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Anduin’s day began, like so often, with the sensation of his cock being enveloped. What exactly he felt first thing in the morning, whether it was the wetness of a greedy mouth, the tightness of an asshole, the milking folds of a Pussy, or the soft embrace of large tits, was entirely dependant who took the lead that morning. Who took the lead, in turn, was dependant on factors outside of Anduin’s control. If he so desired, he could have demanded any order he wanted, but it was more enticing to let the harem decide among themselves who got the honour of the first load. Obviously the wives were most frequently among them, but both the High Slaves and lowly cum dumps were sometimes called from the second and third layer of the bed to ease their Master into the day.

This morning, Anduin opened his eyes to find Maiev bobbing her head on his manhood. The Warden, with her red hair and brown skin, looked atypical for a night elf, but the marks around her glowing eyes, shaped roughly like jagged leaves, and the long ears left no doubt about her heritage.

Beginning with slow, deep movements, Maiev worked every centimetre of his shaft on her way up and down. The treatment remained as long as Anduin still roused from his slumber. Every morning, they managed to cease the perfect moment to awaken him. He was absolutely rested and, within a minute, ready for the day. Anduin signalled this by squeezing the massive tits of Fenella and Jaina. The two women moaned loudly at his expert touch.

Just like the women servicing him, so too did those he woke up next to change every morning. An important difference in this set, however, was that it was only chosen from those among his wives allowed in the uppermost layer of the bed. Those of the lower layers could come up to pleasure him or their betters. Sleeping there was a taboo.

With her Master fully awakened, Maiev upped her speed. Anduin was sensitive, first thing in the morning, and the soft chests of his first and fifth Wife increased his pleasure further. Although Jaina produced milk, the High King felt more like a serving of Fenella’s tits this morning and pulled the stout, grey-skinned woman further up. The ’empress’ smushed her tits in his face and he caught her dark nipple with his mouth. It threatened to get yanked away from him, when he smacked Fenella’s big bubble butt. Pain and pleasure mixed to produce a delighted cry. On the other side of his body, Jaina was kissing every part of his neck she could reach. Her wet Pussy grinded against her husband’s leg. Even with all of this going on, Anduin still had an eye on Maiev.

Cock sheathed to the hilt in her throat, the cocksleeve of a Warden made small rotations with her neck to provide stimulating friction in addition to the twitching of her throat. Knowing that her Master was ready to burst, she could not risk sliding up and having any of his seed spilled outside her stomach. It wasn’t proper for a cumdump to lose even a single drop.

Anduin’s hips rose just a little bit, as the releasing surge travelled up the length of his cock and spurted out as the first wave of his first load of the day. Climactic screams by the Warden reverberated in his entire length, the taste of his seed setting her off even though she didn’t lay a finger on herself. She would never do it without explicitly being ordered so. All her pleasure was for his sake.

“What a good comfort hole,” Anduin grunted, as the remainder of his Orgasm shot down Maiev’s gullet. The mouth-trained Sex slave giggled happily at that compliment, her cunt twitching from the surge of pleasure. Since she was already pregnant, that hole had to wait, unless Anduin wanted to fill it. Maiev preferred to have his hard cock deep in her throat.

Remaining where she was, Maiev kept working his dick with slow and careful bobs. Now that she had been blessed with his cum, it was proper for her to make room for someone else. Until the now awake High King made his choice, however, she could not move. That would have left his cock unattended while he thought.

While receiving the treatment of the loving cumslut, Anduin considered his options. One of his nearby wives was out from the start: Ysera. The Dream Slave was the one Anduin had the most Sex out of all of them already. This was for the simple reason that Ysera could enter his dreams and fuck him there. She brought whoever else he wanted along for such trips. Since she was always past of them, she had an extra eight hours over everyone else in the harem.

Besides that extra time, what made Ysera untenable were the aftereffects of those dreamy escapades. Writhing and feverishly masturbating, the purple-skinned dragoness was brought to squirting orgasms repeatedly. All the pleasure she had felt through the dream echoed after in the moments of her waking, keeping her, and any woman that accompanied her, in a prolonged state of Orgasm after she awoke.

