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Jace fell down on the couch, exhausted. He almost made airtime when Zoë flopped down next to him. With his remaining strength, Jace managed to pick up the remote and started zapping through the channels. They just got back from the gym, too tired to even take a shower. Zoë was playing with her phone, claiming the entire couch by laying on her stomach, her feet resting on Jace’s lap. It didn’t take long for him to give up and continue watching something he couldn’t care less for. The show was almost bad enough to conquer his fatigue, leaving him with no choice but to get up and take a shower.

Before he did, though, he took a peek at his left. What he saw was a enormous mountain, held together by tight leggings that seemed to almost rip aside. Jace was instantly reminded of the lust that had been building up for almost two hours now. His crotch woke up as he recollected the tease he had endured.

Jace dropped his pants without hesitation, revealing his rock-hard cock. He jumped back on the couch, sitting on Zoë’s thighs. Without wasting any time, he hooked his fingers under her waistband and slid down her leggings around those broad hips. ‘Of fucking course,’ Jace wondered to himself. She was wearing absolutely nothing beneath her tight leggings. He shook his head in disbelief. Zoë kept scrolling on her phone as if nothing was happening.

There was no need for lube this time, because her ass was glistening in sweat. Jace rubbed his cock along her butt for a short while, before sending his cock straight between those huge white globes. “Fuck yes…” Jace moaned. He really needed this. He started making long and powerful thrusts into her pussy, doing the final part of his workout today. His hips slammed against Zoë’s ass, slapping loudly and sending waves running over her cheeks.

Even after all of this, Zoë hadn’t stopped looking at her phone. Of course she knew what was going on, but she loved to pretend she didn’t notice. This was because Jace had in fact not even touched her pussy yet. His shrunken cock couldn’t make it through her gigantic ass, and couldn’t reach her tight little slit for already more than a week. As much as Jace tried to pretend everything was typical, he could feel the difference easily. It felt great in her sweaty ass, which gripped around his cock just right. But he longed for her pussy and her attention.

Jace made a final push by sending his hips into overdrive. Maybe, if he tried hard enough, he would reach it. He had to only touch it, for her to notice him. His hips kept slamming against her ass, but Zoë didn’t look his way. Jace felt his orgasm was coming close. He made one final push, spreading her ass with both of his hands, getting his cock as deep in there as efficient.

His struggles were in vain. He started spurting out his cum, his hips jolting against Zoë’s. It would be wishful thinking that it would seep into her hole. He knew that he would discover a stain on the sofa tomorrow.

“I think I’m gonna take a shower first,” Zoë announced. This was the first time she had acknowledged his presence since they were home. Embarrassed, Jace pulled out his cock from her ass and pulled up her leggings. Just as he sat back down on the sofa, Zoë got up and walked out of the living room. Jace couldn’t help but stare at her swaying hips, hypnotizing him as they at all times did. What he couldn’t see were the wet spot spreading on her crotch, and her hand delving between her legs as soon as she closed the door behind her.

Two days later, Jace got the attention he had waited for. They had returned from exercising and Jace was about to go knock-out on the couch. “Jace,” Zoë whispered, as she grasped his hand. “I really need your big, fat cock deep in my wet pussy!” She whimpered. Jace had no urge to even get near the couch anymore. Zoë took him by his hand, guiding him to the bathroom. She started stripping as soon as they got there, so Jace did the same. She had apparently worn a thong today, which was unceremoniously thrown to the side just as quickly as the rest of her outfit.

Zoë grabbed his hands and put them on her boobs. She started kissing him while he kneaded her small titties. All her growth had really gone some place else, but he still loved them. “Are you going to fuck me hard, Jacey?” Zoë breathed heavily.

“There’s nothing I would rather do,” Jace replied earnestly.

“Yay!” Zoë cheered. She broke their embrace, turning around to get something out of a drawer. If her ass hadn’t been this enormous, he could’ve seen her dripping pussy by now. Even more to Jace’s dismay, Zoë whipped up the all-to-familiar strap-on.

“Come on, Zoë, don’t get that thing out now,” Jace complained.

“But… Didn’t you want to fuck me with your big, juicy cock just now, Jace?” Zoë asked, sulking. “I promise I’ll make you feel awesome,” she tempted him.

“You know what I-” Jace tried to cut her off, but she wouldn’t have it.

“Please, please, please… Don’t tease me like this…” Zoë whined. She turned her back towards him, putting her hands against the bathroom wall. She bent over slightly and started shaking her ass like she had never done before.

‘You cheating bitch… And I’m the one that is doing the teasing?’ Jace silently complained. How could he withstand a real-life cheat code like this? Jace reluctantly attached his second cock to his body. Zoë was quietly waiting for him now that she got her way.

