Who a King Must Do Ch. 57 – Celebrities & Fan Fiction – Free Sex Story

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The order was given and the two Sex slaves finally stopped in their mindbreaking self-pleasure. It would take them at least ten minutes of uninterrupted relaxation to recover a resemblance of their sanity. They wouldn’t be afforded a single second. Anduin had demanded his cock to be worked and there were only two things Vanessa and Valtrois understood at the moment: pleasure and the absolute nature of their Master’s demands.

To the left of his cock was Anduin’s seventh Wife, Vanessa VanCleef. A title she had earned through devoted redemption, putting the entirety of her brilliant mind to controlling Stormwind’s underground. She did this so wonderfully that none even cared that she was a public cumdump for the High King. In the first place, crime in Stormwind was practically eliminated. What remained primarily had to do with subverting Horde blockades throughs smuggling operations.

Beyond her currently inactive mind, she had obviously put her body entirely in his service. There was not even a sliver of the initial hatred she had for Anduin and his family. All of her hourglass curves were under his command. Her respectably sized breasts, her nicely shaped Ass, her long legs, her flat midriff, and her wide hips were all put in service to bearing his children, rather than a petty life of crime and subterfuge. Anduin brushed a strand of her short, black hair aside, to see the entirety of her blue eyes, filled with lust and Love. Sweat and Love juices covered her mildly tanned skin.

To the right of his cock was his thirteenth Wife, Valtrois. Much adorned in her life before submission, the arcanist had cast off any decoration and fully submitted her own ambitions and physical form to Anduin’s glorious future. Her blue skin glistened just as much as Vanessa’s from the prolonged exhaustion. Panting breaths were pushed past her dark blue lips, her light purple eyes glowing with the power she held. Her long, white hair, which she combed orderly every morning, was dishevelled now. Light purple marks covered much of her skin, shimmering, and sometimes vanishing, created entirely by magic.

Her curves were remarkably similar to Vanessa’s. A sizable bust, dark nipples standing erect, a narrow waist and wide hips, continuing in a round Ass and deliciously thick thighs. She was taller, however, as elves typically were, and Vanessa’s face was notably rounder than that of the aristocratic arcanist.

None of the nobility she carried herself with was present when she whorishly pressed her sensitive lips against the side of his girthy cock. She screamed releasing a gush of Love fluids. Mirroring the movement, Vanessa reacted the exact same way. Contact with his cock spiked their horniness and there was no sanity to limit them. The taste of the many loads that had lubricated the titjob caused them to climax.

“Driver, directly to the Cathedral of Twilight,” Anduin ordered. The car turned around, as the wishes of the High King were, through the driver, conveyed to the route-finding mechanisms within the chassis. The wheels turned, Jaina writhed blissfully on the floor, and the perfect Master returned his full attention to the two Sex slaves handling his dick.

They were perfectly trained. Even acting on pure instinct, their coordination was splendid. Bathing his length with their tongues, one went up the other down. Whenever they met, they kissed with his shaft between them. They changed angles so they licked every last bit of cum from his sticky shaft. They changed speed so the spots they met would change. When there was barely anything left, they met at the tip of his cock. Their lips enveloped the glans as much as they met one another. Tongues swirled, until Anduin made his decision who to fuck properly first.

Having been on the receiving end of service for the better part of the past hour, Anduin craved some movement. With one definitive movement, he pushed Valtrois downwards. Both slaves got the signal Vanessa pulled back and watched, ecstatically masturbating, while the arcanist was forced, much to her delight, to take the entirety of Anduin’s manhood down her throat.

One of the premiere cocksuckers of the harem, Valtrois sprayed fresh squirt over the floor when his balls rested against her chin. Her eyes rolled up, her dark blue lips were stretched and pillowy, and she crossed her arms behind her back. The bulge in her throat was interrupted only by her slave collar, which was just flexible enough to remain without snapping.

Anduin had stood up in the process of pushing his dick down the comfort hole, and was now grabbing her head with both hands. Hard and fast from the get go, he fucked her face. Saliva, phlegm and precum mixed into a lube that made each plunge into the living cocksleeve exceedingly easy. Her Pussy gushed again and again, each time she was half pulled into, half had the groin of her Master pushed into her face.

