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-A Woman’s Purpose-

The thrusting was relentless, the large shaft of his black cock pounding mercilessly down the back of her throat, his hands gripping her thick brown hair. Zooey had never been face fucked before, and was struggling not to let her gag reflex get the better of her, ribbons of drool being sucked out of her mouth and running down her chin splattering on the front of her blouse. There were no words for the situation, not that there could have been, the only noises escaping her lips a combination of gagging, choking, and moans of pleasure. While Zooey had never experienced anything like this prior, she found that she was loving being used like a worthless sex object, her pretty red painted lips tightly stretched around the monstrously large black dick that was plunging into her esophagus. With a sudden and surprising turn, he pulled out, a large gasping breath finally coming back to her.

“What were you saying about women’s roles in society again?” Onyx said, the large dark head of his cock mere inches from her lips.

“Nothing…” she gasped, still trying to catch up, “Fuck me… fuck my mouth even harder.”

A request Mr. Masters happily obliged.

– The New Girl –

Zooey Deschanel, American actress and musician, not exceedingly trendy, but well known in certain circles. She had all the time had a certain quirky girl next door vibe, which she happily played in to, dazzling men everywhere with her bright blue eyes. Coming in at an average 5’6, 32C cup breasts, and an overall satisfying, but not exceptional curvature, she never really hit the big time, like other actresses, but found she was happy in her craft, working on her music career as much as her acting one. She was also a devout feminist, and an advocate for many groups that she considered marginalized, which is what brought her talent and checkbook to the event she was currently in attendance of; BlackArtMatters.

“And may I just say how proud I am of all of you, for standing up and letting both your voices, and your passions, be heard and seen.” Zooey finished, having given a small speech at the request of the backers.

There was a small smattering of applause, the crowd generally disinterested in the speeches of wealthy white women who came to events such as this to make themselves feel like champions of the colored. But she smiled brightly, and stepped away from the podium, returning to the general crowd of upper class guilt mavens. There was however, a particular attendee, who gave generously to the black arts community out of genuine love for them and their prosperity, though it’s not something he would ever brag about, or even mention unwarranted.

“Quite the speech.” Onyx said, casually turning an eye away from the painting he was admiring as she approached.

“Oh, thank you, I’m a huge supporter of events like this.” Zooey said, smiling, and turning to look at the painting herself.

“As am I. Who would you say is your favorite black artist?” he said, now turning his attention to her.

“Well, I mean… there are so many good ones… especially here tonight, you know?” she stammered, trying her best to cover for the fact that she didn’t know anything about the cause she outwardly supported.

“Definitely.” Onyx said, having fished out the truth of her commitment, “I’m genuinely thinking of purchasing this one here.

“It’s absolutely amazing.” She commented, looking at it, but not really reading it’s intention.

“It’s nice to meet you, by the way. I’m Onyx Masters.” he said, turning and offering a hand to her.

“Oh, I’m Zooey… but I guess you knew that.” she said, assuming he did, “Are you an artist too?”

“Of sorts, but my medium is more in the digital realm.” he said, sipping from his champagne flute.

“That’s cool. Anything I might have seen?” she asked, oblivious to who he was.

“I’m sure I’d know if you did.” he said with a charming smile. “Are you by yourself tonight? Would you care to browse with me?”

Zooey’s husband David was not in attendance, choosing to stay home and tend to the kids instead of coming out to socialize at a fundraiser.

“I am, and thank you, that would be lovely.” Zooey said, appreciative of the polite company, and a little taken by the toned and muscular black man in the business casual.

The two walked the gallery, inspecting piece after piece, casually chatting about the influences and inspirations, Zooey leaning heavily into the oppression narrative that was secretly grating on Onyx’s nerves. He loved fucking and humiliating white women, especially one’s who fancied themselves martyrs of the black community, and he had every intention of utterly destroying her as soon as the time was right. One of the event staff was passing by, when Onyx subtly waved him over, leaning in and asking him quietly,

“Excuse me sir, would you happen to have a more private area? My associate and I need to discuss something personal, and I’m afraid there’s just too much banter about.”

The young African American man nodded, raising an arm and ushering them to a storage space just off the main gallery.

“Oh, is everything alright Mr. Onyx?” Zooey said, trailing behind him.