This was the first time Jace had fucked her standing up, so he had to awkwardly discover a way to get the right angle. He put one hand on her thigh, crouched down a bit and held the base of his cock with his other hand. When he was confident he had found the correct position, he thrusted his big, long cock into Zoë’s gigantic ass.

Jace got the chills when he heard her yelp. For more than a week, she hadn’t even made a sound. He bottomed out the final inches he had left. “It’s in!” Zoë moaned loudly. “Give it to me as hard as you can, Jacey!”

Jace did just that. He pounded her fiercely with both of his hands firmly on her hips. His other cock was rubbing between her thighs, precum already starting to dribble out.

Jace grabbed Zoë’s tits while assaulting her ass, grabbing them as he fucked her pussy to orgasm. His thick, hard cock made Zoë scream so loud he was afraid his neighbors were gonna knock on their door sooner or later. “I’m gonna cum, Jacey, I’m almost there! Fill up my pusssyyyyyy…!” Her orgasm hit her mid sentence, her lower body convulsing on his big cock. Jace couldn’t ignore her wishes, and dumped his load deep inside her pussy. He could feel his sperm pumping out of his cock, finally filling up Zoë’s slit. “That’s definitely something we’re doing again, Jace…” Zoë panted.

Behind Zoë’s legs, semen could be seen running down the walls. Zoë had crossed her legs just a few pumps before Jace’s orgasm had hit. Jace’s penis had squirted stroke after stroke by just rubbing along the side of her thighs.

The next day, Jace found Zoë lazing around on the bed. She was wearing jeans, which was probably one of his favorite outfits. They fit incredibly tight around her absurd curves, making them look even more enticing. He couldn’t withstand jumping on top of her, his fingers already hooked inside her jeans. But when he tried to pull them down, he was met with an unusual amount of resistance. He noticed that she was wearing a belt.

Unlike last week, Zoë didn’t ignore him. Instead, she grabbed his hands, stopping him from unbuckling her belt. She looked over her shoulder at him. “I have a present for you, Jacey!” She said happily. Jace raised an eyebrow. Was she really not gonna address why she was suddenly acting way differently?

Like at all times, Zoë found what she was looking for beneath the bed and handed it to him. Jace’s ‘present’ wasn’t even wrapped, clearly showing what was inside the package on the box. “Why…?” Jace asked her incredulously.

“Well, we don’t want to ruin our hard work, right? So I thought, let’s make sure that it stays at the right size!” Zoë proudly proclaimed. Jace was just sitting there on the bed, dumbfounded. “Come here,” Zoë instructed him. “I’ll do it for you. It’s not like this is our first time, right?”

This is how Jace found himself, and Zoë, looking down on his crotch. His dick was nowhere to be seen. The metal cage he was wearing had literally no length, smushing his cock practically flat. Only his balls were still there, luckily. Zoë clapped in her hands, looking pleased. “You look great, Jacey!” Satisfied, she laid back onto the bed, continuing the book she was reading. Jace kept looking back and forth between her amazing ass in jeans, and his almost non-existent, locked-up cock. What he wouldn’t give to fuck her ass right now, even if he couldn’t reach her tight pussy anymore.

Jace had to hold that wondered for one excruciatingly long week. His chest started heaving up and down when he heard the familiar click. He wasn’t even angry anymore when his nemesis was tossed towards him, because he had been expecting it. He put on the strap-on without protest while Zoë took on her usual position on the bed, flat on her belly. Jace climbed on top of her, laying his cocks on her ass. On second wondered, only one cock could actually be seen.

Zoë seemed to be reminded of something as Jace waited for her to hand him the lube. “Oh yeah, by the way, I want to you to fuck me in the ass today, Jacey. Don’t worry, I can handle it!”

“Eh-ehmm… what do you-,” Jace tried to ask, startled.

“God, I want you to fuck me in my ass ‘hole’, Jace. Do you get the hint now?” Zoë sighed. “You dense idiot,” Jace could hear her mutter.

‘Is she for real?!’ Jace couldn’t contain his excitement. He had wanted to do anal for ages now. Her ass was practically made for it! His enthusiasm was dampened when he looked down to his cock. Now that Zoë finally wanted him to fuck her in her ass, he had to do it with a strap-on? He couldn’t live with himself if he didn’t shoot his shot now.

“Zoë, can I just ditch this ‘thing’ I’m wearing and fuck you for real?” He tried not to sound too miserable, but didn’t quite succeed.