“Glack, glack, glack!” The loud, wet sounds of a rough throat-fucking echoed outwards. Intense screams vibrated the throat around Anduin’s cock, hammering in and out of her mouth. Each time he pulled back until only the head of his dick remained. Her already sweaty face was ruined further. Gooey strands connected the area around her mouth with Anduin’s groin.

He thrust back inside her and stopped. The tightness of her throat enveloped him. Although she had no gag reflex anymore, twitches still occurred. Even as her air was gradually depleting, the only source of such spasms was the torrent of climaxes she was helplessly exposed to. Anduin stayed still, until the fluttering of Valtrois’ eyelids indicated that she was about to pass out.

Slowly, he retreated, giving her the opportunity to breathe at the very last moment. The sweet air of life surged through her. All of her nerves were at high alert, increasing her sensitivity. She was practically floating, high on ecstasy, and Anduin skilfully kept her in that state by thrusting back into her tight, slutty mouth.

A cocksleeve’s highest honour was to be used to completion and after fifteen minutes of using her throat however he wished, the owner of the comfort hole Valtrois approached his release. Three more thrusts, he gave himself. Once his balls slapped against her chin. Twice he stretched her lips and throat. Thrice he clawed into her silver white hair. Then he released.

Cum spurted down her gullet in a near steady stream of thick cream. The floating sensation Valtrois found herself in rose into heavenly ecstasy. All of her body tensed up, taken by her Master’s dominance. Her heart, mind and womb were all conquered and yet she found she surrendered all over again. Between her clenched thighs, the squirting Pussy juice dripped continuously.

Pulling out of her was difficult. Valtrois kept sucking on his manhood. Her cheeks were lewdly caved in, her lips clung tightly and stretched outwards. A Blowjob face of utter depravity, interrupted only when the head of Anduin’s dick pulled Free and broke the vacuum seal. Her tongue still followed him, licking the last drop from the tip before the white-haired nightborne was discarded, collapsing next to Jaina. The two slaves found each other instinctively, the smell of Anduin’s Hot seed attracting them to one another. Valtrois lapped up the abundance of the many loads covering the upper half of the first Wife.

The High King grabbed Vanessa by the collar and pulled her to his cock. Her Hot breath broke on the slimy wet surface. For a few seconds, Anduin allowed himself to recover some energy. The black-haired rogue swallowed hard, the smell of his manhood making her head spin. A good girl, her Sex slave training made her lick his balls soon enough. She shuddered, feeling how full and heavy they still were.

“Show me where you want my cock,” Anduin ordered and yanked her by the collar. She hit the padded ground, face first, and kept face down. Raising her Ass, her deliciously round Ass, she showed both her holes. A gooey strand dripped from her wet, swollen cunt. Her backdoor was hidden by the base of a large buttplug. One that she swiftly and easily removed, revealing a sphincter already widened to perfectly accommodate his girthy member. Mindlessly, she dropped the toy, spreading her squishy cheeks.

Anduin squatted down above her bubble butt, angled his cock towards her back entrance, and penetrated her. Animalistic grunts accompanied his smooth descent into her asshole. Teeth clenched, blue eyes rolling up into her skull, Vanessa finally got her favourite hole stuffed by his magnificent cock.

“What a fantastic hole you are,” Anduin groaned, the tightness of her asshole enveloping him effortlessly. Against what scholars may say, it was clear that her backdoor’s primary purpose was to be fucked. The whole body of a submissive slut like this existed to satisfy her Master. Both of them believed this with every fibre of their being and that allowed the dominant High King to do with her as he pleased, for it was both of their wishes that he did so.

“Aahhh, ahhh, ah!” Vanessa’s primal cries echoed through the streets of the Stormwind. Anduin drove his cock down into her raised butt over and over again. Even in her animalistic state, Vanessa knew how to please. Face down, Ass raised and gyrating softly, she stayed relaxed both to keep her sphincter from clenching unpleasantly and to let her round rump jiggle as much as it could. Hard and steady thrusts sent ripples through the delightfully fat bottom.

