Chastity Dreams Pt. 01 – Fetish – Free Sex Story

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In order to find out why his dreams are so vivid and intense it is probably best to know a bit more about him and his wants, needs, fantasies and frustrations.

In terms of physical appearance, he would not consider himself handsome, although he does sometimes think he is starting to look slightly better with age. At 45 he still has a full and thick head of dark brown curly hair which he has started to grow out, dark brown for the most part, but with more and more patches of grey. He has a full beard which he will grow and then cut back depending on his moods but it is rare that he will shave his face completely. His chin has even more grey streaks than his head and he has given up worrying about them, even his Wife Claire no longer attempts to use her tweezers to try and remove any.

His eyes are a cool grey which gives him quite an intense gaze, but he does try to counteract this by smiling more and laughing as much as feasible.

He has a thick neck and broad shoulders above his long torso, but his shorter legs have prevented him quite reaching a full six foot in height. He blames his body shape as the reason for being over his ideal weight, but deep down he knows it is his Love of beer and good food which are the cause of his Love handles and soft belly, a sedentary profession in accounts does not help greatly as he spends more time sitting than standing while at work, and he has never quite found the time or the energy to join a gym.

He likes to wear comfortable casual clothes; large t-shirts, baggy jeans, trainers, but he can scrub up nicely in a shirt or suit when the occasion requires.

Beneath his clothing he has all the time been quite hairy, but will now trim down his chest and belly hair and normally keeps his pubes and balls completely shaven.

Recently he has started to trim his leg hairs, but is growing these back after going overboard one weekend and shaving them completely for Claire, an evening which had ended with him playing dress-up with his Wife.

He will sometimes have his toenails painted. Deep red or purple are his favourite, but he will also go for a pale pink occasionally if his Wife has him wearing a pink plastic cage rather than a metal one.

The cage? Well, that is the one thing he will almost all the time be wearing although there is only one other person who knows that: his key holder; his best friend; his soul mate; his Wife.

His cock is a nice size. Claire had described it as perfect for her before she had given him his penis envy complex. He has spent a lot of time measuring and comparing it to the cocks of other men, either by images on the internet or the Porn he watches. When soft it is just over five inches from tip to base and measures almost five inches around, the foreskin covers part of the head, but it isn’t too tight and will pull back easily. When he becomes erect it will stand straight and proud, curving ever so slightly upwards, reaching seven inches in length with a girth of six inches, his foreskin is then below his fully exposed head, almost as though his cock has been circumcised.

As a result of his chastity lifestyle, he has found that his dreams are often about Sex, will be nearly all the time about Claire and get more and more perverse the longer he stays in chastity. This is a record of one of his chastity fantasies.


Part one. – Night thirty-five of chastity.


The room is brightly lit and there is a gentle flow of fresh air from the slightly opened windows, the breeze making the curtains move in and out in a slow rhythm as though the room itself is breathing.

The walls and ceiling are painted in a soft cream colour and this compliments the dark oak finish of the wooden bed and furniture. The bedspread, curtains, light and lamp shades are all a matching maroon colour while the thick carpet is a darker cream.

On the bed he is lay naked, his arms and legs stretched out to the four corners and tied securely with wrist and ankle cuffs, these are locked onto their under-mattress restraints. He does not struggle. He knows he would not be able to release himself.

The cool air has built his nipples harden, and his excitement at what is happening this evening is making his cock strain and twitch inside the heavy metal cage he wears. He can’t get erect, and the weight of the cage is keeping his penis pointed downwards, his shaft is unable to even lift the device up more than a few centimetres, and even then, not for long.

His head is propped up slightly by a comfortable pillow which raises him just enough to allow him to see around the bedroom, but not quite enough to let him to turn and see inside the en-suite bathroom where he can hear his Wife finishing up her Shower.

His Wife, Claire, enters the room completely naked, her pale skin slightly pink from the heat of the Shower. Her short blonde bob haircut is wet and mussed up, her pretty face with her sparkly eyes is fixed upon her bound husband and her smile is full of mischief.

