Mario and the Princess Pt. 01 – Fetish – Free Sex Story

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Mario could barely open his eyes after all the adventures from last week, feeling so tired mentally and physically, but he knew the Princess is going to need him so he tried his best to sit up from his bed and turn off the alarm just before he walked up to the window and looked at the Princess’s palace shine with the sun light lighting up the whole mushroom kingdom.

He took a deep breath and started dressing up knowing the Princess is going to need him every morning. So he skipped his breakfast and just hurried outside into the wilderness, staring at the gorgeous Princess Palace from afar as he started running towards it, almost already hypnotized by the shiney pink and diamond castle.

He had to ignore all the mushrooms and speedrun all the way into the Princess’s castle, feeling insignificant when he reached the main gates he approached the guard toad completely clueless about what the guard was going to tell him.

“OH GOD! The Princess has gone missing Mario, the palace is freaking out, we woke up but didn’t find Princess in her bed. YOU NEED TO FIND HER MARIO!” said shockingly the poor toad hopeing Mario is going to save the Princess as all the time.

“Oh noooo~ Mamamia, Not the Princess, did she leave anything behind?” asked Mario as he was rushing inside the castle to look for clues.

“Only some of her clothes and a note we couldn’t read, please save her Mario.” the toads cried as he said almost begging Mario to save her.

Mario speedruns the whole palace all the way into Princess’s room, just to figure out Princess left the new dress Mario bought her with all his saved coins for months on the ground but torn up from middle, almost like a monster tried to enter. He gasps and tears form around his eyes as he holds the Princess’s expensive new dress in his hands trying to sniff it before he even realized there is a note next to the bed.

He wiped his tears and picked up the note.

“Oh em geeee~ Mario, I had to leave my room really early this morning. Like all because Mr Bowser wanted to take me on a date in his castle. But I’m sure my perfect hero, Mario, is gonna be in time tonight to save his Princess with 3000 gold coins as her gift to take her back.

Sincerely, Princess Peach (with a big pink lip mark and a whole bunch of glitter all over the note paper)”

Mario started crying knowing Princess might feel so lost right now because he isn’t around to protect her, so he wipes his tears and takes the note with him as he runs really fast speedrunning outside taking the maps he needs in his way to discover Mr Bowser’s new castle right outside the mushroom kingdom.

He was jumping over all the pipes and the enemies who now got some new weapons from Mr Bowser to try to kill Mario and his friends. Even getting hit by them a few times almost forgetting he has to bring Princess 3000 coins as a gift for saving her. Now he couldn’t just run over all the enemies and had to do all sorts of dangerous stuff as all the time just to bring the spoiled Princess what she wants. He had to fight some scary monsters trying to go down some dangerous pipes hoping he would discover a treasure chest for Princess, but no, it looked like Mr Bowser already took all those so Mario had to collect the whole 3000 coins one by one from very dangerous corners.

Finally the day was over and it was getting late when Mario finally was able to discover Mr Bowser’s new creepy dark castle over some massive hills he had to climb now trying to discover the last few coins to reach 3000 in his way up.

He could swear he could hear Princess’s voice screaming Mr Bowser’s name and begging him to do something harder. But he couldn’t believe his ears and wondered it was just his imagination from being so mentally tired from last week.

But no, the voices kept getting stronger and stronger the closer he got to the castle now looking up at the scary black and dark castle with almost no one guarding it this time. He was really spooked by the voices coming from the halls of the castle, thinking surely it’s coming from the dungeons underneath as he walked down a whole scarry stairway now hearing Princess more clearly.

“Gaaawwwd~ Bowseeer, You filled my tummy with so much cream alreadyyy, I can’t take more.” Princess was moaning and screaming like crazy as Mr Bowser only grunted like a brute.

When he reached the bottom of the stairs, he could see a massive door opening into a shiney room. He peaked from the door just to see the Princess sitting on top of Mr Bowser’s massive monster dick barely able to fit the tip of that monster inside Princess’s small pink and cute but now dirty hole.

Mario couldn’t believe what he saw, and burst into tears in front of the opening. Princess saw him first since Mr Bowser was busy playing with Princess’ new bouncy mommy milkers.

“OMG MARIOOOO~!! You are tooo earlyyyyyy, I wasn’t done playing with Mr Bowser yet! Ugh! You are so annoying with all this speedrunning stuff recently.” Princess rolled her eyes and bounced and stomped like a brat mad at her parents for not getting her what she wanted.

“I-I’m so sorry Princess Peach, b-but I thought Princess needs to be saved like every day.” Said Mario with his eyes filled with tears while he was on his knees staring at the horror scene in front of him with Mr Bowser’s monster inside Princess’s elegant royal holes with a whole sloppy and dirty mess around them, cream dripping from every inch of Princess’s holes and face as she pouted at Mario.

“NO! Stupid Mario, I wasnt done playing with Mr Bowser, are you stupid? You could throw yourself into some lava pit or something to take more time so Princess is done when you’re here!” cried the Princess like a brat as she waved her white elegant naked legs in the air with her white silk gloves rubbing her holes while sitting on the massive monster.

“STUPID MARIO” grunted Mr Bowser as all the time being a violent savage as he grabbed Princess by her hair and shoved more of his dick inside her making all the goo inside her overflow and squirt all over the room infront of Mario as his massive monster dick made Princess’s small waist and tummy bulge like crazy stretching her holes with no limits.

Mario felt his knees tremble having to watch this horrible scene, tears all over his face as he looked up at them still playing without any care about him, as Princess started moaning and screaming again rubbing her dirty holes with her elegant silk white gloves as her legs waved in the air freely with her new pink heels dangling off her toes almost dropping them on the floor with each pounding.