“Sure, Jacey,” Zoë easily agreed. Jace was stupefied, until she continued. “But,” she started. Jace’s heart sank again. “You know you have to reach it, right?” she asked innocently.

“The strap-on stays on, Jacey,” Zoë said as she stopped Jace right as he was gonna remove it. He could only grumble in response. He hated how confident she was. He grabbed his cock and moved further on top of her. The thick dildo was blocking him from seeing where he was aiming his cock, which annoyed him limitlessly. He had to discover her asshole, which he was pretty sure he had never even seen before. After rubbing between her cheeks for a bit, he decided to just shoot his shot.

It probably doesn’t come as a surprise that it was a complete fiasco. Zoë’s thick, bubbly ass made his cock disappear in an instant. Zoë put the final nail in his coffin when she asked: “Are you putting it in yet?”

Jace laid on top of her, defeated. He felt her shaking beneath him, doing her best to hold in her laughter. When she eventually recovered, Zoë asked: “Do you want to fuck my tight little ass now? I prepared it for weeks, especially for you,” she enticed him. Without a word, Jace resigned by pulling out his cock and lining up the next candidate with her butt.

“Hmm, just go for it Jace, I can handle it!” she encouraged him. He pushed his cock between those fat cheeks, gradually making his way towards her little hole. Unlike when he fucked her pussy, he could clearly feel the resistance when he reached his goal. Her sphincter didn’t give in even if he pushed a bit harder.

“You’re sure it’ll go in?” Jace asked her.

Zoë seemed offended. “Of course I am!” she said. “Just push a bit harder, you’ll see!”, she stubbornly held her ground.

Jace took that as an invite to ram his cock inside of her in one big thrust. “Fuck meeeee!” Zoë screamed. That sounded like music to Jace’s ears. Zoë’s haughty attitude had dissolved instantly. Without giving her any time to recover, he pulled out his cock again until he felt he had left her asshole, before ramming it in again. He kept doing this a few times, earning a scream from Zoë each and every time.

Bored with this, Jace carried on fucking her deeply, keeping his cock inside of her. Zoë slowly started to get used to being fucked in her ass, and screams were slowly being replaced by moans. Meanwhile, Jace’s tiny dick was pushing against her thighs, making him feel just as good.

Now that he had her pinned down below him, some of Jace’s confidence returned. He came up with an idea. While fucking her ass, he would also fuck her with his real cock! He could fuck both of her holes at once! Jace grabbed his cock and pushed it inside of her too. He made sure to fuck her deeply, preventing him from slipping out.

“Fuck me, Jace, I love it how you if you fuck me deep in my ass,” Zoë cried. “You’re big, hard cock feels amazing Jacey!” This compliment merely left a bitter taste in his mouth. There wasn’t even a hint that she had noticed his real cock trying to reach her wet pussy. Unlike previous times, she wasn’t pretending to not feel his efforts anymore.

His cock slipped out of Zoë’s ass when he pulled back a little too far, but Jace didn’t care to put it back in. It was useless, anyway.

“Your fat cock is making my ass come so hard!” Zoë kept yelling. His mind blank, Jace continued the onslaught on Zoë’s ass. He didn’t feel much resistance anymore, her hole stretched to match his big cock perfectly. “I feel it coming, it’s gonna, it’s gonna-” Zoë gasped. “Fill up my asshole with your cock-juice, baby!” Zoë screamed just before her orgasm hit. Jace let out a grunt as he felt her clamping down hard on his cock. His orgasm hit him like a truck. He plummeted downwards and unloaded his balls, deep inside the ass he had wanted to fuck for so long now. “Oh, yeah, keep it coming Jacey!” Zoë purred. She grinded against his cock, milking stroke after stroke out of him. “Fill me up until there’s nothing left…”

In the meantime, Jace’s tiny little penis was aimed straight downwards, spraying cum all over Zoë’s thighs and had even managed to cover her feet. When Jace finally pulled out his thick new cock out of her ass, Zoë made sure to turn around and lie down on her back.

Another week passed. Jace couldn’t handle it anymore, and was pleading with Zoë. “Why do I still have to wear this thing? Weren’t you already satisfied ages ago?” It took a lot for Jace to not begin begging.

“I’m still satisfied, though. I just don’t want you to get bigger anymore,” Zoë responded unperturbed.

“I promise I won’t!” Jace begged.

“You know you can’t promise me that, Silly,” Zoë laughed, brushing him off. “You know what, I’ll give you a reward for doing so good this last week.” Jace intently followed her with his eyes, anxious for what this ‘reward’ could be. Jace knew he was in for something when she went on her hands and knees onto the carpet. She put her elbows on the floor, bent her back and put her ass proudly in the air. She slowly wiggled her broad hips, enticing him with the sexy shorts she was wearing. “Fuck me right here and now, Jace,” Zoë commanded.

