Best Friends Ch. 02 – Fetish – Sex Story

Author’s Note: this story involves cuckolding and humiliation.



“So…I guess we’re, like, broken up…right?” Lucas asked Jessica. After Jessica had left Lucas’s apartment the morning she and Justin had sex, they spent the day not speaking to each other. Lucas had just moped around his apartment, reflecting on what had happened and contemplating what to do about it. Then, the next afternoon, he texted Jessica, saying, “I think we should talk,” and invited her over to his place.

Now, they sat quietly on opposite ends of his couch, looking at each other sadly.

“Oh,” Jessica said, then nodded. “Um…okay. I mean, I understand if that’s what you want.”

Lucas looked at her a little skeptically. “Come on, Jessica, don’t spare my feelings,” he said. “It’s what you want too, isn’t it? So that you can, like…go be with Justin?”

“I…I don’t know, actually,” Jessica said, looking down at her hands in her lap.

Still skeptical, Lucas pressed her further. “It’s okay, Jess,” he said. “I’ve thought about it, and…it’s fine. It won’t be easy for me to see you with him, but, like…I let this happen. And I’ve decided I’m not gonna let it ruin my friendship with Justin. So…it’s okay. You two can…be together. It’ll be awkward at first, but we’ll figure it out.”

Jessica nodded somberly. “Um…yeah…I guess that makes sense,” she said.

Even though he’d been expecting it, it still stung a little to hear Jessica say this. The prospect of his girlfriend leaving him for his best friend was obviously hurtful. It made him feel jealous and sad, but he told himself to stay mature and not let this ruin the lifelong friendship he had with Justin. Sure, Justin had said some crazy things, things that had really humiliated Lucas. But all three of them had gotten so caught up in the moment, and Lucas had basically encouraged all of it, so it was hard to hold it against him.

Lucas sighed and said, “Okay. So…that’s it then. I mean, it obviously doesn’t feel great, but, um…congratulations to you and Justin. You two are obviously very…compatible.” He forced a laugh.

She laughed a little too, then brushed some strands of hair behind her ear. That’s when Lucas saw the tears in her eyes.

“Hey, Jess…it’s okay,” Lucas said comfortingly.

Jessica wiped a tear off her cheek. “I’m sorry…it’s just…I’m not sure I actually want to, like, be with Justin?”

Lucas paused, a little reluctant to keep digging into this. He’d been hoping to just rip the band-aid off quickly, but here Jessica was drawing things out. “Well…that’s not what it looked like yesterday,” Lucas said.

“Yeah, I know, but…that was just sex,” Jessica said. “Which, yeah, obviously it was…good. But…that doesn’t mean I want to, like, get serious with him.”

Lucas sighed. “Well…okay,” he said. “That’s up to you, I guess. I’m sure Justin will be disappointed, but…he’ll move on.”

Jessica sniffled a little. “So…that’s it?” she asked, a little hurt by Lucas’s apparent callousness. “I’m just…out of your life?”

“Well…I mean…I’m sorry, but…yeah?” Lucas said, a little confused. Was she saying she wanted to stay friends? Did she really think that was realistic in this situation?

Then her face crumpled and tears began streaming down her face. “I’m so sorry, Lucas,” she said. “I really screwed everything up.”

“Hey, hey, it’s okay,” Lucas said. He reached out a hand and touched her shoulder lightly, comforting her. “It’s really not your fault. It just…happened.”

She wiped tears away. “I know…I just…I really, really like you,” she said. “I just wish there was a way we could, like, forget about what happened. Like, erase our memories and go back to the way we were.”

Again, Lucas was skeptical, even irritated, feeling like she was being condescending just to try to make him feel better. “I mean, Jess…” he said, resentful that she was making him spell this out. “You told me…you said that I wasn’t, ya know…satisfying you.”

She sighed, waving a hand dismissively. “I know, but…that stuff really isn’t that important to me!”

Lucas couldn’t help but scoff. “Well…it’s important to me. And it sure seemed important to you when you were…with Justin.”

“No! It really wasn’t!” Jessica insisted. “I mean, it was fun and everything, but…what we had, you and me? I really felt like that was…special.”

Lucas sighed impatiently. This was just making things harder. “Well, I’m sorry but, come on…we can’t erase our memories. What happened happened. And there’s just no way we could work after you saw me…ya know…the way I was.” The image of him furiously jerking off watching her get fucked flashed through his mind, and he felt his cheeks turning red as a wave of shame washed over him.

