Wild Rear Ride: A Thrilling Tale of Anal Lust

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As the sun began to set over the sprawling ranch land, Mary and Jack raced their horses through the fields, willing to reach the secluded spot where they could enjoy their Wild Rear Ride. They had spent the entire day working on the ranch, and now it was time to let their passions take over.

As they reached the edge of the woods, Jack grabbed Mary’s hand and pulled her off her horse. “I’ve been thinking about this all day,” he said, his eyes twinkling with excitement.

Mary grinned, her heart racing with anticipation. She knew exactly what he had in mind. “I’m ready when you are,” she said, reaching down to adjust her leather pants.

Jack led her deeper into the woods, the leaves crunching beneath their boots. His hand grazed against her back, sending shivers down her spine. When they reached a small clearing, he turned her around to face him, his eyes burning with desire.

Without a word, he lifted her into his arms and carried her to a large tree stump that sat in the middle of the clearing. He gently laid her down, and she kicked off her boots, revealing her perfectly toned legs. Jack quickly followed suit, and they lay there, staring into each other’s eyes.

He ran his fingers over her spine, eliciting a moan from deep within her. She reached down and undid his belt, freeing his hardening cock from his jeans. He groaned with pleasure as she stroked him gently.

Without warning, Mary flipped over onto her hands and knees, presenting her bare ass to Jack. He couldn’t withstand the temptation and ran his hands over her back, caressing her perfectly toned skin. He leaned down and kissed her ass, his tongue tracing circles around her tight hole.

With a moan of pleasure, she pushed back against him, willing for him to enter her. He teased her with his fingers, slipping them in and out of her wet pussy, his other hand fingering her tight hole.

With a deep growl, Jack pushed into her, filling her with his thick cock. Mary cried out with pleasure as he started to pump into her, each thrust growing deeper and more intense than the last. She could feel him stretching her open, filling her every inch with his manhood.

They lost themselves in the moment, their wild passions taking over, the only sound coming from the woods were their lustful moans. With each thrust, Jack pushed deeper and deeper, the pleasure building inside of Mary until finally, with a scream, she came, her body wracked with intense pleasure.

Jack wasn’t far behind, his body exploding with pleasure as he came inside her. They lay there, entangled in each other’s arms, the sun setting behind them, happy and satisfied.

As they mounted their horses to head back to the ranch, they couldn’t help but wonder what their next Wild Rear Ride would bring.

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