Wonder Woman’s Sex Adventures Ch. 08 – Celebrities & Fan Fiction

***My eighth entry of my Wonder Woman sexual adventures series. If you enjoy this story, please check out the others I have written.

The characters in this story were written with the innovative liberties of the author. This is fan-fiction and does not reflect how the characters that are portrayed in the actual comic books.


Circe checked her ancient maps again. She didn’t have to be in the exact location, but she did need to be within the area. She ordered the captain of her boat to stop as soon as she was sure she was in the right place. Afterwards, she used the deck of the ship to prepare the incantation.

The captain had no idea what he was doing in the middle of the night in the center of the Aegean Sea. The woman he was ferrying, who called herself Circe, which he wondered was strange enough, was offering him a lot of money to take her here. She gave him $100K up front and promised him the same amount when she was finished with what she had to do. He didn’t ask questions; he assumed that with that much money, it must be something criminal. He could’ve said no, but he needed the money badly as his fishing company was suffering.

Then something strange happened. The captain watched as Circe began using chalk to build a series of drawings around the deck of the ship. He let it go for now since she was paying him a lot of money. He recognized some of the Greek symbols she drew, but many of the others were foreign to him. Finally, she lit some large, thick candles around the symbols and began screaming what sounded like an incantation.

The captain, being a devout, orthodox Greek Christian, began to worry about what he had gotten himself into. He was afraid the woman was performing some sort of satanic ritual, something he did not want on his ship. It wasn’t until the candles started floating in the air and swirling around her that he began to freak out and ran out to discover Circe.

“Stop this blasphemy at once,” the captain ordered. “I don’t know what you’re doing, and I don’t care how much you’re paying me, but it ends now.”

When he got close to Circe, she pulled out a large blade and, in one quick motion, sliced the captain’s throat, and he fell backwards. The blood spread everywhere on the ancient symbols, and they all started glowing at once. The incantation needed a blood sacrifice, and the captain served that purpose well.

Clouds quickly filled the sky, and lightning strikes were forming everywhere. The sea below her was bubbling all around her. She heard a loud, monstrous noise as three large heads emerged from the ocean.

“Rise, Hydra! Rise! ” She called out to the monster. “Rise and do my bidding and destroy the Amazons.”

The full body of the creature finally emerged from the sea to reveal itself to be the mythological three-headed Hydra dragon. It soared through the night sky and began its journey in the direction of Themyscira, the home island of the Amazons.


It was a quiet night; there was nothing for Diana to do during her shift at the Justice League watchtower. Everyone had to take turns on watch duty at the watchtower, not just for the security of the tower but to monitor the league’s satellites and communications for any emergencies that needed the attention of the whole Justice League.

There were a couple of alerts, but nothing to involve the Justice League as a whole, just a few small incidents that only required individual superheroes. Clayface was causing trouble outside of Gotham, so she let Batman know about it. And Killer Frost was causing a little mayhem in a robbery, so she sent Flash to go after her.

Other than that, Diana had nothing better to do that night than use the Justice League’s supercomputer to stream episodes of Mad Men. If there was an emergency that needed her attention, the computer would alert her to the situation, and she would be on it immediately.

She was about halfway through season six of Mad Men when she got her first major alert of the night. She turned off Netflix and switched screens to satellite imagery of a fast-moving monster flying through the Mediterranean Sea. She calculated the trajectory of the flying creature and was shocked to discover that it was flying toward her home island, Themyscira.

“Damnit,” she cried out.

She grabbed her sword and, from the Justice League armory, she grabbed a flame thrower. It was an advanced prototype from Wayne Industries. The backpack was much smaller than what’s used for an average flamethrower, but it used a new chemical compound that could shoot out ten times the amount of flame, and from the gun portion, it could fire a flame that could burn a hundred times hotter than napalm.

Before she left, she realized she couldn’t leave until she got somebody to keep an eye on the watchtower. She wondered quickly and could only think of one person who was available at the moment to come to the tower so soon. She called Booster Gold on her communicator; it was his day off and he never wanted to work an extra shift, so she knew she had to discover a way to trick him into coming over.