She seemed to think about this for a second, but then said, “I mean…it wasn’t so bad,” she said. “I know you probably feel, like, really embarrassed about it, but…it’s really not that big a deal. I don’t, like, judge you.”

Lucas sighed, still blushing. “Jess…come on. I…I just stood by and watched while my own girlfriend…” He couldn’t finish the sentence. “And you were, like, laughing at me and teasing me. It was humiliating.”

Jessica took his hand in hers and squeezed it. “Baby, it’s okay! If the only reason you want to break up is because you feel embarrassed…we can put that behind us. We can forget it ever happened.”

Now Lucas was tearing up a little. “Even if we could,” he said. “You’ve…you’ve still been, ya know, faking it with me the whole time. You shouldn’t settle for somebody who can’t…ya know…”

“We can work on that!” Jessica insisted. “You’ve definitely, like, gotten me close plenty of times. It’s probably my fault. I just need to communicate more.”

Lucas wiped a tear from his cheek. “I don’t know, Jess,” he said, but part of him was now really wanting to believe that maybe they could make this work somehow.

“Please,” Jessica said. “Just…please try, for me. I don’t want what we have to be ruined by one weird, stupid night.” She paused, then looked him in the eyes. “I…I think I love you.”

Lucas looked back at her, shocked. “What?” he asked. “Really?”

Tears filled her eyes and she nodded, squeezing his hand again.

“Even after seeing me…the way I was?” Lucas asked.

“I really don’t care about that,” Jessica insisted. “I just care about…what we have together.”

Lucas sighed, then reached out to Jessica and embraced her. She clung to him, and they held each other close, then they looked at each other and kissed. “I can’t believe this,” Lucas said, starting to smile. “I thought for sure we were over.”

“Me too,” Jessica said, smiling back at him. “But I’m so glad we’re not.”

Lucas paused, hesitating. “But…what about, um, Justin?”

“What about him?” Jessica asked.

“I mean…like I said, I don’t want to ruin our friendship over this. So if we stay together, we’d all still, like, hang out sometimes,” Lucas said. “Would you…be able to handle that?”

“Of course, baby,” Jessica said. “I guess you’ll have to talk to him to make sure he’s okay with it, but, ya know…we’re all adults.”

“Yeah…I think he’ll be cool about it,” Lucas said. “It’ll just be…weird, ya know? I mean, knowing that you two are obviously, like…attracted to each other.” Lucas forced himself to ignore the way his dick was getting hard.

“Just forget about that,” Jessica said. “It’s behind us. I’m putting it out of my mind. Like it never happened.”

Lucas sighed. He wasn’t sure Jessica’s attitude was realistic, but now that there was hope of their relationship surviving this, he didn’t want to give up on that. “Yeah…okay,” he said, then paused, looked her in the eyes, and said, “I…I love you too, Jessica.”

She smiled, and they kissed again.


For Jessica’s part, she was being honest with Lucas, or at least as honest as she was being with herself. She was definitely not interested in a relationship with Justin. He was fun enough to hang out with, she supposed, but he was way too much of a “bro” for her. Lucas regularly impressed her with his great taste and his sophisticated views on art, culture, and politics. He was kind to her and a great listener. She’d dated lots of guys, including a few unsuccessful relationships with charming, cocky guys like Justin. But she’d never felt as truly close to somebody as she did with Lucas. Yes, it was hard to look at him in exactly the same way after seeing how easily he had allowed himself to be pushed apart by his dominant best friend. It had been impossible not to allow the word “pathetic” to pop into her mind when she saw him happily stroking himself while she had sex with another man. It had been a strange night (and morning) for all of them. But with time, she told herself, it would just become a distant memory.

Of course, she knew she had an undeniable physical connection with Justin. She hadn’t even known sex could be that good. But sex had never been that essential to her, and one experience, no matter how great it was, shouldn’t stop her from pursuing real happiness with a man she loved, right? Sure, she might feel a little tingle of attraction whenever Justin was around, but that was ordinary. Certainly Lucas felt attracted to other women sometimes, but as long as neither of them acted on it, it was fine.

After their talk, they spent the rest of the day together. Lucas seemed shocked that Jessica hadn’t completely lost respect for him. She knew he probably still felt uncomfortable and embarrassed, so she wanted to do something to put his mind at ease. As the afternoon continued, she started making sexy eyes at him and lying out on his couch seductively. Of course, he noticed, and eventually, he awkwardly made a move.

