Wife and Husband Get Crazy – Fetish – Free Sex Story

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Wife and Husband Get Crazy

It was their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary and June and Ron had just returned home from a night out on the town. Dinner, dancing, and then a carriage ride through the park. June stood in the middle of their bedroom, looking at her adorable husband as he looked at his beautiful Wife. Sure, she had gained a few extra pounds over the years, but she still looked delicious to him. Her extra weight had conformed to her extremely curvy body. Her stomach although padded, was still smooth and flat from under her nicely shaped breasts to the curve of her Mons.

Ron too had gained a little weight, but June still thought of him as sexy. He didn’t have a beer gut like many of his contemporaries. His extra pounds, distributed evenly over his entire six-foot frame, didn’t make him look fat. And while June was no Amazon, she was tall for a woman at just three inches under six feet. When the two hugged, they fit together perfectly. June loved her husband. Ron loved his Wife. For them, there was no other person on the entire earth that would do.

The couple had two children, both in college. So now, they were considered empty nesters. Alone with each other. Did they spend each and every minute with each other? No, that would not only be impossible but tedious. Ron and June worked. They each had a job they liked. Both were happy to get up in the morning, kiss each other good morning and go off to their jobs for the day. In the evening when they got home, they each had something to keep them busy and out of each other’s hair when the need arose.

Did either of them go out without the other? Of course. Every Friday, the girls on the block got together and went to the local club to drink and have some fun away from their husbands. All of them danced with any man who asked but never left with anyone but the women with which they arrived.

The men also got together on Friday nights to play poker. They rotated host houses. There were six couples altogether. Only one couple still had a child at home and she would be off to college next fall. She was hardly ever at home when the men played poker at her parent’s house. The group got together twice a month during the summer for a backyard BBQ. The place rotated among the six couples. In the winter, one of them always had a Christmas party for them all.

Ron stepped in close to June, taking her in his arms. He pressed his lips to her soft, tender lips. June kissed him back with the passion she has felt for him for most of her Adult life. She could feel herself become excited and wet. She was anxious to get him inside her but wanted to take it slowly so she could enjoy him. Ron was in no hurry. Tonight was a very special night. The two of them had been married for a quarter-century. Twenty-five years. That was a long time in a man and woman’s life. They had two grown children. Tonight would be a night of loving and exciting Sex.

Lifting the straps to June’s dress, Ron pulled them out to the side and let the dress fall. He watched as it slithered down June’s wonderful body to puddle at her lovely feet in her come fuck me heels. The ones she wore on special occasions. The toe, plated with gold filigree, as were the heel and spike, made her look sexy. She was also wearing thigh-high stockings. She wore no bra but had on the skimpiest of panties Ron had ever seen.

Gasping Ron dropped to his knees, gathering June’s dress so it wouldn’t wrinkly. He tossed it on the bed looking up into his Wife‘s eyes. June looked down at her husband, smiling as she watched his eyes. Smiling back, Ron put his fingers in the waist of her skimpy panties and slowly slid them down her sexy legs in her sheer black stocking. Once she had stepped out of them, Ron tossed them on the bed with her dress. Pressing his nose to her Mons, he sniffed deeply of her aroma. Her scent was heady and excited him. Lips pressed to her vulva, Ron, stuck out his tongue, pushing it through her labia.

June groaned at the touch of her husband’s tongue on her Sex. Placing her hands on his head, she grabbed handfuls of his hair, pressing his face against herself.

“Oh god, I Love when you do that,” she gasped throwing her head back and closing her eyes.

Ron moaned as he pressed his tongue into his Wife as far as he could. June pulled his head back and up. Ron climbed to his feet. June started to disrobe her husband. She had him naked quickly.

“In bed, now,” June ordered.

Smiling, Ron nodded and climb onto the bed. He kneeled in the middle of their king-size bed, waiting for his Wife. Slowly, June crawled across the bed toward her husband. When she got to him, she took his hard cock in her mouth. Moaning, Ron just watched as June took him completely in her mouth. The head of his cock popped into her throat. Ron growled. June moaned. She pushed him back so she could breathe. Then took him in again. Ron pulled out, rolled June onto her back, and got between her spread legs.