With large tits already so prominently in his face, Anduin decided he wanted to continue with that theme. He had quite a selection of babes with massive breasts by now. Alexstrasza was the obvious largest of his harem. After her came Jaina, Fenella and Onyxia, all about equally endowed with massive tits. A large cadre of Sex slaves after them was shapely enough to still serve for tit jobs, but weren’t quite able to envelop the entirety of his girthy shaft with their breasts.

‘I should continue her training,’ Anduin thought to himself and made his decision. “Onyxia, come to the edge of the first layer. Use your favourite part to please me.”

“Yes, Master!” the delighted cry of the black dragoness echoed through the massive bedroom. On all fours, she climbed up from the lowest level of the bed and met Anduin, who sat down by the edge of the bed, Jaina and Fenella still cuddled up to him. Maiev had also moved, keeping Anduin’s cock company until the very last second. The moment she moved to the side, Onyxia wrapped her massive tits around the glistening shaft. Her tongue stretched out, drooling all over her cleavage and the tip of his manhood, aiding in lubrication.

Anduin had made it a point of principle that all women on the lowest layer of the bed were to be trained to prefer one of their other holes or their tits over their Pussy. Maiev and Yrel had already been deliberately trained to have their mouths serve as comfort holes. Getting Mizzy to follow that same path had been easy, slutty and cock-hungry as the gnome was. Any attempts to get Baela to prefer any hole over her Pussy had failed, her size-queen instincts were too strong to be overpowered even by heavy Anal-training. Vanessa, who frequently had her back entrance used until Anduin had finally decided she was worthy of impregnation, had naturally come to Love it up her Ass. Since Onyxia had those massive knockers, it would have been a waste not to make her addicted to using them.

The Broodmother’s eyelids fluttered, while she cupped her breasts and created the necessary pressure to transform the jiggly massiveness of her tits into a proper hole to be used. The breasts spilled past her palms, but what grip she did have was enough to shake them in an alternating pattern. Her long tongue laid on her chin, dripping even more steadily than her cunt, while moaned perversely from the sensation of his heat in her cleavage.

Pinching a single one of her nipples made black hair fly, as Onyxia’s head flew backwards. An orgasmic scream filled the room, as her super-sensitive tits trembled, rubbing against his lubricated manhood, and increased her pleasure further.

From that moment onwards, Onyxia’s switch was fully flipped and she wildly pleasured him with her tits, using her entire upper body and thighs to facilitate steady movements. Her orgasmic trembles only added to the pleasurable friction. Her hands kept providing alternating, massaging pressure.

“Am I a good tit slave?” Onyxia asked, so deeply happy she had been trained for this position. She got to kneel before him and watch his every reaction, rolling-up eyes permitting, while handling her jiggling chest for his bliss. She had seen the appeal from the very start, so it hadn’t been too difficult to enhance her psychological preference for this position. Adjustments to the sensitivity in the areas had occurred instinctively, once her body accepted her mind’s full submission to whatever Anduin wanted her to be.

“A very good tit slave,” Anduin groaned, grabbing bubble butts while he had the pairs of Jaina and Fenella all around his head. “Your reward is coming… be ready.”

“YESH!” Onyxia slurred, pushing her monstrous tongue out even further. A few seconds later, cum fountained out between her cleavage and rained down all over her face. Anduin’s thick load covered her noble, depravedly contorted features. Each drop that landed on her tongue and in her mouth, she savoured, feeling the rush of pleasure his seed induced. When the intensity of each spurt lowered enough that her tits were getting covered instead, that was when her real seed-fuelled climax began.

With each bit of cum that covered her mildly tanned tits, the golden eyes of the dragoness rolled up more. Getting showered in cum was the penultimate pleasure, second only to being bred. Her thick thighs trembled, while she made a mess of the bed under her squirting cunt. Even through the height of her climax, she did not cease massaging her Master’s manhood with her massive mounds.

Anduin patiently waited for every last drop to be wrung out of his shaft, before finally giving the cum-coated nympho the signal to back off. “Let’s go clean ourselves,” he announced to the many Sex slaves of his harem. Those in the harem who were allowed to masturbate without explicit permission had to stop doing so in order to follow along. Some followed on their hands and feet, most walked, it was all a question of hierarchy and personal choice.