Anduin wanted to reward Vanessa a little bit more for her long wait and dedication to submissive slavery. He stopped in his thrusts for long enough to grab Vanessa by the back of her head. Black, silky hair disorderly stuck out between his clenched fingers, as he manhandled her over to where Jaina and Valtrois were engaged with each other. The blue-skinned nightborne was lapping up all of Anduin’s juices from the massive tits of the first queen. That was where he had left the majority of his loads, but there was a respectable amount leaking from her Pussy. A treat that would be wasted, if Anduin had not stuffed Vanessa’s face between Jaina’s thighs.

The taste of his cum made Vanessa ascend even higher. As the thick thighs of Jaina wrapped around the rogue’s head, Anduin got into the proper doggystyle position behind raven-haired Anal addict. Pleasure and a surge of energy visibly travelled through Vanessa, her tongue buried deep inside her fellow slave’s cunt. Muffled screams accompanied the back-and-forth swing of her hips.

The power of her movements diminished greatly when the High King resumed his own thrusts. Dominance was clear and Vanessa took a purely supportive role in her Master’s effort to use her cocksleeve of a body. Despite her total submission to his pleasure, Vanessa kept Cumming her brains out. Fucked utterly silly, she had no idea where or who she was, only that she had to serve his needs and taste his cum.

Anduin would have had it no other way. Among the greatest pleasures of being a dom was to see a submissive driven absolutely insane with bliss by his designs. Her asshole took the entirety of his size, practically inviting him with each thrust. It truly was like using a sapient toy, one that knew to do everything it could to satisfy.

Announcing his impending Orgasm would have been utterly useless. None of the three had ears to hear the words. However, the way he grunted tipped them off regardless. The sound of their Master’s satisfaction made them sensitive and a simple thought of Anduin linked their sensations together. Suddenly, the other two started squirting almost as much as Vanessa. Their assholes felt like they were getting hammered — and then filled.

Anduin only truly came inside Vanessa’s Ass. Sunk to the hilt, pressed against her luscious bubble butt, the High King’s fingers dug into her hips and the squishy parts of her trained form. Bursts of her Pussy juices stained his legs and further drenched the floor. With each spurt of cum into her, Vanessa further fell into depraved Love. Had she been capable of formulating a thought or a word, she would have thanked every cosmic force out there for Anduin and then forsaken them all, for they were nothing compared to his grace and dominance.

The tightening of his balls grew weaker, until he had finally nothing more to give. As he pulled out, the tight ring of her sphincter wrung out the final drop. It was all left inside her and was certain to stay there. Anduin grabbed the butt plug and sealed the gaping hole with one firm press. A last gush of Love fluids squirted from Vanessa’s cunt in response.

Through magic, Anduin cleaned his cock. A habit that got gradually less necessary. The same magic that prolonged the lifetime of humans and awoke the slumbering submissive or dominant tendencies in all races, the same magic that would adjust the gender ratio to let the harem society continue indefinitely, was also ending practically all unhygienic issues or unappetizing aspect of Sex Disease was practically eradicated and the ends of digestive tracks clean in all ways.

As immortality became more of the norm, the backdoor would become truly nothing more than another hole for masters to use.

The High King sat down and counted the seconds. He hadn’t even reached two, before the trip of cumdumps on the floor realized that their Master was unattended and all three lined up in front of him. On their knees, chests pushed out and mouths opened wide, Jaina, Vanessa and Valtrois all presented their tongues. Their eyes were glassy and downcast, submission apparent in every piece of their body language. Their shoulders were pulled back to emphasize the size of their breasts.

Anduin had all three of them service him with their mouths, until they finally reached the Cathedral of Twilight. By then, courtesy of the shared responsibility and the High King deliberately keeping the engagement relatively mild, their minds had regained some semblance of thought. “A wonderful service, my loves,” he told the three of them. “Go home, clean yourself, and then return to your lesser duties. I will use you more tonight.”

“”Yes, Master!”” the three of them answered in one voice and gave his cock a simultaneous kiss.

The side of the carriage folded down, revealing the staircase Anduin used to walk down to the entrance of the Cathedral of Twilight. A gargantuan structure, rivalling his palace. Outwardly, at least. Although the cathedral was steeped in the magic of Shadow and Light, it did not possess that same dimensional folding that made the palace’s inside practically infinite.

