Company Cuckold – Part 2

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Story Content: MM+/F, MM, MF, Inter, FemDom, MDom


Part 2 (Chapters 4 to 7)

Continued from Part 1



“Morning Peter!” Spoke Joe Benson the president of
the company. “Come! Let me show you to your office.”
As I followed him, I seem to notice a discernible
smirking grin on the face of his secretary Rita and one of
the other women in the office as we pass their desks.
He led me to toward the back of the office.
“Here we are Peter.” He smiled as we came to the door
that said MEN’S ROOM on the big brass plate on the door.
Our office space is a bit short so I decided to put you in
here for starters. Your office will have more space than
even mine.” He said grinning flashing all his teeth.
I was dumfounded. I tried to find words to speak.
Before I could utter a word he put one of his big hands on
my shoulder and pushed me in before him. My feet just seem
to follow.
There just inside the door in the corner was a fully
equipped office desk with my name plate on it.
“See how much space you have?.”
I gave him an incredulous look. I soon regained
enough mental composure to speak to him.


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