Claire stands there with her large naked BBW body on full display to her husband. He gazes up longingly at her heavy, pale breasts stretching down with their dark brown nipples in the middle of her oval areoles. It may be the cool air in the room, or something else, but he can see that Claire’s nipples are hard and swollen, pointing outwards.

Beneath her beautiful breasts Claire has several folds of stomach fat around her large middle, her belly overhangs, but does not completely cover her cleanly shaven mound beneath. He can just see a glimpse of the pink lips of Claire’s Pussy as she moves around the room and he imagines how they would feel against his fingers, taste on his lips, or even how they would gently squeeze around his cock if she allowed him to enter her.

He watches intently as Claire busies herself around the bedroom, she is selecting different clothing options from her wardrobe and using the bed and her husband as a makeshift table where she lays out the different combinations of styles and colours.

Eventually she is satisfied with her choice and she takes her time making a show of dressing, sliding her legs into a lacy red pair of knickers, they are tight and hug the globes of her ample backside, the front of the panties is patterned and almost see through, giving the smallest glimpse of the beginning of her bald lips.

The matching bra holds Claire’s gigantic breasts upwards and gives her a generous cleavage of soft pale flesh. She makes a show of trailing a fingertip over the fabric and slowly circling the hard nipple beneath, watching her husband look of desperate lust.

Claire picks up her silver necklace and fastens it around her neck; the small silver key to her husband’s chastity cage nestles between her red lace covered breasts and causes a moan of excitement to escape from her spread-eagled captive on the bed.

Claire then slips on a red dress, slightly darker than her underwear set, it is tight around the middle, stretched against her fat belly, and it is low cut at the front which shows a generous amount of bosom. The dress flares out with pleats at the bottom, hanging just above Claire’s knees and giving quick flashes of thigh if she spins around, she does this several times, enjoying teasing her husband as she also admires herself in the full-length mirror on the wall.

She takes her time drying and straightening her hair before fastening in a set of diamond earrings which sparkle in the light. Claire carefully applies her makeup, not too much, but enough to enhance her best features and make her look even prettier than typical. She finished off her look with some bright red lipstick.

He lies tied and immobile on the bed, gazing with Love and lust at his beautiful BBW Wife. She is his vision of beauty and sexiness and he feels his stomach knot and his locked cock ache as she approaches him and leans over to give him a gentle kiss on the lips before standing and walking over to the bedroom door.

“Don’t wait up for me, I’ll probably be very late tonight” she says with a smile as she turns off the lights and leaves the room, closing the door behind her.

He is left naked in the dark, his mind full of thoughts of his Wife as he listens intently to the muffled noises of her moving about downstairs before he hears the sound of the front door opening and closing, leaving him in the silent darkness.

Claire grabs her purse and a short black raincoat from the hallway, checking her make-up one last time in the mirror as she feels butterflies of excitement flutter in her stomach, she is still slightly worried about leaving her husband alone and bound, but she is also full of anticipation at the prospect of going out tonight, for dinner and drinks with a couple. Not sure if anything will happen, but wanting to have a fun time and hopefully a naughty story or two to distribute with her husband when she returns

Her phone lights up with a message saying her taxi is outside and she takes a deep breath before stepping outside into the warm Summer afternoon, closing and locking the door behind her. She waves at the taxi and makes her way to the waiting car.

A short while later she walks into the entrance area of an extremely expensive town centre restaurant, looking around the polished marble pillars across the sea of circular tables filled with people to try and spot her dates.

The maître d’ sees Claire and welcomes her to the restaurant, after taking her name he checks the register and lets Claire know that the rest of her party have already arrived and are taking drinks in the bar area while waiting for their table to be prepared. Claire thanks him and follows his lead to the bar.

Claire spots Tom first, he is easily a half a foot taller than anyone else in the room, he is thin with light sandy coloured hair, he wears a pair of wire frame glasses and has a stubbly beard which gives him the look of a school professor in Claire’s eyes, although he actually works in IT for an international bank and is a few years younger than Claire, not having yet reached forty.

