Left a party to fuck in the woods

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NSFW: yes

Needed to get this off my chest… last night my boyfriend and I (both 18) were at my friends birthday party. We both drank a lot and were very drunk, but still aware of what we were doing lol. Obviously I got very horny but its not all the time easy to hint that, especially during a party where its loud and there’s loads of other people around. I took my boyfriend to an empty room, and he whispered in my ear that he was really horny. We kept talking about how we wanted to fuck right there, but obviously couldn’t with the risk that someone could come in and discover us – also my sister was at the party and tends to come and look for me often.

Luckily my friend lives right next to a wooded path, so my boyfriend suggested we go on a walk and discover somewhere to get off. We did, and found a big tree in the middle of an opening. It was pretty dark. He sat against the tree and I rode him. He put my tits in his mouth too and sucked on them. After I orgasmed, I sucked him off and he finished very quickly. It was so fucking hot. Especially since he had told me a week ago that he had a dream of us fucking in a park. We got back to the party and nobody had any idea.

This morning, I went to go pee (tmi) and noticed I had enormous bruises on the insides of my knees. I must’ve been so drunk that I didn’t feel how sore bouncing up and down on the ground was. 100% worth it. Would do it again 😉

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