She responded eagerly, making out with him and stripping down for him. Normally, he would have been instantly hard as soon as they began kissing, but he must have been nervous this time, because it wasn’t until she was straddling him, topless, that she began to feel him perking up between her legs.

He was clumsier than usual as things progressed, and would awkwardly ask her, “Is this okay?” as he fucked her. She smiled up at him and assured him it was great, letting out some moans that were perhaps a little exaggerated. But she knew he needed some encouragement to get his confidence back up. It was actually sort of adorable the way he was trying his best, even though she knew he must be struggling with feelings of inadequacy after having seen Justin’s incredible performance.

“Oooh, yeah, that’s it, just like that, baby,” she whimpered sexily. They had moved to the bed. She was on her back, Lucas on top of her.

Lucas smiled down at her, clearly unsure if she was just putting on a show, but grateful for the encouragement regardless. “Yeah? You like that?” he asked.

“Mmmmm, yesss, don’t stop,” she moaned, trying to sound as passionate as she had with Justin.

Lucas certainly wasn’t terrible in bed, she wondered to herself as he thrust in and out of her. He had a nice body, smooth and lean and lightly toned. It was a pleasurable enough experience. Sure, maybe their bodies didn’t quite fit together the way Justin’s and hers had. Yes, Justin had reached places deep inside her, and it had been such a turn-on the way his big, muscular body had towered over her and his strong arms had wrapped around her slim body.

She closed her eyes and pictured him on top of her, and suddenly a different sort of moan escaped her lips.

“Oh,” Lucas said, surprised. “Like that?”

“Mmmm,” Jessica whimpered, her eyes still closed. She wrapped her legs around Lucas’s waist and pulled him closer to her. “Keep going!”

“Oh fuck,” Lucas said, responding to her willing tone, thrusting faster now. “Are you…are you gonna…?”

“Oh god! Oh god! Fuck me hard, baby! Oh! Oh!” Jessica begged. In her mind, she saw Justin’s sweat dripping down his pecs and perfectly toned six-pack abs. She pulled Lucas’s head to her breast, and he began tonguing her nipple. But in her imagination, it was Justin’s mouth on her, and her moans escalated. “Ohhhhhh, babyyyyyyy, just like that! Ohhh yes, yes, yessssss!”

An orgasm rippled through her body, not nearly as intense as the ones she had with Justin, but a real orgasm nevertheless, and the first one she had ever had with Lucas.

“Oh shit, oh fuck,” Lucas grunted in surprise as he came. Then he plopped down next to her in the bed and looked over at her. “Did…did you really just…?”

Jessica giggled and nodded her head. “Yes, baby,” she said. “See? I knew we could make this work!”

Of course, she felt a little guilty that she’d gotten off thinking about his best friend, but she told herself it wasn’t a big deal. She had only just had sex with Justin the previous morning, after all, and given how good it had been, it was only natural that he’d pop into her mind. As time went by, she’d focus more on Lucas and wouldn’t need to think about Justin, and everything would go back to ordinary.


Justin kept his distance from both of them for several days, not knowing how things had turned out between them or where things stood now. He figured it was best to give them space, though he was definitely worried that he’d destroyed his longest-lasting, deepest friendship over some girl, even if she was the hottest fuck he’d ever had.

Finally, Lucas texted him, asking if they could talk. Of course, Justin quickly agreed, hoping for the best but dreading the worst.

They met up at a quiet bar and sat in a booth away from everybody else there. Lucas sat there, looking awkward and embarrassed. Justin was embarrassed too. He had said a lot of crazy shit to Lucas as he was fucking Jessica, and he’d been feeling guilty about it ever since.

“Um…hey,” Lucas said, speaking first.

“Hey,” Justin said. “Look, I just want to say right off the bat, I’m, like, really sorry about, ya know…everything. I, uh, I don’t really know what came over me, honestly.”

Lucas let out a sigh of relief. “Well…I’m happy to hear you say that,” he said. “I was worried you were gonna…I dunno. Be a jerk about it.”

“No, dude,” Justin said. “I just…I dunno. I got caught up in the moment, I guess? I hope I didn’t, like, ruin things between you and Jess.”

Lucas smiled. “No, thankfully, you didn’t,” he said. “I thought for sure we were through, that she was gonna dump me for you. But we talked about things, and she actually wants to stay together.”