Out of the bedroom they entered Anduin’s living room, an incredibly spacious area that had everything the king needed and desires to live through his daily affairs. Neighbouring rooms were specialized to certain tasks, such as the Sex dungeon, the High King’s personal kitchen, and the bath. They entered the latter.

Beyond the simple wooden door lay a landscape of more than a hundred square metres, resembling closely the flat hills of eastern Pandaria. Between bamboo and soft grass, stone basins held in them pools of varying size and depth, steam rising off the Hot water. The walls of natural stone continuously fed fresh water into those pools.

The entire construction would have flabbergasted any architect that thought about it. Where in the palace could this fit? Where did the water come from? Where did it go to? What heated it up? In the dimensionally folded palace of the High King, such questions were irrelevant. Stormwind Keep was fueled by several magical fonts the power of the Sunwell and Medivh’s spirit was maintaining the enchantments. Anduin just had to consider a luxury and the halls of his palace would bend space to allow him to find it within. If he ever wanted another style of bath, it would appear instead of this one.

A woman already awaited within the bathroom. One of the Val’kyr, the silky-haired Elva, was moving around the room, cutting the bamboo and other plants to be of pleasing appearance. The clothes she wore had been given the same attention. A white and gold maid outfit, the colours synergizing nicely with her pale, gold-tinted complexion and wings, covered her from the neck to the ankles.

It had been Tess’ suggestion that the servants should be dressed in a modest fashion. They had pledged their entire life to serve him, fully accepting that their use as Sex slaves was behind even the lowliest of haremettes. While Anduin did derive a certain pleasure to show off the women none but him could fuck in all their sexiness, he also took delight in making the Val’kyr behave modesty until the moment he saw it fit to use them, veiling the sexiness of their bodies. Underneath those maid outfits, they wore lingerie, stockings and garter belts. Remote controlled Sex toys filled their holes, to be used or not used whenever Anduin felt like it.

The idea, once implemented, had quickly found support among the nobles and other upperclass members that saw it. From them, it spread out through the entire culture. It became commonplace to saw the Sex slaves lower in the hierarchy wear clothing of increasing modesty. Ironically, the Alliance’s exceedingly sexual culture had looped back around to dressing certain members from neck to toe, in spite of the eternal summer.

This did, however, co-exist with the other aspects of Stormwind’s daily life. Orgies still regularly claimed vast parts of the cities, naked men and women ran around everywhere, and even having the clothes that did exist getting torn off by a Horny master could be witnessed several times a day. The culture had simply found a way for clothing to be useful again, much to the delight of people who had been afraid leather would be the only material of fashion for the future.

Elva bowed deeply, upon seeing her Master enter. “Welcome to the bath, Mass…” she swallowed, her eyes stuck on his erect and glistening manhood. Hastily, she apologized, “Master, I am deeply sorry, I did not mean to stop in pronouncing your venerated title.”

“Yet you did,” Anduin remarked. “On your knees. Close your eyes.”

Dropping obediently into the grass, the Val’kyr not only closed her eyes, but crossed her arms behind her back. Her ephemeral wings trembled, nervous and excited in equal measure. In passing, Anduin created a Master’s Image. The double marched over to the tall, viking woman and started fucking her face. Grateful moans overpowered the wet sounds of use.

Although the servants did get less of their Master than the haremettes did, it was still rare for them to see a single day without at least ten orgasms, caused by Anduin. Beyond that, they were often used by the members of the harem that had a somewhat sadistic or dominant aspect to them, such as Valeera or Xal’atath. There was also the option of them to satisfy one another as they shared the same quarters, adjacent to that of Anduin and his harem. So far, they had been so thoroughly satisfied every day that they fell asleep with simple cuddling.

Anduin and his harem arrived at the central and largest of the Hot springs. It got deeper towards the centre. Walking, then swimming, the High King dove under the surface. When he emerged, his glorious golden hair cut through the air elegantly. He swam back to where his harem gathered and sat down by the edge of the pool. The water was up to his shoulders, half-laying as he was, and several of his women surrounded him to scrub his body down properly.