“How’s it going, my lady?” He said with a big smile.

“Booster, I need you to come here to the watchtower quickly,” she told him.

“No way, it’s my night off, and I’m busy chilling and watching the Simpsons,” he replied.

Diana angled her communicator to show some of her cleavage to him, which got his full attention. She felt lucky that she decided to wear the uniform that showed some extra cleavage today.

“Please, Booster, I’m very lonely here, and I want you so badly,” she said with a sultry voice.

She was afraid she was laying it on a little thick with the sexy talk with Booster, and he may not fall for it. But in an instant, Booster shut off the communicator and teleported right behind Diana with a bottle of wine in one hand and a bouquet of flowers in the other. Having time travel technology, he was able to go back in time to get those items and appear at the watchtower while only a couple of seconds had gone by for Diana.

“You call, and I come, my lady,” he said with a big smile. “Do you want to drink this wine now or after, if you know what I mean?”

“Thanks for coming, Booster. I knew I could rely on you,” said Diana as she began to fly away.

“Wait, where are you going?” he called out to her.

“I need you to watch the tower while I’m gone,” she told him. “You can go ahead and use the Netflix account. But don’t mess with the queue, or else Batman will be pissed.”

She flew out of a skylight that opened at her approach and closed as soon as she left. She made her way towards her homeland, going as fast as her superhuman speed would allow her to.

She prayed to the Olympic Gods that she could make it on time. Her prayers had been answered, as in an instant, Diana’s body was engulfed in a bright light, and she felt something take her away.


Diana soon found herself in another location that looked oddly familiar to her. It took her a moment to realize that she was on her people’s island, at the far end of it, to be exact, right on the shore.

“Welcome home, sister,” said a voice. “Not my home, that is.”

She instantly knew who it was and dreaded the idea of seeing him. She turned around to see a tall, muscular man with a big smile on his face, wearing ancient Greek armor. It was her half-brother, Hercules.

“Oh no, not you,” she said, feeling very disappointed.

“Yes, it is I, Hercules!” he said, grandstanding before her. “Famed hero of Greece, son of Zues, and your brother in blood and in battle.”

“I know you are,” Diana replied, feeling very annoyed by him. “I’ve known you for a thousand years already. You don’t have to keep saying those lines every time we meet.”

“I’m sorry; sometimes I can’t help myself,” Hercules responded. “I was on Olympus for our monthly poker game when Hermes alerted me that the Hydra was back and was making its way to Themyscira. So, our father, Zues–“

“I know who our father is, dumbass,” said Diana.

“Sorry. Anyway, he sent me here to your island and quickly teleported you here as well, so we can both defeat the Hydra in a glorious battle.”

“Who summoned the Hydra?” she asked.

“Circe, apparently,” he answered.

“That bitch. Of course, it was her.”

“But don’t worry, I’ve defeated it before, and you and I can defeat it once again.”

“I don’t need your help,” Diana said angrily. “I’ve defeated giant monsters of all kinds.”

“Nothing like the Hydra, I guarantee you,” Hercules replied. “I barely defeated it the first time, and that was thousands of years ago.”

“Still, if you can do it, then I suppose anybody can do it.”

“Do you know anything about the Hydra?” he asked.

“I know my history, Hercules,” she snapped at him. “The Hydra grows two heads for every one that gets cut off. You cauterized the wounds on each head so they wouldn’t grow back. That’s why I got this flamethrower.”

“No, that’s not how I defeated the Hydra,” said Hercules.

Diana was shocked. She was sure that’s what happened in history, which those outside of Olympus would call mythology.

“Whatever, I’m sure I can defeat that monster without your help,” said Diana.

“Diana, listen to me. I know we have a history that you don’t want to talk about–“

“Yeah, I don’t want to talk about it.”

“But they must work together on this,” said Hercules. “We need to work together.”

From a distance, Diana could see the Hydra racing towards the island. She had no time to argue with Hercules. She needed to attack the Hydra now.

“There’s no time for this; tell me how you defeated the Hydra the first time,” she ordered.

