A Wife’s Dilemma Pt. 10 – Raven – Fetish

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Sue walked around the room, lost in wondered before she turned back to me.

“How many times have you done that?” she asked.

“You are the second woman I have ever done that for. Until this past weekend, I had never even thought about doing that,” I told her, catching my breath.

“You must be a fast learner. I know women who have been gay for years who are not as good as you are.”

I blushed at the opinion and looked at the floor. Sue helped me and then spread her legs in her original spot.

“Let’s try this again,” she said, tapping her pussy and motioning me forward.

I straddled the toilet seat and bent at the waist to lick her again. As I did, I noticed that she was taking pictures of me eating her out on my phone.

Seeing my glance, “I promised pictures to your master. You are to send them to him when you get home later tonight.”

I was annoyed at her calling Pop my master. It also reminded me of Beth’s comments about him owning me yesterday. I wondered about protesting, but what would be the point? I had a feeling she would dismiss my protests like Beth had.

The rational side kept pointing out that I was following directions and was terrified that I would do something wrong and it would all end. I knew I was what my mom called a people pleaser, never wanting to cause an problem, and I absolutely hated conflict.

I may be submissive, I wondered.

My thoughts were interrupted when Sue sat down my phone and picked up hers. She did something, then put the phone down and grabbed my head, pulling me tighter into her pussy as she started cuming again.

I waited until she had calmed down before I started licking again when I heard the door behind me open. I began to pull back, but Sue grabbed my head.

“Don’t you dare stop,” Sue said, holding my head.

It sounded like the door shut, and shortly afterward, I felt a hand on my ass sliding over the butt plug to plunge into my soaked pussy. I moaned into Sue’s pussy as the person started finger fucking me, and before long, I was pushing back onto their fingers as I got closer to cuming again.

The person behind me must have realized I was close to orgasm because they pulled their hand out of my pussy, causing me to moan. I felt Sue tighten her grip on my hair and was getting afraid of what was happening behind me when I heard a loud slap followed by pain coming from my pussy. I tried to escape Sue, but she had a good hold of my hair.

“If you keep pulling away, the spanking will continue, and you might just pull some of that beautiful hair out of your head. Now keep licking and sucking like a good girl,” Sue said.

I stopped struggling and kept licking Sue, waiting for the next stroke. It wasn’t long before I felt a sudden sharp pain on my left buttock, causing me to scream into Sue’s pussy. I could feel tears running down my face and knew I was crying from the pain.

“Do that again,” she instructed the person behind me.

I felt another sharp pain in my right buttock and screamed again. The person alternated between them until my ass felt like it was on fire. I stopped crying and moaning when I was hit, but the tears had not stopped.

Sue had another huge orgasm and pulled me back from her clit, still holding my hair. The person behind me stopped striking me and slipped a couple of fingers into my pussy, finger fucking me while stroking my clit with their thumb.

I was getting close to another orgasm when the person behind me stopped. I groaned and tried to turn around to see who was behind me, but Sue kept my head a few inches from her pussy and wouldn’t allow me to move.

The person behind me started pulling and pushing on the butt plug in my ass while flicking my clit with their nails sending shivers through my stomach. I could feel my orgasm building again and knew it would be another big one. Besides, the person behind me stopped touching me right before it hit, causing me to groan again.

“You will have to earn any more orgasms you have tonight, dear,” Sue said, stroking my hair.

I tried to move closer to her pussy so I could lick her again, but she again held me back.

“Not me, dear. Since you like to play games, I have a new one. Several people will enter this room over the next few hours. Some of them are, let’s say, kinkier than others, but all can give you one orgasm each as long as you do as they ask you.”

Sue stroked my face, wiping away my tears.

“You have the right to say no, of course, and the game will end. I promise you that they will not cause any permanent damage or change to your body, nor will they do anything to hurt the child you are carrying.”

“Do you want to play, or do you want to leave?”

I started to say that I didn’t want to play any more games today, but she put a finger on my lips to forestall me.

“Before you answer, if you choose to leave, you may not have an orgasm tonight, and to make sure you don’t, I will let your master know that you decided not to play with my friends.”