“Hey, that’s great, man,” Justin said, sincerely relieved. “Believe me, she’s making the right choice there. I don’t think I’m great boyfriend material, ya know?”

Lucas laughed. “Oh, I know,” he said, teasing Justin a little.

“So, like…you and me…we’re actually cool?” Justin asked, surprised the conversation was going this well.

Lucas smiled and nodded. “Yeah, man,” he said. “We shouldn’t let one crazy night get in the way of years of friendship, right?”

“Right,” Justin said. “I totally agree. I really am sorry about…all of that. Things got pretty intense, huh?”

“Yeah, definitely,” Lucas said, blushing a little. “I hope you don’t think I’m, like, a total loser for, ya know…how I acted.”

Justin shrugged this off awkwardly. “Nah, bro, it’s…it’s cool,” he said, not knowing what to say. He really didn’t figure out how Lucas could get off watching his girl get taken by another guy like that, but he certainly wasn’t gonna make a big deal out of it. “Let’s, um…let’s just forget about it, right?”

“Yeah,” Lucas said, looking relieved to hear Justin say that. “It’s kinda funny, things between Jessica and I are actually going pretty good ever since that night.”

“Yeah? That’s great, man,” Justin said. He didn’t really believe Lucas, but he wasn’t about to say that. He assumed Jessica was staying with him because she felt guilty about what she had done, or maybe she really liked him and was trying to convince herself that she could actually be happy with him even after the way he had completely humiliated himself in front of her. Either way, he definitely wasn’t gonna place any bets on them staying together very long.

All he really cared about at that moment, though, was that his friendship with Lucas hadn’t been destroyed. He called a waitress over and ordered them a couple of beers, and they spent the next couple hours drinking and talking, making each other laugh. It almost felt like the whole thing had never happened.


For a couple of weeks, Lucas intentionally hung out with Jessica and Justin separately. His sex life with Jessica seemed to be going well. He was pretty sure she wasn’t faking her orgasms anymore. The way she moaned and her body reacted seemed genuinely different from before, more similar to what he had seen from her with Justin. He definitely noticed that she all the time had her eyes closed when she came, which was concerning, but hey, they were both getting off, which was better than you could say for a lot of couples, right? Of course, the wondered crossed his mind that she might be picturing herself with Justin. But he’d be lying if he said images of her with Justin didn’t flash through his mind too on occasion. If thinking back to that wild night helped add some intensity to their sex life, was that really so bad?

Meanwhile, his friendship with Justin seemed to click right back into place. They went out and got drinks together regularly, laughing and joking together. When his relationship with Jessica came up in conversation, Lucas did sense that Justin was surprised that they were still together. He all the time adopted a bit of a condescending tone when he said how happy he was that things were going so well, as if he didn’t really believe it.

But for the most part, they avoided talking about her. They talked about work or movies or music or politics or whatever, but only gave Jessica an obligatory mention before moving on to less awkward subjects. More often than not, the night would end when Justin spotted a hot girl making eyes at him. Justin would grin and excuse himself to go hit on her, as Lucas sat and watched him making his moves. Usually, he’d end up walking out with his arm around the girl’s waist, glancing back at Lucas and flashing him a thumbs up. Lucas would grin and give him a thumbs up back, then head home and invite Jessica over. Those nights tended to feature particularly good sex with her, for some reason.

Eventually, though, it was getting awkward that Lucas was dividing his time between the two of them and they were never all hanging out together. He didn’t want to give the impression that he was deliberately avoiding them seeing each other out of some concern that something might happen between them, even if that possibility did cross his mind from time to time. He told himself he had nothing to worry about. Things were going great with Jessica, and Justin had clearly moved on to other girls, so it would be fine for them to all hang out together.

Still, just to ease them into things, he decided it would be best to hang out in a group environment rather than just the three of them. So when he and Justin both received an invite to a party from their mutual friend, Chris, this seemed like the perfect opportunity. Lucas would bring Jessica, the three of them would all have some drinks and laughs together with a bunch of other people around, and that would be it. Odds were, Justin would pick up some girl at the party anyway and end up going his separate way, making it clear there was nothing between him and Jessica any more.

Lucas asked Justin first if it would be okay for him to bring Jessica to the party,in case Justin was uncomfortable about seeing her. But of course he said it was fine. “Don’t worry,” he said. “I promise, I’ll be good.” They both laughed a little, knowing this was a weird situation, both of them trying to move past it with maturity.

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