Tom is wearing a light-coloured shirt with a pair of darker slacks, his thin frame magnifies his height and Claire quickly appraises his long legs and body, casting her gaze for a moment at his crotch before looking up to his face and giving him a smile and a wave. He gives her a big smile in return and gestures for her to come across to his table at the bar, he reaches his arm down to the shoulders of his partner to let her know that their guest has arrived.

Claire sees Becky turn her head and give a smile and wave as she approaches them, she is the same age as Tom, with long straight blonde hair and deep blue eyes. Becky is the opposite of her husband in appearance, just over five feet in height and with a BBW body only slightly smaller than Claire’s.

Becky is wearing a white blouse adorned with frills and lace above a black skirt which stops just above her knees, the blouse is buttoned down the front, the gaps between the buttons are pulled slightly aside where Becky’s large breasts push out against the fabric.

The girls embrace and both Claire and Becky give their hellos before complimenting each other’s hair and outfit. Tom stands waiting patiently until it is his turn to reach down and give Claire an embrace and a kiss on the cheek.

“You look lovely. Please, let me pour you a glass of champagne.” Tom offers.

Claire accepts the drink and the three lift their glasses, tapping them together in a greeting.

“It’s great to see you both,” says Claire, “I’ve been looking forward to tonight for ages.”

Tom gives her a cheeky smile while Becky blushes her response, “Us too, we’re really pleased you said you wanted to….” She breaks off and gives a giggle which causes Claire to begin laughing, within moments Tom has also joined in and the three discover their nervousness begin to disappear as they chat and drink until the waiter comes to take them across to their table.

They look like any group of friends out for a meal, two pretty women dressed up with one smartly dressed, handsome man; sharing a bottle or two of fizzy wine, laughing and joking, taking turns asking questions and swapping stories.

Fun and easy going, or it would look to be from a distance. For someone who was sat close enough to hear it would give pause for wondered, not just friends having fun, but two women and a man all flirting shamelessly with each other.

“It really is great that you agreed to come tonight” Tom tells Claire, “Becky was so nervous to ask you, but since you said yes, she’s been as Horny as fuck”.

“So have you”, Becky laughs her reply, “You’ve had a hard-on for weeks”. She looks across at Claire and adds “No matter how many times I get on my knees for him he always wants more.”

“Well, I hope he returns the favour” Claire replies giving Becky a smile.

“He tries his best, but to keep things fair I always prefer to sixty-nine, then no one misses out”

“I always like to make my hubby take his time with his tongue and have no distractions” Claire announces with a particularly naughty smile.

Tom answers “But everyone knows licking the kitty is just the starter, the main event is giving her a good hard fuck.”

The three laugh and Claire slowly reaches her fingers up to her necklace and pull so that her key is lifted out for the couple to see.

“Not always” she laughs.

“Is that what I think it is?” Becky asks with a gasp of excitement.

“It is” Claire confirms.

“Oh my,” Becky laughs, “his poor little cock, how long?”

“Five weeks so far this time, but I’ve not decided how long it will be yet” she leans forwards and whispers conspiringly “I’ve left him tied to our bed naked and told him I might unlock his cock when I get home to tease him while I tell him all about tonight.”

“Wow,” Tom answers, “So he won’t get to fuck you then?”

“He won’t even get to cum.” Claire says gazing deep into Toms eyes.

“Poor sod.” Tom says with a smile, “I guess we need to make sure you don’t miss out on anything while your husband is side-lined.”

“I’m sure we can look after our Claire” purrs Becky, reaching her hand out across the table and sliding her fingers through Claire’s.

The two girls exchange a look and then excuse themselves from Tom, “Just need to powder our noses.” explains Becky as they grab their purses and head off towards the ladies, still holding each other’s hands.

Claire’s heart is pumping twice as fast as typical as they enter the bathrooms and squeeze themselves into one of the cubicles, closing and locking the wooden door behind them.

Claire turns to face Becky, realising they are alone and they move close together, their breasts and belly’s pressing against each other. Claire has a few inches in extra height, so needs to look down slightly to see Becky’s face. As Becky looks up their eyes connect and they both lean in at the same time, gently pressing their lips together.