God, she looked so sexy on her back, her legs spread welcoming him to her womanly treasures. June watched, as his cock got closer and closer to her entrance. When it touched her labia, June reached down, grabbed Ron’s hard cock, and pressed it to her opening. Nodding, Ron pressed slowly forward into his Wife‘s body. It felt so good slipping into her he groaned and then sighed. Halfway inside her June’s hips started to buck. When he was all the way inside her, June almost screamed with pleasure. Ron just sighed at the feel of her warm body wrapped around his stiff cock.

“Oh my god, you fill me so good,” June said softly, her arms around Ron’s neck.

Ron just groaned as he felt his cockhead press against June’s cervix. June jerked a little when the hard cock inside her pressed against her cervix. She moved a little to the right and the hard cock moved to the side of her cervix to press against the sensitive area next to it. Ron pressed in farther. June sighed as he stretched her Vagina and the head rubbed the side of her cervix gently.

“Oh god, yes,” June sighed.

Ron, eyes closed, just enjoyed being inside his Wife‘s Hot body. He loved to give her pleasure. He would do whatever she asked him to do, while she would do whatever he asked her. They were still in Love after all these years. Ron slowly made Love to his wonderful Wife. Sliding into her, he would just moan at the feeling of her squeezing him. Moving out of her, she would squeeze him even harder, not wanting to feel empty.

June sighed as his cock left her for a short time, then she would almost scream with her pleasure as he filled her again. Slowly, June brought her legs up to wrap Ron with them. She didn’t want to lose his wonderful cock. She gripped him tightly with her Vagina. Both of them were on their way to a tremendous Orgasm. June’s cascaded through her body before Ron’s did. Ron smiled as his Wife came under him. She always came first. Ron liked that she always had her Orgasm first.

“Oh god, you always make me cum so hard,” said June when she had calmed down a little.

“I’m glad. I Love when you cum. Your face is always so pretty when you do,” replied Ron.

Ron was in no rush to cum. He always took his time with June. That was his sole purpose in life, to make June happy. June felt the same about her wonderful husband. She was here to make him happy. They both were groaning and sighing as Ron’s cock slipped in and out of June’s body. They were both happy. They were both on the way to nirvana. June came again. It wasn’t a big Orgasm as orgasms go for her but it was long and drawn out. She shook like crazy as her Orgasm shot through her mind and body.

Ron was close. After June’s Orgasm, he was even closer. He always asked her where she wanted him to cum. She always answered inside her. Just once, he wished she would say on her face. June knew the question was coming by the way Ron was acting. She also wanted to say, on her face but she didn’t want him to think of her as a slut, only sluts let their men cum on their faces.]

“Where do you want me to cum, baby?” asked Ron.

“Inside me, sweetheart,” replied June.

“You have two choices. On your tits or on your face.”

“On my tits then,” replied June just a little more turned on.

“On your face it is,” said Ron pulling his cock out of June.

“I said my tit!”

Ron was up straddling June’s shoulders, his hard cock pointed at her face. June was surprised, yet so turned on by what was happening that she had another long-drawn-out Orgasm. Then Ron’s cum was splashing against the skin of her face. As each spurt hit her face, June came again. It hit her in the forehead first, then across her nose. The third spurt went in her left eye, the next in her mouth. Her hips were jerking wildly as Ron’s warm cum started to roll across her skin. His last few spurts went into her open mouth. When she closed her mouth to swallow, Ron wiped his cock across her lips.

Before June could lick her lips, Ron’s cock was back inside her, still hard as a rock. Then his lips pressed against her cum covered lips. June suddenly went crazy with passion. She wrapped her arms and legs around her husband bucking crazily against him as he pressed inside her. Ron, a little surprised by June’s reaction to what he had done, was himself overcome with passion as June fucked herself on his cock.

