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The sprawling town of Oxenfurt played host to and endless list of artisans, noblemen, and some of the greatest minds available on the Continent, all of whom flocked to the Academy It also happened to be home to the most illicit industries, its lax policies allowed prostitution and mercenary activity to thrive, so long as they paid their dues to the crown.

Though Redania was firmly in the grasp of its royal family, any sorcerer or sorceress knew that the real management of the kingdom came down to Philippa and Dijsktra, both of whom engaged in a constant battle to win influence over King Vizimir.

But the politics at work behind the scenes was of no concern to Yennefer. She was content with exploring the winding streets of the colourful Oxenfurt, taking in the different cultures on display in the main square. Yennefer held her nose high, gratefully acknowledging the respectful nods of the citizens, a tribute to the wise leadership of the various sorcerers allocated to the northern kingdoms.

However, Yennefer had a more pressing matter she wished to attend. For the first time in a number of years, Yennefer found herself with a substantial amount of Free time to herself, a rarity for a sorceress with her seniority. With a gentle nudge from Tissia, Yennefer decided to use some of that time to unwind, to rid herself of some of the pent up stress that had been building.

She located the district of the town that catered to precisely what what she was in search for. A sign swaying lazily caught her violet eye, advertising a bathhouse that guaranteed the best service on the Continent. Highly doubting such a boast, Yennefer wanted to ignore it, yet she couldn’t doubt how tempting it was. Yennefer had always found a certain solace in a sauna, comforted by the feeling of Hot steam rolling across her naked body, something Margarita had first introduced her to decades prior.

As she entered, she was met with a number of unique scents, all emanating from Incense sticks dotted around the guest area. She spotted a small wooden counter close by and wandered over to it, looking around for the person meant to occupy it.

“Hello? I wish to book a session in your sauna,” Yennefer called out to a backroom, resting her arm against the counter.

Suddenly, a short, young woman with dirty blonde hair leapt through the door behind the counter, huffing as she used the counter to hold herself up. “Sorry, miss, I was just restocking the sauna rooms, gotta keep the stones Hot. Otherwise we’ll have clients sitting in ice boxes. Booking a room, was it?”

Yennefer was taken aback a touch. “Er, yes. I wanted a room to myself for an hour. Could you accommodate me?”

“Of course, of course,” the girl replied genially, “do you want the room put down under any particular name?”

Yennefer shook her head and retrieved a few crowns, adding an extra one as a small tip. “Let’s just put it down as being used by anonymous. One can find themselves quiet vulnerable while nude, especially if there are any enemies lurking around.”

“A woman of importance,” the girl tapped her nose and handed a set of towels over to Yennefer, “down the stairs and it’s the first door on the right. All the others are a bit packed, busy day.”

“I can imagine,” Yennefer smirked.

She made her way towards a stone set of stairs leading to the steaming chambers below the surface of Oxenfurt. The further down she travelled, the warmer she could feel the climate becoming, causing her white blouse to stick to her increasingly perspiring body. Once she made it down she quickly spotted her room and entered inside. Immediately, the heat struck her, forcing her to quickly strip out of her typical all black and white clothing, ensuring the feather trimming wasn’t damaged in the process. A small box that jutted out from the wall allowed her to store her clothing without worrying about it being affected by the steam.

Standing in the steaming room, with sweat already trickling down her alabaster skin, Yennefer picked up the towels and wrapped one over her torso, wishing she had asked for a larger size due to her bust. The other was tightly wound around her raven locks. Satisfied, she sauntered over to a small wooden lounger and gracefully lied upon it, resting her head against the soft rest as she slowly closed her eyes, allowing the soothing sensation to let her drift off.

Her thoughts were filled with a certain white haired Witcher she had last encountered during their hunt for the golden dragon. Yennefer imagined his hands running across her stomach, stripping the towel from her body. Her hand slid across her slick thigh, her fingers danced their way up to the valley between her legs and made contact with her clitoris.

Yennefer thought of Geralt spreading her legs out wide, his large member slowly drifting towards her slit. The sorceress couldn’t stop her fingers as they slid inside her leaking Pussy, desperately wishing her scarred Witcher could take their place instead.

“Oh, Geralt!” Yennefer cooed.

“No Geralt here, Love,” a voice with the texture of tree bark said.

Yennefer’s eyes snapped open, a superbly nasty piece of magic was ready to be unleashed. She spotted a particularly poorly dressed man standing in the door way of the steam room, a short portly fellow whose own eyes roamed across Yennefer’s body, from her long, toned legs up to her pointed nose.

“Alright, I’m willing to he generous and assume you entered by accident and stayed for the sight, it is a fantastic one, but if you don’t turn and drag yourself out within the next ten seconds it won’t just be the wooden benches that will need a wipe down,” Yennefer said with an eerie calmness, carefully withdrawing her fingers from her Sex.

“Could do that, aye,” the man scratched his stubble covered chin, making Yennefer sure he didn’t fully grasp the severity of her threat, “but I think you’ll be interested in hearin’ what I’ve got to tell ya.”

Yennefer raised a brow, curious as to what the man could possibly have to say that would justify overriding his own self preservation mechanism. “Oh? Pray tell, why don’t you enlighten me?”

“Got you some information,” the man stated, taking a seat on the beach alongside Yennefer’s lounger, still undeterred from gazing at her almost nude body, despite the very obvious glow building up around her fingers, “something relating to that Witcher you were moaning about. Well, his mate the bard at least.”

“Dandelion?” Yennefer asked, her mind casting back to her memories of Geralt’s close friend. Though, Yennefer would have put him further into the category of pest.