“First of all, that whole thing about two heads growing back when one gets cut off is just a myth,” said Hercules. “But it can grow another head in its place. Also–“

“Thanks, that’s good to know,” said Diana as she flew off towards the monster.

“There’s more to it!” He yelled at her. “Damn, I wish I could fly.”

Wonder Woman flew right towards Hydra at full speed. She had her sword in one hand and the flame thrower in the other. She quickly dodged the Hydra’s initial attacks and worked to discover an opening for her first strike. But the dragon was very quick for such a large creature such as itself. When it wasn’t trying to bite at her, hit her with its tail, or cut her in half with its talons, it was breathing fire at her from each of its three heads.

Finally, she had an opening for her first strike and used her sword to cut off its middle head. She then quickly used the flame thrower to completely burn the wound, preventing a new head from growing in its place.

“One down, two to go!” she yelled out in victory.

Her joy was short-lived as she saw the head’s middle head immediately grow back from the wound.

“What the hell?”

She was disappointed that it didn’t work but glad that Hercules was right about how only one head grows back, not two. She wondered maybe she hadn’t cauterized the wound completely and decided to try again. She managed to get the head on the left side this time and burn out the wound even more than before. She was sure it would work because there was nothing left of that part of the body, but in an instant, the burnt wound healed itself and the head grew back.

“Damnit!” she yelled.

She saw she had no choice in the matter; she needed Hercules’ help. She flew back to the island, to the shore where she last left Hercules, who was still waiting for her there.

“You fought admirably,” said Hercules. “But, as I was saying, there was more to killing the Hydra. And you don’t want to hear this, but it may involve two people to defeat it.”

“Fine, you can help me. Now tell me how to kill that thing,” she demanded.

“First, let’s have a quick talk about why you’re so aggressive towards me,” said Hercules.

“This isn’t a good time.”

“It’s never a good time,” he replied.

“What’s the big deal? I don’t like you. Why is that so hard to understand?”

“Come on, Diana. You know, you don’t hate me; it’s what happens when we work together that you hate.”

Diana looked very nervous, something she’s not used to showing. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“I’m talking about how we sometimes end up sleeping together when we see each other. I understand. It’s strange because we are siblings–“

“Half-siblings,” she reminded him. “And that was over a hundred years ago.”

“And a hundred years before that, and another hundred before that,” he continued. “Going back at least a thousand years, and it’s never just a moment; we end up spending the entire night or a weekend together. Once, we had an amazing summer together about six hundred years ago.”

Diana did not want to be reminded of this. She admitted she had a lot of fun with Hercules during their occasional trysts over the last millennium. But in the end, he was still her half-brother, which made it feel very wrong.


When they first met, Diana had no idea that the tall, handsome, and very muscular man with long hair was her half-brother. It all started when she was very young, during a weekend trip to Athens with a few of her friends. She first met Hercules when she and her friends were visiting a local bar. He told her his name was Hercules, but she assumed he was named after the ancient Greek hero, like many Greek men were, and not that he was the actual person himself. She knew of her half-brother, Hercules, but had never met him before, so she had no idea what he might look like.

Hercules himself knew how many Greek men were also named after him and used it to his benefit. He wondered it was a good cover, so he could still go by his own name and keep his true identity hidden. He was also aware that he had a half-sister named Diana living with the Amazons, but he had no idea that the woman he met was her. He assumed she was just a regular, gorgeous woman who happened to have the same name as his half-sister.

By the end of her trip, Diana succumbed to Hercules’ charms and good looks and slept with him for the first time. She knew how her mother and the other Amazons felt about fornicating with men, but she didn’t care. She really liked Hercules, and it was an extra special moment for her because she had also lost her virginity to him.

The next morning, they were awakened by the sounds of people in the streets screaming in terror. They got dressed and ran outside, where they got word from one of the civilians running that Athens was being invaded by an army of monstrous ogres. They both made excuses to leave each other so they could go their separate methods, not realizing that they were getting themselves ready to fight the ogre army.