I wondered about it for a minute. I had possibly the best orgasms of my life standing bent over in the restroom of a club servicing a woman I had not met before today.

What the hell was wrong with me?

I had never wondered about touching anyone but my husband before last weekend, and now if I chose to play Sue’s game, I would spend the next several hours pleasing multiple strangers for her.

While thinking, the person behind me started lightly stroking my clit again. I could feel an orgasm building again. It was getting hard to think, and I knew that I could not orgasm without permission, so I told Sue before I could chicken out.

“I want to play,” I told her.

Sue smiled and stroked my cheeks.

I felt the person behind me slip several fingers inside my pussy, and I knew I would not be able to hold out much longer. Sue motioned the person behind me away, and I groaned as I felt their fingers leave my pussy again.

I was so close, and the teasing was rapidly turning into torture. Sue pushed me back more and got off the seat she had been sitting on. She stood me up entirely, kissing and creasing my breasts, tugging lightly on my nipples. I melted into her arms and returned the kiss while moaning into her mouth.

Sue pulled away and, holding my chin in her hands, gave me one more kiss.

“I am delighted you decided to stay. The first person you will entertain is behind you. Just follow her instructions, and you will have fun. Remember, if you want to stop at any time, just tell the person you are with, and they will get me.

“Otherwise, I will be back when everyone is done with you to talk.”

She turned me around and introduced me to my next partner. The woman standing behind me was tall, with jet-black hair and blue eyes. Her breasts had to be at least C cups, and her hair was pulled into two brands, reminding me of Wednesday Adams’s appearance when she was grown up.

“This is Raven. You two have fun,” Sue said, smacking me on my ass and walking out the door.

“On your knees bitch, with your hands behind your head, fingers interlaced,” Raven said as she walked around me, inspecting my body.

From behind me, she reached around and started roughly kneading my breasts before pulling them away from my body by my nipples. I winched from the pain but didn’t move or say anything. She pulled harder and then started twisting the right nipple and then the left until I gasped from the pain.

“So you can take a little bit of pain. Have you ever been whipped or flogged?” She asked, holding what must be a flog in her hand. It must have been what she had used on me earlier.

“No,” I told her, shaking my head.

“No, what bitch?”

“No, Mama.”

“I am not your fucking Mama, Slut. You can call me Mistress for now.”

“Sorry, Mistress.”

“That’s better, make sure you answer properly, or I will make you regret it,” Raven said, walking back in front of me. “Stand up and bend over, hands on the toilet seat.”

I stood up and turned around, bending over as instructed.

“Spread your legs wider,” She demanded.

I moved my legs as wide as I could and still stood up.

Raven walked around me, lightly striking different parts of my body with the flog. She made another circuit ending up between my legs, where she roughly pulled the butt plug out of me, sitting it on the shelf in front of me. Without being asked, I picked it up and started licking it to get it clean.

“Wow, you are one kinky bitch. Keep that plug in your mouth until I tell you to take it out,” Raven said as she started pushing several fingers into my distended asshole.

“What is the biggest thing you have ever had in your ass?”

I thought about it and answered, pulling the plug out briefly so she would understand me. “A dildo a couple of inches around I was fucked with yesterday.”

“Well, we may have to change that,” she said.

She spit onto her fingers moving in and out of my ass, twisting them as she moved more and more of her hand inside me. She picked up a bottle of lube off the table next to the door and squirted some on her hand and my asshole.

Raven put her hand back into my ass and started moving it back and forth. With a grunt, she shoved her hand inside my ass, causing me to scream around the butt plug in my mouth. For the next few minutes, she fisted my ass roughly, forcing more of her arm inside me. I groaned and cried around the plug, but I didn’t want the game to end yet, so I kept as quiet as possible.

“Look at this bitch,” She said, smacking my left buttock with her free hand.

I looked over my shoulder and could not believe how much of her arm was inside me. She had to have at least half of her forearm in my ass. Looking me in the eye, she moved her other hand down to my pussy and slipped a finger inside me while rubbing my clit with her thumb.