“That’s the one,” the man nodddd, “former professor at the Oxenfurt Academy decided to have a little nostalgia trip around the campus. Ended up getting picked right off the street by a couple of burly thugs and tossed into the back of a carriage.”

Yennefer sat up a little, grimacing as she felt the towel around her body ride up slightly, bringing her naked Pussy into view of the unidentified man. “Who were they?”

The man scrunched his face. “No clue. Given his reputation for endin’ up in bed with the wives of noblemen I could guess one of them decided to teach him a good lesson. Or it’s got something to do with your Witcher friend. Don’t care, ain’t my business. But what does matter, my little raven, is that I know where they went and exactly where they’re keeping him.”

Yennefer rolled her eyes as her spell dissipated. Dandelion getting himself into trouble didn’t surprise her in the least, especially knowing how weak willed he could be around the fairer Sex. But regardless, she knew what he meant to Geralt, letting him take the beating he possibly deserved wasn’t an option for her. “Let me guess, it isn’t a coincidence that not only did you wait for me to strip off every article of clothing, but to also make sure I didn’t have any crowns to pay you in exchange for the information. Am I correct in my assumption?”

“Sexy and perceptive,” the man edged ever closer to Yennefer, licking his lips as he caught sight of her cleavage through the cloud of steam, “I deal in information, I can get a generous amount of crowns whenever I feel like it. But you definitely have a different sort of currency I’m willing to exchange for.”

“There it is,” Yennefer replied, not so subtly drawing the bottom of her towel up, leaving nothing to the man’s imagination, “I’m assuming this is what you had in mind? Corner a woman with information you know she wants in exchange for a quick chance to get your cock wet?”

“Ahh, not quite,” the man gulped, entirely tempted to rip his trousers off and rut her there and then. “I’ve heard all sorts of stories about what sort of traps sorceresses put in their holes, rotting curses, razor teeth, the lot. Not too keen to find out if any of that’s true. No, what I want is for for those luscious ruby lips to wrap themselves around me for a bit.”

Yennefer sighed in resignation, it had been close to what she was expecting. Not that she had any qualms with using favours in a sexual capacity to get what she wanted, sorceresses from the north were always taught how to manipulate people, to use their needs and desires against them if it meant furthering the influence of the Brotherhood of Sorcerers; being prudish wasn’t really an option.

“Fine,” Yennefer said, drawing herself up until she sat on the edge of the lounger, crossing her long legs as she faced the man, “but if I do this and it turns out you have been lying, then I will have no choice but to transform you into one of those boiling Hot stones, it wouldn’t be difficult to do.”

The man stood and unwound the series of strings that held up the band of his trousers and worked them down his legs. When his cock sprang Free, already hard and waiting, even Yennefer was a little shocked by its size. She was used to such large members usually being exclusive to the more self conscious of sorcerers, using glamour magic to enhance themselves. But the man was certainly no magic user, Yennefer couldn’t help but admire his luck at birth.

She reached for his member, brushing her black painted nails across the tip and down the length, eventually taking a firm hold of it. Even with the best effort, Yennefer was unable to wrap her fingers around the circumference, but she wasn’t deterred. Instead, she wrapped her other hand around it and simultaneously moved them across the skin.

As his cock began to pulsate relentlessly, Yennefer dropped her hands away and slowly leaned forward, her violet eyes watching as the tip drew closer. Then, her painted lips made contact and slipped over the mushroom tip, flicking her tongue across the slit.

“Bloody hell!” the man grunted, bending his head back as accepted his length into her warm mouth.

Yennefer grinned mentally, it was too easy for her to gain control, even without having to go through a more invasive form of intercourse. She sucked and twisted the length of his cock, bobbing her head as she let it sink deeper item into her throat. Her gag reflex had long since been trained for even the most substantial of girths, but she blushed at the realisation that the strange man was pushing her skill to its limit.

Pushing on, Yennefer compressed her cheeks around his member, ensuring that every stroke was the tightest she could possibly achieve, she relished the sounds of the man surrendering to her talented tongue. Her perfect teeth gently caressed his skin, adding an extra degree of stimulation Yennefer was proud to say few women could achieve.

“Damn good mouth work!” the man said through gritted teeth, actively pumping his hips back and forth as Yennefer’s pace picked up gradually.

Yennefer could detect the tell tale sign of him reaching his end point, the blood coursing through his cock quickened to the point where the sorceress could feel it. She prepared to let him lodge himself in her throat, to make a clean job of swallowing every drop of cum her had been building. But the man had other ideas.

He wrapped his hand around the knot of the towel covering Yennefer’s chest and ripped it away, allowing her sensational breasts to slip Free. The man slid himself Free suddenly enough to cause Yennefer to cough, and he aimed towards her breasts as he erupted, coating Yennefer with thick globs of cum.

“Uhh,” the man cackled as he squeezed the last few drops onto the deeply unimpressed sorceress, “even the most expensive whores on the continent couldn’t suck that well.”

Once he finished, Yennefer sent a magical burst at him, forcing back against the wooden bench. “Now that you’ve had your fun, why don’t you give me the location before I feel the need to castrate.”

“Heh, you enjoyed it too you, little minx,” the man laughed. He tugged his trousers up frantically and looked back into Yennefer ‘s cold eyes. “The lower Oxenfurt livestock hold, they’ve got the bard tied up for an interrogation, no clue about what.”

Aware just how close he was to becoming a eunuch, the man bolted. Yennefer smirked, waving her hand to shut the door. Ever the experimental type, Yennefer decided to rub the seed into her skin rather than wipe it away. She reclined back into her lounger, letting Dandelion stew for a short while longer, wondering if she would have enough time for a manicure.

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