Zoë could wake him up any time if he would be met with a sight like this. Jace didn’t think she could turn him on in any better way. Although, she could have been nude. Jace fell down on his knees between Zoë’s legs, and got his hands around her hips. His admiration was interrupted by a sharp pain in his crotch. His cock tried his absolute hardest to burst out of its cage.

“Shit!” Jace cursed through his teeth. This was gonna be unbearable if Zoë didn’t release him. He tried to reason with her. “Zoë, we can’t have sex like this.”

“Of course not, dummy. Hurry up and get that big, juicy cock of yours. It’s in my drawer in the bathroom.”

“Come on Zo-“, Jace started to whine, but he stopped right away. His eyes were glued to Zoë’s ass, as she pulled her tight shorts down her hips. She threw them to the side and showed off her sexy panties to him. Not much was showing, most dug deep between her cheeks. She gave him a final push while jiggling her ass. “My pussy can’t wait much longer, Jacey,” she moaned.

Reason had left Jace’s mind, his aching crotch long since forgotten. What he needed now was to fuck that big, juicy ass as soon as efficient! He rushed upstairs to get his cock, coming back down with his big member swaying wildly in the air. “Yes, baby, yes!” Zoë cried in ecstasy. “Come get me, Jacey!” she lured him in, shaking her ass in the air with all her might.

Jace practically jumped on top of her. He got a finger under her panties and almost ripped them aside trying to pull them out of the way. Zoë kept shaking her ass as if her life depended on it, not caring what happened to her panties in the slightest. She only stopped moving when she felt Jace’s cock touch her from behind.

Jace smoothly pushed his big cock in, expertly finding her pussy with ease. “Hmm…” Zoë moaned appreciatively. Jace bottomed out completely before putting his hands on her lower waist. He grabbed tight and got to work. He started hammering her pussy, handling her gigantic ass like it should be handled, rough and hard. Soon, Zoë’s face was planted flat onto the carpet. One hand was clinging hopelessly to the couch, while the other had vanished underneath her top, squeezing her small breasts. “Aaah, it fills me up so much,” Zoë moaned. “My tight little pussy can barely handle your huge dick, Jace!”

Zoë was rapidly reduced to a moaning mess, and Jace wouldn’t hold on for much longer either. Her pussy just felt too good around his cock, clamping down hard as she did when her orgasm was close. Zoë gave him his cue: “Fuck… I’m there baby, cum for me!”

“Oh shit, I’m… I’m-” Jace moaned. Zoë reached behind her, grabbing his ass and clinging him tightly against her. “-cumming…” Jace finished. “I’m going to fill your little slit!” he yelled as his cock started twitching.

Zoë relished in her orgasm. “Hmmm… You’re amazing, Jacey.” She practically collapsed onto the carpet, Jace falling with her. Her entire chest was on the ground, her butt just barely kept in the air.

She had spread her knees wide to give Jace easy access. Sperm was still dripping down onto the carpet, but it wasn’t coming from Zoë’s pussy. Jace’s caged little penis had started drooling pre-cum before he had even mounted her with his big, new cock. During his orgasm, a steady stream of cum had flowed out of the front of the cage for minutes.

A few weeks later, Zoë surprises him when they’re laying in bed in the evening. She pulled Jace on top of her, kissing him deeply. “What was that for?” Jace asked her with a big smile on his face.

“I want you to fuck me like this tonight.” She held his eyes with hers and bit her lip. She grinned at his thrilled expression. This was the first time in a long while that he was gonna see her pussy. As much as Jace loved Zoë’s ass, nothing could beat seeing his cock sliding in and out of her wet slit. “You know where it is,” Zoë said. Jace didn’t have to be reminded, though. He was already scrambling to get to her nightstand.

When he found his cock, Zoë had already gotten out of her pajamas. She had pulled up her knees and was concealing her pussy. Jace put his hands on her knees and slowly pulled her legs open. This revealed his prize, already glistening wet and ready to go. She had a trimmed bush, but her pussy lips were perfectly smooth shaven. Jace let himself fall on top of her, kissing her again. At the same time, he lined up his cock and gently pushed.

“Holy fuuuck…” Zoë moaned. “You’re so fucking big baby, I can barely handle your cock!” Jace sat upright and put his hands on her thighs, spreading her legs nice and wide. The view was amazing. He was sure that his cock had never been this deep inside of her, at all times first having to go past her massive ass. Her pussy gripped tightly around the base of his cock.

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