As I watched, she added another finger and picked up the pace of both hands. I started climbing towards the orgasm I had been denied earlier and found myself pushing back, trying to get more of her arm in my ass. I closed my eyes as I approached a massive orgasm and groaned when she stopped touching my pussy, but the hand in my ass kept me moving closer and closer.

Suddenly I felt a sharp pain in my clit followed by several more in rapid secession on my pussy. I opened my eyes wide as she continued to fist me and strike my pussy with the flog.

The orgasm I had been building dissolved, and the only thing I could feel was the sharp pain in my ass and pussy. Raven grinned at me and struck me harder before ripping her hand out of my ass. I collapsed onto the floor crying, and Raven left me lying there until I had collected myself a little.

I looked down but could not see how much damage she had done because of my belly. She saw me trying to look and handed me a mirror from a shelf. My pussy was beat red with several lines from where the flog had hit me.

My clit was standing fully erect and sticking outside my pussy lips, and looking at my asshole, I saw that it was not fully closed, and I could see inside myself. I started to cry harder, thinking that my ass was ruined. I could not let Ken see me this way, he would leave me, and I would be all alone.

Raven knelt next to me and started stroking my hair to calm me down.

“It’s ok, little one. Everything will be all right. Your asshole will close back up like before in half an hour, and the red marks will fade before you leave here tonight.” She held me until I stopped sobbing and then tilted my head back and started deeply kissing me.

It only took a few seconds, and I was kissing her back with the same passion she was kissing me.

“Do you want to continue? The next part will be a little more painful, but after it’s done, I will let you cum” Raven asked.

I thought about it, and being honest with myself, while the pain had been bad, it had not lasted very long. The sharp contrast between the pain and pleasure had gotten me more excited than I ever thought possible. It did scare me, though. I didn’t understand why the pain had made the pleasure.

Raven let me think about it for a bit, and seeing the confusion and fear on my face, she started stroking my hair and face.

“I promise that you will be able to handle the pain.”

I looked into her face and eyes and decided I could trust her. “Ok, please continue, Mistress.”

She smiled at me

“Get up on your knees and spread your legs as wide as feasible. I want you to lean back and put your hands under your breasts, pushing them up and out towards your sides. You are to present them to me so I can use them however I want to. You are not to move from this spot until I permit you. Do you find out?”

“Yes, Mistress,” I said, moving into the position she had indicated.

I was afraid and shaking slightly, but I decided to see it through. Raven stroked my breasts lightly with the flog.

“Close your eyes bitch,” she said, still moving the flog over my breasts and nipples.

I closed my eyes and felt her lift the flog off me and step away. I started shaking but didn’t move as I felt her moving around to my back. Suddenly I heard a smack and then felt the sting of the flog coming from my right breast.

Other than a rapid intake of breath, I didn’t move and felt proud that I could handle it. Without warning, Raven struck again multiple times, each stroke hitting a different part of my breasts. After the fifth strike, I started to cry but kept holding my breasts up for her to strike. This continued for several minutes before she stopped and walked to my left side.

I kept waiting for the next blow and began to think that she was finished when I heard another strike and felt a sharp pain originating from my left nipple. I tried to scream, but no sound came out, even though my mouth was open.

Before I knew what was happening, she struck my right nipple and my left one harder than the last time. I was shaking hard, with tears running down my face. I tried to scream, but the pain was so great I could not catch my breath.

Another strike on my right nipple, even harder than the last one, and before it had even fully registered, she struck my clit. I exploded in a massive orgasm, shooting juices so hard it felt like I was pissing all over the floor, covering the area in front of the toilet before slowing and running down my thighs and ass.

I must have passed out because the next thing I knew, I was on the floor in a fetal position sobbing. Raven was standing over me, looking like she was pissed. I realized she had not permitted me to have the orgasm I was just now recovering from.

Pushing myself up, I got back into position, holding my breasts for whatever she would do next.

“I don’t remember giving you permission to cum slut,” Raven said, smacking the flog into the palm of her hand.

“Sorry, Mistress, I don’t know what happened,” I said, blushing and looking down.

“Yes, you do slut. You loved the pain so much you could not stop yourself. I guess we are done here, and you can leave. I will let Sue know that you failed to do as you were told, and she can let you master know how poorly you are trained,” Raven said as she turned and walked away.