“Yes, of course, I’d just like for us to be able to speak someplace a bit more personal, and away from all the hoi polloi.” he said, giving her a gracious smile.

“Oh, okay…” Zooey said, thinking it might be a little inappropriate slinking off with a strange man at a party/fundraiser, especially when she had a husband and kids at home, but she was both intrigued and a little flattered to be taken away by such a physically commanding yet seemingly gentlemanly man.

Zooey stepped through to the quiet storage offshoot, Onyx casually standing by the door to let her pass before turning back toward the young black man who had escorted them here, and handing him two hundred dollar bills as both a thanks, and in exchange for the keys to get in. The young man nodded, getting the general idea, and departed, Onyx closing the door behind them and ensuring it was secured.

“So, what did you, uh… want to talk about Mr. Onyx?” Zooey said, a half nervous smile creasing her mouth.

“Please, just call me Onyx, no need for the formalities.” he said, walking toward her with a smile.

“Of course… look, if this is a uh, come on, or whatever, I am really, sincerely flattered…” she said, wishing it didn’t actually have to go this way, her eyes drinking in his dark muscular skin, “But, I’m married, and have kids, the whole… mommy thing, you know. So, we shouldn’t…”

“Shouldn’t what?” He said, feigning ignorance, “I was just considering what you were saying out in the gallery, about the comparative struggles between the black community, and women’s roles in society, I wondered perhaps we could explore that more at… length.”

“OH, Oh my god, I’m so sorry, I wondered maybe you brought me back here so we could make out, or… gosh, I’m so sorry.” Zooey said, her face turning to the floor, sincerely embarrassed as it seemed as if she was projecting her desires on him.

He laughed heartily, cutting in “No, no Mrs. Deschanel, nothing as simple or boring as making out.”

“I didn’t mean to…” but as she turned her face up, her smile quickly disappeared, as he had unsheathed his massive eleven and half inch long, six and three quarters around, midnight black cock which he was gently pumping in her direction. “OH MY, OH MY GOD, WHAT ARE YOU..?” she gasped out quickly.

“Imparting some ACTUAL wisdom about women’s role in society. Now get on your knees.” he said, staring her right in her dazzling blue eyes.

“I… oh my god, you’re so big… I mean, I shouldn’t… husband… kids…” she trailed off, her brain processing how utterly enticing his cock was, her body begging her to just obey him.

“Kneel.” he said one last time commandingly.

Zooey had no more resolve left. Her white pussy was salivating as much as her mouth was to take this colossal negro dick into her body, and she just couldn’t stop herself anymore. She lowered herself carefully to her knees, her red heels falling off as she folded her feet across one another. Onyx stepped forward, as she parted her bright red lips, her eyes never leaving the big and beautiful black cock that was heading for her mouth. Onyx proceeded to fuck her face so hard, he knocked her glasses clear off, and got them lost under a pallet of works.

– Who’s That Girl?-

Onyx exploded while still part way down her esophagus, pulling back and out, cum still gushing from the head of his thick black dick directly into Zooey’s sloppy mouth. Her lower face was a disgusting mess of smeared lipstick, saliva that had oozed down her chin and all over her cleavage, and now, semen, which she simply couldn’t contain in her mouth out of sheer exhaustion and needing to breath. Onyx looked down at her with a mix of contempt and amusement, having finally shut up this white bitch with all her self righteous nonsense.

“Who’s my white slut?” he said, grabbing her hair and tugging hard so her face met his.

“I’m your slut.” she said, gasping, the taste of his seed everywhere in her mouth.

“Take off your dress and bend over.” he said, taking full control.

Zooey didn’t hesitate for a second, scrambling to her feet, hiking the dress off, up and over her shoulders, tossing it on top of a nearby wooden crate of art works. She dropped her panties first, kicking them aside with her bare foot, undoing her bra last, letting it join it’s partner on the floor. She turned around and thrust her rear up, her pussy begging her with everything it had for a taste of fat black dick. Onyx on the other hand, had another stop to make first. Zooey felt the massive black head of his cock stretching her ass open as he mounted her for full penetration.

“Mr. Onyx, wait… I’m… I’ve never done anal before… just go easy on…” she started, nervous as hell.