Anduin stepped into the entrance hall. Pillars of violet crystal were covered in orderly golden patterns or chaotic black swirls. Early on in the hall, those were strictly separated left to right. The further in Anduin walked, the more the opposite pattern bled on over to the other side. The final four pillars had both marks in equal measure. They marked the border of the central path. Beyond them were rows upon rows of beds, replacing the benches that had been there previously. A slight diagonal slant in their placement directed them all to the simple marble altar at the end of the hall. The only piece that remained in the magic-steeped hall from Stormwind’s old cathedral.

The walls were covered in religious iconography, created by the greatest craftsmen. Although the aspects of Shadow and Light were the most pronounced, fundamentally Stormwind’s new faith was a syncretic religion of all members of the Alliance. Consequently, between the chaotic and golden patterns, were images of Elune, the heraldry of great dwarven ancestors, and marvellous artifice, all existing in harmony. The light that shone through the stained glass behind the altar broke not just into gold and deep purple, but also starlight silver, demonic green, and arcane pink.

A large assortment of women were gathered in the hall, making sure that it was meticulously clean. A deeply needed service, as there was a congregation three times a day, and one that these women did with glee. Marked by their white robes the, primarily draenei, crowd were all members of the Cult of the Perfect Slave. They wore pure white to show the purity of their body, kept for their future master. The colour of the sash binding the robes closed, black or white, showed whether the woman had been a virgin when joining the cult. Although absolute purity was preferred, K’ara recognized that there were many who wished to change their path, learn to properly dedicate themselves after being sluts for a time, and serve only one master. The presence of a white choker further indicated whether the slave-to-be was in complete celibacy or practiced their oral skills during the congregations. It was the sole sexual contact with men they were allowed. More and more of them forewent it, wanting to keep even that bit of themselves as pure as possible.

During mess, the members of the Perfect Slaves therefore had a more supportive role. They provided the religious background, gave massages, cleaned, brought nourishment, and generally pleased the spirit through uplifting words.

Three corridors lead deeper into the Cathedral. One lead to the Cult of the Perfect Slave, one to the Twilight priests, and one to the Cult of Free Use. Anduin turned right, walking past a pair of male void elves in impressive battle gear guarding the entrance.

The thick aroma of burning incense filled his nostrils, as the lights dimmed to an erotic dark. Velvet veils of deep purple hung from the ceiling, acting as soft walls to the otherwise open chambers that covered the walls of Xal’atath’s domain. Anduin walked over soft carpet and cushions, surrounded by the seductive voices of the members of the Cult of Free Use. Unlike the Perfect Slave cult, there was a notable male presence (especially by Stormwind standards) in these halls, serving in any capacity the old goddess saw fit. Anduin paid them little mind, instead looking towards the many graceful forms, stretched out and waiting in the cushions of their chambers.

There were primarily void elves here, a race practically entirely dedicated to the service of Xal’atath. All other races were present in some capacity and all of the women Anduin spotted were gorgeously corrupted representatives of their kind. The energies of the void seeped into their flesh and adjusted appearances into images of sinful seduction. With the advent of Slaveforge, the Cult of Free Use had reformed into a much more exclusive and reputable organization. These weren’t just cock-hungry whores, ready to do it with whoever wished to dominate them. They were high-class courtesans, women that had given their freedom in pursuit to service to the perfection of eroticism.

Primarily, during congregation were a selection of them was freely available to the public to use. Otherwise, it was only with a special mission by Xal’atath that they headed out to be gangbanged by the masses. In their private quarters, the members of the Cult of Free Use were only accessed by those with express permission. Many of them could serve one visitor and their service was not limited to simple Sex. They did everything a visitor wished or needed to relax, whether that was an intellectual conversation, absolute submission, or a taste of female dominance.

Those with temporary or permanent access to the Cult of Free Use were always the most outstanding members of Stormwind. The elite, risen by meritocratic means, rewarded for their efforts with a harem beyond their harem. From among those elites, Xal’atath picked those worthy to breed her servants. The Cult of Free Use wished to create perfect Sex slaves and masters through careful selection.

Sometimes, during this process, a member falls in Love with a master. In such a case, they were sent to the Cult of the Perfect Slave, to have their dedication tested. Similarly, should a member of the Light Cult find that they wished to put their training in the service of not just one but all masters, they were sent to the Cult of Free Use. Although K’ara and Xal’atath outwardly displayed a rivalry, in truth they were acting in perfect harmony.

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