“Please, Mistress, give me another chance. I had never had anyone do this to me before and had no idea that I could have an orgasm from just the pain,” I grabbed her leg as I was begging her, crying harder now than I had been before.

She seemed to be thinking something over and then nodded to herself.

“I will give you one more chance. This will be harder for you and hurt more, but given how you have responded so far, I think you will enjoy it in the end. If you can submit to everything without complaint or hesitation, I will grant you at least one more orgasm, but if you hesitate in following any of my directions or requests, I am done dealing with you.”

“Figure out?”

“Yes, Mistress, thank you so much,” I replied, letting her leg go.

“First, get the mess you made cleaned up,” Raven said.

I looked at the puddle on the floor and blushed. Looking around, I could not find anything besides toilet paper, so I pulled out some of the roll.

“What the hell are you doing?” Raven demanded, “Did I say you could use toilet paper to clean that up?”

I frowned and dropped my head. “Sorry, Mistress, I didn’t see anything else to clean it up with.”

“Use your fucking tongue, you stupid slut” she snarled.

Not wanting to upset her anymore, I dropped my face into the puddle and lapped my juice like a dog. After a few minutes, I had licked up most of it and felt her hand on the back of my head, petting me like an animal.

“Good girl, just a little more, and we can continue what you interrupted when you made this mess,” Raven said as she petted my hair until I had gotten my mess cleaned up.

“Get back into position so we can finish, there are other people who want to play with you, and the day is not getting any longer.”

I got up on my knees, spread my legs again, and leaned backward, holding my breasts out like before.

Raven picked up the flog and started snapping it against my breasts and nipples, moving down to my inner thighs and pussy. I was crying again and shaking, but I didn’t move, and after what seemed like an hour, she finished and set down the flog. I could see several welts on my breasts and could imagine how bad my legs and pussy looked based on the pain coming from them.

“Lay back on the floor bitch,” Raven said as she walked back over to the table, picked up something, and returned to where I was.

I quickly got on my back, spreading my legs and arms, waiting on her. She stood over me, and I could see up her skirt that she had no panties on. Smiling at me, she squatted down and rubbed her pussy on my nose before settling down so her pussy was on my mouth and my nose was pushing into her asshole.

“Lick my pussy bitch” Raven said.

I started licking, and I must have been doing an excellent job because she moaned, shifting her weight to allow me to push my tongue deeper into her pussy. I felt her creasing my left breast before pulling and tugging my nipple.

My body started responding again, and I could feel juices leaking from my pussy. I moaned into Raven’s pussy as she stretched my nipple further than I thought possible, twisting and pinching it hard. She shifted again, and I found that she had pinned my arms between her legs and the floor making it very hard for me to move.

“Don’t you dare stop licking me bitch,” she said before I felt the worst pain I have ever felt from my left nipple.

It felt almost like she had driven a spike sideways through the nipple. I bucked and screamed into her pussy, but she held me down until I calmed down. I could feel fresh tears leaking out the corners of my eyes as the pain subsided to a dull ache.

“Good bitch, keep licking,” she said as she let my left breast fall back on my chest and pulled on my right nipple, lifting my breast like she had the left one. I knew what was coming, and the waiting was driving me crazy.

I dug deeper into her pussy with my tongue, hoping I could get her off and she would leave my other nipple alone. Just as I thought she would be nice, I felt a sharp pain in my right nipple.

I jerked and fought to escape from under her, but she was too strong. She rode out my spasms and waited until I had settled down again before reaching for my legs and lifting them into the air. This exposed my pussy and ass to her, and I started fighting again, afraid of what she would do next.

“Stop fighting and get your fucking tongue back in my pussy bitch,” she said, but I could not bring myself to obey.

I just wanted her off me and out of this club. I didn’t care. The pain was incredible, and not knowing what would happen next drove me mad with fear.

Since I was not settling down as Raven told me to, she widened her stance, forcing her ass and pussy to completely cover my mouth and nose, cutting off my air. I started to panic more and fight but quickly realized that I would pass out without air.

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