Ron forced his tongue into June’s mouth. She suddenly stopped moving. Ron pulled back from her lips. June’s arms and legs fell from around him. She was breathing softly with her eyes closed. Ron remained inside her. He could feel her heartbeat with his cock. He gently kissed her lips, then pulled back to await her return.

“OH MY FUCKING GOD!” June shouted as she came back to reality.

Ron just smiled down at her as her eyes opened wide. She just stared at her loving husband.

“How long have you wanted me to cum on your face?” asked Ron smiling down at June.

June just looked up at her husband.

“How long have you wanted to cum on my face?” she asked right back.

“We should probably have communicated better with each other, huh?”

“I guess we should have,” replied June smiling up at her husband. “Are you going to answer my question or fuck me with that hard dick you have?”

Ron started to fuck his sexy Wife, slowly.

“You have my question to answer first,” he said.

June looked up at her husband as she started to have small orgasms from his hard cock moving inside her body.

“It’s been a while. Ever since you first asked that question.”

“I see. Same here. That’s why I asked that question.”

June shivered at his answer. Then she shivered again as she felt his cum on her face flow down her skin.

“Lick your cum off me,” June croaked.

Ron looked at her, unsure if he really wanted to do that. But, he did want to make his Wife happy. Leaning down he started to lick and suck his cum from her face. When his lips first touch her cum covered skin, June’s body went crazy. Once again, she was so turned on that she was fucking herself on Ron’s cock as hard and as fast as she could.

“That’s it, baby, clean your cum off my face. Oh god, I’m coming so good!”

When Ron finished sucking and licking up all his come, he pressed his lips to his Wife‘s. She opened her mouth expecting his tongue to enter her mouth. Instead, his cum dripped into her mouth. She went even wilder with an Orgasm rushing through her body. Ron just forced his tongue into her mouth. June once again passed out. Ron slowly fucked his Wife, waiting for her to come back. When her eyes opened, Ron pulled out of her and moved up her body, shoving his cock into her mouth.

At first, she tried to spit him out. When his cum shot out of his dick, she sucked as hard as she could. He filled her mouth to overflowing. His cum was leaking out past his dick down the side of her face. Ron knew what would be happening when he pulled his cock out, June would keep his cum in her mouth and want to kiss him. Then she would have a wonderful Orgasm and pass out once again. He moved down her body, his cock wilting as he did.

When his lips met hers, he opened his mouth she opened hers. She waited for him to stick his tongue inside. When he did, she once again went wild with an Orgasm. She pushed him away, swallowed, then pulled his mouth back to hers. Orgasm after Orgasm flashed through her. Then she was still. Ron pulled his lips from her looking down at his very beautiful Wife. His heart sang with the joy he felt at being her husband. It took a while this time, for June to recover. She opened her eyes sleepily. She even yawned as she stretched looking around.

“Oh, there you are. I had the most fantastic dream,” she said rolling to Ron.

“You did? What was it about?” asked Ron smiling at her.

“I don’t know if I should tell you.”

“Why not?”

“You might think ill of me.”

“That would never happen… yet, let me take a guess at what you dreamed about.”

“Sure, go ahead,” said June with a small smirk on her face.

“It started with the question.”

“What question?” she asked confused.

“Where would you like me to cum?”

June gasped. She closed her eyes tight as everything flooded back into her mind. She shook with another Orgasm just remembering what had happened.

“I see you remember now,” said Ron chuckling.

June looked at Ron with a smile on her pretty face. She remembered everything. She remembered him coming on her face. She remembered him coming in her mouth. She remembered passing out each time his tongue or lips had touched her cum covered skin. She was still shaking. She shook, even more, when Ron’s arm pulled her to him. Ron just held her gently. It took her a few minutes to calm down enough to lay quietly with him.

“I Love you,” said Ron.

“Oh god, I Love you so much, that sometimes I think I will die if you ever left me,” said June shivering.

“That will only happen if you cheat on me.”

“Never. I would never cheat on you.”

“Good. Now, there is one other thing I would like to try with you…”

# # # #

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