They met each other again on the battlefield, dressed in their uniforms and armed with their swords and shields. They recognized each other instantly, but there was no time to ask what the other person was doing there since they had the ogre army to deal with. They both showed their strengths and abilities as they fought the ogre army and defeated them together.

Afterwards, while they were celebrating their victory over some wine, they introduced themselves as who they really were, and that’s when they realized everything. They were both in complete shock as they realized they had slept with their own half-sibling. They knew this kind of thing happened often in Olympus among the Greek gods; Zues and Hera were also siblings. But they never wanted that kind of thing for themselves.

Diana was especially disappointed in herself. Not only did she feel she had betrayed her Amazon sisters by sleeping with a man, she realized she had lost her virginity to her own half-brother.

They went their separate methods, but a hundred years later, they ran into each other again during a battle with the Kraken and slept with each other again afterward. Then again, after another hundred years, they ran into each other at a mutual friend’s wedding. And the process kept repeating itself.

They didn’t all the time end up having sex; there were plenty of times when they just hung out and enjoyed each other’s business. But after a while, they couldn’t withstand each other and found themselves in bed again.

Diana would all the time feel bad about what she had done after each incident. She loved it each time they got together like that, but she never wanted it to get any further than that.

Hercules was initially grossed out by finding out he had slept with his own half-sister, but he eventually grew to like it over time. The taboo nature of it all, plus making love to a woman who can match his strength, made it more exciting.

But over time, Hercules wanted more. He wanted to be like regular siblings who could work together, but there was all the time that awkwardness between them. The awkwardness was justified, but that didn’t mean they couldn’t work to get over it all.

Diana, meanwhile, just wanted to forget what she kept doing with him over the last thousand years because of how guilty she kept feeling afterwards. Not only because Hercules was her half-brother but also because she kept letting herself fall for the charms of a man. She felt she was supposed to be a lot tougher than that as an Amazon warrior and leader of her people. So she all the time kept ignoring the issue instead of facing it head-on.


“What I’m trying to say is, you need to get over this,” said Hercules. “I’m always trying to be cordial with you, especially when we occasionally team up in battle, but you’re always making it weird.”

“It’s weird because we’re half-siblings who keep fucking each other,” Diana replied.

“True, but if we worked at it, we could just be regular siblings, even friends,” he told her. “I would like us to be partners. Two fearsome warriors who could work together to make the world a much safer place.”

Diana had to think hard about what he said. It was true that, over the years, he was the one who tried to become more friendly with her. She had to admit that she was the one who initiated sex between them the last few times, and she couldn’t blame him for not turning down her advances. She is much wiser now than when she was that young, naïve girl who lost her virginity a thousand years ago, so she knew she could get over it all and become friends and teammates with Hercules. Also, there were times when they got along great; they hung out with friends and sometimes fought battles together, all without it leading them to sleep together.

“You’re absolutely right,” said Diana. “I should’ve worked just as hard as you did at trying to be allies.”

“We can start now by defeating the Hydra, and afterwards we can discuss our newfound alliance,” said Hercules.

They shook hands and then turned their attention to the Hydra that was fast approaching.

Hercules began to say, “There’s only one way to kill the Hydra for good. It does involve cutting off or destroying its head, but you have to do it with all three heads simultaneously. Once that happens, the monster dies for good.”

“All three at once? How the hell are we supposed to do that?” Diana asked.

“We’ll just have to work together while we’re batting the monster and find the right moment,” said Hercules. “We do have swords and a flame thrower, and between our demi-god powers, it shouldn’t be easy.”

“Easy?” Diana asked.

“Well, not easy. However, we stand a good chance.”

They prepared themselves as the Hydra dragon finally reached the shore. Wonder Woman flew into the air to fight it from above with her sword and flame thrower, while Hercules fought from below with his sword and shield.

They fought fiercely as the battle raged on. They used their superhuman strength to strike the creature with their best kicks and punches, damaging it as best they could with their weapons. They called out to each other with tactical plans to try and destroy the creature; some of them almost worked, but the Hydra was too strong and fast for them and kept regrowing the heads that would be cut off.

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