“SHUT THE FUCK UP.” he said flatly. “You came here tonight to talk about white women’s roles in supporting black culture, and you’re about to learn exactly where white women fucking belong.” he said, leaning over her, and grabbing her pale white shoulders with his strong black hands.

Zooey’s mouth shot open wide, as did her eyes (as they practically crossed), the thick mass of his dark dick slamming all the way up her tight white ass until he slammed his balls against her.

“fuuuuuuuUUUUUUUUCKKKKKK!!!” she screamed out, her voice not quite reaching the chatty patrons still parading about the gallery.

Zooey had never done anal before. Never. But right there, in that moment, she wished that she had given up the ass, because the combined sensation of pain, and intrusively weird pleasure, was more than she could have ever imagined. With every hard, angry thrust, she realized more and more how good it felt to just be a slut, to get fucked the way she always wanted, by a man she never knew she needed… a black man. Her toes curled hard as she stood on her tip toes, the savage assault on her ass pushing her closer and closer to orgasm, something she would have never guessed was possible in such a way. She closed her eyes, the surge rushing to overwhelm her, her body tensing in anticipation. She could picture it, the majesty of his black dick disappearing nearly a foot at a time directly up her ass again and again… and she exploded.

“Ohhhhhhhhh fuckmefuckmefuckmefuckmeeeeeeee!!!” she cried out, orgasm crashing into orgasm, her legs shaking violently as she struggled to stand.

“Who… belongs… to the… black… master… race..?” Onyx said, punctuating each snippet with a thunderous crash into the recesses of her body.

“I DO. I’M YOUR FUCKING WHITE SLUT… NEVER… STOP… FUCKING… MEEEEE!!!” she cried, cumming one final time, so hard she nearly collapsed, Onyx quickly grabbing her waist instead keeping her up as he continued his dark work.

Having had his fill, he got ready to pull out, commanding her once more,

“Get on your fucking knees, slut.”

Zooey was more than happy to follow his commands, both because she was exhausted and her legs could use the break, but also because this black man… this black king, had complete control over her body, a gut feeling she had never once felt before with any white man, her husband included. She quickly dropped to her knees, turning and opening her mouth once more for his superior black seed. Onyx fired it off in large, heavy pulses, splattering all over her face and tongue, getting in her hair, and even in her eyes. Her face was already a sloppy mess from her earlier face fucking, but at this point, it was a portrait of absolute ruin. She slumped back against the wooden container, uncaring of the hard scratchy surface, taking in large heaving breaths, semen dripping from her face down to her breasts.

“You… you are…” she started, unsure how to state it, but wanting to express how much of a man she thought he was, something she had never thought to express to a lover before.

“Beg me.” he said, ignoring her.

“Please… fuck me.” she said, looking up at him from her place of shame beneath him.

“I said beg, you worthless white whore.” he said, giving her a look of disdain.

“Please, please, fuck me in my white pussy… my body belongs to you, I’ll do anything you say, but please, fuck my pussy, please…” she said, wanting it more than anything.

“Call your husband. Tell him you don’t love him anymore. Tell him you want a divorce.” he said, not budging an inch.

Zooey stopped to think for the briefest of moments, about how weak and pathetic her husband David was by comparison, how he had never commanded her body, stirred her desire like this man had done so effortlessly. She thought about her two white children at home, one boy, and one girl, and the future that undoubtedly awaited them… She crawled quickly on her hands and knees to her purse, fishing her phone out and dialing her husbands number. As it started ringing, she felt the hard black hands of Onyx Masters gripping her waist once more, the head of his cock sliding between the delicate folds of her vagina as he prepared to enter her.

“Hey Zo’ how’s the gallery going?” David answered a little distracted.

Onyx didn’t wait, smashing his tremendous black cock inside her before she could respond, her body only just able to withstand the size and force, as she let out a short scream of pleasure, her body trembling.

“Zooey, what’s going on, are you alright?” David said, coming a little clearer as he adjusted the phone.

“I don’t…” she started, the black dick stretching her pussy to the limit, “I don’t love you… anymore…” she said, trying to maintain any semblance of composure. “We’re over, I want… a divorce.” he continued assaulting her womb, the vein ribbed black mass of his cock spiking pleasure through her.

“Zooey, what the hell is going on? Where is this coming from?” David said, alarmed.