Their kissing becomes more passionate and they each began to take turns gently exploring the others mouth with their tongue, two pairs of hands began to wander slowly, gently squeezing on breasts and asses, pulling and pressing themselves together tighter.

Becky pulls away, “I’m so fucking Hot

“I hope we’re only getting started” Claire breaths heavily before she gives a little laugh. She thinks for a moment and then offers conspiringly, “We should totally go back to the table and hand Tom each other’s knickers”.

“He’d cum in his fucking pants.” laughs Becky.

They manoeuvre aside slightly and Becky pulls Claire’s red dress up around her waist, slipping her thumbs into each side of her lacy red knickers she pulls them down, Claire steps carefully out of them before rearranging her dress as Becky holds her underwear up in the air by one end, a sexy trophy hooked around her thumb.

The pair quickly kiss again before Claire begins to lift up the black skirt, feeling the smoothness of her friend’s legs and upper thighs, she moves her hand to the front of Becky’s panties and slides her fingers in she can start pulling them down, she feels the smooth skin of her stomach and a thin patch of soft hair tickles on the back of her hand, she cannot help herself and twists her hand around so that she is cupping Becky’s Pussy, her fingers touching her damp, Hot lips and she gently pushes her fingers into the soft folds, dipping into her wetness before moving her fingertips to discover and gently stroke the hard clit above.

As Claire fingers Becky she feels a hand sliding up around her neck and fingers slowly winding through the hair on the back of her head, Becky pulls Claire’s face towards her own for a deep kiss while at the same time sliding her feet aside in order to allow her girlfriend easier access to her needy Pussy.

They spend a few minutes kissing while Claire explores and fingers Becky’s wet Pussy. It is incredibly difficult for the two girls to stop and pull themselves aside, but they reluctantly do as they have bigger plans for their evening.

They were laughing and chatting as they finished touching up their makeup in the large bathroom mirrors, checking that they were each looking perfect before they make their way back into the restaurant and sit back down on each side of Tom. He pours some more champagne, topping up their glasses and smiles at them both.

Becky slowly slides her closed hand across the small table and into Tom’s larger hand, his smile grows larger as he feels the fabric against his fingers and he takes a quick look at the wad of red lace in his palm before he pushes his hand into his pocket.

Claire then slides her hand across the table and she feels the electric jolt of sexual energy as Tom encloses her hand in his, they are staring into each other’s eyes as she releases her grip on the silky black G-string she had removed from his Wife only a few minutes before. Tom holds her gaze as he pulls his hand away and deposits the second set of panties in his other pocket.

The three then raise their glasses and toast their evening before Becky announces that she is ready for some dancing.

Tom and Becky pay for the meal and drinks, declining Claire’s offer to contribute, and the group leave the restaurant and set off walking down the main road towards the bars and nightclubs.

Claire can feel her thighs rubbing against each other and her naked Pussy, she enjoys the sexy liberating feeling of walking outside without underwear, every step a reminder that her husband is waiting at home for her, his cock locked in a small metal cage, while the tall man next to her has Claire’s lacy knickers in his pocket, along with those of his own Wife.

The night was young and she was ready for fun.

The first bar they enter is well lit with several high tables and chairs around the edge of the room, the girls discover an empty table and use the metal steps on the chairs to help them reach the high seats. Tom makes his way to the bar to order a bottle of Prosecco for the girls and a pint for himself.

Claire has one hand on the table and Becky reaches her hand across to begin stroking along her fingers, gently tracing along each finger in turn.

“So, are you having a good night? Becky asks with a small hint of nervousness in her voice.

“It’s going well so far.” Claire replies giving her a reassuring smile and turning her hand over so she could stroke her fingers over Becky’s. The two pretty BBW women spend a few moments connecting, enjoying the soft sensations of touching.

“You do know that we’re sat quite high up” Becky says, breaking their silence. “If you open your legs I bet you’d be giving someone an eyeful”.

“Tom is looking our way” Claire says, shifting her body around so that her knees are pointing in his direction, she leans back slightly and slowly spreads her legs aside.

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