Once more, who was decided not by him but by the harem internally. K’ara took his left side, Modera the right, and Alythess the front. Draenei-shaped naaru and auburn-haired arch mage splashed water over his shoulder, neck, and chest, while massaging him with their gentle, loving hands. The red-skinned of the Eredar Twins, meanwhile climbed over his stretched legs and straddled his hips.

“Do you wish for another slave to serve you, greatest of all Masters?” the demonette asked, sensuality filling her voice. As much as she wanted to do this personally, absolute loyalty to his absolute power compelled her to ask this question.

“That depends, Alythess,” he looked the woman in the eyes. “Tell me honestly, would you, demon of the Legion, serve me would I lose all my powers tomorrow?”

“Yes, Master!” she answered immediately. “It witnessed what you built, I see a society that breeds, fucks and seduces, dabbles in vice unbound and prosperity indescribable. I fell to your power, I fell for your power, I Love you, I Love your character and the power of your will, not just the power of your magic. I am yours forevermore whatever happens.”

Sister speaks for both of us,” Sacrolash was quick to agree. “We are yours, Master! Completely, deeply, yours! We will do whatever you desire, just as long as we are with you.”

“Good girls,” Anduin smiled and nodded at Alythess. The demonette moaned loudly, while she impaled herself on his cock. She raised her hands above her head to emphasize her slender curves and pushed her chest out to entice the view of her decently sized breasts. “You’re gorgeous,” Anduin complimented.

Alythess’ green eyes flared up at those simple words. The desires of her Master were all she lived for. Any positive encouragement served as all the reward she needed. Of course, the sensation of his massive cock stretching out her tight Pussy did plenty to make submission the ultimate pleasure too.

Not to interrupt the serenity of the environment, the Eredar Twin rose and fell slowly. Rather than wildly ride him, she practically belly-danced on his perfect dick. The elegant motions were at stark contrast with the increasingly perverted expression of Alythess. Her deep blue lips were twisted into a goofy smile, her pointy tongue stretched out into the air and her eyes rolled upwards.

Despite the slow pace she was in a constant state of orgasmic bliss. Contact with her Master’s cock did that to a woman dedicated to her status as a nympho Sex slave. The quivers taking hold of her sent tiny waves through the calm surface of the water. The flat, glistening midriff partly submerged and rose softly, while her hips gyrated.

Anduin let this steady, graceful pleasure gradually mount. When he was about to cum, he raised his left hand and snapped his fingers. The simple sound carried within it the power of his dominance. All women who heard were instantly brought to Orgasm. Alythess on his cock, Modera and K’ara right next to him, the rest of his enormous harem of loyal sluts and cumdump, even the Val’kyr more than twenty metres away. In the case of the first and the last in that list, they were already in the middle of climax, which surge to even greater height.

Alythess got the triple blessing, as the natural climax brought by dancing on his dick was increased by his command and the Hot seed that flooded her moments thereafter. The quivering of her quim had brought Anduin over the edge and he filled up the thankful cocksleeve without hesitation. The scream she let out overpowered the moans exploding from the remaining harem. All were unified in pleasure.

The symphony of debauchery accompanied the High King, while the repeated tensing of the demon slut’s insides milked wave after wave of Hot cum from his shaft. Each surge that travelled from his tightening testicles was immediately replenished by the magic that surged through his being. Anduin felt, simultaneously, deep satisfaction and a hunger for more. The strength of his will let him indulge either feeling. He kept them in balance. There was no reason to end his morning orgy nor was there to fully give himself to his urges.

“You are a good, obedient slave,” Anduin the eredar and grabbed her by the throat. Alythess could only grin, while the force of her Master constricted her breathing as he desired. “A total slut to my desires. Get every drop out of me.”

“Y…es… M…a…ster…” Alythess pressed out past his grip and softly resumed her movements. Her Pussy twitched from the aftershocks, constricting around the girthy cock, and massaged every last bit of semen from his shaft. Her holes existed solely to receive his seed.

Once she was done, Anduin let go. “Vereesa, you’re next. Show me your Ass.”

“Yes!” the high elf answered enthusiastically. Although, as a different species, the tanned hunter’s body was different in many details, Vereesa and Alythess had a similar overall shape — that of a dancer. Demon and elf had perfect coordination, one rising and the other plunging down in the same span of time it would a haremette to bounce slowly on his cock once.