Zooey practically dropped the phone, her heels arching up towards her ass as she was already practically in the throws of climax, the act of throwing her worthless white family away like garbage maximizing her pleasure to unknown magnitudes. She screamed out in pleasure, clutching the phone hard as she tried to bring it back to her face.

“ZOOEY.” she heard coming through the phone before it even hit her ear.

“Hang up.” Onxy said, relentlessly fucking her from behind.

“Who is th…” David almost got out, Zooey pressing end and practically throwing the phone back toward her purse as it skittered across the floor.

“Good girl, obey your master.” Onyx said, increasing his tempo.

“YES MASTER, I AM YOUR SLAVE!” she shouted, as he gripped her hair once more, yanking her head back hard.

Zooey’s hands clasped together almost as if in prayer, her whole body tense as she experienced the best sex of her entire life. She knew what she had just done, and she didn’t care. To hell with her white husband, to hell with all white men, this THIS was all she ever wanted All those feminist ideals, nothing more than a rebellion against something she realized she hated all along, white men and their role in her life. She was black owned now, and she fucking loved it. No more anger, no more protests and political tirades… just fucking and sucking black dick, birthing black children, being a stay at home wife and mother for a superior breed of humanity. The thoughts were sincere, but didn’t last long, as she was overwhelmed with another bout of orgasms so intense, she literally screamed until she blacked out from both the lack of oxygen and from the magnitude of her body’s response to his cock. Out in the hallway, the same young black man was passing by within earshot, pausing for just a moment to crack a smile, knowing damn well what had just taken place.

Onyx unloaded inside Zooey, even though she wasn’t fully awake to enjoy it, billions of powerful African sperm cells traveling the surprisingly short distance between the head of his cock and her ovaries, attacking her ovum en masse, and impregnating her with a superior black child to replace the ones she had just given up. Onyx pulled out, enjoying the sight of Zooey’s sex ruined mess of a body, as she lay slumped forward, barely aware of the world around her. He reached over and grabbed her dress, wiping his cream coated, sperm slick, and well lubricated dick off all over the front of it before tucking himself back into his pants. He decided to wait it out for her, taking a small gold case from his vest pocket, producing a small cigar, which he lit up and enjoyed while her brain rebooted.

“Are… are you still there?” Zooey said, not moving still, her ass up in the air.

“Right here, kid.” he said, taking another drag.

“I fucking love you.” she said, not moving a muscle.

“I know.” he said with a smirk.

Zooey rolled slowly to her side, her pale naked flesh laid out on the cool slate floor of the gallery storage space. She carefully worked her way up to her one elbow, before finally sitting up with her legs side saddle.

“What… what happens now?” she said, looking at him with a sheepish sort of love.

“Well, you certainly cannot go home.” he said, relishing her betrayal, “Why don’t I take you back to my place? I think I have some a project in mind you’d be perfect for.”

“What sort of project?” she said, carefully picking up the clothes closest to her, every movement feeling like she was in outer space.

“I work with quite a few talented fellows, and I’m sure they’d be more than happy to fuck your pretty little face again.” he said, turning toward her and blowing out a puff of smoke, “I think it’s time we made you another sort of star.” he said with a smile.

“Thank you.” she said, standing up weakly.

Suddenly, her phone started to ring, the caller ID clearly showing it was David.

“Break your phone. Don’t waste another breath on that weak white loser.” Onyx said, dropping his cigar to the floor and crushing it with his shoe.

Zooey slid her phone over in front of her, grabbing one of her red high heels and slamming the stem down on the screen, cracking it.

-Roll Credits-

There was no career waiting for her after that. She quit “She and Him”, mostly by complete lack of responsiveness to any of her family or friends calls, most of them only seeing her again for the first time when someone discovered she was being featured on a porn website. It was an absolute show of savagery, nearly two dozen black men taking her from every direction, fucking and humiliating her in every way feasible. Not that she minded, of course. She was beyond eager to give her body, her fortune, anything she had to the black community now. Truly giving back, as she had once advocated she should. She was featured half a dozen times, scenes devolving into bondage sessions with her locked in chains, taken by, and cum in, by furious black strangers. She had never been happier in her life, or so that would be, until she gave birth to her first black baby. Relishing every second as it clung to her breast, feeding and growing into another future black soldier.

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