At the restaurant…

I 23F gave my husband 24M a handjob at one of our local restaurants.

We were sitting side-by-side at a booth and he started rubbing the inside of my thigh. Slowly he inched his way further down and began rubbing my pussy on the outside of my panties.

I was wearing a skirt, so he had easy access. After the waitress dropped off our order, I started rubbing his cock through his pants and pulled his member out and started stroking his shaft.

I stroked the full length of his cock slow and steady. When it was safe, I picked up the pace and got him really worked up. I felt his cock start to spasm and I cupped my hand over the head. There was so much on my hand and fingers.

I quietly excused myself to the bathroom and washed it off. I’m wondering if anyone saw us?

NSFW: yes

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