“I- I brought your coins, P-Princess Peach.” approached Mario feeling so awkward just standing there like that as he put down the big bag of coins he was collecting for Princess all day long, unable to keep his eyes away from Princess’s perfect toes in her pink platform heels.

“Ugh~ why don’t you count them for me one by one and put them in a much nicer silk bag for me while I’m playing with Mr Bowser?” whispered the Princess before she started screaming like a dirty slutty hoe as Bowser pressed her on his monster again making her holes gape and queef dripping with so much monster goo as Mario started counting his coins for Princess one by one and loud enough for her to hear as he kept wiping his tears not able to keep his eyes away from his gorgeous slutty bimbo Princess, her bouncy round massive tiddies and jiggly perfect curves jiggle up and down.

The Princess bounced and jumped on the monster cock with the sound of each coin dropping inside the bag going faster and faster and faster till Mr Bowser’s grunts got louder and more violent making the whole room shake as Mario just kept staring at them terrified out of his mind as Bowser flooded the slutty but perfect bimbo Princess Peach’s holes with the biggest amount of goo they have all ever seen as her tummy bulged and all the goo overflow and explode out from her holes covering the whole room and Mario with so much stinky and sticky monster goo as Princess screamed Mario’s name over and over.

Mario was shocked, unable to say or do anything after what he just saw happen in front of him. Now Princess was looking at him with so much goo dripping from each hole in her body while she was panting with her mouth open and tongue out making the sluttiest ahegao face in the mushroom kingdom as she dropped her pink platform heels on the floor revealing her perfectly pedicured toes as she almost passed out on Mr Bowsers monster.

“… 2997… 2998… 2999…”Mario was counting the last few coins after hours of counting them right there in front of the monster and the Princess finally realizing he missed one more coin or maybe even he just miss counted them when he was so terrified of what was happening, but nevertheless he still needed one more coin to make up to what Princess Peach wanted. “Ummm, P-Princess, I-I’m sure there has been a mistake.” Mario looked up at the Princess still sitting on top of Mr Bowser’s monster but with her holes open and gaping Free now while she was panting like a dirty little slut rubbing her holes as they leaked and dripped the goo making a big sloppy puddle under her.

“Huuuh? You couldn’t even get my daily 3000 coins for saving me stupid Mario? And you really expect me to let you save me dummy?” gasped the Princess as she looked at him with shocked expression “Omg and ya thought ya gets to see my perfect lil toes for freee?” and hid her feet away from Mario putting them under Mr Bowser’s monster while she was sitting on it like it was a throne made for her.

“M-Ma-Mario is so sorry Princess Peach, I’ll go get your last coin right now, I-I’m so sorry for being a stupid hero Princess!” Begged Mario looking up at the Princess with his eyes pleading for her to forgive before getting slammed in the face with Princess rolling her bratty eyes at him making him almost faint at her beauty like the stupid simp he was.

“Ugh~ No! Mario can leave all the coins here, and go back home and come back to save Princess tomorrow with double the coins instead!” The Princess kept bitching like the bratty spoiled Princess she is as she pointed to her pink platforms that she dropped into the sloppy puddle of goo on the floor and pouted at Mario asking him to put them back on her feet for her.

“Oh M-Mamamia…” Mario blushed as he crawled on his hands and knees closer to the puddle of goo in front of Mr Bowser while he was taking a nap with the Princess sitting on top of his monster and picked up the pink platforms off the floor with the sticky goo dripping and making them sticky to the floor and Mario’s hands now as he held them up for Princess’s perfect feet to wear. And just when Mario tried looking up to see if Princess was going to wear them or not he got hit with another bratty eye roll from the Princess just 2 seconds before a hard slap in Mario’s face from Princess’s royal feminine hands in the perfect white silk gloves making his right cheek all red.

“Gawd, did all those mushrooms you use ruined your brains to be this dumb Mario? I can’t put my perfect feet in them if they are so dirty~! Clean them up, dummy!! And you already know how I like them cleaned Mario” Princess Peach kept bitching just before leaving another red cheek on Mario’s left side of face as she kept her toes hidden under Bowser’s monster.

Mario rubbed his cheek feeling the burn on his face before she held them both up like they were the most expensive piece of jewelry in the world staring at the glizzy pink platforms before he started to put his tongue right on the goo dripping off them as he started to lap up all the disgusting sticky monster goo off them feeling his mouth already filled with it even before trying to drink and lick up anything that’s inside them.

Mario looks up with his eyes filled with tears and his mouth dripping and filled with the Monster goo. Then keeps gonna drink up all the goo as Princess bounced and clapped happily on top of her Monster throne cheering up Mario as he kept gulping down all the goo off her platforms making them spotless for her till she finally lowers her feet offering them to Mario to put her platforms back on for her.

Mario couldn’t breath and blacked out for a moment from the beauty of the Princess feet in front of him covered in some goo as he gently slipped the platforms right on the Princess’ feet helping them fit perfectly before he was slammed in the face by the Princess’s feet just as she placed her hole on the monster’s tip again letting it slip into her ruined gaping hole as she wakes up Mr Bowser for more fun while pointing to the exit door for Mario.

“B-b-but Wont Princess Peach be scared in a dark stranger castle without her guards and hero to save her if I don’t take Princess back home tonight?” begged Mario for saving his Princess as the loud grunts of Bowser came back silencing him as he looked up at his perfect Princess Peach.

“MARIO LEAVE, PEACH MINE!” Bowser Grunted at Mario with Princess already back to bouncing on his monster waving at Mario as poor Mario walked slowly looking back at them slowly leaving their room leaving all the coins he made for Princess there as he hears Princess’s butt cheeks slap agains the monster as she bounces and jiggles up and down letting Bowser use her as his royal bimbo fuck toy as the hero, Mario, had to leave the castle to come back save the Princess tomorrow.


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