out-drink most of the guys. Even though she would get wild when she had too many.

The party came to an end, it was time to say our goodbyes to everyone. Our flight was the next morning, so we already had our stuff packed for the trip. She didn’t tell me until we got to the airport where we were going. When we got to the gate to board she said,” We are going to Jamaica Hunny, surprise!” “Are you excited Hunny?” the only thing I could say was,” As long as it’s with you I don’t care where we go.” she gave me a big kiss on the cheek as we boarded the plane.

Once we found our seats we put our luggage in the right compartments and sat down. As we sat down she said, “There is one more thing” she reached into her purse. It was a black sleeping mask. “What is this for?” I said. Then she instructed me once we get to the hotel room I was to put it on and lay down on the bed. I got all excited thinking about it. She was sort of kinky in the bedroom but she never used a blindfold on me before. “What did she have planned?” I wondered to myself.

The plane finally landed and we departed to go get our luggage from the baggage claim. We picked up our suitcases and found our way to the exit. I hailed a taxi, we loaded up our luggage and then we headed to the hotel. As we got closer the taxi the driver said,” What brings you to Jamaica?” my Wife is the social one and said,” It’s our honeymoon” then he said,” From the destination you’re going to have a great time!” which got me thinking,” Where are we going, babe?” I said. “We are going to experience “Hedonism II” Hunny,” she said. “So we are going to a clothing-optional resort?” I said nervously. “Don’t worry Hunny you don’t have to get naked if you don’t want to” she said laughingly. She knew I was sort of insecure about being naked in front of strangers.

We finally made it to the resort and it was gorgeous. Crystal blue waters, white sandy beaches. The hotel looked so nice as we entered the lobby area. We checked in and we headed to our room, she booked the premium suit for us. She looked at me and said,” Remember what I told you?” ” Yes, babe I remember, put on the mask and lay on the bed.” “Great!” she replied!” as we were walking to our room.

When we got to the room I put the luggage away and put on the blindfold as she instructed me to. Then she took off my shirt and pants leaving me only in my boxers. She pushed me onto the bed and started to tie my hands down to it. The only thing I could move was my legs. I said,” Oh getting kinky are we?” Then she said,” You haven’t seen anything yet, Hunny!” I heard the door to the hotel room open and then shut. ” Babe!!” I said multiple times, no answer. I thought to myself, ” Great she left me here all tied up, is this a joke she is playing on me?”

I heard the door open but I could hear multiple footsteps. She said,” Let me get ready Hunny.” When she was all ready she said,” Close your eyes” as she took off the blindfold. Then about a min later she said,” Okay, you can open your eyes now!” there she was on her knees sucking off five tall dark Jamaican men, in nothing but the sexy white lingerie she bought for the honeymoon. I was overcome with anger, ” How could she do this to me I wondered?”

She was sucking those enormous cocks as I’d never seen before. They were gagging her because they were so big! As I lay in the bed tied to the headboard I can see her switching between the five of them, keeping them all hard as a rock. The Ugg! Ugg! Ugg! and slurping sounds of her taking all those cocks to the back of her throat. Spit ran down into her cleavage.

She finally said,” Does this turn you on Hunny?” I said with a disappointed response,” No babe, I wondered this was supposed to be our time to consummate the marriage?” she began to suck their cocks again, then took another break from sucking, still jerking their enormous cocks,” You better get used to it because I never told you, but I was a big slut in school.” “I’m surprised you never found out.” She said laughingly. ” Oh my god, so you’re gonna make me watch you take these cocks?” Then one of the Jamaican men said,” Shut this fool up man, he talks too much” so one of the men came over and shoved a sock in my mouth and tied a gag around it. The only thing they could hear were mumbling from me now.

Then one of the Jamaican’s stood my Wife up from sucking their cocks and put her across my body with her feet hanging off the bed. He pulled her thong panties off in one fast motion. He spread her legs to reveal her tight wet Pussy. He said,” Are you ready to see her take a real cock?” as I shook my head no, he took his enormous cock in his hand and began to push it into my Wife‘s tight Pussy. She let out a load moan, ” Yes, you are so enormous!!” he pumped back and forth going deeper with every stoke. ” Yes, fuck my tight white Pussy with that enormous cock baby!!” Oh fuck yes!” “Make that Pussy yours!”

The rest of the guys joined in as well, they took turns being jerked by her tiny hands and fucking her mouth. She was moaning so loud on there cocks, as they took turns, spit drooling out onto my stomach. ” Fuck my mouth, make me gag!!!” “Treat me like the little slut I am!!!” she said. They took her to the other side of the bed and threw her onto her back. They spread her legs wide as they took turns fucking her tight Pussy with their cocks making her Orgasm over and over again onto there cocks covering them with her thick Pussy juices.” Fuck me hard, faster, make me come like my husband can’t do!!!” “Oh yes!!, mmmm fuck me!!” she says as they are fucking her tight Pussy and mouth making a mess all over her.

One guy lays on the bed and pulls her up onto his cock. He pushes his cock into her Pussy and she lets out a subtle moan,” Oh yes..” “Now put another in my Ass” she instructs the other guys.One guy walks over and pushes his cock into her asshole as she lets out a slight “Ahh!” Now she is being DP’ed by two large cocks stretching out both of her holes very wide. Pumping both of her holes simultaneously, I think to myself,” I don’t think ill ever be able to feel her ever again after this.” They are now switching back and forth using and stretching all her holes out. I can see in the mirror above the bed that her Pussy and Ass are now so stretched out that they stay open making it easy for them to fuck her now. They keep this up for like an hour it felt like and finally begin unloading their cum into her Pussy and asshole. Every time one guy comes in her she lets out a load,” Mmmmm!!” “Give that cum to your little slut!” ” Mmmm, yes baby give it to me!” when they are all done coming in here they pick up their clothes, get dressed, and leave the room, leaving my Wife on the bed with their come dripping from all her holes. She turns to me and says,” That wasn’t so bad was it?” with a big smile on her face.

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